The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 268

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Episode 268

268. At the hotel


When I answer the phone, I hear a worried voice.

-Prophet? Are you okay?

“What are you saying all of a sudden?”

-I stopped by the house and heard that it was broken.

Ryumin sighed softly.

No one knows what happened.

“It happened that way. But you stopped by my house… … “Are you in Korea now?”

-yes. Not only that, but it’s in front of the hotel?


Ryumin was surprised and decided to search for Christine.

[The face and name match. Tracks the location of the target.]

[The location of the target ‘Kristen Craig’ has been discovered.]

[It is currently 78 meters away.]

[To track the target, follow the arrows in front of you.]

It’s really close to the front of the hotel.

It looks like they decided to chase him.

-I’ve come this far. Can I see your face for a moment?

“… … “Of course.”

After hanging up the phone, Ryu Min picked up his coat and spoke to his younger brother.

“I’m going to go meet someone and come back.”



If you follow the tracking arrow, you will see Christine sitting in the lobby.

“Ah, Ryumin.”

“What are you doing here without saying a word?”

“sorry. I was worried when I saw the house like that… … .”

“Follow me.”

Ryumin first took Christine to a nearby cafe.

“What do you want to eat? Choose what you want to eat. “I will live.”

“no. The one who suddenly came to me was because of my shame… … .”

“Still, you came as a guest, so can we not treat you well? “Feel free to choose.”

“Thank you.”

Christine simply ordered a cup of coffee.

Ryu Min followed suit and then got to the point.

“I thought you went to America… … “Why did you come to my house?”

“Oh, that’s no other reason. You came to America last time to tell us about the prophecy, right? So, I thought it was my turn to visit this time… … .”

“Is that really all it is?”

“yes… … .”

Ryumin quietly looked at Christine like an interrogator.

The gaze was harsh in its own way, but Christine lowered her gaze as if she were embarrassed.

‘Really. ‘I came here for a really unremarkable reason.’

Ryu Min, who read her inner thoughts, sighed inwardly, but was also thankful.

Even if you are a stone Buddha, your heart will become weak in front of someone who cares about you.

“Umm, sorry.”

Christine, who misunderstood that she had offended Ryu Min who was still glaring at her, apologized again.

“I was coming to you after talking to you… … “It was so sudden, wasn’t it?”

“It seems so sudden.”

“really sorry. Anyway, what happened? Why did the house become like that? … .”

“An angel came to visit me.”


Since there was nothing to hide from Christine, who already knew her identity, Ryu Min told the truth.

“You may not know, but the angels think of me as their enemy. But I never thought it would come to my house and target my younger brother.”

“Che, did the angel target your younger brother? “Is your brother okay?”

“Luckily, I showed up in time and was able to save her.”

“What about angels? “What happened?”

“What happened?”

Ryumin chuckled.

That cynical smile was enough of an answer.

“I’m so glad no one was hurt.”

“I think so too.”

“Is that why you came back to the island late? Dealing with angels… … .”


“This shouldn’t happen again next time… … .”

“I’m still on edge these days because of that. Because of the anxiety that I might lose my younger brother… … .”

Ryumin must have hated just imagining it, so he looked out the window.


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Looking at the stretched sky and the toy-block-like city spread out beneath it, my stuffy heart lifts.

However, Christine looked at him worriedly, unable to do anything about the anxiety that remained in his eyes.

“are you okay?”

“yes. it’s okay.”

“Hey, I don’t know how this might sound… … .”

Christine, who had been hesitant for a moment, gathered courage.

“If you need anything, please use me to your heart’s content.”

“… … .”

“If it weren’t for Black Scythe, I would already be dead, right? So, please don’t feel pressured and use it at any time. If you ask me to stay by your side 24 hours a day, I will. “I don’t have the power to stop the angel, but wouldn’t it be better than nothing?”

Pamper yourself to your heart’s content.

I never imagined I would hear these words from Christine.

“You can use it and throw it away. No matter what, I want to be of help to Black Scythe. “I mean it.”

Ryumin just looked at Christine without saying a word.

‘I’m serious. ‘I feel it even without reading your thoughts.’

I feel a desire to help in any way possible.

“Thank you for your kind words, but I don’t have anything I can do to help you yet.”

“If I stay by my brother’s side… … .”

Ryumin shook his head seriously.

“The angel I dealt with is not an easy guy. “As a supporter, you won’t even be able to play the role of a normal shield.”

“is that so… … .”

Christine was sullen at the thoughtless remark, but it was an unavoidable fact.

Christine is an important force.

You can’t lose in vain with a shield.

Christine, who was sipping coffee, looked pitiful, like a puppy caught in the rain.

He really seems to have an attitude that only helping Black Scythe is his happiness.

Ryumin had no choice but to add.

“That doesn’t mean I will refuse help. “I promise to call you if I need anything later.”


As she nods, Christine’s face noticeably brightens.

“You promised! “I will definitely call you if there is anything I can be of help with.”

“You are still helping me enough.”

“no. As a supporter, it is natural to help. “I want to help you with your personal needs.”

“Yes, yes. “I promise.”

Ryu Min has nothing to lose.

However, we can’t just deal with Christine, our main force.

“Shall we go when you’ve finished drinking?”


Ryumin left the cafe with Christine.

Two people standing in front of the elevator said goodbye.

“I want to see you off at the airport, but I don’t know what will happen to my younger brother.”

“I understand. Please feel free to call me if you need anything. “I’ll hop on a plane and leave in a month.”

Soon, Christine got into the elevator and smiled and waved.

* * *

While Ryu Min entered the lobby bathroom, Min Joo-ri was organizing the scene she had seen in her head.

‘Why did Chrissy meet Min?’

When Ryu Min’s name was searched to track him down, Min Joo-ri decided to visit him.

To confirm with your own eyes whether it is really the Ryumin you know.

That’s how I got to this hotel, and happened to find a woman who looked like Chrissie in the lobby.

And I even witnessed the sight of him meeting Ryu Min, drinking coffee at a cafe, and having a conversation.

‘What are you two meeting to say?’

I couldn’t even hear the conversation because I was afraid I would be found out if I got close.

I just watched from a distance of over 30m.

I felt bad when I saw Christine’s worried expression and then suddenly smiling brightly.

‘What are you talking about that makes you smile so happily? … .’

Even a third party could see that this was jealousy, but the person involved did not know.

‘Did Ryu Min call you? You agreed to let me know first when you decided on a place to stay, but why… … ?’

Is this the love triangle we only heard about?

My mind became complicated.

I feel stressed for the first time in a while, but there is no answer if I worry about it alone.

The most obvious solution is to ask Ryu Min.

‘I’ll have to ask when it comes out.’

I stared at the bathroom entrance and waited, but for some reason he didn’t come out.

‘what? I’m looking at something big… … .’



Minjoo-ri was startled by the voice she heard from behind and turned around.

This is Ryumin.

My resurrected heart almost fell.

“No, you were surprised!”

“I heard someone was following you, so it was you?”

“Oh, did you know?”

Ryu Min grinned at Min Joo-ri, who was embarrassed.

‘of course. My presence detection range is 60m.’

I didn’t even say why.

“What are you doing here?”

“Uh, uh, that’s… … .”

“So you decided to chase me too?”

“you also… … rani?”

“Christine also came to the hotel. “I decided to track it down.”

“iced coffee… … .”

I thought Ryu Min called, but no.

Like himself, Christine had come to track him down on his own.

A small misunderstanding was resolved.

“I was already going to tell you the address, but let’s talk about it while I’m here.”


The two settled down at the cafe again.

It was a conversation with Christine.

“Order something to drink. “I will live.”


“You may have seen it, but I ate it earlier.”

“S-sorry. I didn’t mean to steal it… … .”

“are you okay.”

Ryu Min nodded as if he understood and got to the point when Min Joo-ri’s coffee arrived.

“What do you have to talk about?”


“You said on the phone that you wanted to meet me and talk to me. “What’s going on?”

Min-ri Min, who had been pausing in response to Ryu-min’s question, opened her mouth after taking a deep breath.

“you… … “Did you lie to me?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Is your nickname really Roast Yak?”

“… … .”

“I listened carefully when Black Scythe called my name after the round, but there was no nickname like that. What happened?”

“Well, that’s… … .”

“That’s not the only thing that’s strange.”

Min Joo-ri spoke as if she was trying to solve all the questions at this point.

“If I use tracking, it says that even though I know your name and face, they don’t match.”

“… … .”

“I’m not talking about tracking in the other world. I’m talking about reality. Even if you don’t know what this other world looks like because you’ve never seen it before, the real Ryumin can’t be traced. “Isn’t it strange when you think about it?”

“… … .”

“There’s something else strange. No matter how hard I searched on the remote island, I couldn’t see you. “Even though it was clearly not a customized body but reality.”

The number of people is correct, but I can’t see them?

That feels really strange.

“you… … “Were you on the island in the first place?”

Ryumin was silent.

Min-ri Min was asking questions under the assumption that she would have the answers.

‘I have the answer.’

But this is an answer that cannot be given.

It is an answer that must be hidden.

To explain everything, you have to reveal your identity.

At that time, a word suddenly passed through Ryumin’s mind.

-Can’t you reveal your identity? You can’t be shocked like me.

Why did my younger brother’s words come to mind?

‘perhaps… … You might understand.’

As soon as the thought of wanting to try it came to mind, Ryumin’s mouth moved.

“I am the black scythe.”

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