The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 385

385. Dimensional competition (1)

“You have cleared the challenge of Dimensional Cradle <Dark World [E-01]>.”

「※As a reward for success in the challenge, all abilities have increased by +10.」

「※As a reward for success in the challenge, a ‘Random Item Box (B+)’ will be sent to your inventory.」

「※As a reward for success in the challenge, a ‘Skill Proficiency Increase Potion (B+)’ will be sent to your inventory.」

“Please move to the next stage.”

A situation where the challenge of the Dimensional Cradle was completely completed.

If we had to be honest, we could say that it is right for everyone to be happy about this.

However, despite this, none of the challengers from Earth standing here were smiling or happy.

“… … .”

It was worth it.

I saw with my own eyes that they destroyed that imperial palace in less than ten minutes.

That too, as simply as a joke.

It wasn’t particularly difficult since I was dealing with mere mortals who weren’t ancient gods or higher gods at best, but the emotions I felt on the other side were very stark.

I caught the emotion I was subconsciously feeling and smiled.

‘I think I have some sense of what level I have reached.’

It was the most primal feeling of fear that the weak have in front of the strong.

‘really… … .’

It was absurd.

In fact, they had already guessed that I was the strongest on Earth, but they reacted like that just by seeing some of my true skills.

Isn’t the reaction like they didn’t know this side would be this strong?

Suddenly, a feeling of awe appeared in the eyes of the challengers from Earth, and a kind of faith-like emotion flowed out.

“so… … .”


“This should have been all I needed to prove.”

The Michael standing in front of me was no different.

“Do you still think I have more to prove?”

“that… … .”

“You can just say it comfortably.”

“Not really… … .”

It’s just that the emotion Michael displayed was closer to pure fear rather than awe or adoration.

“I’m glad if that’s the case.”

At that, I smiled crookedly and parted my lips.

“If they said my proof wasn’t enough, I think they would have been able to tell because of how good they were.”

When Michael heard those words, he was shocked and shook his chin, then spoke quietly.

“… … Sorry, sorry. I feel like I have done a lot of disrespect to challenger Han Seong-yoon so far. “I will take responsibility for this and step down from my position as leader.”

It seems like he feels burdened by having provoked this side and is now ready to back down… … .

“Is that really the end of it?”

It was a shame.

You’ve been openly making disparaging remarks until now, but now you’re scared and throwing yourself out there?

If I didn’t know that the black man in front of me was a challenger from Earth, I would have torn him to death long ago.

“I think it’s too cheap a price to pay for proving your strength as you wish.”

“… … Pfft. Well, then, what can I do to be satisfied?”

“It’s simple.”

“… … .”

That means only one thing.


“… … yes?”

“He said he wanted compensation.”

Just like that, I held out my empty hand to Michael and smiled greedily.

“With everything you have.”

In essence, compensation for damages must be received and passed on with certainty.


I had a smile on my face as I looked at the numerous items piled up in front of me.

‘okay. This is a proper compensation. ‘Cancer, of course.’

It was worth it.

Before I knew it, I had finished checking one by one the performance of the items donated(?) from Michael in the name of compensation for damages.

And in the end, I was able to find out that Michael had provided equipment of a high level that could not be overlooked.

‘The lowest grade is only items starting from grade B, so no matter where you use it, it will be highly efficient.’

I was satisfied.

Whether you use those equipment directly or convert them into divine power through the seal of offering, they will show quite high efficiency.

If so, isn’t it worth being satisfied with?

and… … .

‘Actually, there is no real compensation.’

That’s not the end.

「Skill Proficiency Increase Potion」

「Grade: B+」

“A special potion specially created by the tower for beings with skills.”

「When taken, you can randomly increase the proficiency of one of your skills by 30%.」

In fact, it should be said that this is the real benefit.

‘If you combine the skill proficiency potion I obtained, you can increase the proficiency of any one skill by 60%.’

It was worth it.

The skill proficiency increasing potion that can be obtained from the Tower of Trials is worth a thousand pounds to a challenger.

No matter what skill it is, being able to increase its proficiency to a fixed value still feels attractive even after becoming an ancient god.

‘Obtaining another skill proficiency increase potion is a huge benefit.’

I was greatly delighted with this unexpected benefit.

And that’s not all.

There are still rewards left.

「Random item box」

「Grade: B+」

“It is a special box from which you can draw items at random.”

「When you open the box, you will randomly get one of the items ranging from at least D+ to A+.」

It’s not an item that can be called that great.

This ‘Random Item Box (B+)’ in front of you is literally a way to obtain items based on the element of ‘luck’.

however… … .

It’s just not worth calling it great, given that you can’t control ‘luck’.

This also changes depending on controlled ‘luck’.

“The power ‘Hero’s Protection’ is strongly activated.”

“Your luck will increase temporarily and violently.”

as soon as… … .

“Divine <Luck> satisfies the conditions and is automatically used.”

“Divine <Luck> adds luck to some situations and steers them in a beneficial direction.”

“Divine <Luck> greatly increases all luck-related abilities of challenger Han Seong-yoon.”

like now.

Paba room-!


“You have selected the highest grade items from the random item box!”

The moment I used the ‘Random Item Box (B+)’.

As it continued, a spectacular effect exploded, and the highest grade item was obtained.

After seeing that, I casually checked two A+ grade items that looked like a sword and a shield.

‘… … Well, apart from the fact that an A+ grade item has been released, it is not at a level that is particularly usable.’


「The Seal of Offering (SS-) exclusive effect ‘Offering (供養)’ is activated.」

“I received 11 items as an offering from myself.”

「Replace the relevant items with divine power and store it in the heart.」

As it was, I offered all the equipment I had no use for, including the two A+ grade items I had just acquired, to divine power at once.

‘Other than that, they are all one-time items like elixirs, so just take them and you’ll be done.’

Before I knew it, I had finished disposing of most of the numerous items.

Only then did I take the ‘Skill Mastery Increase Potion (B+)’ in my hand.

Then, familiar system messages appeared before my eyes and a list of skills appeared.

“You have consumed the skill proficiency increase potion (B+).”

“Select a skill that will increase your proficiency.”

I was worried.

Most of my skills have reached a high level.

Because of this, it was certain that if two ‘Skill Mastery Increase Potions (B+)’ could be applied, there would be tremendous growth.

‘I don’t particularly want to invest in attack skills or auxiliary skills.’

I sat down on a rock, stroked my chin, and thought.

However, unlike last time, there was now a need to balance skills.

Rather than just investing everything you have in pure attack skills, it would be better to have some defensive abilities as well.

‘Then the answer is fixed.’

Next moment.

“Selection complete.”

「Challenger Han Seong-yoon’s proficiency in ‘Shock Block (S+)’ increases by 60%.」

The skill proficiency of ‘Shock Blocking’, which is the most versatile skill among the defense skills this side has, has been increased.

“The proficiency of skill ‘Shock Block (S+)’ has reached 100%.”

“The grade of the skill ‘Shock Block (S+)’ increases by one level.”


Now the grade of the skill ‘Shock Block’ has reached SS- grade.

Considering that the skill ‘Shock Block’ can be activated even with abilities related to divinity, this was a very useful weapon among defense abilities.

Considering that even when the skill ‘Shock Blocking’ was only grade A-, it blocked 30% of all types of shock, it was clear that more defense would be possible now.

Satisfied with that, I finished arranging my reward and raised my head.

“… … .”

Before we knew it, challengers from Earth, who had been scattered throughout the dark world, had gathered in one place.

Originally, there were 10 people who entered the dimensional cradle as an advance team, and I was the only one here, but that was no longer the case.

While we were sorting out the rewards we had obtained, those with space abilities gathered challengers from Earth from all over.

All the challengers from Earth had arrived here, including Lee Ha-yeon and others.

“I think everyone who needs to come has arrived now, so let’s move on.”

Only then did I move forward, standing in front of the gray portal that allowed me to move on to the next stage.

“Let’s move on to the next stage.”

Now, it was time to focus on clearing the dimensional cradle in earnest.


“You have entered the dimensional cradle <Temple of Seal [E-02]>.”

“A challenge for Dimension Cradle <Temple of the Seal [E-02]> has occurred.”

「Challenge description: Correctly activate the tombstones within the dimensional cradle <Temple of Seal [E-02]> to defeat the ancient monster that will appear in 3 minutes.”

「Challenge Features: However, if you do not activate the monuments in the dimension cradle <Temple of Seal [E-02]> correctly, the ancient monster will become stronger.”

「Challenge success condition: Defeat the ancient monster (0/1)」

「Challenge success reward: All abilities +10 · Random skill book (B+) · Dimensional travel stone (A+)」

In an instant, I crossed over the gray portal and arrived at the place beyond.

“… … .”

It looks like a huge temple sealing away some evil being.

‘Did you say it was an ancient monster?’

Looking at the blood sprinkled everywhere, the seven tombstones in the center of the temple, and the sphere made of blood-red muscle above them, I had a rough guess.

‘Roughly speaking, it means fighting an ancient monster that appears after a certain period of time.’

Maybe it’s like a puzzle game where you have to place the stones correctly to weaken the ancient monster that will appear in 3 minutes… … .

“Ugh. It’s gross. Could it be that an ancient monster appears over there?”

“hmm. Probably so. … … However, there is some time before we can fight the ancient monster.”

“It’s obvious. Before the ancient monster appears, you must put together the tombstones like a puzzle to weaken him. Surely.”

There is no need to do that.

Isn’t this a cartoon villain who has to wait for the other person’s transformation time?

In that case, the right answer is to kill it before it transforms without wasting time.

“Then let’s work together to make the monument in the correct arrangement…” … .”

I cut him off by approaching the blood-red muscle sphere above the center of the temple.

“—No. There is no need for that. “Everyone, please move away from where I am for a moment.”


“That will be enough.”

Next moment.

“At least to beat this stage’s challenges.”

As I did, I held my right hand firmly and then unleashed a strike with a force that was close to my full power.

Oh my way ───!

In the blink of an eye, the sound of air being ripped rang out.

However, the attack fist we fired reached the blood-red muscle sphere faster than the sound.

… … And, as a result, the sphere made of blood-red muscles was completely shattered.

Bubble bubbung-!

And that too perfectly.

「… … .」

“You have cleared the challenge of Dimensional Cradle <Temple of Seal [E-02]>.”

「※As a reward for success in the challenge, all abilities have increased by +10.」

「※As a reward for success in the challenge, a ‘Random Skill Book (B+)’ will be sent to your inventory.」

「※As a reward for success in the challenge, a ‘Dimension Travel Stone (A+)’ will be sent to your inventory.」

“Please move to the next stage.”

Then, I wiped away the little bit of blood that had spattered on my cheek, then turned my head and said.

“Well, if you do this, you can finish the challenge right away without having to wait.”

however… … .

Isn’t everyone familiar with this ‘very efficient strategy’ that I seem to have shown?

Before we knew it, the faces of all the challengers from Earth had changed to look like they were completely lost.

“Then let’s go now. To the next stage. That way, time won’t be wasted.”

“… … … … .”

It was as if this was the first time I had ever seen something so absurd.

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