The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 405

405. Pantheon (2)

Before I knew it, I narrowed my eyes, staring at the system messages that appeared before my eyes.

“The Pantheon invites you.”

“Do you want to accept it?”


“… … .”

It was worth it.

‘What is this again…’ … .’


Isn’t it a place where not only many ancient gods but also many higher-ranked gods gather?

Perhaps, the Pantheon side was wary or fearful of this person simply because they had been chosen as challengers to the Tower of Trials.

‘It’s an invitation… … ?’

Knowing that, I felt contradictory.

In fact, it is safe to say that there is no reason for the Pantheon to send me an invitation.

In that case, the Pantheon is sending an invitation under the pretext of adding compensation settlement?

At this point, I’m starting to wonder if the invitation from the Pantheon itself is fake or a trap.

However, if we recall the system messages we saw, we could see that this was not a fake.

━Added compensation calculation.

━The Pantheon is hoping to provide additional breakthrough rewards to challenger Han Seong-yoon.

━A number of ancient deities on the pantheon side paid a certain price to gain the right to invite challenger Han Seongyun.

‘It was said that many ancient deities belonging to the pantheon gained invitation rights by paying a certain price.’

From what we have seen so far, the system messages sent from the Tower of Trials do not contain any lies.

‘There is a high possibility that it is not a lie that the Pantheon will invite me or that there will be additional compensation settlement.’

Even though it may not be good news for this area, the Tower of Trials has never played around with system messages.

“… … .”



That means only one thing.

“I think I get the idea.”

It’s no different… … .

“The god of transcendence and death ridicules the pantheon’s mediocre moves.”

[In other words, you want to summon me to the pantheon and see how strong I have become, right? ]

It was simple.

Not only did they end up killing the God of Epiphany, one of the ancient gods, but they also moved beyond the lowest rank among the ancient gods.

In that case, they only had one wish.

Many of the ancient gods or higher-level gods in the pantheon want to check how strong I have become.


‘I know.’

however… … .

‘There’s no reason for me to respond to the tricks that the guys in the pantheon did because they wanted to see me.’


‘but… … .’

There is no reason to avoid it.

‘At best, all I can do is see how strong I have become.’

Before I knew it, I was feeling irritated and letting out a faint, angry laugh.

‘That’s it, isn’t it?’

In fact, although I am a challenger chosen for the Tower of Trials, am I also a cosmic being who has become an ancient god and built up conceptualization?

“That’s none of my business.”

Then it was simple.


「Accept invitation.」

“Go to the Pantheon.”

“Because many ancient deities have paid a certain price on the pantheon side, some compensation calculations have been added.”


In an instant, system messages appear, the entire space becomes distorted, and the divine starlight that had been obscured by the Tower of Trials is revealed one by one.

“I’ll join you.”

Before I knew it, I was taking the looks of multiple ancient gods one by one as if it was nothing and spoke leisurely.

“Even if you don’t, I still wanted to know.”

Depending on the difference in perspective, the extremely unpleasant invitation sent by the Pantheon could be used as an opportunity.

“What level of strength do most of the ancient deities in the pantheon have?”

that… … .

“therefore… … .”

It’s no different─.

“Let’s take a look.”

In short, it meant that the power of many ancient gods was not measured by me.

“How strong are you, why are you barking like that?”


In other words, it would be close to the opposite of that.

Only I have the perspective to measure and evaluate the power of many ancient deities.


The moment I watched the space shake with a cold smile on my face.


Suddenly, I realized that I was standing in a space-like space filled with black.

“Many ancient deities look at you with anger, wariness, and slight fear.”

It’s not even just that.

A number of ancient gods belonging to the original pantheon are paying attention, creating a pressure that is completely different from that in Skandia.

It’s almost like he wants to kill me like this.

It is at a level where it can crush and kill even a mere high-ranking godlike being with its overwhelming presence.

Then it’s obvious what kind of place this is.

―Oh, oh, oh… … .

Did Dam Cheon-woo also realize that?

-this… … .

Suddenly, the blade of the Blood Heavenly Demon Sword tied to my waist trembled, and Dam Cheon-woo’s voice, full of awe, excitement, and fear, was heard.

―Pantheon… … .


An external demonic realm that contains many ancient gods that are truly cosmic-scale beings, as well as numerous higher-level gods.

At this moment, I have entered the Hall of Gods, where there are real monsters of the strongest rank in this universe.

“The achievement ‘Invited to the Pantheon’ has been achieved.”

“Exclusive authority #D-0007 [Increased reward] is automatically activated when the conditions are met.”

“The level of rewards obtained from achievements increases.”

“All abilities increase by 10.”

Funnily enough.


We arrived at the pantheon in an instant.

Realizing this, I cleared away the system message blocking my view and looked at it with interest.

Before I knew it, temples of various colors were visible across a universe filled with black and a background that seemed like chaos.

‘this… … .’


‘It’s a pantheon.’

Just like that, I smiled greedily as I saw the countless temples visible beyond, and the divine light flowing from them.

‘It’s great… … .’

It was worth it.

From my perspective, every place called Pantheon was like a high-end restaurant that would whet your appetite.

However, it was obvious that if I did whatever I wanted, I would be giving not only the majority of ancient gods, but also higher-ranking gods an excuse to fight.

Although they are bound by the law of causality by the Tower of Trials, isn’t that only applicable under the premise that this side stays still?

At that, I clicked my tongue and almost sighed in regret.

‘Well, it’s a shame that I can’t touch this sweet honey pot.’

There is no need for this side to step in and pick a beehive-like place.

Knowing that, I turned my head, feeling regret in my mouth.

Originally, I heard that the pantheon was a place where many gods belong, so I thought something beyond my imagination would be revealed, but that wasn’t really the case.

‘The space-like background is definitely amazing… … .’

At best, the pantheon was closer to numerous temples lined up against a black background, like space or chaos.

‘I guess it’s just so-so.’

From this perspective, it feels quite mysterious, but it doesn’t look suitable for something as grandiose as a pantheon.

But that didn’t mean I forgot what I needed to do.

There is only one reason I came here.

It was an exploration, wasn’t it?

‘It is rare to have the opportunity to see ancient gods with similar levels of power.’

and… … .

‘I think I should go to the place where the ancient gods are at this point… … .’

At that moment, I narrowed my eyes as if I was at a loss and was wondering where to go.

‘It’s ambiguous.’

Suddenly, a divine, clear female voice reached my ears from behind where I was standing.

[Noble person. ]

But… … .

[It’s been a while since I met a great being. ]

It was strange.

I feel like I’ve already heard this clear, unidentifiable voice somewhere before.

And not only that, I felt like I was being guided by one of the skills I had.


At this point, I got a feel for it.

‘No way, this… … .’

That’s right, the woman with this clear voice had quite a bit of a relationship with this place.

“The God of Amhyang shows great respect and courtesy to you.”

[ … … It is an honor for a small being like me to once again serve one of the absolute beings of the universe, following the Giant Tree Labyrinth. ]

Before I knew it, a gray-haired woman wearing a black robe was approaching behind where I was standing, glowing with an emotion bordering on adoration.

[Han Seong-yoon. ]

At this point, it’s impossible not to know.

“… … .”

Only then did I answer, looking at her face that I had seen in the Giant Tree Labyrinth.

“really… … .”

It’s no different─.

“Long time no see.”

It was simple.

Originally, when I was in the Giant Tree Labyrinth, the God of Darkness must have lent me one of the 4th level apostles.

And, accordingly, I was reunited with a female apostle who faithfully followed the God of Darkness, who helped me clear the final layer of the Giant Tree Labyrinth.


And that too by accident.


I already know about the gray-haired beauty in front of me.

“… … .”

Giant tree labyrinth.

At this point, I had received support from her at one of the big events held by the Tower of Trials, which felt like the distant past.


Only then was I able to clearly understand why I was strangely attracted to one of the skills this person had.

I was able to notice.

━The master-servant contract was established with mutual consent.

━All abilities of Grade 4 Apostle ‘Aria’ increase by +14.

━Level 4 Apostle ‘Aria’ can never go against the master-slave relationship.

“… … .”

In fact, he felt this strange attraction because he had made Aria his servant since he was in the Giant Tree Labyrinth thanks to one of the skills he had.

‘It’s a bit miserable.’

At this point, I feel guilty.

Even if we say that this skill was used considering the possibility of being betrayed by an apostle sent by the God of Darkness, it is not an exaggeration to say.

But… … .

Aria, who had suddenly become one of the divine apostles rather than a level 4 apostle, did not think so and spoke in a passionate tone as if she was moved.

[ iced coffee… … ! How could it be that a great being would remember a little thing like me… … ! I was moved by that generous generosity… … !! ]

However, just for a moment.

“… … .”

I just stared blankly at Aria’s face and then spoke as if I was surprised to change the subject.

“no. That’s not even possible. Rather, it feels amazing that you have become a divine apostle. “A lot has changed from the enemy in the Giant Tree Labyrinth.”

[ … … . ]


only… … .

[ that… … . I’m sorry. Even if Han Seong-yoon says that, I will only become miserable… … . Isn’t that right? ]


[ Rather than someone like me, you are a noble person who has the power to be different from the enemies in the Giant Tree Labyrinth. ]

“… … .”

Unlike when he was mortal when he was in the Giant Tree Labyrinth, he had become an ancient deity like the idol of many deities, so it was not a compliment but rather a remark closer to ridicule.

[ Although he was only a mortal with a very weak divinity, he became an ancient god and became the slayer of the only ancient god in the universe. ]

Suddenly, Aria’s eyes sparkled with awe, and then she let out a voice that was close to pure admiration.

[It is an anecdote that is mentioned countless times, not only in this pantheon, but also among the numerous gods in this universe. It’s nothing compared to a little thing like me. ]

“… … .”

It was absurd.

I never would have thought that the fact that this person became an ancient god after climbing the Tower of Trials would become such a hot topic.

I laughed out loud because it sounded like I had unintentionally become something of a star among the gods.

However, just for a moment.

[ Pantheon’s invitation to Han Seong-yoon can also be seen as being in a similar context. ]

The moment Aria brushed her gray hair and continued speaking in a serious tone.

[God of epigenesis. Dirmore. Something like a scum that even tampered with the holy relics of the God of Darkness. After he was killed by Han Seong-yoon, a new story began to spread. ]


[Most of the ancient deities in the pantheon are in the foolish position of trying to thoroughly find out about Han Seong-yoon and exclude him, but this is not the case for the gods of darkness, demons, or dragon gods. ]

“… … .”

Only then did I realize that the Pantheon had not invited me just to find out how strong this side had become.

[ … … Phew. Among the ancient deities of the pantheon, there is only one suggestion made by the main gods. That is, I hope that Han Seong-yoon will lead us out of the Tower of Trials. ]

It’s no different… … .

[ in other words-. ]

Among the many ancient gods, the purpose of those who value me, such as the dark god, demon god, or dragon god, is not to measure their power.

“The God of Amhyang looks at you, his eyes sparkling with awe, and he makes a proposal.”

[ Han Seong-yoon is proposing a transfer to become one of the new main gods of the pantheon. ]

… … Before I knew it, many of the ancient gods who valued me no longer wanted me to become stronger by climbing the Tower of Trials and to become the main god of the pantheon.

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