The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 298

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Episode 298

298. Temporary alliance

Without even having time to think deeply, Minjoo-ri turned around and checked.

A dark ancient tree was looking at him.

‘ah… … !’


I was moving forward only and couldn’t think back.


The thing that was making a strange crying sound stretched out a tree trunk.



Min Joo-ri felt cold as she saw the tree trunk passing by her side.

If I had avoided it just a little later, my heart would have been pierced.

‘Well, I thought it was slow, but it’s really fast, right?’

His feet are slow, but his attacks seem to be fast.

Min Joo-ri quickly rushed away as if this was not the time.

Push-shoo- Push-shoo!

grasp-! grasp!

I ran like crazy, using the trees as cover.

I didn’t have the confidence to win against a tree of that speed.

I just trust my legs with the movement speed buff.

Min Joo-ri, who thought she had gained some distance, looked back.

‘Maybe it was just a quick attack, but I couldn’t chase after it.’

I thought it was fortunate, but there was something that Minjoo-ri overlooked.

The point is that I couldn’t pay attention to what was ahead because I was running away.



“ah… … .”

Min-ri Min froze as she saw the three monsters looking at her at the same time.

‘Wow, I have to go back the way I came… … .’

Minjoo-ri, who turned her back, couldn’t help but open her eyes in surprise.

‘Seo A-rin… … Seed?’

Seo A-rin, the player who had been following him just a moment ago, was close enough to be seen with the naked eye.

‘What happened? There was a gap of 500m earlier?’

It seems that the distance has narrowed while paying attention to the monster.

Seo A-rin, who happened to spot Min-ri Min, stopped walking.

Our eyes met, but there was no time to exchange greetings.

“Let’s run away. “Monsters are chasing me!”

Min Joo-ri, who had given a brief warning, passed by Seo A-rin in a huff.

However, there was no sign of urgency on Seo A-rin’s face, as if she had no intention of running away.

Rather, I walked towards where the monster was.

Min-ri Min stopped running and shouted with a bewildered expression on her face.

“What are you doing! It’s dangerous over there… … .”


While the three golems ran to put out the monster’s aggro, two soul knights appeared from the side and cut down the tree trunk.

Creep – Creep!


As soon as the monster screamed, four fairies fired beams of light at once.


Amid the burning pain, the trees were reduced to firewood by the soul knight’s merciless cutting.

Minjoo-ri, who watched the scene blankly, suddenly felt embarrassed.

Because the monsters were cleared out meaninglessly, saying to be careful.

“What did you say earlier? “It’s dangerous?”

“… … “I thought it was dangerous.”

Min Joo-ri, who responded like that, instantly changed her attitude and glared at me with a venomous look.

“But why did I follow you?”

“You’re following me?”

“Don’t act like a fool. “Do you think you don’t know that Seo A-rin approached me?”

“Are you approaching me? “Me?”

“Did you see the distance getting closer?”

Seo A-rin, who had a bewildered expression on her face at those words, sighed.

“I don’t know what you’re misunderstanding, but I was just looking for a place to hunt. “Then I came here.”

“Well, then you mean you didn’t follow me?”

“Why would I follow you there?”

“Well, that’s reason enough.”

Seo A-rin, who thought for a moment about Min Joo-ri’s words, sighed again.

“Are you saying I was just following him to kill him?”

“I can’t help but think that way. “For me.”


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“Ha, what do you think of people? No matter how much of a competitor you are, you have no intention of committing murder to take over Black Scythe, right?”

“Black Scythe? What do you mean? “You said Seo A-rin likes Min.”


Embarrassed, Seo A-rin immediately closed her mouth like a liar.

I made a mistake by equating Ryumin with the black scythe.

“Oh, that’s right. “I like Ryumin.”

“But you just said that you are taking over Black Scythe.”

“Cha, I was mistaken.”

“There is something else to be mistaken about. The two have completely different styles… … .”

“… … .”

Minjoo-ri muttered, but that was all.

I didn’t ask any more questions.

Seo A-rin inwardly breathed a sigh of relief.

‘Black Scythe asked me to keep it a secret, so I shouldn’t tell you.’

It’s obvious that they won’t believe me even if I tell them anyway.

Wasn’t Minjoo-ri the one who didn’t believe it even after hearing directly from the person concerned that it was a black scythe?

‘I might be a little suspicious, but why don’t I know? Is it because we are high school classmates?’

Maybe it was because we were high school classmates that I didn’t suspect anything.

Because the image of the fragile Ryumin back then is imprinted in my mind.

‘Even so, I can’t be that oblivious… … .’

I shook my head slightly and gave a pitiful look in my eyes, and Minjoo-ri glared at me.

“what? “What about those eerie eyes?”

“it’s nothing.”

“It makes me feel worse when you say that.”

“Wouldn’t it make me feel worse to hear something like that from a younger person?”

“Why are you talking about age difference?”

“I guess the two years difference isn’t even an age difference to you, right? “Did you eat it with your friends and seniors at school?”

“I beg your pardon?”

An untimely argument broke out in the forest.

It wasn’t appropriate to have a conversation since we were surrounded by monsters, but we slandered each other as if that was okay.

“Why did you come into this forest when you have no power?”

“Don’t be mistaken. Do you think I came in because I wanted to? “The starting point was here.”

“If I hadn’t shown up, you would have died.”

“I thought it would be ignored as a buffer, but that doesn’t happen, right? “I can get through it on my own.”

“Who was the person who just ran away saying it was dangerous?”

“Are you afraid of poop and avoid it? “There was no need to fight, so I avoided it.”

“Then you can get out of the forest on your own without me?”

“You’re just stating the obvious.”

“Okay, I’ll go first. “I’ll leave some monsters to hunt for Min-ri Min, so don’t worry.”

“Yes, yes. “Thank you so much.”

The two people who were bickering in a war of nerves snorted and turned their heads at the same time.

As if he didn’t want to even look at it.

‘If you go back to where Seo A-rin came from, you will see the exit.’

With that thought in mind, Min-ri Min took a step forward, and Seo A-rin also turned to where Min-ri Min was.

At that time, the distance was increasing by walking in the opposite direction.

The two people stopped walking at the same time, as if they had made a promise.

It was none other than a message that came to mind.

[The first death has occurred.]

[The nickname of the deceased is ‘Very Good.’]

[Now that 10 minutes have passed, we will destroy the player.]

[Current players remaining: 142]

[Extinct players: 1]

[Time remaining until round end: 71:31:38]

Neither of them knew that there was a death notification.

I didn’t even know who the nickname was.

All I knew was that this was not the time to be arguing.

“We have one less player… … .”

“It hasn’t even been 30 minutes since we started… … .”

Alarmed, Seo A-rin and Min-ri Min looked at each other as if they had made a promise.

This was not the time to waste my emotions needlessly.

If you do it wrong, other players may target you.

Although I can’t be sure that it’s dead to the player yet.

“excuse me… … Mr. Seo A-rin?”

“Why, why?”

Minjoo-ri hesitated and pursed her lips.

Then, he bit his lower lip as if to gain courage.

“Ooh, how about we hang out together for a while?”

“… … .”

“No, bar, you just saw the message. Someone died. It’s still unknown whether he died from a monster or from a human… … “Isn’t this proof that it’s dangerous to travel alone?”

“I’m not in danger. As you can see, my summons are very strong.”

Seo A-rin bounced once, but Min-ri Min showed more courage.

“But that doesn’t mean you can clean it up on your own like Black Scythe. “You never know when or what kind of threat might arise.”

“what… … “I admit that.”

“So you might not like it, but how about forming a temporary alliance? “If I apply the buff, Seo A-rin and the summons will be twice as strong.”

“hmm… … .”

There was nothing wrong with Minju-ri’s words.

It would have been foolish to miss the opportunity to become twice as strong.

‘But I don’t think Min-ri Min will surprise me.’

How dangerous would it be for a surprise attack by Buffer, who has no combat skills?

Moreover, his summons would protect him 24 hours a day like bodyguards.

‘Conversely, you don’t think I’ll attack you by surprise? ‘What part of me do you believe in and make such a suggestion?’

From the looks of it, Min Joo-ri did not seem to think that Seo A-rin would attack.

So, you can make suggestions like this that are disadvantageous to you.

“great. Let’s cooperate for a while. Instead, there should be no backstabbing of each other.”

“It’s nagging to say that.”

“He who betrays is black… … No, I’ll give up on Ryu Min. how is it?”

Min Joo-ri nodded as if she liked it.

“I shouldn’t betray you. Me and Seo A-rin too.”

“I will never betray you. “I can’t give up on Ryumin.”

When Ryu Min came up as a topic, Min Joo-ri’s eyes became more serious.

Seo A-rin also had a serious expression on her face, as if she couldn’t give up.

“Please apply a buff. Then, I will ask the summons to protect Min-ri Min.”

“all right.”

Minjoo-ri’s 3-piece buff set has arrived to Seo A-rin.

Then, not only Seo A-rin but also the summoned beasts became stronger.

Because the summoned animals became stronger according to Seo A-rin’s stats.

“thank you.”

“Why have this much?”

“It’s dangerous out here, so let’s get out of the forest first.”

“is it so.”

As Seo A-rin took the lead with her summons, Minju-ri followed.

Creep – Creep –!

The Dark Ancient Trees were quite strong monsters, but there was no business in front of Dagul.

“Catch up a little more. “It’s dangerous to fall like that.”

“Ah, I get it.”

That was when Minju-ri, who had been walking far away, came closer.


A tree trunk suddenly protruded from the side.



The scream came from the monster, not Minjoo-ri.

Because Seorin’s spirit knight appeared at the perfect time and cut down the tree trunk.

“Don’t worry. “My spirit knight will protect Min-ri Min.”

“ah… … thank you.”

“Why have this much?”

The two people who cooperated with each other decided to go out into the forest first.

I wanted to find the black scythe, but I couldn’t track it.

* * *

Most of the players who saw the mission were embarrassed.

Rather than surviving for 72 hours, it involves killing others to reduce the number of people to 72 or less.

Christine was equally embarrassed.

‘I have to kill my opponent like in the 4th round? I can not… … .’

I was able to get blood on my hands because I knew that I would be revived in the 4th round as well.

But this time, I really have to kill someone else.

It is also said that if you die, it will disappear after 10 minutes and there will be no hope of survival.

‘Can I really kill someone else?’

My job is to save others, but I have to participate in murder.

A gloom appeared on Christine’s face, but only for a moment.

I realized that there was no need to kill him.

When I saw the message that the first death had occurred.

‘Even if I don’t kill, other people kill others, right?’

If this happens, there is no need to get blood on your hands.

You just have to wait until there are 72 or less.

Then you can survive without a single drop of blood.

Unlike round 4, the ultimate goal of the quest was survival, not killing each other.

‘I am confident that I will survive. ‘I have heels.’

Heal is a skill that not only heals wounds but also restores stamina.

Although Christine had no combat skills, she was confident that she could endure.

‘I need to go to a place without monsters as much as possible.’

But Christine’s starting place is none other than the forest.

I turned on the surrounding search skill and, as expected, it was full of monsters.

‘We have to get out of this forest. ‘Anyway.’

It was then.

[A second death has occurred.]

[The nickname of the deceased is ‘abcdef’.]

[Now that 10 minutes have passed, we will destroy the player.]

[Current remaining players: 141]

[Extinct players: 2]

[Time remaining until round end: 71:23:52]

‘Did he die again? ‘Not even 10 minutes have passed since the first death occurred?’

Even so, would you want to kill a comrade who has lived and died with you?

Didn’t we team up together and face the demons in the previous round?

‘I don’t know… … . First of all, I have to worry about my life… … .’

That time when I turned around with that feeling in mind.


Christine’s body became frozen like ice.

Because the ogre, a monster known for its ferocity, was looking down on me.

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