The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 345

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Episode 345

345. Episode 101 (9)

Chaos was shocked.

He didn’t know that the spear he threw would come back.

I was embarrassed, but soon calmed down and avoided it by twisting the space into several paths.

Even if it’s a guided attack, all you have to do is close the space.

However, once the shock was experienced, it did not go away easily.

‘How on earth did he become a human being? ‘Wouldn’t Terra be used against humans and reflect attacks?’

These are abilities that you did not see when designing the system.

I didn’t look at it closely because I left it to Gaia in general.

‘I never thought that complacency would come back as a weapon that threatens me… … .’

The monster raised by Gaia has become a god and is threatening her.

‘I have to kill him somehow. certainly!’

A little while ago, I had a hard time avoiding attacks using Terra, but not anymore.

[I will kill you right here.]

With the determination to kill him even if he had to go, he again created a spear of instant death and threw it away.

However, Ryumin did not dodge and only used one skill.

‘Temporary skill, invincible.’

As the brilliant golden light bounced off the window, Chaos couldn’t help but make a bewildered expression.

It’s not because I was put in a situation where I had to suck my fingers for a minute.

Ryumin laughed inwardly as he looked at Chaos in confusion.

‘I’m going to feel a little sick. ‘All players, including me, are invincible.’

The guy who can’t do anything now has only one thing to do.

Throwing a spear of instant death when invincibility ends.

Previously, unfortunately, Min-ri Min, Christine, and Sophia died in that final blow.

‘I don’t get hit anymore.’

Because there is a solution.

[Remaining invincibility time: 00:00:05]

Ryu Min’s invincibility time was about 5 seconds left.

The invincibility of my colleagues who had used it earlier was released first.

As if waiting for just the right moment, Chaos threw out the spear of instant death that had been waiting in a triumphant voice.

[Everyone die and disappear!]

“Now, Christine!”

Christine reacted to Ryumin’s voice and used a skill.

Total invincibility, protect cell.

The time it took to become invincible was only 5 seconds, but it was not enough to protect all allies.

Titting ting ting ting!

Chaos was furious when he saw that even the final blow was blocked, but he could not stay any longer and disappeared.

The system kicked him out as an outsider.

[Round 20 has ended.]

[The results are tallied.]

“I survived!”

“Everyone survived!”

“I never thought the closing message would be so welcome!”

Everyone shouted with joy.

Ryu Min also joined in with a smile on his face.

‘Not one person died.’

[There are 97 people who achieved round 20.]

[Congratulations. You are eligible to compete in the final final round.]

[You must complete the missions of the final round to reach the ‘Wish Stone’ that will make your wish come true.]

Unlike before when I was left alone, everyone achieved the feat of survival.

* * *

97 players, including Ryumin, survived, but there was no time to celebrate.

Because there was the last final round left.

‘Chaos will appear this time again, without fail.’

This is not a guy who will give up like this.

They will be sharpening their swords and anxiously waiting for the final round.

“As everyone has experienced, Chaos is said to be the strongest among gods. Even I, whose level is over 600, am a tough opponent. “Maybe the final round will be our grave.”

The followers of the Four Gods Church could not hide their anxious expressions at Ryu Min’s speech.

“I’m not saying this to make you scared. This means that you should be nervous as the opponent is your opponent. However, there is nothing to worry about. “There is nothing to fear anymore from someone who has already experienced it.”

Ryu Min smiled and got to the point.

“Then, from now on, I will tell you the final round strategy to prepare for Chaos.”


The 96 players who shouted loudly listened to Ryumin’s strategy.

* * *

September 1, 2023.

97 players stepped onto the grassland.

The 7th Heavenly Demon War has finally begun.


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[After a while, the war begins with 100,921 Elyos (+97 players) VS 283,078 Elyos.]

‘You are not alone this time. There’s a chance.’

Although only 96 mercenaries have been added, the value of a max level player exceeds that of an ordinary battle angel.

‘The physical ability may be just that of an ordinary battle angel, but players do have skills.’

The player was originally designed to act as a variable in war.

For the angels, he is a reliable ally.

Although angels actually despise humans.

“Everyone listen.”

Everyone, both Elyos and players, paid attention to the words of Ryumin, who was promoted to Archangel.

“Our goal is to end the war as quickly as possible. When the battle begins, eliminate your opponent as quickly as possible. There was no time to worry about anything else. Do you understand?”

[Yes! All right!]

The war began with loud shouts.


The opposing demons came running with great momentum.

Both on the ground and in the sky.

It seemed like they would get tired of the crowded numbers, but the players had no fear.

Because they had a demon king who controlled the demons.


At the command of Ryumin, who was in the lead, the spirit of the ferocious demons disappeared at once.

“Do not resist. Dying quickly is the best way for me.”

I wanted to speed up the process by making the demons kill each other, but since it was set up as a party, team kills were impossible.

‘I have no choice but to handle it myself.’

Creep – Creep!



The demons who did not resist fell in droves at the hands of the Elyos and the player.

The pitiful screams of the demons filled the battlefield, but there was nothing they could do.

For humans to survive.

‘Chaos will appear soon.’

As soon as Ryumin finished thinking about how nobility could be, a space in the sky opened up.

And the huge eyeball looked down at the battlefield with a terrifying gaze.

[The insignificant creatures are playing soldiers. But that too is over now.]

Chaos seemed to have been prepared to attack immediately.

That time when hundreds of spaces open and dark red windows appear.

Ryumin rushed in and swung his sickle.

Chaos’ phase change responded automatically, but to no avail.

Because the damage containing Terra eventually tracked Chaos’ location.


As if it was too late to react, Chaos let out a painful scream.

At the same time, the mortal spears that had stuck out their heads disappeared like turtles hiding in their shells.

[Hey, it’s Gaia’s damn toy again!]

As if he wasn’t going to let this happen, Chaos took out a spear of instant death that could be used even during phase changes.

97 red windows decorate the sky.

The intention was to kill only the player at once, but Ryu Min had no intention of being punished either.



The protection cell was activated at the timing of throwing out the spear.

The golden light surrounding the players’ bodies bounced off the spears.

“Ignore the invincibility and focus on the battle!”

As if they already knew, the players were busy reducing the number of demons.

This was because I knew that the shortcut to survival was to end the round as quickly as possible, regardless of whether there was an attack or not.

[These kids… … !]

I was invincible and blocked one attack, but the problem came next.

[Do you think I will let you guys take over the Wish Stone?!]

Ryumin shouted as he created another spear of instant death.

“Gather together!”

The players moved in perfect order according to the command.


The second spear of instant death created by Chaos rushed at the players.

However, as planned in advance, the players had already hid behind the wall of summoned beasts.

“The sound of resonance!”

As Seo A-rin shouted, all summoned creatures became invincible.

At the same time, the spears aiming at the player were blocked by the summoned beast and fell.

By making the summoned beast invincible, the second spear was also blocked.

[Let’s see how long we can stop it… … Wow!]

Before speaking, Chaos screamed.

This is because he was hit by a spear of instant death that was reflected by the rune of knight revival.

Ryumin looked at that with a regretful expression.

‘He didn’t die because he just passed by.’

In fact, he wouldn’t be so lax that he would die from his own attack.

“What do you think, Chaos? Do you have to dodge my attack, dodge the reflected damage, or even create a spear of instant death? It’s crazy, isn’t it?”


Ryumin continued to consume Terra to attack Chaos.

The best thing was to kill Chaos right here, so I did my best.


‘Tch, is Terra almost used up already?’

The statement that 10 billion tera was needed was not an exaggeration, but I ran out of strength.

Realizing that he could no longer harass Chaos, Ryumin turned his attention to the ground.

Now that things are like this, there is no choice but to give up on killing Chaos and quickly take the Wish Stone.

[Do you think they will leave it that way?]

The third spear of instant death flew in, targeting 97 humans.

There is really no way to stop it now.

If only the members were the same as before.

“Ma Gyeong-rok! “Now!”

Under Ryu Min’s orders, Ma Gyeong-rok used the max level skill [Space Leap].

The dark aura that erupted from Ma Gyeong-rok’s body enveloped himself and all party members.

Even Ryumin.


As soon as the body became translucent, the spear of instant death passed through and became embedded in the ground.


Among them, no one suffered any damage.

I just watch the situation as transparent as a ghost.

‘Space leap is an evasion technique that sends all party members into a dimensional gap. There is no skill like this to avoid his attacks.’

In some ways, it was the same skill as the phase change that Chaos used.

The difference is that it lasts for 5 minutes and you cannot attack or move in this state.

Of course, the target can escape the gap if they wish.

like this.


Ryumin, who had regained his original color after returning from dimensional space, moved alone.

‘Unless you disable space jump, your colleagues are safe for 5 minutes. Meanwhile I… … .’

Ryumin’s eyes shone brightly.

‘Wipe out the demons.’

Creep – Creep!

Even though Ryumin participated in the war alone, the number of demons decreased exponentially.

Chaos, who could not bear to see that, shouted in anger.

[You bastard! Stop disappearing now!]

A spear of instant death flew towards Ryumin.

However, Ryumin used the skills he had saved without looking back.

[The temporary skill ‘Invincible’ is activated.]

[You become immune to all damage for 60 seconds.]

[You used a disposable skill.]

[The skill disappears from the skill window.]


Chaos looked bewildered as he looked at the spear of instant death that was flung away helplessly.

[Is there another invincible?]

‘Now one minute is my time.’

Ryumin grinned, his eyes shining red.

Then he pulled back the scythe and gathered energy.

‘It even contains Terra and flies it.’

The Red Moon and Moonlight Island combo, which poured out the remaining Terra, swept away the demons.




Tens of thousands of demons were defeated in a wider range than before.

Chaos could only stare blankly at that sight.

Until the number of demons decreases to less than 10%.

[The demon force has been reduced to less than 10%.]

[The 7th Heavenly Demon War ends with the victory of the Elyos camp.]

As soon as the message came to mind, 97 players encountered a flash of light.

Five-colored wish stones appeared before each person’s eyes.

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