The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 296

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Episode 296

296. Round 19 begins

Embarrassment appeared on Ryumin’s face.

Just by looking at it, it was clear that there was a misunderstanding between the two.

“hang on!”

Ryu-min hurried out the front door and caught Min-ri Min.

She speaks before even speaking.

While avoiding eye contact.

“I’m sorry for suddenly coming to you without saying anything. I didn’t know you two were doing that. “I’m sorry for interrupting your good time.”

“What are you talking about? A good time? I think I’m completely misunderstanding something… … .”

“I was a fool. If there was a pretty celebrity living next door, I should have been a little wary or suspicious, but like a fool… … .”

“Calm down and listen to me. “It’s not like that, like you think, is it?”

Min Joo-ri looked up at Ryu Min’s explanation.

Then, he makes eye contact and speaks as if telling only the truth.

“Aren’t you really dating?”


“We’re not even dating?”

“I said no.”

“Then why are you in the same house? “Why are we in the same room?”

“We were just having a conversation. “She said she had something to ask.”

“… … .”

Min Joo-ri, who had been staring at him intently as if trying to see through his inner thoughts, suddenly lowered his head.

The shame came to me later.

Judging from Ryumin’s unwavering eyes, there didn’t seem to be a single lie.

Moreover, Seo A-rin also appeared and gave strength to Ryu Min’s argument.

“It’s just as Ryu Min said. “He just talked in the room and nothing happened.”

A situation that clearly turned out to be a misunderstanding.

When this happened, Min-ri became so embarrassed that she couldn’t even raise her head.

“ah… … The two of you have nothing to do with each other, but I guess I misunderstood. Really sorry… … .”

Ryu Min was about to say it was okay, but Seo A-rin spoke faster than him.

“It’s not a misunderstanding.”

“… … ?”

“Actor Seo?”

“I like Ryumin.”

Min Joo-ri suddenly raised her head at Seo A-rin’s explosive remarks.

“now… … “What did you say?”

“I like Ryu Min.”

Minjoo-ri’s spirit was awakened.

It feels like the peace I barely regained is shattered in an instant.

This was the same for Ryu Min.

‘what are you doing? ‘Why do you say that?’

Although he knew Seo A-rin’s feelings right away, Ryu Min had no idea that she would explode in this way.

Seo Ah-rin, who made the bombshell confession, was surprisingly calm.

“You were both surprised, right? sorry. But I think if I don’t tell you now, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.”

“Ji, are you serious? “You’re not kidding, are you?”

Min Min-ri asked, hoping it was a lie.

However, Seo A-rin was not the type to lie about things like this.

“Do you think I’m crazy and playing around with this situation? I’m serious. “Ryu Min has really improved.”

“… … .”

“I’m sorry Min-ri Min. I know that too. “Min-ri Min likes Ryu-min.”

“Did you know?”

“Unless you’re stupid, you’ll notice that much.”

“… … .”

“I heard you were my high school classmate. So you’ve had a crush on me since school?”

Minjoo-ri’s eyes narrowed.

“that… … “I don’t want to talk.”

“You can’t give information to your competitors, is this?”

“Leaving that aside, I feel bad. “It’s the same for suddenly trying to dig up information, and it’s also the same for saying that you like Min or Manet in front of me.”

Seo A-rin did not easily back down from Minjoo-ri’s cold attitude.

“sorry. I didn’t mean to offend. However, I felt like if I didn’t say something now, I wouldn’t get another chance. Min-ri Min, you also have a crush on her, so you sympathize with her, right? “Wouldn’t you regret giving it a try rather than opening your eyes and losing it?”

“… … .”

Min Joo-ri didn’t say anything.

He just quietly glares at Seo A-rin.

The same was true for Seo A-rin.

He raised his head and confidently received attention as if he was no longer just watching.

Ryumin sighed as he saw the two people suddenly entering into a bidding war.

‘Sigh, don’t do this in the apartment hallway, please.’

* * *


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July 1st, 30 minutes before midnight.

Ryumin lay on the bed and prepared for the 19th round.

Other players will also be lying down like Ryumin in their own homes.

However, unlike before, it will be uneasy.

Because there is no information about the 19th round.

‘But you won’t be as anxious as I am.’

One wonders why Ryu Min, who knows the information, would have any reason to be anxious, but surprisingly, there is.

It’s none other than Seo A-rin and Min-ri Min.

I was worried that I might end up in another world and cause an accident.

‘I don’t think the two of you have spoken since then… … Why are you doing this? ‘Can’t we just get along better?’

I understand that you’re fighting over a guy you like.

I think a man who really doesn’t want to be taken away can do that.

But don’t you think about men?

How do you feel about your anxiety about what kind of trouble will happen due to the friction between the two?

‘I can’t refuse this just because I don’t like it either, and I want it… … .’

If you push it away for no reason, you may receive a psychological shock.

There’s no way that effect won’t be seen in party play.

‘You can’t mess things up when the 20th round is just around the corner.’

In times like these, it is best to remain neutral and not choose between one or the other.

It was also true that the two had no personal feelings.

‘Don’t fight to death over me. ‘Because they are both precious colleagues and strength to me.’

As I spent the time worrying, it was already midnight.


When I closed my eyes once and opened them, a familiar sight unfolded.

It was a colorless space, a sight no different from before.

“We’ve already reached round 19.”

“But is this the total number of people?”

“It looks subtly written.”

The players who arrived early looked at their surroundings and sighed.

Normally it would have been crowded, but since there were 143 people, you could see the number with the naked eye.

“These are players from all over the world… … .”

Still, it was a remarkable achievement that more than a hundred people remained at the end.

In the previous episode, there were at most three people including Ryu Min.

‘But even this many people will be cut in half due to this round.’

I felt sad, but there was nothing I could do.

Because the power of the system is absolute.

It was no different even for Ryumin, who had godhood.

[Hello, humans.]

An angel appeared in the sky with a flash of light.

[Welcome to round 19. Finally, there is only one round left until the last round. Unfortunately, not all 143 people will survive this time. You can only survive half as well as you have done so far.]

It’s rare for an angel to be the first to say something so sad.

However, the reason he took a low stance was none other than Ryu Min.

I didn’t know that he might kill me because I was in a bad mood.

Aren’t you still glancing at yourself and looking at yourself?

[Hmm, well then, without further ado, I will reveal the quest first.]

As the angel flapped its wings, a message window appeared in front of the players.

◀ ROUND 19 ▶


└Survive in a fantasy world for 72 hours

[Integrated Area CA-EA001]

└Participants: 143

└Achiever: 0/72

The players who saw the mission for the first time opened their eyes wide.

“72 hours?”

“You have to survive for three full days?”

“Besides, there are no side quests.”

In some ways, it was a very simple quest.

[As you can see, the quest is simple. All you have to do is survive in the fantasy world for a limited time of 72 hours. However, not all of them can survive. The number of people who can survive is only half, or 72. The rest disappear.]

The players shook their heads as if they could agree to this point.

But the moment they heard the next words, people’s expressions hardened.

[However, if there are more than 72 survivors, all survivors will be destroyed. So, you should be careful not to exceed 72 people when the time limit runs out, right? If even one person exceeds the quota, the mission will fail and everyone will die.]

“Everyone died… … ?”

“Well, then if more than 73 people survive, we will all die together?”

[That’s right.]

“as it were… … “Are you telling us to keep the number of survivors below 72?”

“Is this a cooperative quest?”

“Now, wait a minute, angel. This doesn’t make sense, does it? How do we control the number of survivors?”

The angel smiled at someone’s question.

[How do I do it? We have to control it by killing each other.]

“… … .”

It’s not that it’s not, the quest was encouraging them to kill each other.

[You must be mistaken, but you are not a party. This round is very much an individual competition. Each person must survive the next 72 hours on their own.]

However, if more than 72 people survive after 72 hours, it will be difficult.

If that happens, the worst thing that could happen is that everyone will die.

[What is important is the number of people at the end of the round. Even if you have to kill each other, you can avoid the worst by keeping the number of people below 72.]

In some ways, it was a mission similar to the 4th round of death.

In the sense that you have to kill your comrades in order to survive.

Of course, some details were different.

[You may think it is similar to round 4, but in this round you do not respawn even if you die. If you die, that’s the end.]

“It’s over… … ?”

“Are the skills not working?”

[Of course, you can revive it with skills or potions. However, if you do not come back to life even after 10 minutes of death, the system assumes that there is no possibility of resurrection and immediately destroys you on the spot. Unlike before, you are eliminated right away.]

Usually, it was destroyed all at once at the final settlement time, but this time it was different.

[Another thing is that we can keep track of each other when we want.]

“We can track each other?”

[When the round starts, your nickname, face, and distance between you appear in real time in the quest progress window. After seeing that, you can easily find someone else. The system provides convenience so that we can track each other.]

The word was a chase, but in reality it was a round that encouraged murder.

‘They’re setting the stage for us to kill each other.’

‘If this happens, I’ll be so anxious that I won’t be able to sleep… … ?’

‘It’s a situation where we have to keep our eyes open and be on alert.’

‘Ugh, I didn’t sleep well.’

The players who were thinking like that looked at each other and slowly widened their distance.

No matter how much we are members of the same Shinigami religion and colleagues who have gone through life and death, we still remain.

They may suddenly pull out a sword to reduce the number of personnel.

Ryumin sighed inwardly as he looked at the people who were already wary of each other.

‘It has to be like this. ‘Because we can’t remain colleagues forever.’

The fate of players whose lives are at stake is to criticize when the system tells them to.

As yesterday’s colleagues became today’s enemies, Ryu Min looked at his acquaintances.

On the outside, I was maintaining my composure, but on the inside, I was feeling confused and had complicated thoughts.

‘Is it okay? ‘I wish I didn’t just think about useless things.’

I am especially worried about Min Joo-ri and Seo A-rin.

It was fortunate that they didn’t fight to the death.

Ryu Min was anxious on the inside, but he wasn’t too worried.

Orders were given to the slaves just in case.

I had no intention of just hunting.

[You are free to run or hunt for 72 hours. However, you cannot use the village, so you will have to provide your own food and water. In the human world, there is a good saying called self-sufficiency, right? Kick… … .]

The angel who was giggling suddenly hardened his complexion, probably seeing Ryumin’s scary expression.

[For your information, the ranking measurement method is a secret. The explanation ends here. Now, I’m going to transport you to a fantasy world. The starting location will be decided randomly, so you don’t have to worry about getting hit. Then, let’s all meet alive in 72 hours. Bye!]

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