The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 338

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Episode 338

338. Episode 101 (2)

Is it because he revealed his identity to Min Joo-ri early on?

After reading it with the rune of my inner heart, my confidence in myself increased.

‘I’m not the type of person to go somewhere and brag, so it’ll be okay.’

Still, he asked me not to tell anyone else.

‘Do you feel relieved after telling me this?’

I felt at peace because I no longer had to hide myself from the outside world or use a fake nickname.

Building trust with people is a bonus.

Afterwards, the industry and company name were changed to Play Market along with Ma Kyung-rok.

The business started earlier than in the previous round.

There was no problem with that.

In the 5th round, he caught the orcs with Min-ri Min, and also broke the time attack record by cutting the high orc by 1 second.

As a reward, he received an assassin’s mask and was registered in the Akashic Records.

Everything was as planned.

‘Now I have to kill Hwang Yong-min too.’

He killed Hwang Yong-min, who was no longer needed, and built a friendship with Russell.

He predicted that Christine, whom he met by chance, should be careful about the 11th round, and also visited Joo Seong-tak and gave him true education.

He saved National Assemblyman Lee Seong-hyun, made Yamti a slave, and even told Seo A-rin to be careful because the actors would stab her.

He dominated the police chief, was appointed as the vice-captain of the CPF, conquered the Tower of Trials to the 99th floor, and posted another record in the Akashic Records.

‘With this, Remiel, the 7th ranked Archangel, will become interested in my records in the future. Even if that wasn’t the case, Rubuahi would try to trick him and send him away.’

Afterwards, he eradicated IS in Nigeria and rescued Victor, and in the 10th round, he attracted a battle angel.

And by killing the battle angel for the first time, he obtained a fraudulent buff called Devil’s Blessing.

Additionally, he also killed Remiel sent by Rubuahi.

‘Now is the real start.’

Ryu Min, who started his growth, first dominated Jeffrey, Joo Seong-tak, and Ma Kyung-rok using Yamti.

As I dominate three people who are not without hostility towards me, my anxiety disappears.

‘With this, no dangerous situation will arise.’

Afterwards, in round 11, he saved Christine and entered the labyrinth forest to obtain the doppelganger’s ring.

I didn’t forget to earn 20 million points at the gambling house.

‘You can reach full level by using points. But the invincibility effect is a waste to use now.’

I have already reached max level and have no intention of using the invincibility effect.

The idea that it is best to save as much as possible is the same as it was in previous episodes.

‘Do you want to kill the 12 apostles now?’

Having already experienced the 100th episode, he knows full well who the guys are targeting him.

Ryumin killed the men without waiting, eliminating the root of anxiety.

Of course, at least John Delgado was saved.

Considering the benefits he gave me before, his value as a slave is sufficient.

In the 12th round, he killed Sariel, the 6th ranked Archangel.

Ma Gyeong-rok’s company also enjoyed success by being listed on the KOSPI.

Seeing Ma Gyeong-rok being recognized by his father made me feel proud.

‘Is it because of the thought of being a slave? I’m proud of everything.’

Before, it was Ma Gyeong-rok who didn’t know where he would end up, but not now.

By making him a slave, he was completely put on a leash.

Perhaps that’s why Ryumin was more than happy with the company’s growth.

‘The problem is that brothers Ma Kyung-sang and Ma Kyung-soo won’t stay still.’

The two brothers, jealous of their successor, Ma Gyeong-rok, plan a crime, but even so, they are already in Ryu Min’s palm.

Ma Gyeong-rok, who overpowered the brothers by challenging them to a duel, was able to put an end to the incident by getting them to promise to withdraw from the succession battle.

‘With this, Christine and Seo A-rin will no longer look down on Ma Gyeong-rok.’

It was different from before that Ma Gyeong-rok was alive, but there was no choice if he wanted to utilize his max level skills.

The same was true for Ahn Sang-cheol.

‘Now that the number of players has decreased, should I sell some stocks?’

Ryu Min sold his entire 31% stake in the company.

I had no regrets because it was time for the stock price to go down anyway.

‘Ma Gyeong-rok’s company may be in trouble because of me, but it doesn’t matter.’

He may be criticized by the chairman, but Ma Kyung-rok is his slave anyway.

There is no way you will get angry or take unexpected action just because the company went bankrupt.

No matter what happens to the slave, he earned 1 trillion won, so that’s it.

Afterwards, in the 13th round, he killed Raguel and Uriel and publicly punished the players who ruled the country.

Then, as planned, Black Scythe’s public sentiment improved, its name value increased, and it became an object of fear for players.

‘The security is perfect and there are no dangerous elements. The goal of taking control of the surrounding situation has been achieved to some extent.’

It’s really important from now on.

‘Gabriel will try to kill me in the 14th round using the Devil’s Resurrection Book.’

The Devil’s Resurrection Book is an item that Plunictos deliberately dropped during the last Heavenly Demon War.

According to the rule of not interfering with each other before the Battle of the Heavenly Demons takes place, that object must not be used.

However, Gabriel started the operation thinking that even Plunictos would not object if he sacrificed the soul of the Black Scythe.

With the help of Nemesis, the goddess of vengeance.

‘Nemesis will recommend [Small Mukbang] as the person to entrust the job to. Gabriel will personally hand him the Devil’s Resurrection Book.’


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However, as a result, the plan fails, and this becomes an opportunity for Plunictos and Artaros to target him.

‘And even Chaos.’

So, if we can end this situation well, we may be able to avoid the eyes of Chaos.

‘Chaos must not know of my existence. ‘No matter how much I grow, Chaos is something I cannot defeat.’

So, there is a plan I have in mind.

This is to prevent the devil from writing the Book of Resurrection.

This will prevent Plunictos from noticing the use of the Book of Resurrection and buy some time.

But how do you stop it?

‘There is a very simple way.’

Ryu Min, grinning, visited Min Joo-ri as soon as the 14th round began.

“Please give me a buff.”

“yea, I got it.”

After receiving the set of 3 buffs, I went to Yamti.

“There are 100 mealworms, right? “Take it out.”

“Here we are, master.”

Killed the mealworm and filled the massacre rune stack to 100.

After being fully prepared, we went to a small eating show.


“who… … ? omg!”

A small eating show is surprising.

It seems he didn’t know that the black scythe he resented would come.

“Follow me when I say nice things.”

“Why me!”

It was a small mukbang that he tried to resist, but unfortunately, he didn’t have the strength to refuse.

Because Ryumin had the right to rule.

“Follow me.”


Ryu Min, who was taken to a place where no one was watching, stabbed the guy without even thinking about it.


He was a man who tried to assassinate himself at the instigation of an angel due to his petty inferiority complex, so he deserved to die.

‘Erase traces.’

After removing the dead body of the mukbang, it immediately changed its appearance.

It’s none other than a small mukbang.

Rumbling, rumbling-

He also changed his nickname using his doppelganger’s ring.

[Nickname changed from ‘Black Scythe’ to ‘Small Mukbang’.]

‘it’s okay. If this happens, anyone will have no choice but to be fooled.’

No matter how godly they are, they do not have the talent to see through the power of the system created by Chaos and Gaia.

-A small mukbang?

An angel appears at the right time and transmits a voice into my head.

It moves after receiving instructions from Gabriel.

-I have business for you. I have something to talk about, so please follow me quietly. So as not to be caught by others.

“really? Okay… … .”

-Please follow me quietly.

I deliberately looked sloppy and followed the angel.

In a deserted place, the angel Mylène comes down and holds out his hand.

[Hold my hand for 10 seconds. I will move to heaven.]


Ryu Min pretended not to know and followed the guide up to heaven.

[You left your seat during the round.]

[If the player does not return to the venue within 1 hour, the player will be disqualified.]

[Time remaining until disqualification: 00:59:59]

An expected message came to mind, but the angel giggled regardless.

[Giggle, did you follow me so foolishly?]

Although he was an angel who revealed his true intentions as soon as he came to heaven, he was the one who wanted to laugh.

‘It’s not time yet. ‘You have to wait until Gabriel comes.’

I made contact with Gabriel, and after a while, a radiance appeared.

As expected, Gabriel appeared, and after a few words the guide returned to the other world.

[I am one of the seven archangels… … No, should I say 3 people? Among the three archangels, Gabriel is second in rank. I guess your nickname is ‘small mukbang’?]

Instead of answering, Ryumin summoned a scythe.



After taking out some of his stamina through a surprise attack, he used Shinhwa and Devil’s Blessing.

[Yes, you… … !]

“It’s me. “The black scythe you were looking for.”

Ryumin, who returned to his true self with a grin, killed Gabriel.

‘The operation was a success.’

Ryumin’s plan is to ascend to heaven by disguising himself as a small mukbang.

So, the key to the operation was to kill Gabriel before he could write the Devil’s Resurrection Book.

‘If this happens, there will be no room for Plunictos to intervene.’

However, since they have come up, it would be better to deal with everyone that needs to be dealt with.

Ryumin used his tracking skill to find the rest.

[The location of the target ‘Raphael’ has been discovered.]

[It is currently 631m away.]

[The location of the target ‘Michael’ has been discovered.]

[It is currently 632m away.]

‘Seeing as the distance is similar, it looks like the two are together.’

Seeing that it’s not as far away as I thought, I think it won’t be too late to deal with it.

After making his decision, Ryumin took the stats and moved on.

I don’t think it will be as easy as it is 2 to 1.

‘The reason I killed Gabriel so easily was because I took advantage of the surprise attack. ‘I have no choice but to collide head-on with Raphael and Michael.’

So I don’t think I’ll win easily, but I don’t think I’ll lose either.

Because I had a trump card.

After a while, Ryumin faced Raphael and Michael.

[Yes, you are the black scythe?]

[How do humans behave here?]

The two people were surprised, but Ryu Min, like an assassin, swung his sickle instead of answering.

The peaceful hall of heaven suddenly turned into a fierce battlefield, but only Ryumin was fierce.

‘These guys are stronger than I thought.’

Did we launch the attack too soon?

Surprisingly, the two angels held up well.

‘It’s more difficult than the combination of Gabriel and Raphael.’

If it was natural, it was natural.

The dealer is Michael, who is called the god of battle.

The supporter was Raphael, who is called the angel of healing.

‘The offensive is strong, but my side still has the advantage. ‘I can almost see Michael getting flustered.’

Michael is fighting unconsciously because of the sudden attack, but he probably doesn’t want to kill the Black Scythe.

He must have planned to survive until the final round as much as possible and then steal the Wish Stone to fulfill his wish of becoming a god.

‘But it looks like I just gave up on that wish.’

Michael’s offensive became more active.

It seems that they decided that bringing the black scythe back to life would be dangerous.

It was the moment when the tense tug of war gave way.

‘Is that how it comes out?’

It would be disadvantageous to wait any longer because someone might show up.

Ryumin widened the distance by shaking off the two angels with his sickle.

Then he pulled back the scythe and assumed the Moonlight Island pose.

Michael rushed forward as if he couldn’t miss that moment.

[You fool! You showed a gap in front of me!]

The sight of him pulling back his scythe and making a movement seemed like a gap in his eyes.

But what seemed like a gap was purely a decoy.

Since I was invincible, there was no chance of losing to them in the first place.

[I purchased an experience pack using 5,000,000 points.]

As soon as I reached level 99, a brilliant light enveloped my body.

[To celebrate reaching max level, all stamina is restored and you enter a 1-minute invincibility state.]


As soon as he became invincible, Michael’s sword became embedded in Ryumin’s skin, but it was unable to pierce it.

The bright light that exploded at just the right time only split the bodies of Michael and Raphael.


Raphael died, and Michael barely managed to save his life by turning around just in time.


‘Death sentence.’

When I activated the max level skill, Michael, who had little stamina left, exploded like a bomb.


<Soul Binding Quest>

└Defeat the 7 Archangels

└Number of Archangels currently defeated (7/7)

└If successful ▶ Deification proceeds

[You have completed the Soul Binding quest.]

[‘Deification’ will be given as a reward for the Soul Bonding quest.]

It was a fairly early apotheosis.

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