The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 354

354. Baekhakgeomseon (5)

The noise of battle plays like background music.

The appearance of the pavilions burning in various places due to fire.

In fact, it was impossible not to know that this was a sign that Baekhakgeomseon’s secret wish would fail.

─Casting selection completed.

─Challenger Han Seong-yoon will be assigned the role of Shandong Baekga’s <Guard Warrior>.

─Proceed with the trials in order and satisfy the trial clear conditions.

‘… … The system message said that I had been assigned as a bodyguard for the Shandong Baek Family.’

There is no need to think deeply.

If you remember the contents of the system message for role selection, you will soon know the answer.

There was a high probability that this situation was the scene of extinction that Baekhakgeomseon experienced when he was young.

‘… … It seems to be roughly the point at which Baekhakgeomseon’s family falls.’

Then it was clear what to do.

“In short, I guess it means preventing the extinction of the world or escaping with the White Crane Sword.”

The moment I stepped into the center of the commotion.

“… … .”

I couldn’t help but frown at the strange feeling I suddenly felt throughout my body.

“It’s serious… … .”

Should I say that it is like cotton soaked in water?

I couldn’t shake off the feeling of helplessness that had taken over every part of my body.

Every time I took a step forward, every part of my body felt like it was creaking.

If I were to be specific, it felt like moving a mechanism that was heavily rusted.

Considering that he used the speed of light by overlapping divinity, he became ridiculously weak.

‘I never thought I would feel so helpless.’

But that didn’t mean it was difficult to adapt.

“… … But at this point, fighting itself won’t be a problem.”

Before I knew it, I was able to get a rough idea of ​​my body’s level.

Roughly speaking, based on the Tower of Trials, this is the level of a challenger in the early 10th floor.

By tracing my past memories and tuning my senses, I was able to adapt quickly.

Therefore, it wasn’t long before I completely adapted to my physical level and gradually regained my sense of stability.

In any case, if the ability level does not increase as the trial progresses, shouldn’t it remain in this state for the time being?

‘At least we need to adjust our senses to the physical level.’

Then there is a need to endure some level of discomfort.

Immediately after reaching the manor where a thick bloody smell was rising, he walked forward with great strides.

Suddenly, from beyond the manor where corpses were strewn about, a man holding a sword approached with a snake-like smile.

“… … Haha! What is this again? “Is anyone still alive?”

He probably looks like one of the evil beasts who caused the massacre here… … .

‘… … hmm.’

Only then did I adjust my waist and realized one thing.

“… … “There is no sword.”

In fact, I don’t have any weapons that I can hold in my hands.

Hearing those words, the man with the snake-like appearance laughed as if he was dumbfounded.

Then he placed his left hand on his forehead and laughed so hard that his body shook, while at the same time letting out a mockery.

“Pahaha-! That sounded interesting! Ah, you don’t have a sword? If so, would you like me to lend you a sword? Are you a two-faced bastard? huh?”

“There is no particular need for that.”


However, just for a moment.

“I think you can just use the sword you have.”

The moment I pointed at the sword of the man in front of me and said those words.

“… … under! This poor bastard-! “I join in on the joke, so I’m playing around without even knowing what’s going on.”

In an instant, I kicked the ground and threw out my fist.

And following that series of processes, the magical energy within the body was transformed into a handful of lightning, increasing its strength.

Only then did the man in front of him realize that something was wrong, and he belatedly fought back by throwing away the bloody knife.

‘… … ‘It’s a lot faster than I thought.’

In the blink of an eye, the bloody knife flew out like a thunderbolt, exaggerating its speed.

With a physical ability that was only in the double digits, he could only see the afterimage of the sword spreading blurryly.

However, I did not feel any need to accelerate my thinking by focusing on combat.

That’s right… … .

‘Yes, it would be meaningless.’

Anyway, there would be no need to see and stop such a trivial swordsmanship.


In an instant, the outstretched right hand flows over the bloody side of the knife.

The moment when the power of a sword attack flows smoothly like a flowing river.

In response, the other person bit his lip tightly and quickly unleashed magical energy on his sword.

But that was only for a moment.

‘At best, I can only use my sword skills?’

Next moment.


Just like that, I immediately created sword flame in my hand and forcibly destroyed the sword energy.

“Black flame point!”

Did I never think that I would be able to deal with black flames?

“What is this!”

The man in front of me suddenly showed embarrassment and took a step back.

“This is such a ridiculous thing… … ! Uh, why is a transcendent expert here—.”

And that became the opponent’s defeat.



In the blink of an eye, the hand that went along the blade of the sword crushed the other person’s wrist.

In fact, without the ability to regenerate, defeat is certain once the wrist using the sword is crushed.

And without any emotion, I immediately swung my right hand like a whip and struck the other person’s chin.

It also contains a lot of magical power.


“Ugh… … .”

The snake-like man in front of me ended up falling down with his eyes opened.


“I have absorbed the command of the White Snake Sword ‘Wi Su-hyeok’.”

Then, after hitting his head with my foot, I picked up the sword that had fallen on the ground.

“I think I’ve gotten the hang of it.”

How far can a body that is infinitely weaker be able to achieve?

I knew about it very clearly this time.

Although his physical ability was incapable of reaching subsonic or supersonic speeds, let alone the speed of light, he still knew one thing for sure.

“There is no need to take out the White Crane Sword and run away.”

It’s no different… … .

“I’m excited to see how far I can go.”

Even though they are mere mortals, the martial arts people can be dealt with at any time.

“Really… … .”


「Use the command of the White Snake Sword ‘We Su-hyeok’ to permanently increase your stats.」

“Strength has increased by 9.”

“Agility has increased by 8.”

“Stamina has increased by 7.”

“Magic power has increased by 11.”

“Durability has increased by 7.”

The moment I immediately absorbed the evil spirit and recovered my minimum ability level.

“It’ll be fun.”

Only then did I head towards the place where there was chaos with sparkling eyes.


“You have achieved the achievement ‘Sweet Swordsman’.”

“Agility increases by 4.”

Time passed quickly.

As I passed between the buildings, more and more enemies appeared.

There were even now many people who used not only sword techniques but also sword flame.

‘I guess that means they are talented people in their own way.’

First, they cut down those who were presumed to be evil beasts as soon as they could see them.

Each time, the spirit was absorbed, and most of the abilities barely reached triple digits.

At this point, pick-pick enemies can be defeated just by throwing a sword strike without using any skills.

And as a result, there were enemies with a certain amount of extraordinary magical power.

“A swordsman who dedicated his life to sharp swords! Kick! It’s fun, it’s fun… … ! “I will deal with you!”

But even so, it didn’t bother me too much.

“Hahaha! I am! A person who has been recognized by the Jeakryeonju! Blood sword Hyuk Woo-jin! “You can’t win against me.”


“I am a swordsman who only wields a quick sword. This is Kang Cheon-woo, a swordsman. Young one. “I will show you the true speed of a sword—.”


“The young guy has incredible talent… … . But… You’re out of luck. iced coffee. Too bad. “I didn’t know that this body could defeat a talent like you.”


“… … what.”

Every single one of those who appeared in front of me with bravado had their throats cut.

“I don’t know what they’re saying when they come up to me… … .”

Could it be that he doesn’t understand any of my skills?

Even when enemies with particularly high-level magical power appeared, the results were not very high.

At best, he just spewed out words full of bravado and his head was blown off in an instant.

‘At this point, there’s no need to use skills at all.’

Only then did I realize that there was no need to use skill effects at all.

Of course, considering Baekhakgeomseon’s wish, I originally had no intention of using any skills that stood out… … .

This means that there is no longer a need to use skills to supplement physical abilities.

As I climbed the Tower of Trials, my skills seemed to have increased a lot, and I was able to kill people without any skills.

And that’s with such a trivial level of physical ability.

‘I didn’t want to do anything here that would attract the attention of the martial arts people, so it worked out well.’

And I smiled at him.

The martial arts people I had seen while climbing the Tower of Trials all showed a fanatical aversion to the skill.

They say that they cannot recognize any power that relies on a mere system, and they reject powers other than martial arts, saying things like hexes.

So I had to refrain from using skills as much as possible, so I thought it would be a bit difficult, but it wasn’t anything like that.

‘If I thought it was a bit ambiguous, I was going to invoke the transcendence myth <Absolute Immutability>, but there’s no need to do that.’

This was even more so because the level of all abilities was recovering quickly.

「Use all the commands you have to permanently increase your stats.」

“Strength has increased by 15.”

“Agility has increased by 13.”

“Stamina has increased by 12.”

“Magic power has increased by 14.”

“Durability has increased by 16.”


Wouldn’t all abilities be at around 150 now?

The commanders, whose original abilities would have been at a level that would not have even been mentioned, were of great help.

As I cut down the enemies that appeared in front of me in an instant, the consumed energy returned and the total amount of power increased.

‘Anyway, the unique characteristics are not easily absorbed.’

But that doesn’t mean there are only good things about it.

‘I never would have thought that even though I consumed so many spirits, I wouldn’t be able to obtain any of the unique characteristics.’

One of the detailed effects of Necromancy, “Damn Heaven,” has not yet been activated.

Still, I think I used up about 30% of the spirits I obtained through necromancy… … .

Only the spirits disappeared without meaning, and their unique characteristics could not be extracted through necromancy.

‘Are there special conditions as well as random probability?’

However, it was only for a moment that I became lost in thought.

“The achievement ‘Mysterious Martial Arts Master’ has been achieved.”

“All abilities increase by 1.”

It’s no different… … .

“… … .”

Before I knew it, I had entered the center of a fierce battle, cutting down numerous enemies.

In the blink of an eye, I snapped out of my thoughts and grasped the scene that came into view.

And in the meantime, I was able to find out that many people’s eyes were focused on this area.

“her! “Is one of the Baek clan’s bastards still alive?”

“… … No, what on earth? “Outside, there must be a lot of peak experts left, right?”

“… … Uh, why can’t I sense any sign of the peak masters outside?”

And that’s not all.

“Huh, Lord of the Dark Night-! “Bar, all the peak masters outside were punished!!”

“Quick, a master of the quick sword has appeared… … !”

“Lord of the Dark Night-!”

Before I knew it, the evil beasts that I had not been able to deal with were screaming outside.

“you… … .”

Only then did the large man, who had reacted to the name Black Night Lord, turn around and grit his teeth.

“What sect was this guy sent from?”

It was then.

“Where on earth did a ridiculous monster like you come from? … ?”

Just like that, I could see an older man wearing white uniform standing in front of me beyond the dark night blindness.

‘No way, that…’ … .’



The moment I saw the face of a girl crying and terrified.

Only then did I realize that the person behind the elderly man in the white military uniform was Baekhakgeomseon.

Even though he looks a few years younger, you can immediately tell that it is the face of a manager you are familiar with.

“you… … !!”

But did you not like it?

Suddenly, the man known as the Black Night Lord raised his eyebrows and shouted.

And the emotions of the Dark Night Lord, judged with the eyes of God, were filled with great caution and fear.

“Answer me—! Where did you come from—! Was it a volcano? Was it Jongnam? Either that or else───!”

“Did I ask where you are from?”

“Yes—! This is a question for me, Lord of the Dark Night! “In the future, I will never forget that I intervened in the event of the Black Night Blindness.”

“There’s nothing to be curious about.”

“What… … ?”

Just like that, I drew my hand in the air and spoke in a cold voice.

“There’s no need to be curious about someone who’s practically dead, right?”



Next moment.

“Just die.”


The heart sword flew in the blink of an eye, splitting the body of the Black Night Lord in half.

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