The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 373

373. Difference in power (4)


Originally one of the internal forces leading the Murim Alliance.

The elders who belonged there were all figures from the previous generation, and although they could not be compared to the Heavenly Autumn Festival that had been going on for 300 years, they had tremendous influence.

“This elder will give you one chance under the authority of the leader of the Murim Alliance.”

like now.

“If you join in erasing traces of the Shandong Baek Family from the martial arts world, I will upgrade your status as a monk with the authority of the Senate.”

Conference room inside the Senate.

An eyeless, white-haired old man with an eyepatch sitting at the head of the table spoke in an extremely arrogant tone.

But none of those sitting inside the senate pointed that out to the blind old man.

“I will make a promise under the guardianship of this elder, Jin Heo-ja, so there is no need to think that it is a lie.”

It was worth it.

Isn’t that blind old man from the Taesang Elder of the Great Shaman Sect?

Jin Heoja exerted influence within the Murim Alliance not only through Ilshin’s inaction, but also through his numerous connections among the monks.

“You should know that this is a genius opportunity for you.”

It was so extreme that even Cheon Kang-un, the current Murim lord, could not treat that blind old man carelessly.

“Isn’t that true?”

Jin Heoja pursed her lips with a kind smile on her lips.

“Isn’t the existence of the majority of the current nine factions in jeopardy due to the Baek family’s evil intentions?”

However, every sound the blind old man spoke sounded eerie.

“Then, depending on how the main group emerges, the power level of the nine factions and one faction will change. Just like you monks suffered humiliation in the past. “Isn’t that right?”

It was said that most of the old files that were no longer needed for the Murim Alliance would be thrown away.

Originally, the Murim Alliance was like an alliance.

In that case, since the majority of the old factions had lost their power, it was clear that they would soon have to contribute to rebuilding their factions.

And that is a huge loss for the Murim Alliance.

“This group does not want to expend that much effort in rebuilding the old faction and its faction.”

There was no reason to do that.

“At most, they are idiots who can be wiped out by a single evil beast.”

Jin He-ja stroked his white beard and smiled.

“Maybe it’s because they are an old-fashioned force. They have become complacent and settled into their reality. This elder decided that you were better than those old-fashioned forces.”


“Aren’t you alienated from the old faction and one party because of those old factions? So I’ll give you a chance. “A chance to get the position I deserved.”

As soon as Jin Heo-ja finished speaking, the people sitting in the conference room fell silent.

This is because the people sitting in the senate conference room are all heads of factions or families that have been excluded from the old faction in the past.

It can’t help but sound sweet that the blind old man is not only throwing away the majority of the existing nine-file room, but also offering to upgrade their status.

Only then did a man wearing a black military uniform from the Haenam faction ask a question.

“So, does that mean that you will allow our Haenam faction to become one faction, just like before?”

Jin Heoja responded with a kind smile.

“okay… … . Of course, if you cooperate in completely eradicating the Shandong Baekjia from the martial arts world. “If that’s the case, anyone will do that.”

That means only one thing.

Even if something happens on the Shandong Baek family side, they must contribute to the extinction of the Baek family.

But no one here hesitated.

Before we knew it, the leaders of each faction gathered in the conference room were whispering to each other as if discussing specific profits and losses.

“At best, if we can get into the power map of the nine factions by just removing that one sandalwood tree, it’s not a loss, is it?”

“That’s right. However, that doesn’t mean there are no losses. Baek Cheon-hyuk, the head of the Shandong Baek Family, was considered a charlatan among charlatans. If so, it could be influenced by public opinion… … .”

“no. Actually, it won’t be that big either. You can change how the world sees you. “The actual benefit is more important than the justification.”

But it didn’t last long.

“hmm. The Haenam faction will cooperate in the extermination of those demonic bastards from the Shandongbaek clan.”

“ha ha ha! Jin Heo-jin, even this Hwang Bo is helping in that cause! “Shandongbaekga, I didn’t like those charlatan bastards from the beginning!”

“It’s the same as the Mosan faction. Baekga, all they know is to keep quiet about being called a charlatan. “They deserve to disappear.”

After some time, everyone answered in the same way.

“It’s nice that we can communicate opinions so well.”

Only then did Jin Heoja nod as if he liked it.

“This elder understands your intentions well.”

A smile appeared on Jin Heoja’s lips.

“Lord Cheon, if he returns, I will tell you the details of my agreement with you. “In a few months, the nine factions will become one faction and the five major factions will change, and their power will change significantly.”

Only then did those gathered in the conference room burst into laughter.

“Hahaha! This Hwangbo bastard, it makes me feel good to think of him being called one of the five generations again. “I will not forget the grace of my Jinheojinin.”

“ha ha ha. The Haenam wave is the same. I will never forget this grace, this opportunity, this moment. “I will cooperate well with this organization.”

“Well, if this comes to pass, aren’t the people here now talented people who will lead Moorim? “I think I need to become closer to the people here.”

The atmosphere in the conference room soon became harmonious.

Jin Heo-ja also participated in the conversation with a hollow smile, as if it wasn’t a bad thing.

Since it was just a matter of providing benefits to each other simply by dealing with a common enemy, a sense of familiarity was formed.


However, just for a moment.


Suddenly, things like tables and jars inside the conference room shook violently, breaking the harmony.

“What is that… … ?”

It’s not even just that.

Before they knew it, they saw something like black starlight falling beyond the window of the Senate conference room.

An overwhelming whirlpool falling to the ground, as if it would swallow up life itself.

It had an ominous feel, like the end of the world itself.


Those invited here had been dreaming of a rosy future until recently.

The dream of becoming a member of the old family group or enjoying the glory gained by filling the empty space of the five generations.

However, the content presented at this meeting was never actually used.

That’s right… … .

Next moment.


Before we knew it, the inevitable time of the end had arrived.



The moment when you land on the ground and absorb life force from everywhere as the mythical <Incarnation of the Apocalypse>.

“The achievement ‘Emergence of Great Evil’ has been achieved.”

“Exclusive authority #D-0007 [Increased Compensation] is automatically activated when the conditions are met.”

“The level of rewards obtained from achievements increases.”

“All abilities increase by 4.”

I frowned as I looked at the system message that appeared in front of me.

“… … .”

The emergence of a great evil?

For some reason, I feel like I’ve been being slandered by the system lately… … .

I was so dumbfounded that I had to laugh.

Didn’t they often say that when you go to Rome, you have to follow Roman law?

This side is just trying to get a small compensation according to the fair laws of the martial arts group, but it is just a problem for them to slander us like this.

‘At least the reward is acceptable so it’s okay.’

However, just for a moment.

At that moment, I looked away from the system message.

A sophisticated long sword flew in this direction, drawing a ash-colored trajectory from beyond the crushed earth that looked as if it had been cratered.


“What is this again?”


“You evil radiation bastard!”

As I broke the sword flying in the air, an angry sound was heard from beyond.

“How dare you think this place is safe and cause such a fuss!”

Only then did I turn my head to the source of the sound and then see a man wearing a blue military uniform.

If I had to guess, it looks like a guard guarding this place… … .

The level of the man in front of me was not just that of a security guard, but that of an expert.

A man wearing a blue military uniform shouted in anger.

“It looks like you came here on the day that the main group convenes a meeting, but you are now surrounded by countless members!”

After hearing that, I nodded as if I realized something.

‘Ah, so there were only experts in this vast land?’

It’s close to optimal timing itself.

In any case, the Murim Alliance, which has no ordinary people, has nothing to worry about.

Judging from what the man in blue uniform in front of me said, it seems like the high-ranking members of the Murim Alliance are having a meeting… … .

Then it was clear what to do.

“under! This stupid radiation bastard… … ! I will make you suffer a torture worse than death… … !!”


“Challenger Han Seong-yoon won against an unrivaled expert and came 0.0004% closer to [transcendence].”

“I have absorbed the spirit of the White Sword Demon ‘Jin Woo-jung’.”

「… … .」

“It’s noisy.”

Just like that, I cut the opponent’s body in half and looked at the Murim Alliance warriors running from beyond.

“That’s it! intruder! How dare you even know where your real name is!”

“this! What a beautiful wild bastard! How dare you come here using witchcraft!”

“It’s a hex! “Don’t touch that bastard’s magic as much as possible, and form a team to subdue him!”

There was no particular inspiration.

Anyway, they will be reduced to a handful of ashes in a few minutes.


It’s not worth taking that long.

“The power skill ‘Holy Light’ is activated, creating starlight imbued with sacred <transcendence>.”

The moment I stretched out my palm and expanded the bead of starlight to its limit.

“Skill ‘Starlight Expansion’ is strongly activated.”

“All types of starlight are greatly expanded, resulting in up to 4 times performance improvement.”


In the blink of an eye, the starlight expanded, burst like a balloon touched by the tip of a needle, and swept everywhere.

“Challenger Han Seong-yoon won against a peerless expert, getting 0.031% closer to [transcendence].”

“I have absorbed the command of White Tiger Lord ‘Sim Woo-hyeon’.”

“I have absorbed the command of the Great Dragon Lord ‘Seo Woo Baek’.”

“I have absorbed the spirit of the Great Lord of Rhymes, ‘Jin Woo-jung.’”

「… … .」

I had to put a smile on my face at that.

‘… … ‘That’s fun.’

Should I say that I feel comfortable because I use my strength without being obsessed with martial arts?

Now that Biwon’s ordeal was nearing its end, I had no intention of limiting my strength.

Just like that, I kicked off the ground, shooting out black starlight everywhere, and then countless spirits came into my hands.


How much time has passed like that?

‘Is it over there?’

Before I knew it, I was able to spot the most important, ornate building.

It is assumed that there are probably the most important people over there.

So I ran over there, and to my surprise, there were powerful people standing at the entrance, each with a vast amount of magical power of their own.

“… … “If you go back now, I won’t blame you.”

Even everyone was scared.

“Do you realize how serious a sin you are committing? … ?”

As I stood in front of him, an old man wearing an eyepatch said, his beard shaking.

They didn’t show it too much, but they were very scared.

I could sense it instinctively.

“This elder is the leader of this faction! If you harm Jin Heo-jin, you won’t be safe! Do you understand?”

However, just for a moment.

“And if you want something, I will give it to you. However, keep in mind that if you refuse even this, everyone here will only become your enemy. “It’s a warning.”

I burst out laughing after hearing the words of the old man wearing an eye patch in front of me.

‘… … ‘This is absurd.’

“As if I had heard a silly joke.”

“If you harm an innocent person, you will inevitably accumulate karma.”

“No sin? “You guys?”

“… … greatness! There is none. This elder simply worked hard for justice for the martial arts community. He didn’t commit any crime. Yes. under oath.”

“… … .”

It was similar in reality.

“There is no way there is no sin.”

“… … ?”

“You are all guilty.”

“What is that… … .”

Originally, in this martial arts world, sin is not decided by the weak.

“Isn’t it obvious?”

Isn’t this world of martial arts where the rule of the fittest is applied by default?

“You are weaker than me.”

In that case, the weaker party has limited qualifications to talk about sin.

“Isn’t that enough reason to kill you all?”

The only person who can decide that is the overwhelmingly strong.

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