The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 290

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Episode 290

290. VS Artaros

I can hear Artaros’ inner thoughts.

– Block my sword?

Although he was surprised on the inside, his expression was completely indifferent.

Ryu Min is also pretending not to be like that.

‘That guy is not an easy guy.’

It was a moment, but I missed his movement.

It would have been impossible to avoid it without the future vision rune.

It was that fast of a sword.

‘It’s not just fast. ‘Heavy.’

When I cut it with a sickle, it felt heavy.

Doesn’t it compare to you in terms of strength and speed?

‘If I do this well, I might lose my life?’

They say you can be revived with the title effect of the Last Time Regressor, but I might use it this time.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure I would win.

‘Then I’ll do my best. long time.’

Ryu Min, who had decided to kill the guy, had murderous intent in his eyes.

Then Artaros flinched and looked at me, as if he sensed a change.

[The energy of death is activated.]

[All of the target’s stats decrease by 50%.]

I wanted to use Shinigami in addition, but unfortunately I couldn’t because it was on cooldown.

However, Ryumin has points gained from killing 7 archangels and 1,000 angels.

None other than 83,961,988 stat points.

‘Invest 20,990,497 evenly in Strength, Min, Intelligence, and Luck.’

When I quickly invested in a starter, my stats increased ridiculously.

The stat, which had barely exceeded 20 million, rose to 170 million.

In other words, it has become more than 8 times stronger than before.



When the attack speed and movement speed buffs were used here, sparks flew from Ryumin’s body.

He ran as if bouncing and swung his scythe with all his might.


Artaros is once again surprised by the strength that is clearly different from before.

Kang-! Kang-! Kakang!

The more I swung the scythe, the more sparks flew.

Ryu Min’s body, which was pouring out a series of shots, disappeared for a moment, leaving behind only an afterimage.

However, Artaros calmly folded his wings as if he knew where he was aiming.


Its wings, as strong as a shield, blocked the scythe aimed at its head.

Artaros, with a faint smile, immediately scattered rainbow-colored sword energy in all directions.

Ryumin quickly left the scene as he couldn’t stop them all, but Artaros was faster than him.

[You can’t give up.]


Before he knew it, his sword came behind him and pierced Ryumin’s chest.

[It’s over… … .]

However, perhaps sensing something strange, Artaros lowered the corner of his mouth that he was about to raise.

Instead, it just covers its body with its wings like a turtle.


Unfortunately, Ryumin’s scythe was blocked by the wing.

A slight difference.

Artaros reacted quickly.

“I guess you thought it was an immolation?”

[Such tricks don’t work on me.]

“Then what about this?”

A black shadow flies away with a whistling sound.


It was a dagger of darkness that could pierce even an iron plate, but in front of its wings, it was no different from hitting an egg on a rock.

[You are trying in vain.]

It’s so scary!

Instead of answering, I tried using [Charging] to push the opponent away, but Artaros didn’t even dodge and blocked it with his wings.

‘It’s not moving?’

It was the same even when I used Death Grip.

The opponent who was supposed to be pushed away did not move like an old tree.

[They did a test against me, but those effects are meaningless against my defenses.]

“But the stat reduction is only applied well?”

[Isn’t that the same for you too?]

Ryumin did not answer.


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Although he wasn’t speaking, he was also looking at the message posted in a corner.

[You have entered a space of nothingness.]

[No external buffs are applied in this space.]

Bless, Swift, Safety Barrier, Saint’s Blessing, Weapon Polishing, Equipment Polishing, etc.

All buffs on Ryumin are locked.

It seems that buffs cannot be used temporarily in the area created by Artaros.

‘He’s not the only one whose stats have dropped. ‘My stats also dropped to less than half.’

Fortunately, only buffs received from others were not applied, and runes and buffs used by oneself were applied.

‘What should I do? I’ve invested all the stats I have, but this guy’s skills aren’t that great… … .’

Even without Bless, these stats exceed 170 million.

Even though it has increased by more than 8 times compared to when all kinds of buffs were applied, the strength and speed are on par with Artaros.

‘No, to be honest, I’m a little pushed back.’

I dropped my stats by half, but I have an advantage over myself?

‘How high are the existing stats?’

Indeed, he was an opponent worthy of being called the ruler of the sky.

‘For the first time, I have a worthy opponent.’

There is nothing we can do about it.

There is no choice but to give up the flesh and take the bones.

As Ryumin grinned, Artaros tilted his head.

[Are you out of your mind? You must have already confirmed the difference in skill, right?]

“You have to give more details to know what’s long and short.”

[I praise you for your confidence. Then now is the time for atonement.]

When Artaros raised his sword, Ryumin’s appearance disappeared.

[I said that remnants of talent don’t work.]

Turn back and swing your sword.


The sound of a scythe colliding was heard.

At the same time, the invisibility was lifted and Ryumin appeared.

Artaros was able to read the presence and accurately prevented the surprise attack.

[There is no need to drag it out. Let this disappear.]

A rainbow-colored brilliance erupted from the blade.

Not only did it push away the darkness, but the radiance that made the surroundings look like daylight completely burned Ryumin’s body.

He was a single-minded criminal with no room to escape.

‘It’s over.’

Artaros raised the corners of his mouth slightly as he watched the black scythe melt and disappear in his skill, [Light of Annihilation].



There was a fact that Artaros overlooked.

Ryumin has a title that blocks 80% of divine damage.

Also, there is a title that nullifies the mental damage contained in divine power.

“I told you so.”

What was visible in the brilliance was a black scythe with bright red [Red Moon] eyes.

“You need to know what’s long and short to know.”


His scythe made an eerie howling sound and spewed out an eerie moonlight.

Moonlight Island 5 consecutive combos were launched towards Artaros.

He, who had reflexively hid himself in the wings, withdrew his action.

‘This… … ‘You can’t stop it.’




A series of huge shocks occurred that shook the space of nothingness.

Of course, there was no way all those attacks would hit Artaros.

To begin with, dodging even a single technique is a piece of cake for him as he can catch up with Ryu Min’s speed.

However, as if it was aware of that fact, Moonlight Island flew in at a clever angle to prevent Artaros from dodging.

As a result, the wings were successfully cut off.

[I can at least give you my wings.]

“You don’t plan on just taking the wings?”

As soon as Moonlight Island ended, Ryumin appeared as if he had been waiting.

The scythe is aimed at the face at frightening speed.

Artaros tried to block it with his wings, but realized it too late.

Most of the wings were cut off.

‘That won’t work.’

Deciding that he couldn’t stop it, he twisted his head and stabbed the sword.

The scythe grazed Artaros’ cheek, cutting off his hair and ear.

At the same time, his sword plunged into Ryumin’s abdomen.

No, it felt like I was getting stuck.


‘The sword misses?’

Ryumin, who avoided a fatal wound thanks to Thanatos’ black barding, which had a 73.7% chance of blocking, struck down the scythe again.

Artaros, who had already felt a cold sensation, instantly warped his body.

Behind Ryumin.

However, it was Artaros’ defeat.

“I knew so.”

Ryumin, who was already reading the other person’s thoughts, swung his scythe horizontally.

Artaros tried to get away with his quick wits, but it was already too late.


There was a long stab wound on his side, and scarlet blood dripped down.

As the scythe whipped around like a storm with momentum, a look of confusion appeared on Artaros’ face.

‘It is now. If it’s not now, you can’t beat him.’

Ryumin, who barely did any damage, followed along tenaciously and swung his sickle to cut Artaros’ body.

Kang-! Kang-!

Artaros raised his sword to block and retreated, but each time he did so, blood leaked out from his torn side.

Like a cornered dog, his movements began to become slower than before.


When the sword and sickle collided, Artaros took advantage of the recoil and retreated.

I was planning to give myself some time to rest, but Ryu Min followed along like a leech as if he wouldn’t give me that time.

‘You’re bothering me, human.’

Artaros, who was still wounded and blocking the attack, decided that it couldn’t go on like this and used a technique.

It was a buff that increased all physical abilities by 50% by increasing the spiritual power of the entire body with a skill called [Burning Radiance].


As the speed increased noticeably, it was difficult for Ryumin to keep up.

Suddenly, the situation turned around.

It was he who was put on the defensive.

‘You’re crazy. ‘You don’t even let your opponent get a buff, but you improve all your stats by 50%?’

Ryu Min, who was being pushed back, bit his lower lip.

If this continues, the game will be decided in a matter of seconds.

‘If that’s the case, I’ll have to bet on it too.’

It is not good to drag it out for a long time.

I was also not in a good condition after being hit by that guy’s technique a little while ago.

My whole body feels hot as if I had been burned.

Reduces damage by 80%, nullifies mental damage, and reduces damage received by 30%, which is a set effect.

I tried reducing the damage with all sorts of effects, but it didn’t completely prevent it.

‘I can’t do this. When he aims for the heart, I aim for the neck.’

Ryumin, who was struggling to block the sword, deliberately opened a gap to hit the armor.

I decided to trust the black barding that deflects attacks with a 73.7% probability.

When Ryumin saw an opportunity, he took the bait.

Even after reading his thoughts, there was no doubt.

‘Now is the time.’

Ryumin did not defend himself, but rather rushed at him.

To take the guy’s head instead of giving him his chest.

‘I’ll brush it off this time too.’

just as expected.


Even though the sword touches the heart, it swerves and misses.

It was fortunate.

Ryu Min, who was internally delighted, applied even more force to the already moving scythe.

The scythe was already cutting into his throat, so there was no room to avoid it.


Artaros’ head fell down.



Just when I thought it was over.


Artaros was wrapped in light, and his fallen neck was stuck in place.

It’s like rewinding in time.

Ryumin’s eyes opened wide.

‘… … ‘You have the ability to resurrect?’

Reading someone else’s thoughts doesn’t mean you know all their techniques.

Ryumin didn’t even think that the guy would come back to life right away.

Artaros, who turned his neck as if he was feeling stiff, spoke with an emotionless face.

[I am under a curse. A curse that prevents you from dying even if you die.]

“… … .”

[I never thought the curse would be discovered by a mere human… … .]

Artaros raised the sword of light.

[I can’t leave him alive since he’s been caught. I was planning on killing him from the beginning.]

Artaros’ body disappeared in an instant.

I thought he was approaching from behind and turned around, but all I saw was his afterimage.

[This way.]

The moment Ryumin turned his head.

Artaros’ sword pierced Ryumin’s neck.

No, it seemed that way.

Until the Knight Revival rune is activated.

[I was attacked to the point of death.]

[The knight revival rune is activated.]

[Deflects the target’s attack.]

At that moment, Artaros’ eyes widened.

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