The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 336

336. Fake (2)


In fact, this could be said to be the origin of how I became stronger by climbing the tower.

Even if it is the soul of a god, if it is a dead spirit, it can be absorbed and replaced with power.

‘Necromancy… … , it was a foreign power among many unique characteristics.’

It’s not even just that.

As if extracting skills is not enough, you can also extract authority from divine power.

And I already knew for sure that it wasn’t common.

I have seen many people who have awakened on Earth and who have developed unique characteristics by climbing the tower, but they also do not have these unique characteristics.

“… … .”

It was worth it.

The power of unique characteristics subordinate to a mere system can covet even the soul of God?

At that point, even if necromancy is a unique characteristic, it can only be seen that it has clearly surpassed the category of mortality.

‘Even Necromancy was focused on growth itself becoming a god.’

That was actually the case.

The necromancy I developed through countless fierce battles eventually led me to become the god of death.

And only I was able to control and handle all deaths.

If we were to really look at that point, we could say that necromancy is my growth route arranged by the tower.

Perhaps the tower was trying to control my potential and make me a god who controls death through necromancy.

‘Obtaining divine <death> may have been a confirmed thing for Top.’

It’s just that not everything went as Tower intended.

After divinity <transcendence> became my essence, divinity <death> became an auxiliary means of divinity.

And accordingly, necromancy was used as the backbone of growth by assisting the divine <transcendence>, ultimately contributing greatly to the process of becoming an ancient god.

‘At first, I thought the principle of that black sphere was like necromancy… … .’

If we assume that the tower was greatly influenced by that, then the sight in front of us could be easily understood.

“Now I know for sure.”

The black sphere in the battlefield of the gods was built based on the principles of necromancy.

“Actually, you could say that’s a fake version of my necromancy.”

It was certain.

The black marks still flowing beyond the black sphere were indicating this.

That was a descendant of the evil spirit that could be obtained through necromancy, and it was like a supreme treasure that could forcibly increase the vessel of divinity.

“… … “Is this what it means for the tower to use the battlefield of the gods as a testing ground?”

I smiled wryly at him.

“That’s fun.”



“Has the battlefield of the gods been like that from the beginning?”

The moment I lightly touched the blade of the Blood Heavenly Demon Sword.

Only then did the mouth of the person who knew about the battlefield of the gods open.

As it was, the blood and heavenly demon sword trembled, and a voice came out from there as if in confusion.

―… … Do you think that could be possible?

And he continued speaking as if he was dumbfounded.

―Extract the soul of God itself and place it in a black sphere? Do you think there would be any meaning in doing something like that?

“So does that mean there are none?”

-okay. The soul of God represents everything that God has. If you swallow it wrong, your ego may collapse, and if that’s not enough, there is a possibility that your divinity may collapse due to a backlash.

“… … .”

―Unless, like you, I have the ability to filter out the impurities of the evil spirit, that will most likely happen.

In fact, it means that the black sphere is nothing more than a backwards compatibility with Necromancy.

―… … And in the first place, the black sphere on the battlefield of the gods did not work like that.


―… … The black sphere on the battlefield of the gods was nothing more than a hodgepodge of random divinity, without any godly soul.

“… … .”

Then, Dam Cheon-woo spoke in a thoughtful tone.

―Yes, definitely, it must have been like that… … .

Before I knew it, his voice was mixed with doubt and borderline emotions.

-I guess that’s not the case anymore. Anyway, that’s not the original way. Unlike the original chowder, it is mixed with the soul of a god.

“It means the situation is worse than it originally was.”

-You can roughly see it that way. Perhaps, the Godhead who can accept that within… … . Even if it’s in a twisted way, you can reach a high level.

“Ancient Godhead… … .”

-Of course, I can’t give that high of a possibility. It’s just that there is a possibility. The probability of becoming an ancient god would be very low.

“Still, I’m not happy about the possibility itself.”

Of course, the possibility of that itself is extremely weak.

In fact, it is just a collection of fake spirits imitating necromancy.

But even so, the mere possibility that an ancient deity could arise was reason enough to get rid of it.

‘Anyway, it’s obvious why the tower wants to create an ancient deity.’

This time, it seemed clear that the tower had assigned the battlefield of the gods for the 26th floor trial.

‘You mean to see if an ancient god who can replace me will emerge from here?’

The tower is trying to mold an ancient deity through something like pseudo-necromancy.

And putting myself into this battlefield of gods means only one thing.

It’s no different… … .

‘That’s fun.’

The tower is determining whether I am just a part that can be replaced.

So, they probably installed a device like that for backward compatibility with necromancy on the battlefield of the gods.

This probably means that they want to see whether the newly created ancient deity can win, rather than me, who is becoming more difficult to control from the tower as time passes.

“So the one who won is the real one…?” … .”


“But if you make a plan like this, you have to live up to expectations.”

I smiled at him, giving him a cold look in his eyes.

‘There’s only one thing I have to do anyway.’

The fact that all enemies on the battlefield of the gods must be eliminated has not changed.

Even if there was someone who swallowed the product of that fake necromancy, it was nothing more than a replica.

As he climbed the Tower of Trials, he defeated his own replicas several times, but there was no way he could not defeat the Goddess who had only obtained fake necromancy.

“… … .”

so… … .

‘First, shall we conquer the battlefields of the gods one by one?’

Isn’t it time to destroy the battlefield of the gods?

As soon as I decided what to do, I looked up and saw a black sphere.

Many gods’ souls were still flowing there.

However, I analyzed where the souls of God were rising from rather than that black sphere.

That’s right… … .

“I was wondering where on earth they were fighting like this, but now I think I know where the battle is.”

Only then will we be able to know where the gods are fiercely fighting.

“Still, everyone seems to be having fun fighting… … .”



【Folding vortex】

Next moment.

“Now shall I have some fun?”

Just like that, I watched the space fold and leaped beyond it.


Godhead was a living disaster.

He is the embodiment of a concept that a mere human cannot reach in his lifetime, no matter how much he trains himself without divinity.

The power of those who realized their divinity or accumulated faith and imprinted their divinity on the universe could have collapsed the world.


but… … .

“The harvest god laughs loudly, admiring his own power.”

[ Haha-! ]

Even if he had the power to destroy the planet, his spirit had not reached a high level.

[How do you feel… … ! The power of this body! The power of someone who goes beyond higher-level gods and becomes an ancient god—! ]

It was worth it.

[Is all we can do is crawl like bugs? huh? Hahahahaha-! ]

In fact, divinity itself is already an expanded mental body.

Most deities who became the incarnation of concepts were unable to think normally due to the influence of the divinity itself.

Even if it is a deity that has lived for hundreds of years, it can be said that its insides have actually been eaten away by divinity and are rotten.

[A mere worm child who only lived for 400 years… … ! ]

[God of harvest! Like you! How dare you challenge my authority! ]

[If it weren’t for the battlefield of the gods, it would have been nothing… … !! ]

And the battlefield of the gods, where living disasters were concentrated, was full of madness.

Kkwagwagwagwagwagwagwang… … !!

A moment when dozens of novae roamed everywhere in the blink of an eye.

Oh my gosh—!!!

Lightning strikes like a flood in an empty place, the desert land collapses, causing a tsunami made of dirt and sand, and variously colored novae destroy each other.

At this point, it is a truly mythical struggle that would not be surprising even if the planet were destroyed.

However, the battlefield of the gods is not anyone’s world, but a place created solely by the Tower of Trials for battles between gods.

The battlefield of the gods remained unbroken despite repeated disasters.

As time passed, the fight heated up and the possibility of victory solidified.

“I am satisfied that the number of gods of harvest has decreased noticeably.”

[ Hehehe! yes, this is correct! The likes of you are not up to this body! ]

This is because the harvest god, whose eyes have been dyed black, is connected to the black sphere floating in the sky.

“Divinity <Harvest> is activated to extract divinity from [■■] and harvest a very small amount.”

[ ha ha ha! this! Is this the power of the tower! I feel it… … ! The souls of God are taken away! ]

It was worth it.

The harvest god touched the black sphere floating in the sky.

The contents of the black sphere have been obtained through the power of the sacred <Harvest> that only he can use.

And by stealing the power of the black sphere, even if only slightly, he gained the ability to overwhelm the gods.

“The god of harvest is raging, stealing the power beyond the black sphere.”

[Even the soul of God can be coveted… … ! ]

The harvest god let out a voice full of excitement and trembled.

[Perhaps, this body may be the only body in the universe that has gained the power to manipulate God’s soul! ]


[If it were me now, I would not be defeated even by ancient gods! ]

The moment when the harvest god said those words while looking at the gods spilling blood scattered in the desert.

“You can’t be defeated by an ancient god?”

[ … … ? ]

“A guy like you?”

[ … … . ]

“That sounds interesting.”

Suddenly, a man appeared in the middle of the desert.

A man who appeared without any sign, as if he had appeared through space.

Only then did the harvest god, who noticed the strange incident, read the man’s energy and couldn’t help but frown.

‘I don’t feel anything… … ?’

This was because I couldn’t read anything about the man who appeared in front of me.

It was as if the man in front of him was inanimate in his eyes.

I couldn’t tell if the man who suddenly appeared had divinity, magical power, or even if he was mortal.

‘It’s almost as if this body is not qualified to read that guy’s power… … .’

And the harvest god, whose thoughts had gone that far, shook his head and his expression distorted.

[ No way! ]

Currently, the God of Harvest receives power from the battlefield of the gods, the black sphere that is its reward.

Even though the power gained through divine <Harvest> is not yet very much, the actual power has reached the upper level of godhood.

So he was able to ignore his own senses.

Then, the harvest god opened his dark eyes wide and spoke with a smile as if the man in front of him was not the same.

[ … … joy. There is no need for this body to directly read the energy of vulgar things. ]

The harvest god rationalized himself like that and gave off a look in his eyes filled with life.

[Where did you come from again? ]


[Do you also want to be killed by this great body that will become an ancient god? ]

Next moment.


Only then did the man with the twin swords on his waist smile and say.

“It’s not that great… … .”

It’s no different… … .

“The god of transcendence and death smiles, revealing his status as an ancient god.”

[Should we say that he is just an ordinary ancient deity that was passing by? ]

It was Han Seong-yoon.


Only then did the harvest god, who felt the status of an ancient god, tremble and looked shocked.

[Oh, an ancient god!? Uh, why is there really an ancient deity here? ]

[I don’t think it would matter. ]

[ … … . ]

But that was only for a moment.

[ you. ]

Just like that, Han Seong-yoon lightly lifted his index finger and smiled.

[It looks like they are probably drawing divine power from the black sphere… … . ]

even… … .

[Give it to me. ]

And that too with a very vivid, greedy smile.

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