The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 349

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Episode 349

349. Drakania

Originally, there was no limit to the number of people in the boss room.

One or more people could enter without disappearing.

That was the original condition.

I said so.

‘That damn god changed it.’

The god Gaia changed the settings arbitrarily so as not to miss him.

Under the condition that if there are more than 5 people, it will disappear.

“Why did you do that?”

Ryumin’s voice was heavy.

However, Gaia laughed it off as if she was asking an obvious question.

[Because. A talented person who has come for the first time in hundreds of years is trying to enter the boss room without catching the Archangel. So, are you going to leave him alone?]

“If you hadn’t changed the settings, I would have conquered the boss room and touched the wish stone in episode 99. And he must have lived a normal life after saving the dead with his wish.”

[I guess so. But what about Chaos? I may not have been able to achieve my goal of killing Chaos, but is that okay?]

“Chaos had no interest in me until then. Me too. Rather, I received attention because I was deified.”

Ryumin’s eyes as he looked at Gaia were shining with death.

Hatred and resentment were clearly visible in their eyes.

“You are the one who got me involved. “If you hadn’t intervened, I would have lived a normal life.”

[Instead, humans in other dimensions would have suffered. Chaos would have continued to pursue a policy of annihilation to fill its own power.]

“Another dimension? “What does that have to do with me?”

[We are the same human being. Are you saying it’s okay for humans from another dimension to die?]

Ryumin smiled cynically at the sight of Gaia trying to tie it up somehow.

“I’m too busy taking care of my own people, so I’m trying to save people from another dimension? Risk killing Chaos for faceless people? “I’m not that selfless.”

[That’s selfish. But it’s already too late.]

“know. It’s too late to back out now. But keep in mind.”

A sharp gaze pierced Gaia.

“Once I know the truth, I can no longer look at it positively.”

[Hmph, that’s funny. On a subject that was human.]

[Chuckles, Gaia.]

Rubuahi, who was clearing his throat, approached Gaia and whispered something.

Then Gaia seemed to have regained her senses and calmed down her excitement.

[sorry. I was careless just now. I apologize.]

“There is no need to appear in a low-key manner. Because I have no intention of getting rid of it now. “You even signed a contract to kill Chaos, right?”

[Then will you help us?]

“of course. That doesn’t mean we’ll reconcile. “Because it doesn’t change the fact that I missed my chance to live a normal life because of you.”

‘You seem like a narrow-minded person. ‘Why are you doing this with something that already happened?’

Gaia had an unpleasant attitude toward the primordial god, but she could not show it in front of the black scythe.

Because only with him can we deal with chaos.

“Now that we’ve finished talking about the past, tell me. “What is the way to kill Chaos?”

[This is a plan made in case you are unable to collect 10 billion tera. Listen to it and then decide.]

Ryumin nodded and listened to Gaia.

With dry eyes.

* * *

There are five major races living in the world.

Gods, Elyos, Demons, Dragons, and Humans.

If you were asked to choose the lowest race among them, from the perspective of a god race, you would choose humans, but that’s just because you don’t know anything.

Because the race that was looked down upon was the dragon race, not the human race.

‘Are you here? What is the dragon planet?’

Ryumin stepped on the ground with his black scythe body.

It was a temporary avatar created by Gaia.

Because the real body was on Earth.

‘And this is not Earth.’

Drakania is called the land of the dragon race.

It was a world only for the dragon race, but in reality, it was a place no different from a concentration camp for those abandoned by God.

‘Maybe that’s why the land is barren.’

The dragon race lives in an environment where the name Land of the Dead is more appropriate, with not a single green blade of grass to be seen.

‘They say there was originally a better place to live, but they were hated by Chaos and were pushed out here.’

Gaia didn’t even tell me why she was hated.

I didn’t even ask Ryu Min because I thought there must be a reason.

‘I don’t like it, but I can’t help it. ‘For now, the urgent priority is to catch the common enemy called Chaos.’

Although Gaia was untrustworthy, Ryumin had no choice but to lend her hand.

Because that was the only way left.

‘It’s only a temporary alliance. temporary… … .’

It was Gaia’s action to send him here, to Drakania.

Because here was a way to kill Chaos.

-There is a huge amount of Terra hidden in Drakania. This is the energy I have been gathering in preparation for this time. Is this an emergency fund that even chaos doesn’t know about?

-You buried the emergency fund in the land of the dragon tribe? To the land where Chaos exiled the dragon race?


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-Don’t worry. I don’t have to worry about getting caught. Because Chaos no longer even cares about the dragon race. As the saying goes in your world, it is dark under the lamp.

-So, are you asking me to find that Terra energy?

-that’s right. Absorbing Terra and defeating Chaos is the next best option I have prepared.

-Where is it?

-I can’t explain it in words. It’s also managed by dragons. So go ahead and find the solvent yourself.


-He is a dragon with a deep grudge against Chaos. It’s definitely on our side. So go ahead and say my name. Then he will guide you to where Terra is buried.

-No need to worry, it’s simple if you just infuse me with Terra, right?

-It’s not that simple. There is no terrarium to infuse. If the creator god could do anything, why would he be like this? It’s enough if you come forward yourself.

-It sounds like there are some limitations.

-yes. So you have to find it yourself. Isn’t that why you completed the second apotheosis?

-Do you mean finding it with your soul?

-no. I will create an avatar for you in Drakania that you used during your lifetime. Even though there are no levels or player features, that would be enough.

-Are runes or skills not recoverable?

-Data that has already been erased cannot be recovered.

-It’s a shame.

-As long as you get Terra, you don’t need to have those abilities. So go and absorb Terra with the Dragon Lord and come back.

Ryumin, recalling his conversation with Gaia, made a determined expression.

‘Absorb the Terra hidden with the Dragon Emperor and come back? ‘It’s a simple mission.’

But Ryumin’s expression was somehow complicated.

Is it because the back of the head from Gaia hasn’t healed yet?

Ryumin, who had been lost in thought, raised his head.

‘I have no choice but to do this because it has come to this.’

First you need to find a solvent.

Although the location was not provided, the method of finding the solvent was simpler than expected.

‘Temporary skill, vengeance.’

[Tracks the location of the target who has a grudge against ‘Chaos’.]

[The location of the solvent ‘Karmithris’ has been discovered.]

[It is currently 27,389m away.]

[To track the target, follow the arrows in front of you.]

When I used the skill I got from Nemesis, I was able to easily find out the location.

Although there is no level or skill, the eternal equipment and registered temporary skills are valid.

Even the soul contained in the gauntlet.

‘Should I ask some information about solvents on the way?’

Since Gaia won’t tell me, I have no choice but to find out.

Ryumin called, recalling the soul stored in the gauntlet.



-Tell me everything you know about solvents.

-Yo, solvent? Why suddenly… … .

-I don’t know anything, just answer the questions. Otherwise, it will disappear… … .

-Oh, okay! I will do everything I tell you to do, so stop threatening me.

-What do you know?

-I don’t know much about solvents either. The only thing is that he is the king of dragons and that his power is limited because he is hated by Chaos… … .

-Why was Chaos hated?

-The dragon hid and protected Kronos.


-yes. I heard that Cronus once stayed in the land of the Balaur tribe, and before he left, he slowed down the aging of the Balaur tribe and prevented their extinction. Thanks to this, the dragons were able to live for thousands of years and grow in strength while being called a higher race. From then on, Kronos came to be called the idol of dragons.

-But it looks like Chaos noticed that.

-that’s right. Chaos, who was looking for Kronos, heard the rumor and came to see him. And it is said that he called the Yongje and asked him. Where is Kronos? However, the Dragon Emperor did not betray and ended up incurring Chaos’ wrath.

‘That’s why we live like an abandoned species on this underdeveloped planet.’

Now I understand why the dragon appears as a mere monster in the round.

He had earned the hatred of Chaos.

‘I can’t believe this happened while shielding Kronos. ‘It’s natural to have a grudge.’

When we see that his desire for revenge is activated, the grudge that Yongje holds is real.

At least they could work as a team with a common enemy.

‘But why such a quest… … .’

Ryumin momentarily shook his head.

Leaving everyone behind, we must first meet the Dragon Emperor.

As I ran through the sky with the eternal item, God’s Step, I arrived at my destination before I knew it.

‘Is that where the solvent is?’

A cave can be seen between the forested ridges.

I thought it would be a nice place because the dragon leader lived there, but it was nothing more or less than an ordinary cave.

‘But it’s still as big as the cave.’

Ryumin entered a cave large enough to estimate the size of the Dragon Emperor.

Did you take about three steps?

I hadn’t gone far before I heard a voice.

[You dare step into my nest without fear. I’ll give you a chance now. If you are lost, go back.]

“I think I’ve come to the right place? “Dragon Emperor.”

[Who are you? Reveal your identity.]

“Would you understand if I said it was a messenger sent from Gaia?”

After a while, a red eye light appeared in the darkness.

The dragon’s head, revealed, looks down at Ryumin.

[human? No, are you a god?]

“Should I say both?”

[Is it really true that Gaia sent it?]

“I heard you already contacted me.”

[Then tell me. What brought you here?]

“They say there is Terra hidden on this planet. “I’m here to absorb that.”

[Ah, you were the vessel that Gaia was talking about.]


Ryumin’s eyebrows twitched.

I understand that it contains Terra, but it is not a very pleasant expression.

[You are a person called Black Scythe. It is a weapon against Chaos.]

“Yes, that’s right.”

The dragon emperor, who appeared from the darkness as if his guard had been relaxed, changed his appearance.

The huge body suddenly became as small as a human.

[My name is Karmitris. It is a solvent.]

“I am Black Scythe. “It’s a case of a human being becoming a god.”

[Know. Follow me. I will guide you to where Terra is.]

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