The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 325

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Episode 325

325. A crucible of confusion

“her… … .”

“Um, what is that?”

People stared with their mouths open at the giant eyeball that tore through the space.

Some looked away as if they were afraid to look at them.

Some even covered their mouths and held their breath.

Among them, Ryumin did not show any reaction, but he just did not show it and his expression was stiff.

‘The feeling of intimidation is no joke.’

Ryumin had even defeated Artaros, the god of battle, but in front of Chaos, he felt like a mouse in front of a cat.

I feel infinitely shabby, as if facing the vast universe.

[Tae, meet the god of the beginning!]

Artaros looked up at Chaos and immediately prostrated himself.

In that split second, Ryumin saw the guy’s expression.

‘Is Artaros afraid?’

This is evident from the intermittent shaking of the shoulders.

It’s an intimidating feeling that makes even immortal beings fearful.

He definitely deserves to be called the god of the beginning.

[What a pathetic guy. I knew I would end up like this ever since I returned after being defeated by a mere human.]

[…] … .]

[Did you dare betray me and join hands with humans?]

Artaros’ shoulders flinched.

I didn’t believe it, but my conversation with the black scythe was discovered.

[…] … There is no shame.]

Artaros couldn’t even raise his head.

Nevertheless, I opened my mouth as if I had to say something.

[It was unavoidable to achieve my wish. Please understand… … .]

[If your wish is to lift the curse of immortality?]

Artaros raised his head in surprise.

[Oh, did you know?]

[I know. Didn’t you promise me? If you do what I tell you, I will lift the curse of immortality.]


Chaos clicked his tongue when he opened his eyes wide as if it was the first time.

[Stupid guy. You even forgot the promise you made to me. No, has it been forgotten?]

[How can you forget… … .]

[Still don’t understand? You were played by that person. This means that he intentionally erased my memories.]

Artaros looked away with wide eyes.

I looked at Ryu Min as if what I just said was true, but I couldn’t hear any answer.

[Tsk tsk, how pathetic. The curse could be lifted if we just dealt with the humans here. You were deceived by a human and decided to betray me.]

[Sorry. Chaos. There was absolutely no such intention… … .]

I hurriedly tried to make an excuse, but Chaos opened his eyes as if he was disappointed.

[If you still have any memories of me, you will know. Why am I called the God of Destruction?]

[…] … Ah, I know.]

[So many gods went against my will and died that I couldn’t escape. Some were made to suffer forever in the dungeons of Tartarus.]

[…] … .]

[Since you tried to betray me, you also deserve to be imprisoned, but even the pain there would be nothing more than a light punishment for you. So.]

Chaos spoke after a pause.

[I don’t want to kill you.]


[Nothing will be done. I will not put you in prison, nor will I lift your curse. Being alive itself must be painful for you.]

Artaros’ body trembled.

Even though some of his memories had been erased, he clearly remembered how terrible life without being able to die was.

[Lord, please kill me. It would be better if you lift the curse and kill me… … .]

[No. Isn’t that like a reward for you? You must be punished. The punishment of living forever.]

Artaros opened his mouth blankly.

He looked devastated, but only for a moment.

I looked up at Chaos with an expression that said I would do anything to make my wish come true.

[It was not my will that my memories with Chaos were deleted. So please give me a chance.]


Artaros’ murderous eyes turned to the black scythe.

[As ordered, I will kill that damned human and all the scum here. so… … .]

[How are you going to kill me when I don’t even remember my fighting skills?]

[…] … .]

[You just stay still. I have no intention of ever entrusting work to a useless loser who can’t even do what he’s told.]

Chaos said that and looked down at the people with eerie eyes.

[Leave these humans to me. Now that you’re here, I’ll kill you myself.]

There was no one who could not understand Chaos’ words.

Just looking at his eyes was enough to make me blush, so it wasn’t difficult to figure out his intentions.


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-Well, you just said you would kill me yourself, right?

-So are we going to die like this?

-Well, I can never win that.

Although he could hear the thoughts of people in despair, Ryumin did not give up.

How could I have survived 20 rounds and ruined it at the end?

‘It was wrong to persuade Artaros. Chaos has already discovered the whole plan.’

Then there is only one way.

Convince Chaos, or fight and win.

‘We should try something before we fight.’

Ryumin first attempted conversation.

“You are Chaos? I read it in Artaros’ Memories. “He is the one who ordered me to be killed.”

[I have no desire to talk to lowly people.]

“Don’t do that, just say it. “Why are you trying to kill us?”

I watched Chaos’ eyes, but I couldn’t read his thoughts.

Although the eye of insight was activated, most of the information was obscured.


└ Race: God race

└ Tendency: Evil

└ Status: God of the beginning

└ Special notes: … … .

└ Weakness: … … .

‘It’s a being so strong that you can’t even imagine it, seeing as its thoughts can’t be read.’

Even if it wasn’t, I could feel it with my skin.

When I looked at those creepy eyes, my whole body felt tingly.

Therefore, we must avoid fights as much as possible and go for resolution.

“huh? Answer me. “There is no benefit to you by killing a worthless person like me.”

[You have a long tongue, human.]

You can tell just by looking at Chaos’ eyes.

A look of disdain, as if it is not worth talking about.

‘If I say more, it won’t work.’

I tried to make a breakthrough somehow, even by humbling myself, but I failed.

Conversation doesn’t work.

‘In the end, we have no choice but to fight?’

I wanted to avoid this, but I can’t help it.

All we can do is show that even earthworms squirm when stepped on.

At that time, Ryumin saw a demon walking backwards.

It was Sitri who was number one in the Demon World that he had brought with him.


[Uh, uh… … .]

“Come to your senses.”

Sitri, who belatedly took her gaze away from Chaos, looked at Ryumin and spoke in an earnest tone.

[Wow, king. I think it would be best to go back now. I’m begging you to get out of here… … .]

“There is nowhere to run. “We are trapped here.”

[Well, isn’t that something you won’t know until you try?]

You don’t have to try it to know it.

The player is set to not be able to leave the boss room.

“okay. “Let’s give it a try.”

Just in case, I used a skill to see if I could warp to the Demon World.

Again, it doesn’t work.

“Wrong. “She must be locked here until the boss is defeated.”

[iced coffee… … .]

“Ah, if you are not a player, you might be able to return to the Demon World.”

Sitri’s eyes sparkled as she saw hope in those words.

The look in his eyes was begging for him to let me go.

‘I’m asking you to do that, so should I send it to you? There is anyway, but he only has one mana.’

Ryumin chuckled.

“okay. “You go too.”


“uh. I’ll send it to you. good.”

[Thank you… … Oh, no, I’m sorry I went alone… … .]

“Go quickly. “Before I change my mind.”

Sitri, who was talking gibberish, hurriedly used warp and escaped at Ryumin’s words.

[A rat ran away, but it doesn’t matter.]

Chaos looked down with scary eyes as if what he wanted were humans.

[Then shall we begin now? I will happily watch you in confusion.]

For a moment, Chaos’s eyes flashed.

Players who encountered the purple eye light raised their weapons as if possessed.

“W-what are you doing? Come to your senses, ah!”

The sword entered the comrade’s heart.

Other players also joined in and skewered already dead bodies.


A single ally dies in an instant.

“Ahh! Come on!”

“No, don’t attack!”

“Are you crazy? “Why are you doing this all of a sudden?”

Knives broke out everywhere, and it instantly became a crucible of chaos.

‘When I made eye contact with Chaos, I was instantly brainwashed.’

Of course, Ryumin was also looking at Chaos at the time.


[A strong mental barrier blocked the mental attack.]

Thanks to the mental barrier rune, I was able to look at the purple eyes and still be fine.

“Ahh! Don’t stab me! “Don’t stab me!”

“Don’t come any closer! kill?”

“Fuck, wasn’t it our party? “How do you get hurt?”

“I don’t know! Looks like the party is over!”

“These bastards must be crazy as a group!”

“I don’t think I’m crazy, but I think I was brainwashed by that guy.”

Ryumin quickly counted and found that there were thirty-five players attacking his team.

Almost half of them were brainwashed.

These are the people who were making eye contact with Chaos at the time.

Among them, there were members who were familiar to the eye.

“Russell! Please stop it!”

Ryumin grabbed Russell’s arm as he was swinging the hammer in the same direction.

“Keuuuu… … !”

Ryumin realized that Russell was struggling to get away even though he was not moving.

‘These are not the eyes of a normal person. ‘Words won’t be able to break the brainwashing.’

After making a decision, Ryu Min raised his fist.

“I’m sorry.”


Russell, whose nose collapsed, fainted.

I hit him with controlled force, so he didn’t die.

‘The only way is to knock them all out like this.’

I don’t know if he will attack again when he wakes up, but there was no other way.

Ryumin found the crazy players and punched them as well.


The brainwashed players fell one by one.

It’s out of combat, but at least it’s okay because it doesn’t attack allies.

Ryu Min, who was raising his fist again, paused for a moment.

The other person was none other than Christine.

‘Christine is a much-needed force in the current situation. ‘You can’t knock him out.’

Since I was in a situation where I might need a resurrection skill, I couldn’t bring myself to throw a punch.

‘I can’t help it.’

Ryumin grabbed Christine’s shoulder.

“Christine! Look this way!”


Ryumin watched her with his purple eyes as she struggled to escape.

“It’s an order. Wake up and help people.”

[You have used your authority.]

[Temporary Skill – Dominion]

-Opportunities remaining: 7

-Used by: Black Scythe, Yamti, Krish

After giving the command with dominance, Christine’s movements became calm.

The eyes that had lost their sense of reason also returned to normal.

“uh? What am I doing now… … .”

“Are you awake?”

“Black Scythe?”

“Just a little while ago, you were brainwashed by Chaos. “Like those people now.”

When I turned my head to follow Ryu Min’s gaze, there were crazy people stabbing their colleagues.

“Well, I did that?”

“okay. “I brought him to his senses with the right to rule.”

“Ah, thank you… … .”

“I’ve said thank you, but would you please treat the injured people?”

“What about the dead people? Shall I save him?”

“Keep him alive with a life potion, but don’t use resurrection skills.”

Ryumin left the resurrection card, which can only be used once, because he couldn’t use it on just anyone.

“all right.”

After hearing the answer, Ryu Min immediately jumped away.


Those who couldn’t come to their senses were knocked unconscious again by hitting them in the face, and those who were too close to fainting were brought to their senses with the Dominator.

“Are you awake? Alex?”

“Yes, thank you. “Black Scythe.”

Ryu Min, who was rescuing people like that, suddenly found himself with only one ruler left.

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