The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 294

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Episode 294

294. Eternal Equipment

Returning home, Ryumin quietly lay down on the bed and stared at the ceiling.

There really was a lot going on.

After killing Michael, didn’t he suddenly become a god?

When I went to the Demon Castle for a test, Artaros suddenly appeared.

Also, a quest to kill four gods appears.

‘They say it’s okay if you don’t do the quest… … .’

The problem was that the gods would not leave him alone.

Haven’t you already been stamped by the god Nick?

‘If it’s a challenge to me, I’ll accept it. As long as you don’t mess with my family so shamefully.’

They might target my younger brother like last time.

Maybe you can reach out to people you know.

‘No matter how strong I am, I am alone. ‘You can’t protect everything.’

So in the end, there is only one way.

All you have to do is remove the cause.

Shouldn’t bad shoots be rooted out in the pasture?

‘I don’t know about other gods because I haven’t met them yet… … ‘Will I be able to defeat Artaros the next time we meet?’

Even though his stats were cut in half by the energy of death, he was superior to him.

Moreover, he has an immortal body that does not die no matter how many times he is killed.

‘It is clear that he is the strongest enemy I have ever faced.’

Although he collected runes, titles, and continued to grow, there were many strong people and the world was wide.

‘Plunictos is also quite strong. ‘Not at the level of those kids.’

Compared to Ryumin, Plunictos is worthy of reigning as the Demon King of the Demon World.

Even so, this guy has no worries.

Because it’s a really easy opponent.

‘Next time we meet, I’ll have to let him die prematurely.’

Actually, I don’t have much to worry about Artaros either.

If it’s just a battle, I’m confident I’ll win.

In fact, Ryumin, who escaped from the space of nothingness, killed the Elyos and accumulated nearly 100 million stat points.

Just looking at the stats, it was almost twice as strong.

Therefore, the Ryumin he faced when dealing with Artaros and the Ryumin he is now are completely different.

Because the stats were doubled.

‘There is a chance of victory. However, you must not let your guard down. ‘You can’t help but be prepared.’

Stopping time, the immortal ability it has, the space of nothingness, etc.

There are many areas that have not been covered yet.

‘First of all, I need to build up more stats. ‘I have to become stronger than I am now.’

The problem is not Artaros.

Other gods may be as strong as Artaros.

We don’t know when or what kind of fight will break out.

‘What is certain is that Artaros will target me sooner or later.’

He must have been watching too.

The person who slaughtered Elyos and Demons so mercilessly that it would be hard to believe that he had lost his memories.

‘There’s no way this guy can stay still after knowing that his memories haven’t been erased.’

He will definitely come back to conclude the matter, and it is highly likely that it will be as early as round 19.

‘If possible, it won’t appear in reality. Anyway, once the 19th round comes, your body will automatically be called to another world.’

In any case, we can’t just sit back and let this happen.

We need measures to prepare for when we meet again.

‘Now that I think about it, I was given a title.’

Ryu Min suddenly remembered something and opened the information window.

[Title – Max Level]

– Acquisition conditions: Obtained when you first reach level 99.

-Effect: All stats increase by the level.

There is a title that I received for being the first to reach max level, but it is not possible to have stats like that.

You need to become stronger, and there is one way to do that.

It’s none other than a combination.

There is no choice but to create an Eternal grade somehow.

That’s why Ryumin prayed before opening the bag of ingredients.

Let the condensed ether come out.

[You used an infinite bag of ingredients.]

[congratulations! 5 material items have been released!]

[Items will be provided to your inventory!]

Ryumin, who checked the ingredients in his inventory, suddenly raised his upper body in surprise.

‘Two condensed ethers? ‘Is this real?’

Seeing as the remaining three are unknown materials, I think they are necessary items for making Eternal.

‘Because I have two pieces of purified ether… … I can make at least two pieces of eternal equipment.’

Ryumin combined the materials with the intention of making gloves and shoes.

Although I don’t have a pattern, I know that purified ether and condensed ether must be added one by one to the auxiliary materials.


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After putting that in, I added unknown ingredients to the remaining three spaces and rotated them.

Since I don’t know the combination formula, I have no choice but to hit it.

Then, I guess I was lucky and finally got one item.

[Combining Eternal grade items.]

[The item is of high quality and takes time to make. Please be patient.]

[Combining ingredients… … .]

[Analyzing user’s soul… … .]

[Synchro tuning… … .]

[Combination successful!]

[I created the ‘Gauntlet of the Soul’.]

[Soul Gauntlet]

-Category: Gloves

-Grade: Eternal

-Defense: 5,000

-Effect: All stats +200, when you kill a god, their soul is stolen, and you can use the abilities of the stolen soul.

-Durability: Infinite

-Restrictions on use: Black Scythe (soul bound)

-Description: A soul-binding item that exerts influence by overlaying the user’s soul, not the body. It cannot be transferred to another person. Can be applied in conjunction with other equipment items.

Ryu Min was taken aback when he saw the options.

‘What’s this? Stealing the souls of gods?’

The option was outright telling us to kill God.

‘… … Anyway, the effect is good.’

The advantage of Eternal equipment is that it can be worn over and over again with God grade equipment.

There is no need to throw away the items you are wearing.

‘I made one, should I try making the next one?’

Ryumin continued to try combinations.

[This is a combination that cannot be combined.]

[This is a combination that cannot be combined.]

[This is a combination that cannot be combined.]

… … … … … …

… … … …

The message that I had failed came to mind, but I did not feel disappointed and tried step by step, calculating the number of possibilities.

As a result.

[Combination successful!]

[We created ‘God’s Walk’.]

I was able to create one more piece of Eternal equipment.

[God’s walk]

– Category: Shoes

-Grade: Eternal

-Defense: 5,000

-Effect: All stats +200, movement speed +200%, footsteps are not heard and you can walk in the air. Additionally, the skill ‘Blink’ can be used.

-Durability: Infinite

-Restrictions on use: Black Scythe (soul bound)

-Description: A soul-binding item that exerts influence by overlaying the user’s soul, not the body. It cannot be transferred to another person. Can be applied in conjunction with other equipment items.

He can walk on air even in broad daylight and has additional skills.

It was an item with many additional effects.

‘You can use blinking? ‘Let’s see what it is.’

[Temporary Skill – Blink]

-Effect: Teleports a distance of 30m radius. Has a cooldown of 10 seconds.

As expected from the name, it was a teleportation skill.

‘Huh, not only can you step through the air, but you can also move instantly.’

The corners of Ryumin’s mouth twitched.

Because there was nothing bad about having an item.

‘I made gloves and shoes… … Now all that’s left is the Eternal weapon?’

There aren’t many rounds left.

19, 20.

You can survive this terrible game by completing just two rounds.

‘No, I can’t be sure about that yet.’

It is said that after Michael’s Malone game, there will be a Battle of the Heavenly Demons.

The Elyos are now looking for horses to use in war.

‘Do we have to completely end the war to get out of the game?’

I do not know.

You have to go to find out what will happen in the future.

‘I don’t know because I haven’t been there since the 20th round. But I am well aware of the 19th round.’

However, this time, Ryu Min also had no intention of sharing information with others.

The intention was not to monopolize the information, but to minimize confusion that would arise when sharing information.

‘You might be shocked if you hear the quest details now.’

Ryu Min decided to keep quiet and, unlike usual, did not invite the followers of the Four Gods Church.

Because I had no intention of telling you the details of the quest this time.

* * *

It’s been 15 days since I returned from round 18.

However, Heo Tae-seok did not receive a call from God.

‘Why haven’t I heard from you? They usually contact you first within three or four days to convene believers… … ‘Has something happened?’

It was a black scythe that usually summoned believers and told them information about the next round.

But now, the news is so dark that it causes unnecessary worries.

Heo Tae-seok, curious, repeatedly picked up and put down his cell phone.

No matter what, the other person is someone you respect as a god.

It was true that I was afraid to call first.

‘Could something really have happened?’

Heo Tae-seok gathered courage and called Black Scythe.

Tooruuru- Tooruuru- Dalkak.

Heo Tae-seok was speechless when he answered the phone unexpectedly quickly.

– Cult leader Heo. What’s going on? Why are you silent?

“Ah, Black Scythe? Everything was fine, right? haha… … .”

-Just state the matter briefly. What’s going on?

“Ah, it’s no different… … “Recently, we have been receiving a lot of inquiries about the Four Gods Church.”

-What inquiry?

“They asked me if I didn’t send the summons text by mistake. They said they had not received any communication for 15 days. So I said that too. We have not received any contact from Black Scythe either. There is no scheduled schedule… … .”

-… … .

“Are you sure something happened? Are you busy… … .”

-It’s not like that.

“If you do that, why don’t you gather people together?” … .”

-I don’t know either.


-I don’t know the information about the 19th round. This time I couldn’t select information from the reward box.

“Well, then… … .”

-I also don’t know anything, so I don’t have any information to share. It seems like each person will have no choice but to get through the next round on their own.

“ah… … .”

Heo Tae-seok, who was speechless for a moment, soon came to his senses.

“Well, then, can I tell people what I just heard?”


“All right. Then rest in peace.”

Heo Tae-seok put down his phone only after confirming that the call was disconnected and let out a deep sigh.

“Ha, I can’t believe I have to face the next round without any information.”

Actually, this is normal.

It made no sense to know the quest in advance and listen to the strategy every time.

Wasn’t it the same as everyone sharing the first place reward?

“But now that’s impossible?”

I’ve been receiving good information so far, but I’ve only failed to receive one round.

However, the future felt vague, as if it was shrouded in fog.

‘This problem is more serious than I thought… … .’

Maybe there will be a backlash among believers.

If you don’t get the privileges you’ve always received, you’ll feel like you’re losing out.

‘Of course it’s not Black Scythe’s fault. But I can’t assume other people think that way too.’

As usual, when people gather together, there are bound to be one or two people.

It cannot be concluded that all 143 people are normal.

‘There may be people who are suspicious of Black Scythe and are trying to slander him.’

How can I help Black Scythe?

Heo Tae-seok, who had been thinking hard, soon came to his senses and wrote a group text message.

I hope there is no backlash from people.

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