The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 418

418. The Beginning (5)

「… … .」

「Exclusive permission #G-1047 [Choice of Choice] has been obtained.」

「When entering a new trial, you can autonomously select the ‘trial theme’ according to the unique keyword.」

“However, the autonomous selection of ‘trial theme’ must be decided within the three options optimized for the individual based on unique keywords.”

“The details of the ordeal will vary depending on your choice.”

It was an unexpected situation.

“… … .”

Of course, we already knew that whenever the Tower of Trials reaches a certain number of floors, the unique system itself expands according to certain conditions.

‘No way, I would have thought that the Tower of Trials would expand the system this much at this timing… … .’

But this was not the conventional way.

‘None of the system expansions by the Tower of Trials I’ve seen before were like this.’

That’s right, the new system expansion led by the Tower of Trials this time was different from the existing system expansion and had a tremendous influence on numerous challengers.

‘At least it’s not a matter to be taken lightly.’

Before I knew it, I was scanning the system messages that occupied a corner of my vision and narrowed my eyes as if I couldn’t understand them.

‘Just by clearing the 35th floor of the Tower of Trials, the system is expanded and new exclusive rights are given to challengers… … .’

The Tower of Trials that we saw was high risk, high return, and although it gave increased rewards in proportion to the difficulty of clearing the trials, it did not give rewards without any costs.

‘At best, there’s no way the Tower of Trials would do something so unilaterally to the challenger for that reason, right?’

Moreover, since they know the value of the exclusive power of the Tower of Trials, they were able to figure out that this was not a reward obtained without any cost.

‘In fact, the most realistic story would be that the new exclusive authority given by the Tower of Trials itself is not entirely beneficial to the challenger.’

and… … .

‘I guess we’ll have to find out now if that’s actually the case.’

The moment he came to his own conclusion about the new exclusive authority given to him by the Tower of Trials.

「… … .」

“You have entered the official climbing dimension community.”

「Difficulty – Difficult」

「36th floor community [Channel: A-1] (987/1,511)」- Follower of the Abyss (Nicalium): Hmm… … . Did you say it was a place of choice? If anyone is interested in trading detailed information about this for points, please contact me. It would be a good deal for both.

-Lord of Sky Island (Taklavan): Tsk. I can’t help it. I will give you a chance to win the favor of this monarch. Please explain the field of selection thoroughly. If you do that, when we meet in the next integrated trial, I will spare you at least once.

-Grand Master of the Red Magic Tower (Ares): Sells advanced information about the Chapter of Choice. Can be traded for records of ancient flame magic or magic artifacts. If you try to bargain, you will be permanently blocked. … .… … .

In an instant, I checked the chats within the community.

It’s been a while since I lost interest in the chat function, as there is no longer any community benefit in the Tower of Trials like there used to be, but it was still usable in the current situation.

Moreover, in a situation where the Tower of Trials has expanded its system and given new exclusive rights to challengers, if you are lucky, you may be able to benefit from their conversations.

-Librarian of the Library of Heaven (Ares): We would like to inform you about the exclusive authority #G-1047 [Choice of Choice] given by the Tower of Trials.

Like this.

-Librarian of the Library of All Things (Ares): The ‘Choice of Choice’ allows you to autonomously select the ‘trial theme’ from the options according to the ‘unique keyword’ every time you take on a new trial.

-Librarian of the Library of All Things (Ares): The ‘unique keyword’, referred to in the ‘Choice of Choice’, is information that the Tower of Trials has selected based on an individual’s inclination, life, and aptitude, like unique characteristics.

-Librarian of the Library of All Things (Ares): When activating ‘Choice of Choice’ in the waiting room, it is possible to select or check the ‘unique keyword’.

-Librarian of the Library of All Things (Ares): Please note that the difficulty of clearing the trial will change depending on which of the ‘choices’ you choose in the ‘Choice of Choice’.

-Librarian of the Library of All Things (Ares): That’s it.

It was simple.

At this point, it can be said that we have fully grasped the exclusive authority #G-1047 [Choice of Choice] that this side has.

Well, it may be unclear whether what they explained in chat is true or not, but the possibility of it being fake information is very low.

‘If you were trying to make some kind of profit by spreading fake information to the community in the first place, or to exclude other challengers, there is no reason to do that.’

Well, since most of the chats they made are fake and not true, there is no benefit in spreading fake information to the community like that.

‘It’s probably true.’

Even if the nameless challenger’s chat was just a lie, this side wouldn’t really lose anything from that trick.


That’s not all. Couldn’t we get advice from a senior(?) who has already climbed the Tower of Trials to the other side?

Noticing this, I lightly placed my hand on the blade of the Blood Heaven Demon Sword tied to my waist and said something mixed with laughter.

“Isn’t it time for you to give me some advice after a long time?”

―… … .

“I know what you’ve been watching since a while ago, so please answer quickly.”

―… … Tsk. Anyway, you are making me tired without giving me a chance to rest. Unlike you, who doesn’t blink even after killing an ancient god, I need my own rest.

“So, what is the answer?”

―… … It is true.

At that, the blade of the Blood Heaven Demon Sword trembled and Dam Cheon-woo’s voice continued.

―The field of choice and autonomous selection of trial themes based on unique keywords are benefits given to upper-tier challengers and a turning point.

As he had climbed the tower of trials and had the opportunity to become a manager, his tone was full of confidence derived from experience.

―Every time you enter a new trial, you can choose the trial theme yourself, but the difficulty of clearing the trial also increases dramatically.

“… … .”

―Well, there are many other difficulties, but the quickest way to understand it would be to take a look at your unique keywords, as they say in the community.


However, just for a moment.

“Perhaps the most important thing is what unique keywords I have… … .”


“Even if not, I definitely plan to look into unique keywords.”

Next moment.

「… … .」

“Exclusive authority #G-1047 [Choice of Choice] is forcibly activated.”

“Exclusive authority #G-1047 [Choice of Choice] is activated and distorted in situations other than the conditions of use.”

“Well, the fact that the Tower of Trials gives unique keywords based on a person’s inclination, life, and aptitude is no different from the principle of developing unique characteristics… … .”

I smiled with interest as I saw system messages appearing in my field of vision in the blink of an eye.

「Through exclusive authority #G-1047 [Choice of Choice], challenger Han Seong-yoon’s ‘unique keyword’ is being viewed.”

“-In other words, I can even find out why the Tower of Trials gave me necromancy.”

And a very excited smile.



That is the power we gained after clearing the first trial at the Tower of Trials.

Even if he is an ancient deity, one of the lords of this universe, his supernormal abilities of necromancy have never failed to work.


Is that why?

「… … .」

“Exclusive authority #G-1047 [Choice of Choice] has identified the ‘unique keyword’ of challenger Han Seong-yoon.”

「Through exclusive authority #G-1047 [Choice of Choice], challenger Han Seong-yoon’s ‘unique keyword’ is being viewed.”

At this point, my curiosity arose.

Why did the Tower of Trials enable me to develop that supernormal ability of necromancy?

Moreover, if the Tower of Trials’ ability to develop unique characteristics in challengers was itself based on the individual’s life, inclinations, and aptitude, the answer was not that far away.

‘Well, if the Tower of Trials gives a unique keyword to the challenger as if it allows unique characteristics to develop, then that itself will be the answer.’


“… … .”

Next moment.

「By exclusive authority #G-1047 [Choice of Choice], a total of 17 ‘unique keywords’ possessed by challenger Han Seong-yoon are displayed.”

In the blink of an eye, system messages appeared and the ‘unique keywords’ selected by the Tower of Trials were revealed.


But… … .

“0. ■■■.”

“One. Sec■#.”

“2. Porridge■?」

「3. Wow^#!」


It was strange.

“What is this again… … .”

It’s no different-.

“This is a unique keyword?”

In fact, most of the unique keywords this company has are nothing more than unrecognizable letters.

‘This is outrageous.’

Of course, there were some unique keywords that were quite identifiable.

「… … .」

「5. Chaotic ■$」

「6. “Innate talent”

「7. The Flame of Destruction■」

“8. Beatle■ mania?”


“under… … .”

Even though this was a unique keyword with a recognizable shape, there were some letters that were blurred for some unknown reason.

“okay… … .”

That means only one thing.

“At this point, you shouldn’t even look at unique keywords.”

In fact, it has become impossible to understand the reason why the Tower of Trials gave this party the supernormal ability of necromancy, or to understand its unique keywords.

‘I can vaguely recognize some unique keywords, such as Natural Talent or Incarnation of Destruction, but other than that, I can’t understand anything else.’

At this point, there is no need to waste time.

“Are you going to cover all the unique keywords?”



Next moment.

“Anyway, all you have to do is learn each unique keyword in a new trial.”

Just like that, I entered a new ordeal and watched as system messages flooded in.

「… … .」

“Exclusive authority #G-1047 [Choice of Choice] is automatically activated when the conditions are met.”

“Exclusive authority #G-1047 [Choice of Choice] presents three options based on challenger Han Seong-yoon’s ‘unique keyword’.”

「When you choose one of the three options through exclusive authority #G-1047 [Choice of Choice], you can confirm the ‘Ordeal Theme’.”


“Choose one of three options.”

“One. ■■■.”

“2. Chaotic ■$」

「3. natural talent”

Accordingly, the moment you press the first option.

“Selection complete.”

“A voluntary selection of the ordeal theme was made.”

“According to the unique keyword ‘■■■’, the ordeal theme has been confirmed as ‘The Beginning of Time’.”

A new ordeal has begun.

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