The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 307

307. Melee (3)

A melee.

I couldn’t help but twinkle in my eyes at the sudden suggestion from the God of Remorse.

If you can defeat all the monarchs here, you will be able to achieve significant growth.

‘Skills, powers… … , And the power of secondary ascension gained through mythology is not something that can be taken lightly.’

At least considering the necromancy myth <Possibility of Transcendence>, it cannot be taken lightly.

Maybe I could have acquired a new divinity.

And, above all, you will be able to gain the qualifications to challenge for the position of First Monarch, the position of the highest monarch according to the laws of the Demon World… … .

That can only be said to be a huge benefit.

However, at the same time as I was calculating the benefits in my head, one doubt came to mind.

[I don’t understand. ]

That’s because the proposal given by the God of Remorse is not very reasonable.

[Why are you giving me such a bad offer? ]

God of remorse.

First of all, he looks like a tall old man… … .

Not only did he see through the divine <transcendence> and the divine <death> in the blink of an eye, he also realized that I had come from the tower.

In fact, it can be seen as a power comparable to the evil god.

‘There’s definitely something fishy.’

The old monster in front of me even knew that I was a high-ranking god.

… … Although it was still at a level that could be considered an entry-level level among high-ranking gods, it was not difficult to predict victory against the monarchs here.

Even though it may be difficult, it doesn’t mean that victory is impossible.

And I couldn’t even imagine that a high-ranking godlike old monster like the God of Remorse would really not know that.

That was actually the case.

[ … … hmm. Since she’s young, I thought she wouldn’t be very thoughtful. It looks like you’re worrying about this and that more than you thought? ]

The God of Remorse smiled and said as if it was fun.

[Perhaps you think this old man is up to something, but to be precise, he doesn’t have such deep feelings. ]

[ then… … . ]

[Ah, I was just thinking of challenging you to a duel when your strength weakens a little while dealing with the monarchs here. ]

[ … … . ]

Only then did I understand why the God of Remorse had proposed a melee battle.

‘In short, were you planning on giving up all the power I had so that I could become a fisherman? … .’

But I didn’t know exactly why.

Perhaps the God of Remorse will gain no benefit by opposing me here.

Unless he had special malice toward me, like the god of battle or the evil god, there was no way it would have turned out like this.

And as I looked at the God of Remorse, he smiled slyly and said,

[I hope you don’t misunderstand. That doesn’t mean I have a grudge against you. I just want to gauge each other’s strength. ]

[That strikes me as contradictory. ]

[Not much? … … Even after all this, he still holds the position of the 17th monarch of the Demon World. Measuring you is closer to my pure curiosity. ]

[ curiosity? ]

[ okay. What level has a monster like you reached, and how far can you go? … . Honestly, I’m curious. That’s why I’m going to measure you. ]


[ … … Whether to save the sprout called you at the end, or to cut it off here, it will also be entertainment to think about it. ]

After hearing the words of the God of Remorse, I couldn’t help but laugh.

‘Did you intend to do this from the beginning?’

For some reason, I thought these were really good suggestions… … .

I never would have guessed that such an annoying event was hidden beyond the sweetest fruit.

It wasn’t that difficult to understand the words of the God of Remorse.

The old monster in front of me declared that he would drive me to the brink of death, and at the end of that moment, he would decide whether to kill me or save me.

[ … … . ]

Even if you are defeated by the God of Remorse, there will be no way for you to survive.

I don’t know what standard you’re measuring me by.

At least during the battle, if they find out that I am a sprout that will grow into an ancient god, then they will kill me without the slightest hesitation.

‘So you’re saying you’re going to measure it like that and what you’re going to do… … .’

But that didn’t mean I could refuse the melee.

In fact, coming directly to the cradle means that you have entered the middle of enemy territory.

Even though I was dealing with everyone here anyway, I had absolutely no intention of running away.

I shouldn’t have known that there would be a higher-ranking god, but even if the opponent was a higher-ranking god, I didn’t have any intention of backing down.

‘Probably the God of Remorse has no intention of touching me, at least not now.’

It was worth it.

Currently, the God of Remorse has declared that he will observe the situation and wait for other monarchs to take action.

In short, it meant that I would find out if there was an enemy I could deal with through my own battle.

In that case, it was not necessary to deal with the God of Remorse and other monarchs all at once right now.

‘They will look at the skills I have and then plan to make a move.’

I felt that the God of Remorse had a thoroughly calculating personality.

So, for now, I was half-confident that he had no intention of getting involved right away.

And it was a time when I was thinking about various possibilities and thinking about what to do.

“How dare you combine the power of other monarchs with someone who doesn’t even have anything in return… … .”

Suddenly, Alton, who had been quiet, contorted his face that resembled that of a mountain goat and spat out anger.

“There is no reason for all the monarchs to join forces like that… … !”

Alton raised his head and looked around the audience in the duel arena and said.

“You who inherit noble lineage! Please give me a chance! … … “There’s no need for us all to stand up, you bastards!”


“Lord 64, this Alton Lemenère will deal with the dog from the tower… … !”

This was the moment when Alton challenged a duel in a highly exalted voice.

I could read infinite greed in Alton’s eyes.

“So, I hope everyone can enjoy the entertainment for a little while until I become the 62nd monarch!”

At best, he is an apostle of the ancient godhead, confident of victory against the godhead… … .

A desire that is so insolent that it feels insignificant.

Without even knowing that he was the prey.


As soon as Alton challenged me to a duel, the God of Remorse reacted as if he was interested.

[ … … 64 monarchs. Alton Lemenère. okay. He who carries on the blood of the black goat. ]

The God of Remorse said, looking down at Alton with slightly joyful eyes.

[Does this mean that you will personally deal with the challenger from the tower? ]

“That’s right!”

[ … … So, can we consider that to be a request for a 1:1 duel according to Cradle’s rules? ]

“Of course.”

Alton smiled, then glared at me and continued speaking.

“… … Even so, it’s disgusting that my family’s arcane techniques are dismissed as trivial tricks.”

Could it be that he has a grudge against the modified and used black magic [Wanderer’s Vortex]?

“Even if it is an unholy thing from the Tower of Trials that denies the god I serve, I want to end it with my own hands as much as possible… … .”

Before I knew it, his words were filled with thorny emotions.

‘… … no. At that time, he told me to try it myself.’

But Alton had seen me before and told me to modify the black magic himself.

So, following his words, I lightly developed the black magic [Folding Vortex], and arrived at the duel arena through spatial movement.

But for some reason, Alton didn’t seem to like that.

In addition to the position of 62nd monarch he obtained after defeating Alkaid, he also seems to want to get revenge for the humiliation he received previously.

But his embarrassment did not last long.

‘… … Now that I think about it, I guess this is normal?’

I was under the illusion that the fight I had fought before was with a cold-hearted enemy like Alkaid.

In fact, it is one of the common cases of enemies that we have encountered so far to have such a ridiculous desire for revenge.

In the process of reaching a level comparable to that of a god, you will be equipped with a level of thinking that would normally be considered a psychopath.

However, Alkaid is just a bit free from those restrictions.

‘Alkaid had reached a level comparable to godhood through black magic, so his mind was relatively intact.’

But not Alton.

Is it because he is an apostle serving the ancient god of despair, fall, and madness?

He showed a tendency to reject me from the tower, while at the same time showing an infinite greed for the position of 62nd monarch.

‘I serve the most insane of the ancient gods, so there’s no way I’m mentally ill.’

That’s why I accepted Alton’s ridiculous hatred.

It would be impossible to read and understand the thoughts of a mentally ill person anyway.

After thinking for a moment and looking at Alton, the God of Remorse nodded and continued speaking.

[It’s a much different development than I thought, but even so, it’s enough for entertainment… … . ]

He mumbled that and looked around at the monarchs seated everywhere and asked a question.

[What do you mean? ]

and… … .

“I agree. … … Well, since that’s what Lord Alton means, we have no choice but to respect it.”

“I agree. Anyway, Lord Alton is, well, an apostle of God, right? Then you can’t intervene.”

“Hehehe. Take care of it yourself. “It’s obvious that we’re going to fight each other anyway.”

The monarchs who attended the meeting at the cradle also did not show a very negative attitude.

On the surface, they show consideration and respect for each other, but the attitude is that they are not interested in anything… … .

Nevertheless, there was a strange desire and curiosity in their eyes.

And it was easy to figure out what that meant.

‘Are they really going to use Alton like a lab rat?’

Perhaps the monarchs do not think that it all matters.

You might wonder how much power I actually have.

And just in time, Alton presented himself as a lab rat, so the monarchs pretended not to be, but allowed Alton to duel one-on-one.

[ Since the will of the monarchs is in agreement, I allow you to duel. ]

Perhaps Alton thinks he can pull down some meaningful information?

[From now on, let’s fight each other with all our might. ]

The moment the God of Remorse spoke and announced that the duel would be successful.

Before I knew it, the God of Remorse as well as the monarchs were looking down at us with sparkling eyes.

Alton was even letting out a mean voice, his face distorted with excitement.

“You can look forward to it.”

Alton spoke fiercely, as if there was no need to hide his murderous intent and hostility anymore.

“I wouldn’t be able to show the slightest mercy to a bastard who not only dared to insult my family’s arcane arts, but also completely twisted them.”

[ … … . ]

“challenger… … . You mere foolish dog of the tower, who denies my great God. “Let me cut off your head and offer it to my god.”

[Anyway. ]

But I didn’t really care.

I knew that Alton wanted to be the 62nd monarch anyway, and I also knew that he served the god of despair, fall, and madness.

Probably, as soon as they found out that he was a challenger to the tower, their hostility increased several times.

So, instead of being indignant at Alton’s hostility and change of attitude, I relished in the divinity I felt in him.

Really… … .

[Because I will be the one who wins anyway. ]

I was looking forward to it.

Although I wasn’t looking forward to the duel with Alton, to be honest, I was greedy for the divinity itself.

The total number of ‘Death Pieces’ obtained from defeating the Apostles so far is two.

On the 21st floor, there were ‘Death Pieces’ obtained by killing Karnar Saghsis and an apostle serving the God of Battle on Earth.

So now, by killing Alton, you will have the opportunity to acquire new divinity.

Since it was an opportunity to gain new divinity, I couldn’t help but smile in anticipation, and my eyes sparkled as I looked at Alton.

“Why are there all these arrogant things… … .”

The moment Alton showed his teeth and clenched his fists as if he was displeased.

[That’s it. ]

As I did so, I looked at Alton and activated black magic to apply new skills to the divine armor.

“The God of Transcendence looks at an insignificant creature and sentences it to death.”

【Black halo】

[Now, die. ]

In an instant, the black magic [black halo] creates a black halo and flashes light.

“That seems like some kind of dog… … .”

As soon as Alton saw the black halo, his eyes widened and he got irritated.

But unfortunately, his words did not last until the end.

Before Alton could continue his words, using the divine armor as a medium, he activated the divine power using black magic [Black Halo].

“Use sacred <death>.”

“He can control the death of everything that has been eroded by sacred <death>.”

“Divine <Death> can be strengthened with black magic by [Black Halo].”

The original divinity <Death> would not be immediately applicable to an apostle of an ancient divinity like Alton.

Because beings with divine power have resistance to external divinity.

However, when black magic [black halo] is present, the story is different.

“hot! The power of power inherent in divinity? Well, it can’t reach me… … , uh?”

This is because it can lower the opponent’s external sacred resistance itself, allowing instant death.

“Holy <Death> reduces the opponent’s resistance to Holy Power with [Black Halo].”

“What is this…?” … ?”

[ bye. ]

Just like this.

Next moment.


“I have absorbed the spirit of Demon World Lord ‘Alton Lemenère’.”

“Absorbed the spirit fragment ‘■■■[3/3]’.”

“Challenger Han Seong-yoon won against the monarch, bringing him 6.1% closer to his second ascension.”

「As a special reward according to <Divinity Rise>, you will acquire the exclusive effect ‘Dark Magic Control (C+)’.”

“From now on, challenger Han Seong-yoon’s demonic energy control ability will increase by 10%.”

Alton’s head exploded before he could resist the divinity even once.

An incredibly absurd end for an official apostle serving an ancient god.

In the blink of an eye, a splendid fountain of blood and the scent of the beast spreads everywhere, attracting astonished gazes.

And I calmly accepted all of that and said,

[Now this has proven your skills, right? ]

The time for trivial proofs is over.

[If all monarchs do not join forces, it will be difficult to survive. ]

so… … .

[ Everyone attack at once. ]

Now it was time to explosively accumulate experience for ascension.

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