The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 277

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Episode 277

277. Cooperation

Nemesis, the goddess of vengeance, bowed her head with her hands clasped together politely.

He was biting his lower lip as if he was anxious, an expression rarely seen these days.


[Yes, yes!]

Nemesis was startled by the low-pitched voice and raised his head.

[What happened to what I ordered?]

[Well, that’s still… … .]

[Have you not brought the black scythe yet?]

[sorry. But don’t worry. Michael has come down, so you’ll hear good news soon… … .]

[I think I heard something similar last time. They said that since Gabriel and Raphael have come forward, they will bring good news soon.]

[Ha, but this time will be different. Since the number one archangel came forward in person… … .]


The tone of his voice was as heavy as the abyss.

[Can you guarantee that even Michael will not be attacked?]

[No, of course. of course… … .]

[Can you take responsibility?]

[…] … .]

Nemesis closed his mouth.

If you answer that question, you must be prepared to disappear.

[I thought I couldn’t answer.]

[…] … .]

[I’m sure I’ll fail this time too. Should we have no choice but to send Artaros?]

[Well, it’s not like that. Be sure to finish on your own terms… … .]

[You keep making promises you can’t keep.]

[…] … .]

[Don’t you know better than anyone else what happened to the gods who only spoke before me? Nemesis.]

[Oh, I know. Don’t know… … .]

Nemesis trembled with fear.

Because I saw with my own eyes what happened to those who defied the will of the God of Destruction.

[If you know, stop making meaningless excuses. The only thing that matters to me is the result. I don’t need to tell you how much energy is at stake in winning or losing this war, right?]

[Yes, yes.]

[Go and get the results. The only way to make Plunictos not go to war is to throw him a black scythe.]

[We will definitely bring you good news.]

[I hope it’s not just words this time.]

With those words, Nemesis took a deep breath as contact was lost.

Now I finally feel like I can breathe.

‘If the Elyos do not win this 7th Heavenly Demon War, they will lose a lot.’

Not only will it incur the resentment of countless gods who are betting on the Elyos, but its existence itself may disappear.

In the first place, he was the one who attracted the other gods to believe in the possibility of the Elyos.

‘Stupid Michael! Then why do you use the devil’s resurrection book as you please!’

In fact, it happened with his approval, but Nemesis had no time to blame himself.

If you don’t hand over the black scythe to Plunictos right away, this war will be a crushing defeat and you will be destroyed as well.

‘The life and death of the gods depends on Michael.’

Nemesis remembers.

Michael’s performance in the 5th Heavenly Demon War, where he achieved his only victory by slaughtering demons.

Didn’t he even get the nickname “God of Battle” back then?

‘All other wars were lost.’

Out of a total of six wars, the Elyos won only once, in the fifth.

However, it was a meaningful war that showed promise because victory was achieved without human mercenaries.

‘Although we lost again in the 6th round, this 7th round will be different.’

With that hope, sales were made and various gods were attracted to bet on the Elyos.

Among them, he even made the big man called the God of Destruction, whom we talked about a little while ago, take his side.

That is why everything is at stake in this 7th Heavenly Demon War.

‘I’m sure we won’t get hit by the black scythe this time, right?’

A situation where many archangels, including Gabriel, have already been lost.

If we lose Michael, even if we give up the black scythe, we have no chance of winning the upcoming 7th Heavenly Demon War.

‘How long has it been since Michael went down, why is there no news? Wait, really?’

Nemesis’ face became contemplative as an ominous thought suddenly occurred to him.

[No, no, you can’t do that.]

Hoping that his ominous premonition would not come true, he quickly used the power of God.

The power to look down on all things.

‘ah? ah?’

Eventually, Nemesis became embarrassed.

Michael’s existence cannot be found in this world.

‘Uh, none. doesn’t exist… … !’

In the end, did the ominous premonition become a reality?


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A signal came to Nemesis, who was devastated with a helpless look on his face.

And then I realized.

That his worries were unfounded.

[Nemesis. This is Michael. As you instructed, I brought the black scythe.]

Nemesis, who saw the message, had no choice but to come to his senses.

‘Where are you? where!’

Nemesis quickly traced Michael’s location and soon became angry.

‘You’re in heaven! ‘That too with the black scythe!’

Nemesis tore up space to capture that pleasant reality with two eyes.

Damn it –

And just by taking one step, I was able to stand in front of Michael.

[Ah, Nemesis.]

Next to Michael, who bowed his head, was Black Scythe, a sinner whose entire body was bound by chains of light.

[This is the black scythe.]

[That’s right.]

[You bastard! How dare you disturb the order of heaven like this! You piece of trash!]

How much have you been worrying about this insignificant insect?

Although he was angry and started swearing, the black scythe showed no change in expression.

[I wish I could just put it in a cyst and let it be eaten by bugs forever, but I can’t.]

Nemesis looked away as if he didn’t want to see it anymore.



[Contact Plunictos immediately. I will hand over a human who is worse than this insect.]

[I will do as instructed.]

Nemesis fired his black scythe as if to kill him, then tore through space and disappeared.

* * *


Every time I walk, I hear the sound of chains clanging.

“How far should I walk?”

[Don’t fuss. Just go a little further.]

“I don’t have much time.”

[I know, I know.]

Michael, who was grumbling, recalled the conversation he had with Ryumin that took place 30 minutes ago.

-I’ll save you. How about doing this instead?

-How do you mean that?

-Call the battle angels for support. About 75 people?

-Why are you calling your subordinates?

-To kill them all.

-What is the benefit of killing him?

-That’s none of your business.

-You’ll let me live as long as you give me some subordinates to sacrifice? It’s amazing.

-why? no? Then why don’t you die right here?

-Do you think I’m a fool? If I was going to kill him, I would have killed him right away.

-Before, I didn’t kill him to get information, but now it’s different. Because I got all the information I needed.

-… … A vile human being.

-It’s a better evaluation than a bug. So what should I do? do you want to die? Would you like to call your subordinates?

-I would rather die than sacrifice my subordinates. Anyway, if I can’t take you to heaven, I’m dead.

-Hmm… … They’re not cooperating. This is the only way to build a stack… … .

-What are you mumbling? Kill it quickly.

-How about this? What if I told you there was a way for you to survive? Do you want to cooperate?

-The only way for me to live is to take you with me.

-Take him, then.


-Take me with you. To heaven.

-… … Are you serious?

-He said he had to hand me over to that demon prince named Plunictos. In this way, we can prevent war from breaking out early and appease the anger of the gods. Right?

-uh? Uh… … .

-Then take him with you. To heaven. Well, I really don’t plan on getting caught, I just want to pretend I got caught.


-If you subdue the Black Scythe and take it to heaven, your job is done, right? yes?

-Yeah, that’s right.

-Then take me before God and show me. No matter what I do after that, the gods can no longer hold you accountable.

-What are you planning to do?

-I’m going to escape. Kill some battle angels.

-Escape, how?

-The method is simple. Pretend you are taking me to Plunictos and pass by the battle angels. At that time, I will untie you, kill the battle angels, and escape to the other world. If I return within an hour, won’t my player status be revoked?

-That’s true, but… … .

-why? Is it because you’re worried that you’ll be reprimanded for missing the black scythe along the way?

-I won’t deny it.

-Still, is it necessary to kill him when he is the only archangel in name and appearance? If you say you missed it because you were careless, you won’t be able to say anything more. First of all, the order to bring them to heaven has been fulfilled, right?

-… … .

-This way, I can kill the battle angel as I want, and you can also save your life, so isn’t it a win-win?

-It’s definitely a plausible strategy. but… … .


-What if I break my promise and sell you to God? What are you going to do then? No matter how strong you are, you are still just a one-day puppy before God, right?

-You mean you will tell me when you stand in front of God. Well, it’s okay. The moment you betray me, I will cut your head off right then and there. And while we’re at it, let’s fight God too.

-You want to challenge God… … Are you sane?

-So don’t betray me. Unless you want to die.

-… … .

-Besides, you have to keep me alive until round 20 to fulfill your wish to become a god, right?

-Well, how did you do that… … ?

-You can know everything. So don’t think about betraying me. We are comrades in the same boat from now on.

‘comrade? ‘Am I with that human?’

After finishing his reminiscence, Michael looked at the black scythe out of the corner of his eye.

Even though he faced God a little while ago, his expression was relaxed.

A face that shows no sign of tension.

‘Is it because you know I won’t betray you?’

I don’t know how he knows his own wishes, but he’s definitely an idiot.

He is definitely not a human being who can be dismissed as an insect.

“When will you arrive where your subordinates are? “We have to go back in 20 minutes.”

[There it is. Just pass by the training center over there.]

Michael decided to trust him.

The only way to save your life right now was to cooperate with him.

[uh? Michael?]

[It’s Michael!]

[Really? Where where?]

The combat angels who were training reacted excitedly to Michael’s appearance as if they had seen a celebrity.

Some people didn’t know what to do, as if they were so sad, while others gave them a look of respect.

Without knowing that the idol they had looked up to their whole life had sold them to the black scythe.

[These are 5th rank combat angels. There will be about 100 people.]

“thank you.”

Ryumin stopped walking and untied the chain around his body.

It was not a chain prepared by Michael in the first place, but a chain created by Ryumin using the chain runes.

[Now, as promised, you will save me, right?]

“then. of course.”

As soon as Ryumin finished answering, he punched Michael in the stomach.


Michael, unable to scream and fainting, flew off somewhere.

“For the time being.”

Ryumin grinned and looked at the confused battle angels.

It was like the eyes of a wild beast looking at its prey.

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