The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 275

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Episode 275

275. VS Michael

Sky Above, God of Battle, Only Hope, Number 1 in the Archangel Order, etc.

Michael had many adjectives, but not all of them could satisfy him.

‘That’s right, we are moving like chess pieces under the gods. ‘There is no difference between me and my subordinates in that we are in a position to receive orders.’

Even though his subordinates praised him as heaven, Michael felt empty.

Anyway, it’s a league of their own.

Because I know very well that I am a frog in a well.

Maybe that’s why I was hoping for it even more.

A once-in-a-lifetime feat to become a god.

‘But it’s all pointless.’

From Remiel in 7th place to Gabriel in 2nd place.

The deaths of the same archangels were condoned and made into scapegoats, but it could not be slowed down.

‘It’s finally my turn.’

You have to kill the black scythe with your own hands.

I have to take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity away with my own hands.

[ha… … .]

Michael was so confused that he couldn’t help but sigh.

His plan to fulfill his wish to become a god by surviving the 20th round of the black scythe ended like this.

‘No, strictly speaking, it’s not over yet.’

But it’s almost like it’s over.

The gods are watching from behind.

Nemesis, the goddess of vengeance, and even the god of darkness, are urging us to quickly bring the black scythe.

‘Can’t we really put it off…? … .’

There are no more archangels to send.

There are no more excuses.

If you don’t hand over the Black Scythe to the Demon Archduke Plunicthos before the 18th round begins… … .

‘It will give Plunictos a reason to emerge, and he will ultimately be defeated in the upcoming Heavenly Demon War.’

Not only that, he will incur the grievances of various gods, including Nemesis.

[Damn it, how did it end up like this?]

If I think about it carefully, it was all because of Gabriel.

-You can make a black scythe as a sacrifice by using the Devil’s Resurrection Book that you picked up during the last Heavenly Demon War. There is no need for us to step forward. You can use other players who have bad feelings towards him.

It was truly the worst handshake to have listened to his plan to somehow prolong the time.

‘If I hadn’t fallen for the guy’s suggestion to use the Devil’s Resurrection Book, things wouldn’t have gone this far… … .’

But no matter how fast you regret, it is always too late.

The operation failed and in return offended Plunictus and even got the gods involved.

In a way, it was as if his own decision had created this sad month.

‘No, maybe all of this is Plunictos’ plan… … .’

Could it be that he leaked the Devil’s Resurrection Book in order to secure a landslide victory in the Battle of the Heavenly Demons and to provide a justification for his own involvement?

Are you planning on somehow finding fault with the angels if they use that item?

‘Damn it! We have been tricked by the devil. ‘How can you be so stupid?’

Even though I covered my head and blamed myself, nothing changed.

Now that things have come to this, there is only one way.

There is no choice but to subdue the Black Scythe and hand it over as Plunictos demands.

Even if I postpone the feat of becoming a god.

‘It is absolutely impossible to lose in the Battle of Heavenly Demon. If I do that, even my current position will be in jeopardy.’

God and others must promise to do the next thing and solve the immediate problem first.

With that thought in mind, Michael looked down at the otherworldly black scythe.

A celestial bead with the function of clairvoyance.

‘To avoid confusion, it would be better to aim for a time when that guy is alone… … .’

When is the best time to aim? When you are waiting for the right moment.

As if heaven helped, the black scythe can be seen leaving the barracks on its own.

‘Where are we going?’

As I watched closely, he went to the mercenary group and used the warp machine to enter the dragon lair.

‘Do you plan to leave the kingdom war to your colleagues and catch the dragon yourself?’

A black scythe indeed.

There is no time to waste.

Although he was an insignificant human being, I couldn’t help but admire him.

‘Well, I guess it was because of that level of effort that I got to where I am now.’

But that only ends here.

Although he did not have the ability to see the future like Gabriel, Michael could.

The black scythe will soon kneel before him.

‘It’s a good thing that you’re in the rare category. There is also a 25% stat debuff.’

It would be easy to suppress even without the debuff, but if possible, I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity when the opponent was weakened.

After watching, the right timing came.

The black scythe that caught the dragon bit the mercenaries and was examining the system alone.

‘Now would be a good time.’



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Michael, who instantly warped to another world, waited in the cave with his huge wings spread.

And finally, I was able to meet the black scythe.

[I was waiting. Black scythe.]

Black Scythe looks surprised at his appearance.

How could an inferior human being have expected an angel to appear?

And the one with 20 wings?

But the person who was surprised was none other than himself.

“You are Michael.”

‘My name… … I know?’

It wasn’t just the name.

“Heaven above heaven, archangel number one.”

Honestly, it’s amazing.

What a mere bug knows about itself.

[Your guy… … You obtained information by threatening my subordinates.]

“Strictly speaking, it’s not true, but think of whatever you like.”

At first he was surprised, but now he has regained his composure.

‘Even archangels can be so relaxed in front of me, who is trembling?’

Michael didn’t like the sight of him even laughing.

“why? “Is it uncomfortable to see me smile?”

[…] … .]

“Frown up a little. “An insignificant insect can laugh a little in front of a noble person. Why are you offended?”

When I saw the black scythe that was now turning and chopping, I couldn’t help but laugh.

[under… … I’ve always wondered what kind of guy called Black Scythe was, but this was a species of human being that exceeded my expectations.]

“Anyway, there’s no reason for me to live up to the expectations of a newbie like you, right?”

[…] … Now that I’ve met you in person, I understand. How did our archangels suffer?]

‘He probably died because he was caught off guard by such a trivial provocation.’

It was obvious even without looking.

The reason for such obvious provocation was obvious.

‘Since their skills aren’t enough, they’re probably trying to take advantage of the moment they’re off guard.’

But he is different from other archangels.

I am not clumsy enough to fall for such low-level provocation.

Haven’t you already sensed the other person’s intentions?

‘You seem like an arrogant person. He was chosen by the system. He thinks he has become something… … .’


So far, I’ve only been lucky enough to kill the archangels.

Now that an opponent he can’t handle appears, there is no hope for him.

[Do you even know why I appeared?]

“Are you trying to kill me?”

[I won’t kill you. It just suppresses it.]

“What are you going to do by suppressing it?”

[Shouldn’t I be punished for disrupting the heavens?]

“punishment? “What qualifications do you have?”

Still arrogant.

Fu – I can’t even sigh anymore.

I just look at them with pitiful eyes.

‘I can’t believe I sold my men to protect this bug.’

It’s all useless now.

I will use this opportunity to fix the black scythe’s hair and take it to the demon archduke Plunictos to calm his anger.

“There is a saying in the human world like this.”


A sword and shield appeared in Michael’s hands.

“It is the law of the world that if you commit a crime, you are punished.”

[What are you babbling about? There is no need to say much. Come on.]

“The kid said he was going to say some cool lines… … .”

Black Scythe gave a mischievous look, but Michael did not fall for it.

‘I guess all of those actions were a ploy to catch me off guard. And that also proves that you are not confident in your own skills.’

So there is no need to respond.

All you need to do is show your skills.

Michael knew that in a moment, that arrogant expression and muzzle would turn into that of a dog that had been beaten on a dog day.

Anyway, Black Scythe was still paying attention to the dialogue.

“From now on, I will punish you, so take it kindly. Do you understand?”

[What a strange story… … .]

Michael’s eyes changed as he snorted.

[If you don’t come, I will go.]

His sword, which moved as quickly as the wind, cut off the shoulder of the black scythe.


Michael grinned as he looked at the black scythe, which had thrown up one arm in vain as if it had no chance to respond.

‘That’s boring.’

I thought he would be a bit of an opponent, but his skills couldn’t even keep up with his own movements.

[Just cut off the limbs and take them away… … .]

For a moment, Michael stopped speaking and turned his head.

His animalistic fighting sense spoke.

For some reason, my spine feels cold.

It flapped its wings and escaped.

But it was already too late and the wings were cut off.



12 wings were cut off.

I quickly turned my head, but the black scythe was no longer visible.

‘Uh, where is it?’

Michael looked confused and tried to find it, but it wasn’t there.

There was no sign of human presence, and even the severed arm had disappeared.

‘Was the one I cut an alter ego?’

At that time, I heard a voice in my ear.

“I’m disappointed.”

As soon as I heard the sound, I drew my sword horizontally.

Lightning reflex speed.

But nothing caught on the tip of the sword.

“The number one archangel can’t even distinguish between alter egos.”

Once again, the sword was fired in the direction of the sound.

Continuous sharp swords.

But this time, there was nothing caught or visible.

It feels like dealing with a ghost.

“Besides, I can’t see through the invisibility.”

[Where are you muttering so shamefully!]

“It’s here.”

Where Michael suddenly turned his head, there was a black scythe.

The stupid human has finally appeared.

You said you’d show up, but you really showed up.

As expected, he is extremely arrogant.

‘It’s your mistake.’

Michael used a technique he had prepared in advance.

‘A rush of light.’

It is a technique that pours a quick sword of light in front, leaving no meat behind if anyone is caught.

‘Oops… … !’

I realized later that I shouldn’t kill him, but it was already too late.

‘You ended up killing the black scythe.’

In this moment, an unbelievable sight unfolded before Michael’s eyes.


All 28 attacks containing divine power were blocked.

‘Oh, you blocked it? And cutting them off one by one with a sickle?’

I didn’t understand how they could have such a reflex speed, but that wasn’t the point right now.

“Take this one hit.”

Because the kick of the black scythe, which moved like a flash of lightning, stuck in his abdomen.



For the first time in his life, Michael realized what it was like to feel his stomach turn.

* * *


Ryumin looked disappointed as he saw Michael pinned against the wall like a turtle.

‘Is that really the number one archangel?’

I knew from reading his thoughts that he was the sky above the sky and the god of battle, but I had no idea it would be so bad.

‘Just in case, I tried using my alter ego first to gauge my skills… … .’

There was no need for that.

I was able to subdue him just with my current stats.

There was no need to use the energy of death to debuff stats.

‘It’s as weak as the archangels we’ve faced so far. ‘No, am I strong?’

There was an angel I met a while back in episode 68.

He was an angel whose overwhelming strength was felt just by looking at him.

Ryumin thought the angel was Michael.

‘But no.’

That guy pinned against the wall was not the angel I saw back then.

Not only the presence but also the appearance was different.

‘What if it’s not Michael? ‘Who was the angel I saw then?’

No matter how much I thought about it, it was not a question that could be answered.

However, one inference could be made.

‘Could it be that there are other angels above Michael?’

Stop asking any questions you have.

Ryumin got closer and pulled Michael out of the wall with a pole.

But Ryumin couldn’t get the answer he wanted.

“what… … “You fainted?”

It was Michael who lost consciousness in one hit.

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