The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 292

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Episode 292

292. End of round 18

Ryumin left the Demon King’s Castle first.

There were no demons stopping him as he came out.

I killed them all when they came in.


He spread his wings and flew up, heading towards the battlefield.

The war was still in full swing.

2,000 demons and 2,000 Elyos point their swords at each other, splashing blood.

However, because it had been a while since he left, the number had not decreased significantly.

‘thank god. ‘Not much time has passed.’

Ryumin would have been in trouble if he had continued to be caught up in the empty space created by Artaros.

The war would not have been able to end as desired.

Maybe the demons will gain momentum and beat the elyos.

Then, the defeat for Ryumin, who was on the Elyos side, was confirmed.

They fail to advance to the next round and perish in vain along with their colleagues.

‘That will never work.’

That’s why he killed Artaros like a rat.

In order to escape from the space of nothingness, I was planning to get the guy to surrender.

But his soul was more broken than expected.

He was giving up his life, as if he was surrendering and telling me not to expect anything like that.

‘How long have you been dead that you don’t even have any regrets about life?’

I have no sympathy for Artaros or the like.

As someone who has died 100 times and had a similar experience, I was simply curious.

How much longer must I die before I can give up my lingering desire to live?

Could it be that his future is Artaros?

‘No. ‘Why not die here?’

For Ryumin, this is the last chance.

If you die, that’s the end.

Therefore, we had to protect what we had achieved so far.

You must achieve the goal of taking your colleagues to round 20.

To do that, no one can stop you.

Even if the opponent is that great god.

‘Nix… … . I don’t know what he’s doing, but the day will come when we’ll meet again.’

I don’t know who Nicks is.

I don’t even know where it is.

All I know is that he is a god who ordered Artaros to kill him.

‘If I meet you, I will kill you. ‘I now have the ability to kill God.’

Artaros dies as well.

Even though I was only able to kill him 31 times and he had an ability that I don’t know whether it was a blessing or a curse called the curse of immortality, there is probably a way.

Because it means that if there is no curse, you will eventually die.

‘Oh, don’t forget Plunictos.’

There were a lot of guys that needed to be killed, but there was no way to do it right now.

As Ryumin, there is no other way than to clear the round.

‘It can’t go on like this. I have to become stronger than I am now.’

I thought I was strong enough, but it was still not enough.

Didn’t he almost get killed by Artaros just a little while ago?

‘Even though my stats are over 100 million, I’m still falling behind. It would have been really dangerous if I didn’t have invincibility.’

We need to be prepared for when we meet him again.

Not only the damned barrier of nothingness, but even the ability to slow down time.

‘First, I have to kill as many angels as possible here.’

In order to grow further than now, you need the stats of angels.

[You have used a temporary skill faction change ticket.]

[Player ‘Black Scythe’’s faction changes from ‘Elyos’ to ‘Asmodians’.]

After changing teams with the change ticket, I stood on top of the Elyos.

“Heavenly Judgment.”


When I consumed the Judgment Rune Stack to use an area-wide skill, the guys within the range died.

[Number of angels killed 1,587/100]

Judging by the number, it appears that at least 500 people were killed.

Ryumin glanced at the quest progress window.

[Remaining personnel status]

└Elyos: 1,483 people (29.66% surviving)

└Asmodians: 2,026 people (20.26% surviving)

└Players: 286

‘I have to kill all but about 600 people. ‘As long as it doesn’t fall below 10%.’

Ryumin expanded the area of ​​the scythe and swept the Elyos head.

The Elyos were screaming at the human demon that suddenly appeared and killed them, but Ryumin was indifferent.


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I was only interested in accumulating stat points.

[Number of angels killed 1,764/100]

… … … … … …

[Number of angels killed 2,083/100]

… … … …

[Number of angels killed 2,389/100]

… … … …

In this way, thousands of Elyos were eliminated and their stat points were extorted.

The Devil’s Blessing stack has already been built up a long time ago.

‘Did they kill about 1,400 people?’

I killed all but about 600 people and gained a huge amount of stat points.

Of course, the Demon Archduke’s Agent buff had disappeared, so there were no additional stats.

‘Still, over 60 million stat points came in.’

It was an amount that would make anyone’s mouth drop, but Ryumin was not satisfied with this.

I immediately went to see John Delgado.

“Oh, Black Scythe?”

“Can you save the angels here?”

“of course. As long as the body is fine… … .”

“It’s okay to cut off your head, right?”

“yes. “As long as your head is nearby, it will stick.”

“good. If so, save him. Especially that guy.”

The angel Ryumin pointed out was Michael.

Although he died in vain by having his head cut off, if he is resurrected, he will be given a huge amount of stat points.

“Get up.”


When John Delgado used the skill, approximately hundreds of angels stood up.

Ryumin harvested stat points by killing them once again.

Although it was only half of what it was when it was alive, it was still an amount that could not be ignored.

‘As expected, it’s a good thing we kept John Delgado alive.’

Ryumin, who gained about 100 million stat points, changed sides again.

[Player ‘Black Scythe’’s faction changes from ‘Asmodian’ to ‘Elyos’.]

Ryumin returned to the Elyos team and this time aimed his scythe at the Elyos.

The demons who were happy just a moment ago flinch and look down.

“They are trash that doesn’t even give you any points… … .”

Ryumin’s anger was directed at them.

“There is nothing you can do to win the round.”


It didn’t take long for the demons to be reduced to less than 1,000 people.

[The demon force has been reduced to less than 10%.]

[The 18-round war ends with the victory of the Elyos camp.]

The players disappeared along with the message.

It was a long war, and a short war.

* * *

The war between the Elyos and the Demons ended with the Elyos’ victory.

Both of their power was barely reduced, but the demons were first reduced to less than 10%, confirming their defeat.

[Well, it ended in victory for the Elyos, right? I guess it was surprisingly close?]

Millen, the angel who came to serve as the guide, smiled awkwardly as he looked at the results window.

It’s not that they didn’t, but they watched the entire war process from above.

The entire process of massacring Ryumin, both Elyos and Demons.

Therefore, I had no choice but to have my voice tremble and sweat break out.

[Chu, congratulations. If the demons had won, everyone would have been wiped out, but how did you survive the 18th round?]

Millen, who said that, tried to make fun of people as was his habit, but quickly closed his mouth.

This was because the black scythe was glaring at me with a deathly look.

[haha… … You must be tired because the war is over, so I won’t go into much detail. Now, shall we look at the results tally?]

★ 18 round results tally ★

[Integrated Area CA-EA001]

└1st place. Black Scythe (Lv99 Reaper) Contribution 91,918,212 points

└2nd place. Democracy (Lv82 Buffer) Contribution 291,290 points

└3rd place. Chrissy (Lv82 Priest) Contribution 210,912 points

People’s eyes widened when they saw the results.

Black Scythe’s overwhelming contribution score caught the eye.

But my attention went elsewhere as well.

“uh? Black Scythe’s level is… … .”

“You’re level 99?”

“Isn’t 99 level max?”

“When did you level up?”

I found out later that I had reached max level.

Anyway, Ryumin’s gaze was elsewhere.

<Sub Quest>

└Kill 1,000 demons

└If successful ▶ Legendary potion selection box provided

[You have completed the sub-quest!]

[A ‘Legendary Potion Selection Box’ will be provided as a sub-quest reward!]

No one else knew, but Ryumin knew.

If you kill 1,000 demons, you will obtain a sub-quest.

Of course, it was the same reward that other players would have gotten if they had killed a thousand people.

It was an impossible mission if you weren’t as strong as Ryumin.

‘It’s a potion box. ‘I’ll have to try it later.’

Ryumin’s interests were elsewhere now.

Whether the players you care about will disappear or not.

[Everyone checked their rankings, right? Depending on their contribution to the war, anything ranked 143 or lower will be extinguished. Looking at the facial expressions, I can clearly see who will be destroyed.]

People whose faces have become contemplative are bound to disappear.

People sigh in relief as if they were fortunate enough to have managed to save.

People with bright expressions could tell that they survived with safety bread.

[Unfortunately, it is time to say goodbye. Please say hello later in the Underworld.]

As soon as the angel finished speaking.

“Oh no, no!”


Half of the players disappeared like dust.

Ryumin quickly glanced at the remaining players and felt relieved.

‘All my friends survived.’

The only people who died were weeds that were of little help in battle.

‘It was rewarding to share points with friends before the round.’

Even though he gave out points to his acquaintances and used up the remaining 1 million points to reach max level, Ryu Min smiled.

I smiled and looked at the reward message that came to mind.

[Experience points and gold are awarded to everyone as a reward for clearing round 18.]

[Experience +0%]

[The player can no longer increase experience points.]


When the rewards were handed out to everyone, everyone looked a little excited.

“Re, your level is over 90!”

“I’m already 95!”

“you also? me too!”

The mood, which had been gloomy due to the deaths of colleagues, suddenly turned around.

This is thanks to the enormous gold and experience rewards, which are twice as much as the previous round.

Although it was a meaningless reward to Ryumin.

‘Experience is at max level and does not increase any further, and the gold collected by killing angels is close to 160 billion.’

There is so much overflowing that there is no point in going in any further.

‘Rather than that, the first place reward is more important.’

This round is quite large, so if you reach first place, you will receive a special reward.

That was what Ryumin was waiting for.

As expected, a reward message filled my eyes.

[congratulations! You have completed the quest as first place in the area!]

[Currently, ‘Black Scythe’ is ranked 1st in the area.]

[‘Rune Selection’ will be given as a reward for ranking first in the area!]

[A ‘Special Reward Selection Box’ will be given as a reward for ranking first in the area!]

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