The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 358

358. The best person in the world (4)

In the blink of an eye, the old man, the elder of the Huashan Sect, fell silent.

“… … .”

Suddenly, the eyes of the volcano sect elder were full of astonishment.

A distorted expression as if he had seen a fictional phenomenon that could not exist.

And the old man trembled, opened and closed his lips several times, and barely managed to speak.

“Now that I think about it, I’ve heard of it… … .”

Because the elder of the Huashan Sect had become an old man, his wrinkled face showed an expression of awe.

“In the olden days, which no one remembers anymore, it was said that one who stood at the end of the path could wield the blade of the heart… … .”

Only then did the volcano sect elder calm down his boiling anger and spoke with only awe.

“I never thought that a legendary technique like the Heart Sword really existed… … .”

It was not that different for others within the Volcano Sect.

Even the disciples of the Hwasan Sect, who seemed to number in the hundreds, were expressing their feelings of astonishment here and there.

It’s just that the shock from that feeling of awe is so great that I can’t even utter words like the Elder of the Volcano Sect.

“How did a good person come down to the world where lowly mortals live…? … ?”

But still, I answered calmly.

“It is true that he used his heart and sword, but I don’t know if he can be called a good person.”

“Yeah, I guess so. If you do, can you tell me why you came here… … .”

“You said you came to destroy the volcanic wave, right?”

“… … .”

Was it only then that the situation was properly understood?

Before I knew it, the volcano sect elder was shaking his eyes violently, breaking into a cold sweat, and falling into a deep sleep.

It was as if he understood that if things continued like this, the volcanic wave would truly disappear.

And the volcano sect elder remained silent for a few seconds before barely opening his mouth again.

“… … Heh, heh. Is this because of the volcano’s rudeness? In that case, I will compensate you for your rudeness at the discretion of the governor.”

But I didn’t like that either.

“Why do you decide the compensation for chastity?”

“What is that… … ?”

“Anyway, I can just take the reward as I want.”

“… … .”

If you really want to be honest, that’s not all.

“And what I want is to destroy the volcanic wave.”

That’s right… … .

“therefore… … .”


“In short, it means there is no room for negotiation.”

Next moment.

“If you understand roughly, it would be a good idea to bring in Jang Mun-in of the Volcanic Sect now.”

I said it with a slight smile.

“That way, we will at least have a chance to prevent the volcanic wave from collapsing.”

And that too in a very happy voice.


Time passed quickly.

Still, is it true that he is quick on his feet as an elder of the volcano sect?

Literally in the blink of an eye, the old man, who was an elder of the Huashan Sect, showed great skill and achieved what I had said.

“… … “The deceased.”

It’s no different… … .

“… … Cheongun Jin-in, the long monk of Hwasan, ordered the deceased to be brought to Dalian Hall. He said he would like to learn a lesson.”

Now we can finally see the long print of the Hwasan faction.

‘You’re still doing the same old tricks.’

But that didn’t make me satisfied.

‘Wouldn’t it be better to just come and fight in person?’

It was worth it.

The Huashan Sect would rather talk than ask Dalian Hall to learn something… … .

In fact, when I said that, I felt like I just wanted to end the situation quietly.

In fact, the fact that they asked to meet at Dalian Hall even though the buildings of the Volcanic Sect had collapsed was like that.

‘It would have been nice if we could just blow away the entire volcanic wave… … .’

However, that did not mean that the volcanic wave could collapse all at once.

In fact, I was greatly restricted upon entering the trial.

A situation where the condition is that you must clear the ordeal focusing only on martial arts.

In that case, you can’t use skills that are beyond the level of martial arts, such as Holy Light or Unquenchable Mortal Flame.

‘But this might not be bad either.’

It’s not even just that.

Considering what we will have to gain from the volcanic wave in the near future, we should treat it as peacefully as possible.

Only then will we be able to freely use the various valuables obtained from the volcanic sect.

After thinking about it, I nodded and answered.

“Then let’s go to Dalian Hall.”

Did they really think I would destroy the entire volcanic wave like this?

Only then did the elder of the volcano sect show signs of great relief.

As if he was lucky that things didn’t turn out as bad as he thought.

In fact, the Huashan Sect elder’s feelings, which he felt as if he were a god, were filled with relief.

“… … Madam, thank you for listening to my request. The deceased. “I will not commit any more acts of disrespect.”

Only then did the old man quickly lead me to a place called Daliandang.

It looks like a building built to spar with each other in martial arts… … .

As I entered there following the guidance of the Hwasan Sect elder, six old people and one middle-aged man caught my eye.

‘This… … .’

And I had no choice but to narrow my eyes at that.

To be honest, the six old people in front of me were not particularly threatening.

It is no exaggeration to say that at best, if you throw a heart attack, you will not even feel it and will die.

However, the prayers of the middle-aged man among those presumed to be the elders of the Hwasan Sect were familiar.

‘It’s divine, right?’


The source of the power of the gods who can interfere with concepts… … .

I could sense a considerable amount from the middle-aged man in front of me.

‘But it’s not a very high level divinity… … .’

But that was only for a moment.

‘In fact, is it only at the level of quasi-divinity, not even formal godhood?’

After roughly assessing the divinity of the person in front of me, I realized that the level of divinity was not high.

It’s just that the amount of divine power is slightly higher, perhaps due to accumulation of divinity over a long period of time.

If I were to be specific, it was at a slightly lower level than the leader of the Blood Demon Church that I encountered during the 19th floor <Blood World Ceremony> quest.

And as I was staring at the middle-aged man, he soon opened his mouth.

“… … “He is called Cheongun (靑雲), a long-line member of the Hwasan faction.”

And I responded by nodding my head.

“This is Han Seong-yoon.”

“Where are you from?”

“The Baek clan.”

“Sounds fun… … .”

Only then did Cheongwoon smile and speak with empty eyes as if he couldn’t understand.

“I’ve never heard of a hermit living in Baekga, Shandong.”

Cheongwoon continued speaking with calm eyes.

“At first, I thought Elder Hyeonheo had become senile because they said that a hermit suddenly came to Hwasan.”

Before I knew it, a deep wariness was coming out from beyond Cheongwoon’s sunken eyes.

“But now that I see it, it’s enough to say that a hermit has come… … .”

In response, Cheongwoon brightened his calm eyes and asked a question.

“Is coming from the Baekjia of Shandong a kind of revenge?”


“exactly. The Shandong Baekga gave a favor to the Hwasan faction by restoring one of the main faction’s rising martial arts figures. However, since he forsook that favor and watched the dark night unfold, retaliation is… … .”

“I don’t really think so.”


What on earth does this mean?

Before he knew it, Cheongwoon gave off a shaking look as if he was confused.

As if he couldn’t possibly understand the current situation.

I also tilted my head and continued speaking.

“Maybe I’m misunderstanding something…” … .”


“What the Volcanic Sect has done so far has nothing to do with revenge.”

Next moment.

“It’s just that I came purely with the intention of destroying the volcanic wave.”

When Cheongwoon heard that, he gritted his teeth and spoke in anger.

“Then I guess there’s nothing more to say.”

Before we knew it, Cheongwoon raised his flashy sword, his eyes filled with anger.

“Even if you are a heavenly being who came down to the underworld from beyond, there is no way an individual can defeat a group like the Volcanic Sect.”

“An individual cannot defeat a group, la… … .”

“I hope you don’t have foolish pride. Even this may actually be a courtesy towards the expert. If the Seven Elders of Mount Hua and I join forces, you will definitely die.”

“hmm… … .”

Does that man in front of me know who he is saying those things to?

‘Even if you were a immortal from the sky, you wouldn’t be able to defeat the volcanic wave?’

Really… … .

“So, I’ll give you a chance. Mix it up. If you win against me, Hwasan Jangmun Cheongun, I will grant you any request, be it Hwasan Fengmun or anything… … .”

It was fun.

“… … “It’s fun.”

I spoke without waiting for Cheongun to complete his words.

“Then, let’s have a simple competition.”

“Are you saying you will respond to the mission?”




“The idea is to compete a little more rawly than that.”

“What on earth is that…?” … .”

“You guys said it was a secret and that you were going to ask me for a favor, right?”

“So what happens… … .”

“It’s simple.”

Next moment.

“Volcanic wave.”


“Let’s compete against all the remaining masters of the Volcanic Sect at once.”

“What kind of crazy talk are you talking about?” … ?”

“Still, you will be at a disadvantage, so let’s impose one more restriction.”

“under! “What kind of gain is there in making such foolish remarks?”

To that, I quietly placed one more condition as if it was nothing.

“Except for the volcano sect’s sword techniques, I forbid the use of any martial arts.”

“under… … ?”

“It will be easy to learn the Hwasan Sect’s sword techniques anyway.”

“What is that… … . “The sword of the volcano is not that easy to learn.”

And only then did I smile and stick out my index finger and point to a certain person.


It’s no different… … .

“I can learn.”

Jangmun-in of the Volcanic Sect.

“There is such a great educational material right in front of you, right?”

It was Cheongun.



In the blink of an eye, the Huashan Sect Dalian Hall building collapsed.

A crater-like appearance was formed, as if a lightning strike had split the world.

And beyond the place where the Volcanic Sect’s Great Hall collapsed, a roar of rage imbued with magical power was heard.

“How dare you———! How dare you———!”

And I knew immediately who it was.

“How dare a bastard like you discuss the sword of the volcano—──!!”

Blue cloud.

Before I knew it, Jang Mun-in of the Volcano Sect was crying with his bright red eyes glowing.

However, just by swinging the sword, the building flies away at once, and just by spewing out anger, large vibrations spread throughout the place.

“It’s amazing… … .”

And then I flew up into the air and laughed.

“I never thought they would react like this to me saying I would learn the Hwasan Sect’s sword.”

Was it a scratch on his pride that he offered to deal with him using only the sword techniques of the Volcanic Sect?

‘… … But thanks to that, I was able to see the power right away without having to waste time.’

Before I knew it, Cheongun’s gorgeous sword was overflowing with purple gold.

It also produces a very gorgeous light.

Even beyond the purple sword, the feeling of rage was growing.

So much so that the divinity in Cheongun’s heart fluttered loudly.

As soon as I saw it, my eyes lit up and my appetite quenched.

That’s right… … .

‘… … ‘If I get so angry, I can benefit even more.’

The angrier the Cheongun in front of me, the more I can gain.

“The myth <The Natural Enemy of Everything> is activated.”

“From now on, the <Natural Enemy> effect will be applied to challenger Han Seong-yoon.”

“When <Natural Enemy> is activated, your divine power greatly interferes with the power of all beings.”

“※Beings without will cannot resist your divine power.”

“From now on, the effect of <Chaos> will be added to challenger Han Seong-yoon’s sacred use.”

“When <Chaos> is activated, the enemy’s negative emotions are extracted into faith.”

「※As the enemy’s negative emotions grow, the efficiency of faith extraction also increases.」

It was simple.

Victory against the volcanic waves and countless warriors beyond.

The process of achieving it is a story, and the emotions that arise during that process can be formed into faith.

Then, the meaning you can get at the end is fixed, right?

“The god of transcendence and death quietly smiles, revealing his expectant greed.”

‘Perhaps we can gain a new myth through our collaboration with Gu-Pail-Bang this time.’

as soon as… … .

‘That’s also a myth specializing in martial arts.’

You can obtain a myth that exists solely for martial arts.

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