The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 311

311. Qualification test (2)


It is the end of a certain concept and the position of Godhead reached through the worship of countless people.

In any world, there were quite a few people who achieved divinity, and the God of Remorse was one of those cases.

Not only did he not stop at gaining divinity, but he also advanced to an even higher level in the position of divinity.

A deity who has attained divinity in the realm of concepts from a mere mortal, and has advanced to a high state of immortality in the true sense of the word.

‘… … Is this really deity?’

The God of Remorse objectively knew what level he was at.

Compared to ancient gods, they are like children.

However, despite this, in terms of the standard of formal deity, it reached an infinitely high level.

However, the god of remorse completely lost his will to fight.

[ … … In all my life, I have never seen a monster like you. ]

The God of Remorse glanced at the blood-soaked ground and laughed helplessly.

[I guess today will be this old man’s last day. ]


[God of transcendence. ]

To be more precise, he smiled at a man beyond the blood-soaked ground.

“The God of Transcendence looks with interest at the prey in front of him.”

[I guess so. ]

as soon as… … .

[Now that I’m done with the black magic training. ]

It was Han Seong-yoon.

In less than a day, he succeeded in killing numerous warlocks and seizing all the arcane arts.

Even regardless of the type of black magic.

The God of Remorse knew very well how absurd it was that what the monster in the form of this young man before him had done.

[ … … It’s not enough to steal all types of magic just by looking at it, but you can even modify the magic itself. I’ve never seen talent like that before. ]

It was worth it.

The level of black magic that Han Seong-yoon has mastered while exploring various parts of the demon world is clearly beyond common sense.

A talent for imitation, like putting a picture on a thin piece of paper and tracing it.

Considering the meaning of the concept of a technique, this cannot even be compared to drawing something like a picture.

‘… … The sensitivity of black magic itself is considerable, and not only that, it also has incomprehensible intuition.’

Despite this, Han Seong-yoon never once treated it like it was difficult.

‘… … ‘That is the true monster.’

Therefore, the question came from the mouth of the God of Remorse: Is it okay to commit suicide?

But there was something else that was even more shocking.

The monstrous young man in front of me does not only have the talent for mimicry.

Beyond that, the essential principles themselves can be understood intuitively and by analyzing commonalities, and can be modified and used.

‘At this point, I think it’s a talent that’s truly unmatched, so much so that I have to put aside my godhood… … .’

It is just an incomprehensible realm that cannot be understood even by God.


The God of Remorse now wondered if something like that could be called a talent.

The warlocks, who had been praised as being one of the greatest geniuses in the demon world, met their death by calling the young man in front of them a monster.

It is no longer a talent, but a power that has reached a kind of power.

[ … … Maybe I can’t beat you. So can you just save me? If you do that, I will compensate you with anything. ]

The God of Remorse asked him to save his life as if he was ready to die.

[Don’t you want to know the truth about the tower? If so, let me know! And, I can tell you what is in this demon world and what the position of supreme monarch means… … . ]

But that didn’t last long either.

[ lie. ]

In an instant, Han Seong-yoon’s eyes changed and flashed like those of a reptile.

“The skill ‘Fire Dragon Eye’ detects that there is a lie in the opponent’s words.”

[You probably don’t know anything about the tower. ]

The god of remorse’s foolish lie was immediately seen through the tower’s skill.

And the God of Remorse gasped at that.

No matter what it is, the talent to learn by imitating all kinds of skills, the divinity that is nearing the end of high-level godhood, and the various skills gained from the tower… … .

Now he realizes that he cannot overcome the situation through scheming, which is his specialty.

[ … … Haha, haha, haha. ]


[ Was the tower really raising a monster that could annihilate God? … . ]

The moment when the god of remorse realized that death was truly not far away.

[ Damn… … . ]

The God of Remorse immediately put aside his pretense and revealed it to Han Seong-yoon.

[If you can’t escape, just get rid of it… … !! ]

The God of Remorse, who regained his strength in the blink of an eye, spewed out white divinity and unleashed murderous intent.

It was as if a beast that had been quietly hiding revealed its claws.

That was actually the case.

[Even if your status is nearing the end of the higher levels of deity, am I not also a deity who has achieved the state of immortality? ]

As the God of Remorse was a strong man who had reached the upper level of godhood, he had a high status.

It’s just that we lost it before because of the ridiculous failure of the sacred <Repentance>.

The God of Remorse, who had now completely ruled out any thoughts of running away, contorted his face in fury and shouted savagely.

[ Now I won’t let you go easy either… … !! ]

And Han Seong-yoon, who heard those words, smiled and answered.

[ okay? ]

A situation in which the divinity between each other is not that different.

[Even if it doesn’t, it’s okay. ]

However, despite this, Han Seong-yoon did not show any hesitation.

[Because this will allow you to find out the results of growth. ]

I’m just saying it as if I’m looking forward to what I’ll get in the battle from now on.


“The God of Transcendence smiles as he looks at his prey.”

[ Goes. ]

Next moment.


As it was, divinity of different colors overflowed and clashed.


Dude… … !!

In an instant, a white light flashed and the God of Remorse burst into power.

Unlike the divine <Remorse> seen previously in the cradle’s duel arena, all the power accumulated as a true god is overflowing.

And its meaning does not stop at simply expressing power.

Damn it.

‘… … ‘Cracks in the armor of divinity?’

The armor of divinity, which had been strengthened by increasing the ascension percentage in the demon world, was broken.

Even by the remnants of power revealed by the God of Remorse.

Perhaps, if things continue like this, the divine armor itself will break and the body will be exposed to the outside world.

Therefore, I increased the concentration of the Divine Armor and assisted the Divine Armor with black magic [Black Halo].

‘… … ‘You’re stronger than I thought.’

The power revealed by the God of Remorse through his desperate determination could not be taken lightly.

At the very least, I can feel that I have reached a level higher than that of an evil spirit.

The God of Remorse even had excellent physical abilities, so he moved quickly, leaving behind only a blurry afterimage.


[I hope you just die gracefully… … !! ]

The God of Remorse, who had already arrived in front of me, struck a white-stained blow.

However, the divine armor supported by black magic [Black Halo] cannot be broken to this extent.

Just like that, I frowned and activated various skills and powers one after another, creating black starlight right in front of me.


“The power skill ‘Holy Light’ is activated, creating starlight imbued with divine <death>.”

The God of Remorse was astonished as the black starlight imbued with the sacred <Death> took on a fluffy form.

[What… … ! ]

Still, is it because he has gained various experiences while building up his status as a god?

The God of Remorse seemed to realize that the power of Holy Light was like a kind of dynamite.

I probably didn’t know that they would unleash their Holy Light like a self-destruction device while fighting each other… … .

In any case, while protected by the divine armor, I was confident that I would not be harmed by the explosion of holy light.

[Is he really a crazy person? … !! ]

And as if he had guessed that fact to some degree, the God of Remorse quickly retreated.

“The power skill ‘Holy Light’ is slowed down due to the myth <Time of the Penitent>.”

[Do you think I will just watch it suddenly self-destruct! ]

Even that slows down the activation of Holy Light through mythology.

‘Is it roughly a myth that interferes with the concept of time?’

Just as he could interfere with the concept of time with the divine <Remorse>, he placed temporal restrictions on the use of the holy light.

Perhaps, if I use the holy light like this, it will explode in some kind of slow motion.

In that case, the power of Holy Light could not reach the God of Remorse.

‘Perhaps because he is a deity who deals with divine <regret>, he has many abilities related to the concept of time.’

But it didn’t really matter.

[He’s so annoying. ]

Anyway, if you have newly acquired powers, this will just be an annoying limitation.

“Holy <acceleration> is used.”

“All abilities of challenger Han Seong-yoon are greatly accelerated and become faster.”

[If you force yourself to slow down for a limited time, it will end anyway, right? ]

It was simple.

The God of Remorse simply pushes through the time slowdown restrictions imposed on the Holy Light by force.

That was the method of destruction that I chose.

Anyway, if you increase your speed enough to make up for the slowdown, the slowdown of the Holy Light won’t be a problem.

[What is this… … !? ]

The moment when the God of Remorse, who had gone as far away as possible, widened his eyes as if in shock.

[Just die. ]

Just like that, I spoke to the God of Remorse as if I was annoyed and burst into flames.


In an instant, the black starlight spread everywhere as if struggling, coloring the land of the Demon World with death.

Even if he is an official god, just touching him can cause his divinity to vomit blood and collapse.

There was no difference in being the god of remorse.

[ shit! ]

Before we knew it, the God of Remorse unleashed his power again, exploding with white divinity.

Could it be that they are trying to erase the Holy Light with divine power?

I thought that way for a moment, but… … .

The God of Remorse wasn’t that rebellious.

In the blink of an eye, the God of Remorse prepared to run away, getting as far away from the Holy Light’s casting range as possible.

“With the sacred <leap>, the God of Remorse leaps into the surrounding space.”

Space leap.

Even that was a spatial movement that touched the realm of divinity.

It was amazing.

I never thought he would have the divinity to run away like that.

‘There are so many different types of divinity.’

But a surprise is a surprise, and it didn’t really matter anyway.

[When it comes to space leaps, I’ve already gotten sick of it. ]

That’s right… … .

[Don’t think you can escape. ]

Haven’t you become accustomed to space-type abilities while dealing with black magicians all over the Demon World?

It’s not that I’ve been needlessly coveting different secrets of black magic.

Now that black magic has grown to the point where it can rival Alkaid, it has been able to impose meaningful restrictions on divine power.

Just like this.

【 Space Collapse of the Oldest Ruler 】

A type of arcane technique learned by defeating an unknown warlock.


As soon as it was used, there was a loud noise in the blink of an eye, and a new supernormal ability was born in the hand.

‘I think I know roughly how to use it.’

It’s my first time using it myself… … .

I didn’t find it very difficult to use.

Because I already knew instinctively how to use it.

Even if you leap through space with the power of divinity, jumping over space is only possible if the space is intact in the first place.

Then wouldn’t it be obvious what to do?

[God of remorse. ]

Black magic [Space Collapse of the Oldest Ruler] does not just collapse space.

If we were to be honest, should we say that we are gaining control over space?

Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that how to destroy a space depends on the skill of the user.

Like right now.

[ I guess running away is my specialty… … . ]

The moment when I took advantage of my control over space and grabbed hold of the empty space.

[Just see for yourself how far you can run away. ]

As it was, the entire area collapsed and broke like a window hit by a truck.

Blah blah blah blah—!

[ Well, the end will be decided. ]

And that too in a very flashy way.

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