The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 282

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Episode 282

282. Transaction

“Wow, it’s fixed neatly!”

Ryu Won returned home and looked around the house with admiration.

The house, which had been a mess, was clean as if it were a new house.

So much so that you wouldn’t even think that you fought an archangel here.

“Hotel life is great, but after all, there’s no place more comfortable than my own home!”

Ryumin smiled calmly as he watched his younger brother sinking into the sofa.

Still, I call it my home because I have lived there for over a year.

“Even though you say that, wasn’t the hotel more comfortable?”

“haha… … That’s right. “They bring you a meal every morning.”

“I guess it would have been nice not to eat delivery food?”

“The food there was so delicious. Brother, are there any fights at home? “They say the angel is coming again?”

“Don’t say that even if it’s a joke. “Words become seeds.”

“lol… … sorry.”

Ryu Min’s expression relaxed when he saw his younger brother scratching his head and apologizing.

“Let’s eat something. Are you hungry? Should I order some food delivered?”

“no. Let’s eat at home. There’s a YouTuber I recently found, and I tried following it and it turned out to be really delicious. “I’ll make it for you soon, so you can rest comfortably.”

Ryumin smiled as he watched his younger brother running to the kitchen.

Although he seems immature on the outside, he is a family member who cares about him more than anyone else.

‘Don’t worry if an angel appears, little brother. I will protect you like last time.’

Since you have the hero’s protection, there is no need to worry even if you are attacked like last time.

I don’t know if it will appear again though.

‘No, he won’t show up this time. It wouldn’t be profitable to target my younger brother even though I wasted 90% of my power. There is no guarantee of success.’

The reason it appeared last time was because round 16 was set in reality.

Michael will not target his younger brother even if he has to risk the penalty.

‘If I’m aiming for it, it’ll be around the 18th round.’

There is a high possibility that they will approach you and try to deceive you with various sweethearts.

Because there is nothing you can do with your own strength.

‘If you try to trap me, that day will be his memorial day.’

In the previous episode alone, there were only 7 participants in the 18th round, excluding himself.

Min-ri Min, Yamti, Victor, Alex, Dorothy, Gyeong-rok Ma, and Seong-tak Joo.

‘Five of them died, and only Ma Gyeong-rok and Joo Seong-tak survived.’

I don’t know exactly how he died.

Because at the time, I had no interest in saving other people.

Because it was a war, there was no time to worry.

‘I just assume he died fighting a demon.’

But now it’s different.

A whopping 286 people survived, and everyone is looking forward to the 20th round with their own wishes.

‘We can’t save everyone. But we can take at least 70 people.’

Taking 70 people to the last round?

Compared to the previous episode where I was alone, I can’t help but feel reassured.

‘Until then, we won’t lose anyone. Everyone around him, including Minjoo-ri… … .’

Of course, we can’t save everyone.

If we can attract the 70 people who will become the final members, that alone will be a blessing.

For a moment, I remembered what Alex was trying to do.

‘To prepare for the final round, we tried to gather talented people in advance and form an elite team.’

Now that I think about it, I think I should do the same.

Wouldn’t it be better for the future to at least take care of the main members separately?

‘Now that I think of it, I have to do it right away.’

Ryu Min called his acquaintances and made appointments that did not overlap.

Since I had something to give in person, we decided to meet separately.

The first person to make an appointment was Seo A-rin, who lived nearby.

“I get it. “We’ll meet at the cafe in 30 minutes.”

Ryumin, who spoke in Lost Yak’s altered voice, hung up the call.

We could have met right away, but we intentionally made an appointment 30 minutes later.

The person who promised to meet with Seo A-rin was not a prophet, but Black Scythe.

I have no intention of advertising that I live nearby.

‘I need to make appointments with other people like this.’

Ryumin made several more calls until the dish was completed.

He made calls using Lost Yak’s cell phone and his voice was altered, so everyone thought he was Black Scythe.

“brother! “The meal is ready!”

Ryu Min sat down at the table at his younger brother’s call.

It was a sumptuous feast in its own way with an 8-piece meal.

“I made it according to YouTuber Yoon’s recipe. “Try it, bro.”

Ryumin ate the soup first with a spoon.




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I was so amazed that I couldn’t help but move, not just once, but several times.

“how is it? delicious?”

“It’s the best?”

Spicy yellow chickpea soup, crunchy cucumber cabbage, and spicy and sweet delicacy.

It was an impeccable meal that definitely got a thumbs up.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“You eat quickly too.”

“Okay, bro. But who were you talking to earlier like that?”

“Did you hear?”

“huh. “He called with a black scythe voice.”

“I wanted to meet some colleagues and tell them something.”

“Then are you planning to go abroad?”

“no. I told you to come this way, so there’s no need to go. Instead, I’ll be busy for a few days.”

“Isn’t there a Seo A-rin sister among your colleagues?”

“yes. “We already decided to meet later.”

“later? when?”

“There are about 10 minutes left.”

Enough time to eat and go.

Ryumin patted his younger brother’s shoulder, saying he had eaten well, and then changed into his going-out clothes.

“I think Arin will be surprised? “My brother has grown so tall.”

As his younger brother said, Ryu Min’s height is 181cm.

It is 10% larger than before, which was 165cm.

It was none other than the additional effect of the Rune of Predation.

“I was surprised to see my brother grow taller as soon as he came back from round 17, but how surprised will Arin be?”

“I wouldn’t be surprised. “Because we are meeting not as prophets, but as black scythes.”

After saying that, Ryumin immediately put on his shoes and started getting ready to go out.

Originally, I was supposed to change my appearance into an assassin’s mask, but since I might meet a neighbor on the way, I decided to do the transformation later.

“Come on, bro!”


Clang – Ryumin, who was about to open the door and go out the front door, had no choice but to stop immediately.

Because an unexpected person was standing in front of me as if waiting.

“Actor Seo?”

“uh… … Prophet?”

Seo Ah-rin looked up and down as if surprised by her sudden height increase.


After coming out and closing the door, Ryu Min looked back at Seo A-rin.

“What are you doing here?”

“Uh, that’s… … .”

Perhaps he was embarrassed by the sudden question or because he had grown taller, but he was unable to speak easily.

‘It’s because of the height.’

Ryu Min, who read my thoughts, smiled as if telling me not to panic.

“Were you surprised by my height? I was surprised too. I never thought that a rune I got by chance would have a hidden ability to increase my height… … .”

“That’s an amazing feature.”

“It can resurrect people, but this is a small task. “By the way, were you waiting for me?”

“Oh, yes. Yes.”


Seo A-rin and the prophet have never made an appointment.

And yet you were waiting in silence at the door?

I didn’t understand, so I immediately read Seo A-rin’s thoughts.

And I was able to find out what the intention was.

‘You suspect I might be the Black Scythe.’

Doubt was turning into certainty the moment Ryumin came out of the house.

“I’m sorry, but can I ask a question first?”


“Where are you going now?”

“I’m going to meet someone.”


“I’m embarrassed that you’re suddenly interrogating me.”

“You don’t look embarrassed at all.”

“I’m just trying to pretend it’s not happening.”

“I’ll ask you straight.”

Seo A-rin gathered courage and spoke.

“Is the Prophet the Black Scythe?”

“… … .”

“Don’t even think about denying it. I heard everything from Democracy. He looks like he doesn’t believe it, but my intuition can’t be fooled… … .”

“I have no intention of denying it.”

Ryu Min obediently admitted.

“is it so. “I am the black scythe.”

“ah… … .”

I thought she would say no, but when she actually admitted it, Seo A-rin couldn’t find anything more to say.

“It’s a bit awkward to talk in the hallway. “Where can I go?”

“Yeah, that’s right. Let’s go to my house. Because there’s no one home… … .”

Seo A-rin said that and took the lead.

In fact, Ryu Min was going to ask her to go into his house.

However, it was Seo Ah-rin who guided her to her house, probably because she knew her younger sister was there.

‘You can say it in front of your younger brother.’

In order not to cause further confusion, I followed Seo A-rin upstairs.

Beep beep beep beep beep!

“D-Please come in. Black scythe… … “No, Prophet.”

Seo A-rin opened the door wide and led Ryu Min into the living room.

Since it is a penthouse with two floors, the ceiling is definitely higher than your own house and the sense of openness stands out.

“W-Please sit here.”

“Of course.”

“that… … “You mean the Prophet is Black Scythe?”

Ryumin nodded wordlessly.

Seo A-rin looked somewhat bewildered when her assumption became a reality.

“You called me 30 minutes ago to meet me at the cafe?”


“But my voice on the phone is very different from my current voice. I don’t know what happened… … .”

Seeing that he kept asking, it seemed like he couldn’t easily believe it.

“Do you need proof? “Then let me show you.”

Ryumin changed his appearance into an assassin’s mask.

Rumbling, rumbling-

They were similar in height so there was no difference, but their skin became bronze and their faces changed.

Seo A-rin covered her mouth as she watched Ryu Min take out the white mask she had prepared for the last time and put it on.

“This is the black scythe that people know. You saw me at the Four Gods Church yesterday too, right? “I can even show you the scythe if you want.”

“Oh, no. believe. enough… … .”

Seo A-rin still couldn’t keep her mouth shut.

It must have been quite shocking to see his appearance change before his eyes.

Taking a deep breath, Seo A-rin, who had calmed down to some extent, barely opened her mouth.

“So, the one who saved me from fellow actors at the club the other day… … .”

“I am like that.”

“Black Scythe. “May I ask why you revealed your identity to me?”

“Now there’s no reason to hide it. There is no reason to reveal it… … “There’s nothing I can do because I’m under suspicion.”

“So are you going to continue to lead a double life like this?”

“That’s right. “There is no benefit to having your identity known.”

“Does anyone know other than me? “What is Black Scythe’s identity?”

Ryumin thought for a moment about whether to say something or not, but it was only for a moment.

Now that things are like this, if you lie again, the situation will only get more complicated.

It didn’t seem like Seo Ah-rin wouldn’t keep the secret.

“Christine and my sister found out relatively recently. “I knew from long ago that Yamti and those idiots, Jeffrey and John Delgado were my slaves.”

“No, slave?”

“You don’t need to know the details. “That’s all I know.”

“iced coffee… … yes.”

As Seo A-rin answered, she erased all the doubts that remained deep in her heart.

It was clear that it was a black scythe that he knew from his tone of voice and atmosphere.

“The Prophet was really Black Scythe… … . “I couldn’t even imagine it.”

“You’re not going to go somewhere and tell me, are you?”

“Sure. I’ll keep the secret. Black Scythe doesn’t want to reveal his identity… … .”

Ryumin smiled.

“Thank you.”

“Anyway, the reason you asked to meet me… … ?”

“Ah, I want to give you a present.”


Ryu Min used the trade function against Seo A-rin.

Seo A-rin’s eyes widened when she saw the transaction window.

<Trader: Black Scythe>

└Items to trade: None

└Gold to trade: 0 G

└Points to trade: 1,000,000P


<Trader: Seo A-rin>

└Items to trade: None

└Gold to trade: 0 G

└Points to trade: 0 P


[After uploading the item, click the ‘Trade’ button.]

[A transaction is completed only with the consent of both parties.]

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