The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 309

309. Melee (5)

[The shadow of lightning lurking in the darkness].

The principle of black magic, which was inferred to be the goblin lord Alkaid’s special move, was simple.

A unique technique of black magic is used to generate a magical current, and after dozens of lightning amplification, it is smashed into the ground.

‘Actually, the principle itself is not that difficult.’

If I were to point out a difficult point, it would be that the consumption of demonic energy and the ability to control demonic energy, which controls the thunder itself, play a big role.

At the very least, he should have the same level of control as Alkaid, the master of black magic.

It is not difficult to use except for the required level of demonic energy control ability.

Alton’s dark magic [Wanderer’s Vortex], which has already become a cold corpse, is more difficult.

But still, there was a reason why I chose this black magic.

‘Still, Alkaid’s special move is worth checking out.’

as soon as… … .

Destructive power that surges without limit solely based on the consumption value of magical energy.

That was the essence of this black magic and the reason why it was a technique that had no choice but to be chosen in the current situation.

Currently, I am in a state where there is no consumption of magical power due to the skill ‘Punishment’ and the special power ‘Tolerate’.

So, accordingly, I was able to pour out my magic power endlessly, and the sudden amplification of black magic progressed to the point where it went too far.


Thunder that has been repeatedly injected with the lightning amplification technique thousands of times.


The lightning that seemed to dye the world black drew a single line and turned into a lightning strike.

“Use sacred <death>.”

“He can control the death of everything that has been eroded by sacred <death>.”

“※Divinity <Death> can be inhabited by black magic through [Black Halo].”

Even while receiving the power of the divine concept of <death>.


In an instant, the vast battlefield was filled with lightning, and the sacred <Death> eroded everywhere.

And the result was truly simple.

The monarchs in the duel collapsed like dolls whose strings had been cut.

And I couldn’t even get that common death message even once.

Cheeeee… … .

[ This is why it falls below expectations. ]

In the place where the black thunder passed, only the smell of burning flesh came up.

[I never thought everyone would die from this… … . ]

Now I looked at the half-recognizably mangled corpses and laughed.

In fact, I just enchanted the sacred <Death> with the black magic I had just learned, but the efficiency was incredibly good.

Should I say that I have finally seen the essence of removing the magical power consumption of the skill ‘Punishment’?

Of all the battles I’ve fought while using the skill ‘Punishment’, I can definitely say that there was no linkage that could match the application of this black magic.

actually… … .

-this… … .

Dam Cheon-woo, with whom he had fought numerous battles, seemed to have the same sentiments.

―Is this truly the level that can be seen by someone who has just reached the upper level of godhood? … ?

It’s as if he’s beyond shocked at this point and seems dumbfounded.

―Even though they don’t have divinity, they can turn powerful people who are close to the top into a handful of ashes in one fell swoop… … .

And it was the same for me.

In my previous conversation with Alkaid, I said that the essence of black magic is optimized to assist something… … .

Once divine power could be mixed with black magic, the story was bound to be different.

At this point, the attack power of black magic itself can be combined with divinity to pioneer new territory.

Therefore, I felt great anticipation about black magic, and then thought about other monarchs throughout the demon world.

‘What if I gained knowledge about the dark magic of the demonic lords?’

I haven’t had a chance to learn much about black magic yet.

At most, it would be a decisive battle with Alkaid, the goblin lord.

However, high-ranking monarchs throughout the demon world would be different.

Maybe there were people who had a different sense of depth than Alkaid, and if that was the case, I could obtain their essence at once.

Through non-standard talent that covets the essence of technology.

‘If that’s the case, it’s not actually a higher level of deity, but a state beyond that… … .’

You can become stronger through technology without raising your level of divinity… … .

Despite the considerable amount of technology I had encountered so far, my heartbeat resonated pleasantly.

Only then could I seriously face the possibility of powers other than divinity.

If I come into contact with the martial arts world instead of the demon world in the future, I want to covet all the martial arts there.

‘Once the ordeal is over, it would be better to sharpen skills other than divinity.’

There was even a reason to stop by Moorim in the future.

Then, you will definitely be able to make progress in martial arts at that time.

… … But that was back then, and now it’s time to seek the reward for the overwhelming victory.

“I have absorbed the spirit of Demon World Lord ‘Croken Cassilium.’”

“I have absorbed the spirit of the Demon Lord ‘Agrod’… … .」

“I absorbed the spirit of the Demon Lord ‘Cadiak’… … .」

“Challenger Han Seong-yoon won against the monarch, bringing him 14.9% closer to the second ascension.”

「As a special reward according to <Increase in Divinity>, you will obtain the exclusive effect ‘Lord Slayer (C+).」

“From now on, when challenger Han Seong-yoon faces a monarch, all of his abilities will increase by 10%.”

I felt a little disappointed as I saw the system messages appearing before my eyes.

‘The reward isn’t as big as I thought.’

It was worth it.

The level of Ascension growth achieved by killing Alkaid and Alton before was not this much.

Ascension growth should have been at least 7 times that much, but suddenly the growth of Ascension slowed down significantly.

[Does this mean that ascension is not all-powerful? ]

Perhaps it means that as Ascension fills up, the rate of growth slows down.

Above all, the fact that they are no-nonsense, unlike a powerful person like Alkaid, probably also plays a role.

Well, it is still an attractive advantage to be able to become infinitely stronger just by repeating victories.

In the blink of an eye, divine power accumulated in his heart, and his soul trembled as it reached the level of divinity.

‘I can feel it.’

And I was able to vaguely sense what this sense of divinity meant.

‘The state of ancient godhood is not that far away anymore.’

The depth of divinity was already reaching the end of the higher divinity.

For now, all I can do is gaze upon the state of ancient godhood… … .

Perhaps after completing the trials of this special class, it will be possible to step into the realm of ancient godhood.

[It’s a shocking sight… … . ]

However, such inflated expectations did not last long.

[ I never thought that all the dogs I had raised so far would die so useless. ]

It was because the tall old man sitting at the head of the duel arena clicked his tongue and spoke.

[It even seems like your achievements have increased greatly in return for these guys’ deaths… … . ]

God of remorse.

In fact, the old monster, the actual owner of the duel club ‘Cradle’ and also the 17th monarch of the Demon World, had his eyes shining.

A face that resembles that of an explorer who has discovered a new fact.

He even didn’t seem to care that the monarchs died at once.

[ … … It’s calmer than I thought. ]

And then, with my eyes calmly immersed, I asked that question.

[Even though all the monarchs raised in the cradle have died. ]

To the God of Remorse, the monarchs were cards that took a long time to acquire.

The strong who have reached a level comparable to that of a god have been tamed for a long time with the power of myth.

So, at the very least, there should have been some regret over losing the monarchs, but the God of Remorse was smiling as if there was nothing like that.

[After all, monarchs are godless trash, so there is nothing to regret. ]

[ … … . ]

[If something like a writing instrument breaks, you can’t feel visibly sad about it. ]

[If you honestly think that’s the case, you’re crazy. ]

[Does it look like that? ]

The God of Remorse burst into laughter and said.

[But even though it is cruel, this is the truth. ]

He spoke in a slightly hollow voice, as if it meant nothing.

[Everything has no meaning other than Godhead. Those who cannot handle concepts are only bound to the realm of reality. Are they any different from mortals? ]

Only then did I understand what the God of Remorse was saying.

[In short, it means that you have fallen into chauvinism. ]

A state in which the old godhead in front of us is said to have no value in powers other than divinity.

It didn’t make much sense to me, who knew the potential inherent in black magic itself and the techniques with the transcendent potential of martial arts.

Aren’t even supernormal abilities, such as tower skills or powers, comparable to divinity?

Although the fact that the formal Godhead deals with the realm of concepts is certainly a huge advantage, it cannot be argued that the Godhead is the pinnacle of all areas.

At least that’s what I thought.

[ … … like. Did it sound like that? well. I’m just telling the truth. If you can handle abstract concepts, manipulating the realm of reality is not that difficult. ]

But the God of Remorse didn’t seem to think so.

[The only people who have truly reached the level are those who have reached the level of divinity, not through skills or abilities. ]

Suddenly, the God of Remorse narrowed his eyes and smiled coldly.

[And isn’t that the same for you? … … Is it a myth, or is it the power of the tower? I saw your divinity flutter loudly every time you killed a monarch. ]

I guess I gathered information from watching them deal with monarchs… … .

[ so? ]

In any case, considering the god of remorse, I did not reveal much useful information.

At best, they only used techniques such as sacred <Transcendence>, <Death>, and black magic.

There were still many moves left that had not been used, and there were many cards that could potentially affect the opponent’s life.

Therefore, I questioned the God of Remorse without being swayed by his words.

[What do you mean you can do just because you have risen to the level of divinity? ]

[ … … Divinity is the power to manipulate concepts. And it also means being recognized by the world and becoming a true transcendent. In that sense, you and I are special beings. ]

[The simple Zen question and answer is─. ]

[ ―It’s not like a Zen question or answer. All I can do is explain it by acknowledging your status and your endlessly growing power. So, shut up and listen. ]

[Sounds absurd. ]

At this point, there is no longer any need for this side to be treated with formal respect.

[It’s a topic that doesn’t have that much of a difference in class anyway. ]

In an instant, I drew divine power from my heart and expressed my intention to live like that.

[ But what do you believe in and why do you take such leisurely measures? ]

The moment when divinity, just before reaching the highest level of higher divinity, reveals its status.

In the blink of an eye, the entire battlefield was dyed with golden divinity.

And even amidst the torrent, the God of Remorse maintained an unwavering face.

He continued speaking, his hair, which had turned pure white with the passage of time, fluttering in a torrent of golden light.

[That’s it, I just believe in my divinity. ]

The old monster, who had accumulated countless years of experience in his body, pursed his lips as if he was enjoying this situation.

[I told you so. The Divine can manipulate the realm of reality by dealing with abstract concepts. And my divinity is the best form of intervention in reality. ]

[ … … . ]

[Remorse is clinging to the past rather than the present or the future. And, that’s why it’s possible to change things in the past. What happens if you interfere with it to a level that goes too far? ]

[What is that… … . ]


[Take a good look. ]

Next moment.

“Divine <Remorse> meets the conditions and is automatically used.”

“The sacred <Remorse> is used to partially manipulate and apply the actual area.”

“Due to divinity <Remorse>, both parties return to the state they were in before gaining divinity, limited to 1:1 duels.”

[Because this is the true value of divinity. ]

As the god of remorse descended on the battlefield, his appearance changed to that of his youth.

“How is it?”

And it was no different for me.

“Due to the divinity <Remorse>, challenger Han Seong-yoon is in a state before acquiring divinity.”

“The power of regret is to interfere with things of the past. And, I chose to fight against each other in our godless past.”

In an instant, cracks appear in the divine armor surrounding the body, and the status of the divine falls.

It’s not even just that.

I was going back to the past.


Even before climbing the tower and meeting the God of Proof on the 11th floor.

In fact, it is a return to the days when black salting was just being mastered.

… … The power was truly fixed to the state it was in before acquiring divinity.

As if the old monster before my eyes had abandoned its divinity and regained its youthful appearance.

“Can you defeat me?”

only… … .

[Do you think you can win? ]

I was only able to stop the decline of divinity.

“Transcendence Myth <Spirit Attunement> is activated.”

“From now on, the divinity effect of <Indomitable Attack> will be added to challenger Han Seong-yoon’s divinity use.”

「※By designating an opponent, all types of status can become equal to that opponent for [4 minutes].」

「※However, if you are unable to withstand the burden accumulated due to the increase in rank, the power of <Spirit Indomitable> may be stopped.”

“From now on, the sacred effect of <Self-Adjustment> will be applied to challenger Han Seong-yoon.”

「※It becomes possible to freely control and manipulate the spiritual powers that one possesses.」

「※You can control formless power with spiritual power and apply the effect of spiritual power to that power.」

The moment when the transcendental myth <Spiritual Attunement> prevented the fall of divinity.

“… … … … uh.”

As it was, the confident eyes of the God of Remorse shook as if there had been an earthquake.

[Do you really believe this and have acted so confidently all this time? ]

“What is this… … .”

[No? ]

“Heh, heh, heh heh… … . therefore… … . This… … . uh… … .”

even… … .

“… … “Wouldn’t it be a draw?”

And even with a voice filled with perplexity that I’ve never heard before.

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