The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 347

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Episode 347

347. The full story of the incident (2)

[I beg your pardon? Are you making the Elyos and Demons fight?]

[okay. To give the bored gods something to see and to fill up my energy.]

[Are you crazy? I can’t believe I’m making the children I created fight. Absolutely not.]

Despite Gaia’s stubborn opposition, Chaos only snorted.

[This is not a request. Notice.]

[You can’t do that. You cannot do that.]

[What can’t be done? Creatures that will grow old and die anyway over time. They say they will kill me a little earlier.]

[But still… … .]

[It is useless to object. As I said before, this is notification.]

As if ignoring Gaia’s opposition, Chaos folded space and disappeared.

‘ha… … And my children are like toys… … .’

Although she had the power of creation, Gaia’s influence was smaller than expected.

Because the gods feared the ruthlessness of Chaos more than they feared themselves.

‘Is there really nothing I can do?’

Faced with the reality of being unable to stop Chaos, Gaia lowered her head.

* * *

In the end, the Heavenly Demon Battle was held as Chaos had planned.

To appease the gods’ boredom, the Elyos and Demons pointed their swords at each other.

Bloody clot.

At first, the gods were puzzled by Chaos’ decision, but when the war began, they became more enthusiastic than anyone else.

Like people watching gladiator fights in the arena.

[okay! Kill it! Kill more!]

[Tear off the demon’s head!]

[Elyos! cheer up! I bet on you!]

The gods bet Terra energy to see who would win.

The First Heavenly Demon War ended with the victory of the Demons.

Although there were mixed feelings, the gods who bet on the Elyos had to wait for the next war.

And 100 years later.

As the Second Cheonma War began, problems with the system were revealed.

The Elyos who had been defeated once were defeated too easily.

[Damn it, the demons won again, right?]

[Instead of being bridged, the gap between the two has widened further.]

While the defeated Elyos recovered their forces for 100 years, the Demons strengthened their forces even more.

If it’s natural, it’s natural.

Since the gap between them did not decrease, the result was obvious.

‘It’s a big deal. If we win this easily, there’s no point in planning a war, right?’

The way to increase the energy of chaos is to fight against each other in confusion.

If one side unilaterally wins like this, not only will it be difficult to obtain energy, but the war will also be unsustainable.

‘I can’t do this. I need Gaia’s help.’

Chaos eventually went to Gaia.

And he came up with the idea of ​​using humans as mercenaries.

[Humans? They say humans are weak and difficult to use?]

[So we have to make it strong. Enough to participate in the war as a mercenary.]

[Either that or not. You’re going to do it anyway even if I’m against it, right? Why do you come and talk to me when you can decide on your own? Is this a notification again?]

[no. It’s a suggestion.]

It’s a suggestion, not a notice.

Gaia asked with the intention of listening to the unusual words.

[What is your proposal?]

[Create a program to train humans into mercenaries. As you know, it is difficult for me to create a system without the power of creation, right?]

[What a program. What specifically do you plan to do?]

[We are giving the race that lost in the Heavenly Demon War an opportunity to train human mercenaries. It is to balance the war.]

[Humans will most likely follow our words.]

[So, we have to risk our lives to create a system. An environment where you have no choice but to die if you don’t follow it.]

[you… … .]

How could you say that you would casually pledge human lives?

Disillusionment appeared on Gaia’s face.

[Choose one of the countless dimensions spread throughout the universe and put all the humans there into a survival program. ah! Not all, but only those aged 15 to 29.]

[So you’re going to raise that many people into mercenaries and use them in the war?]

[It won’t be much. From rounds 1 to 20, only people who have experienced hardship and adversity will be selected as mercenaries. The remaining eliminated humans are destroyed.]

[I beg your pardon? extinction?]

In other words, it was as if Chaos was announcing that it would kill many people.

[You’re going to put them in a program and make them die? Are you sane?]

[I’m sane. cancer. That way, confused humans will share more energy with me. They said they’ve already finished planning each round. The content is confusing enough. Hehe.]

[…] … .]

Gaia realized it too late.

Chaos didn’t come up with this plan simply to save the mercenaries.


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‘They plan to use even humans to gain greater energy. In order to finally fight against me… … .’

Of course, Gaia couldn’t allow it.

However, Chaos laughed as if he already knew.

[You may be reluctant, but if you don’t do as I tell you, I will continue to pursue Kronos. So choose. Whether or not you will help me design the system I have in mind.]

[…] … .]

Now I see it was a threat, not an offer.

[I’ll think about it.]

[You will have to decide quickly. If I find Kronos in the meantime, I will kill him.]

* * *


The door to the Akashic Records was opened.

Librarian Rubuahi was delighted when he saw the person coming in.

[Aren’t you Gaia? What are you doing at this time?]

[Rubuahi. My advisor. I came because I had concerns.]

[Is it because of Chaos again?]

[Have you seen my records?]

Rubuahi shook his head resolutely.

[no. What librarian would be a voyeur into the private life of the Creator? I’m not even looking.]

[But you know. The location of Kronos.]

Gaia had already found Kronos.

The Akashic Records she created with all her might made it possible.

Now, Chronos was hidden away from Chaos.

[Chaos is still looking for Kronos.]

[This is nothing new.]

[But he offered to stop looking if I helped with this matter.]

[What does this mean?]

Gaia confessed without hesitation about Chaos’s plan, which she had heard about a little while ago.

Lubuahi is his own creation created to manage the Akashic Records.

Even if you don’t know other beings, you can trust this thought form.

[Uhm… … Every time there is a war against the Heavenly Demon, humans are trained to become mercenaries. And at all levels… … .]

[A lot of people will die. If you look at what Chaos designed, it still remains. What should I do?]


Rubuahi is Gaia’s creation, subordinate, and great advisor.

But this time, even he couldn’t come up with an answer.

[I don’t know what to do either.]

[Whoa… … .]

[How about asking for advice from a god other than me instead?]

[Another god?]

[As you know, the Akashic Records are an extradimensional information library that collects records of all universes. Among those records, there is also a record of a person called the God of Massacre in another dimension.]

[God of slaughter?]

This was the first god Gaia had ever heard of.

[How can he help?]

[It is said that the god was originally a human. However, he devoured the underworld and rose to the position of absolute ruler ruling one dimension.]

[How can a mere human… … ?]

Rubuahi added, looking at Gaia with a surprised expression.

[Let’s ask him for advice. Although he is a god from another dimension, he was once a human, so he might be able to help us. Because Chaos is now plotting to exterminate humans. Maybe he will step forward to deal with Chaos.]

Rub’ahi’s words were valid.

If you ask God, who was once a human, for help, he may offer you a hand.

[great. I will try that.]

* * *

Gaia followed Rub’ahi’s advice and went to meet the god of slaughter.

Dimensions beyond dimensions.

Gaia was also able to reach the end of the dimension beyond that dimension.

A place where the god of massacre resides.

[According to the coordinates taken by Lubuahi, this is the correct location… … .]

Gaia wondered if she had come to the right place.

A modern building is built in a park with a beautiful rainbow in bloom, and even amusement rides can be seen in the distance.

At first glance, it looked no different from the human world, but this was clearly the Underworld.

Those souls resting throughout the park were proof of that.

‘There’s a god of massacre in a place like this?’

At the moment of doubt, a woman appeared in front of Gaia.

[Welcome to Paradise.]

[Paradise… … ?]

[It is a resting place in the underworld decorated to resemble this world. It is often called heaven.]

The woman spoke as Gaia was just looking around.

[Ah, my introduction is late. My name is Dana, and I am in charge of overall management of the Underworld. Here, he is called the god of the underworld.]

[ah… … I am.]

[Are you Gaia? In other dimensions, he is called the god of the beginning, the mother of the earth, and the god of creation.]

Gaia looked with wide eyes.

I can’t believe you figured out the information even before it was introduced.

[The God of Massacre is waiting. Please follow me.]

Gaia followed Dana with a confused look and soon entered the house.

‘What is this place?’

Is there a god of massacre in an ordinary home, nothing more or less?

Just then, the person sitting on the sofa stood up.

[Nice to meet you. This is Min Do-jun, the god of massacre. For reference, Mind Dojun is his name when he was human, and you can call him the God of Massacre.]

[Yes, nice to meet you. God of slaughter. I am Gaia, the god of the beginning and the god of creation.]

[I know. However, it is a bit arrogant to say that he is the god of the beginning.]


[Can I say it’s like a frog in a well? As you know, there are many dimensions in the universe.]

[…] … In my dimension, I am the god of the beginning.]

[Then use it only in that dimension. There is no need to mention the primordial god in front of me. Our original god is a being called ‘El’. Although it is now extinct.]

[…] … .]

A god who finds fault from the very first moment.

And that too against the original god himself.

Gaia felt that her opponent was a formidable opponent.

[Please sit down.]

Still, out of courtesy, he is the god of massacre who recommends sitting on the sofa.

[You came because you needed my advice.]

[How to do that?]

[Rubahira looked into the thoughts of the thought form. From the moment I peeked into our dimension using the Akashic Records, I was able to recognize the existence and thoughts of that thought form.]

Gaia opened her eyes in surprise and became a little nervous.

It’s not as average as you might think.

‘You shouldn’t look down on humans.’

[You just thought that humans shouldn’t be underestimated, right?]

[…] … .]

[Sorry if you were surprised. Reading thoughts has become a habit.]

For a moment, Gaia felt like she had been stabbed in the back.

You can read your own thoughts, which even Chaos can’t read.

The majesty of being the god of the beginning is almost insignificant.

[Still, thanks to reading your thoughts, you can get straight to the point, right? Let’s think positively.]

[I guess you know what I want.]

[Of course I know. You want to kill Chaos, right?]

[yes. My husband, Chaos, is trying to kill humans. I hope you treat him as befits his nickname, the God of Massacre. can you help me?]

Dojun Min gently shook his head.

[To conclude, it is impossible.]


[The power I have is enormous, but it is a power that only applies to my dimension. It cannot be used in your dimension.]

[ah… … .]

[So direct intervention is impossible, but that does not mean there is no way.]

As Gaia looked at him with a listening attitude, Dojun Min continued speaking.

[As suggested by Chaos, create a program to train humans. Instead, when designing a system, you place items so that specific humans can become stronger. It would be better to have them accomplish their goals in a quest format and let them grow as intended.]

[I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you mean… … .]

[So, what I’m saying is that we should tinker with the design and strengthen certain humans. In other words, we are cultivating weapons to fight Chaos without Chaos knowing.]

[A mere human can become a weapon against Chaos?]

Gaia didn’t want to say anything.

Because that mere human being has now become a god controlling a dimension and is giving advice to himself.

Min Do-jun, who was looking at me with cold eyes, relaxed his expression.

[You just need to give humans the strength to be reborn as gods. Even you, who have the power of creation, can do that, right?]

[Of course. But there is no way that we can defeat Chaos by turning humans into gods… … .]

[You can win. If you use the hidden power of Kronos.]


[The power of time is more powerful than anything else. Ordinary humans can become extraordinary beings through regression. Enough to slaughter gods.]

[If it’s a regression… … Are you talking about turning back time?]

[Yes. If we turn back time, that person can be reborn as a great weapon to pressure Chaos. Of course, you can’t turn them into new tribes all at once; you have to grow them step by step. So that Chaos doesn’t notice.]

[Will that human listen to us and try to fight Chaos?]

[You may or may not fight back. Humans are both selfish and altruistic beings. It will depend on what kind of person you are. Still, I have no choice but to do it. Until humans who oppose God are caught.]

Despite Dojun Min’s explanation, Gaia could not hide her anxious expression.

I had doubts about whether it would work out as planned.

[Do not worry. If you just design it the way I tell you, there won’t be any problems. So, first receive Kronos’ cooperation and then come back.]

[If it were Kronos, he would cooperate without hesitation. [He is a child who has a deeper resentment towards Chaos than anyone else.]

[Then the problem is almost solved. If you create an item with his power, even ordinary humans will be able to transcend gods. one… … An item that recurs about 100 times would be sufficient.]

[100 times?]

[Then, let me explain in detail now. How can we make humans into weapons against Chaos?]

Min Do-jun smiled and continued the story for a full explanation.

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