The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 307

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Episode 307

307. Rune of the speed of light

[The 40th death has occurred.]

Even when she heard that a player who was already 40 years old had died, Christine did not get scared.

I wasn’t anxious and I didn’t question why they were trying to kill each other like that.

Because I realized the reason, even if it was too late.

[You’re lucky. I can’t believe I found two human women. Purr!]

Gamigin, the fourth-ranking demon with the face of a horse, snorted as if he was excited.

[I was so sick to my stomach when I gave up three human women to Marvas. Purpur.]

“… … Three human women? what are you talking about?”

Geoffrey asked courageously, but Gamigin had no intention of answering.

I just feel uncomfortable.

[On the topic of humans being worse than insects. Are you talking about knowing who the being in front of you is?]

“It’s a devil with the face of a horse.”

[word? How can you treat me as the same as such an inferior creature? Purr!]

I was excited as I toured, but Gamigin’s appearance was undeniable.

There is not even a trace of doubt.

Nevertheless, Jeffrey could not refute.

Because the atmosphere it gave off was unusual.

‘This is not just the demon we saw in round 18. ‘It’s a different dimension.’

Because I knew that he was strong, I did not make a hasty provocation.

It only hastens death.

Besides, aren’t there people around you that you need to protect?


Geoffrey looked at Christine and Dorothy.

Christine was nervous and Dorothy was pointing her bow as if she was going to shoot at any moment.

Then Jeffrey whispered in a low voice.

-Don’t try to fight as much as possible. It’s a battle we’re losing.

-Then what should I do?

-You have to run away. Whatever it takes.

-I don’t think they will send it to me in a nice way.

-I will create an opportunity.

[Purring! Annoying people. What are you whispering about?]

Gamigin got excited, probably because he felt bad about talking to anyone but himself.

[I tried to kill him as quickly as possible, but it wasn’t possible. I think I will feel better if I kill it slowly and enjoy it.]

“Why are you trying to kill us?”

Jeffrey’s question was meant to buy time.

Gamigin didn’t even know that and snorted as if it was a stupid question.

[That’s why you kill because it’s fun.]

“You think it’s fun to kill people who can’t even resist?”

[Then of course. Wouldn’t it be fun for you humans to kill bugs too? It’s so funny to see them struggling and tearing off their limbs one by one. Phew.]

While Gamigin was smiling and showing his teeth, Geoffrey gave a glance to the two women.

It was a signal to prepare to run away.

“Could it be that you demons are the reason why deaths continue to occur?”

[Of course. Did you finally realize that?]

“I didn’t know.”

[Our demons are searching for and killing humans as if they were collecting insects. You too are destined to become like that soon.]

“Can’t we just pretend not to see it and save him? “It’s a call for mercy.”

[mercy? Wow, you’re asking for a lot on the topic of bugs. The only mercy I will give you is a painless death.]

“… … .”

[Why is your expression like that? You don’t like that? If you don’t like it, will you kill me painfully by tearing off all my limbs?]

Gamigin smiled and made a loud noise.

[Of course, this only applies to you, human males. Those two human women there just don’t kill them. I have a different hobby. Puhuhuh.]

There was no need to ask what his hobby was, seeing as he had an excited face and was snorting pervertedly.

[If you want to enjoy this, enjoy it. A human male would die right here.]

“… … .”

[Why isn’t there anything to say? Are you ignoring what I say now?]

As Geoffrey just stared at him, Gamigin let out an angry snort.

[What a cocky person you are! It looks like he wants to walk down the nether road quickly! In that case, you should do as you wish!]

Gamigin quickly closed the distance.

I thought it would move slowly since it was only a face, but I was wrong.

It dug 10 meters in one go, opened its mouth like a crocodile, and chewed off Jeffrey’s head.

Quad deuk! Quack!

“iced coffee!”

Christine and Dorothy were startled by the shocking scene, but they were able to come to their senses due to the force pulling them together.

-Now. Run away quickly.

Judging from the sound of Jeffrey’s voice, he appears to be wearing invisibility.

Dorothy and Christine left with bewildered looks on their faces.


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Quack! Quad deuk!

While Gamigin was eating frantically, the two women were able to distance themselves by more than 10 meters.

However, after a while, Gamigin realized that the taste was strange and raised his head.

[hmm? I’ve eaten human meat countless times, but this is the first time it tastes like this?]

The moment I felt something strange, the blood around Gamigin’s mouth disappeared, and the body also disappeared.

Only then did Gamigin realize that he had been eating his clone, and his eyes twinkled.

[Are these insect-like kites deceiving me?]

When I looked up, two human women were walking far away.

[Hmph, laughable things. Did you really think you could run away?]

Just when Gamigin was about to chase after him.


A sharp pain arose in my ankle.

Jeffrey, who succeeded in causing bloodshed through a surprise attack, appeared.

But his expression was not good.

The original goal was to completely cut off the ankle and make it untraceable.


Jeffrey did not give up and targeted the ankle again.

Gamigin quickly raised his foot to dodge and at the same time kicked Jeffrey.



I fell 5 meters, feeling like my internal organs were bursting.

[How dare an insignificant human hurt this body?]

Although he was angry, the female prey was still at a distance of more than 20 meters.

[joy! You bitches can run away.]

At that time, Gamigin, with a sneer on his face, was about to use his specialty, necromancy.

“You damn horse!”

“I’m dying!”

Three people came out of nowhere and pointed their blades at Gamigin.

They were none other than the players Ryu Min had given orders to.

[what? What about these fucking things?]

They jumped in to carry out orders to follow Christine and her group and protect them in times of danger.


In vain, Gamigin’s sincere kick caused his internal organs to rupture and he died.

[Stupid things. Didn’t the prey run 5 meters further because of you guys?]

Although they said so, in reality, it was a meaningless death that did not even buy time.

[I can’t let you run away any longer.]

A blue flame appeared in Gamigin’s eyes, which had erased his smile.

[Come out. A soul attached to a human being.]


His specialty, necromancy, summoned an army of twenty undead.

[Follow him and bring him back alive. Meanwhile, I… … .]

Gamigin approached Geoffrey with an angry look on his face.

[Because I’m going to kill this damn human being.]

Gamigin lifted his foot.

Wow! Wow!

I was so angry that I stepped on it again and again.

Dorothy and Christine, who were belatedly captured by the undead, witnessed the tragedy.

“Jeez, Zephyr!”

“ah… … !”

Anyone could see that he was dead because he didn’t scream or move at all.

But there was a chance of saving Jeffrey.

If the corpse is not damaged by more than 30%, it can be resurrected in good condition.

This is assuming that we can escape this crisis.

[You caught it. Purr. You’re planning a useless plan.]

Gamigin glared at the two women with a mixture of anger and excitement.

[You bitches will not die well. I will use you as a sex slave until I am satisfied, and when I get tired of it, I will chew your head off alive. So, you have to be very prepared… … .]

The devil’s words did not last until the end.

My head exploded in an instant, as if a firecracker had exploded.



Christine closed her eyes tightly at the sudden commotion, felt strange at the dead silence, and slowly opened her eyes.

Then I couldn’t help but be surprised.

“What the hell is this… … ?”

This was because twenty undead were all dead with their heads blown off.

Moreover, even Gamigin’s horse head.

“Are they all dead?”

“… … “What’s going on?”

Christine, who had been staring blankly at the incomprehensible phenomenon, hurriedly ran to Jeffrey.

Fortunately, we were able to resurrect him unharmed.

* * *

The incomprehensible phenomenon did not just happen to Christine and her group.

‘strong. It’ll be hard to win.’

Jo Yong-ho, who faced the demon, also had to feel the hairs on his body standing on end due to tension.

Because three of his mercenaries have already been defeated by those demons.

“Tongue, brother. “Can we win?”

“Well… … . “I can do it, but I have to try.”

“Can’t I just run away?”

“If we do that, there will only be more victims. We have to resolve it on our own. “Isn’t there at most one person?”

“That one person earns around 100 per day… … .”

Cho Yong-ho did not deny the mercenary’s words.

Even at a glance, it was clear that he was an overwhelming opponent.

The mercenary king Cho Yong-ho and the ten mercenaries worked hard, but the demons were relaxed throughout.

[Hehehe. Even though I caught three, there is still so much prey in front of me. It’s really fun. There will be no devil noble as lucky as me.]

“… … .”

[But humans don’t understand. I thought if we went around in a group, we would have a chance of winning… … .]

It happened suddenly.


“Tongue, brother!”

“The head of the demon!”

My head exploded like a firecracker.

“Uh, what happened?”

Cho Yong-ho and his group looked down at the corpse with an incomprehensible expression.

* * *

Joo Seong-tak and John Delgado were given a task by Black Scythe before the round began.

A simple mission to protect Russell, the blacksmith.

However, it turned out that he could not keep that mission.

‘I’m sorry, master.’

‘sorry… … .’

The demon that appeared before my eyes was strong enough not to be defeated even by the two men’s coordinated attack.

No one has been hurt yet, but it was only a matter of time.

“Uh, what should I do? Mr. Joo? “No matter what I do, I have no chance of winning?”

“As you can see, I tried combining John Delgado’s corpse summoning spell with my corpse explosion, but it didn’t work. “It’s so fast that it avoids everything.”

[Tsk tsk. Do you think this body can withstand such an obvious attack? Moreover, I have the ability to teleport?]

The demon approached the three people with a triumphant expression.

[Even though I am low in rank, in terms of speed alone, I am as good as other nobles. A fast demon recognized by the demon archduke Plunictos… … .]


As their heads exploded while they were talking, the three people suddenly looked dumbfounded.

“W-what’s going on?”

“I think he’s dead?”

“Why did he suddenly die… … .”

I don’t know why, but one thing is certain.

Something incomprehensible is happening.

* * *

Time is relative.

Ryumin felt those words keenly.

Just 3 seconds.

I was able to do a lot during that time.

I wandered around the fantasy continent and found all the demons.

And then he exploded the head of every person he could see and killed them.

It was a very simple thing.

Because demons burst like balloons even if you put just a little bit of pressure on them.

‘Three, four, five… … .’

I know that a total of eight high-ranking demons came to the other world.

I killed five of them, I just killed six.

Then he killed seven, and finally found the eighth one.

‘There are light speed runes, so finding and killing them all is a piece of cake.’

It doesn’t matter if I don’t know your face.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t use the tracking skill.

All you have to do is search all areas at the speed of light.

The speed of light rune made it possible.

After killing all the demons, Ryumin stopped in front of the eighth demon he finally found.

That guy was with none other than Plunictos.

‘You can’t kill this guy right away.’

Although there was still time left, Ryu Min lifted the time limit without wandering around any further.

[Your Excellency the Grand Duke. Suddenly, communication with all high-ranking demons was lost… … .]

Vassago, who was third in line, hurriedly closed his mouth.

Because there was a black scythe in front of me that I wanted to avoid.

[How did you… … !]


Before he could say anything, Vassago’s skull shattered.

Churrrrrruk – Tak!

Ryumin’s scythe returned to its original length.

“Are we meeting again? We have something to talk about, right? “Would you like to talk privately?”

Hearing that somehow bloody voice, Plunictos sweated uncharacteristically for a demon archduke.

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