The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 266

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Episode 266

266. faction

Kobold Blue’s explanation was simple.

“A foreigner was asking someone to be on his side.”

“foreigner? “Who?”

“I don’t know who it is. “The nickname has to stay up.”

“When and where did you hear about that?”

“I overheard it while I was leaving the island after my round. “This is the answer.”

There was little information, but the content was unusual.

“I think those believers are forming a faction… … .”

Heo Tae-seok shook his head at Kobold Blue’s opinion.

I had the same thought.

‘You’re trying to divide believers who should be a team.’

I don’t know who it is, but as the leader of the Church of the Four Gods, I can’t just leave it alone.

“Can you remember that foreigner when you see his face?”

“Sure. “I have a hard time forgetting people’s faces.”

As soon as he heard those words, Heo Tae-seok opened the drawer and showed the profile pictures of the believers.

“Look for it. “Who is that foreigner?”

Kobold Blue, who was flipping through hundreds of profiles containing the personal information of believers, pointed with his finger at one point.

“This is him!”

‘This guy?’

Heo Tae-seok looked at the culprit with narrowed eyes and twitched the corner of his mouth.

‘I finally have something to help Black Scythe.’

This time, we will achieve remarkable results.

Desire bloomed in Heo Tae-seok’s eyes.

* * *

Life is a series of ups and downs.

Dorothy realized that fact early last year, when an angel appeared.

[Every month, you humans must complete a quest and survive. Until you clear 20 rounds.]

At first I thought it was God’s consideration.

Even when she, who was once said to be the youngest genius archer in the Netherlands, lost her sense of balance in a car accident.

So even when I was falling winglessly as an archery athlete, it was the thread of my life that I tenaciously held on to.

But that stops here.

I thought it was God’s consideration to tell me to stop now and end my life comfortably.

‘But no.’

Suffering from severe depression that couldn’t be cured even with medication, she had no regrets about the rest of her life.

I had no expectations.

But there is no law that says you have to die, so an opportunity arose.

A new body acquired through customization.

There was no disability as far as his body was concerned.

A perfect sense of balance.

And his strong body changed as he became a player.

It must have been from then on.

She began to have some hope in life.

The curve of life, which had been heading downhill, began to soar again.

[Genius archer Dorothy, survives the 16th round!]

[New palace in the Netherlands. Until she continued to win as a player.]

Genius archer, Shingung.

It was a modifier that Dorothy recovered from reality.

Although she could not resume her career as a player due to equity issues, Dorothy was satisfied.

Thanks to the sharpshooter rune I received while acquiring the archer class, I regained my bow skills even better than before.

‘I wonder why news stories keep coming out about what a big deal it is to come back alive… … .’

Dorothy, who was reading the article, put down her cell phone.

Since she was already a celebrity before becoming a player, her actions always attracted media attention.

Therefore, it wasn’t that surprising when someone came to their house.

Because my home address was well known.

Ding dong-

‘Are you a fan again?’

Dorothy opened the door to the mansion, thinking that she needed to shake hands and sign autographs, and her eyes widened.

“Hello, this is our sphere, right?”

Because a fat man was looking at me with a sad expression.

“Uh, his name is Alex… … Was it?”

“You remember. You’re Dorothy, right? “I’m sorry for coming to you out of nowhere.”

“Hey, come in first.”

Dorothy led Alex to the sofa.

“Please sit here. “Can I get you something to drink?”

“no. It came suddenly, so I can’t be indebted to it. “I’ll just tell you my business and I’ll be right away.”

Dorothy, who was sitting across from me, looked at me gently as if asking me to speak.


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“I saw your skills when you were killing monsters on the island. I hear you are quite skilled with a bow, right? “That’s why I’m saying this, won’t you give me strength?”

“What does that mean? “Please speak clearly.”

“It means working as a team with me.”

Rather than being surprised, Dorothy frowned.

Not only did it look unsightly to personally come and make suggestions like this, but it also seemed like a faction was forming within the same Four Gods Church.

Above all, there was no reason to join the team separately.

“I refuse. I won’t see you off. “Please go back.”

“wait a minute. Instead of doing that, just listen to me until the end.”

Dorothy became irritated when Alex continued to bite.

She tried to be a little more forceful, but Dorothy had to believe her ears for a moment when she heard the sound that came out of Alex’s mouth.

“What do you mean? Really?”

“yes. Are you interested now?”

Dorothy, who had been surprised, returned to her listening posture as if she had never been like that before.

“Tell me in detail what you just said.”

* * *

Alex Pearson.

A man of German nationality whom Kobold Blue correctly identified by looking at his profile photo.

‘Are you saying this guy is forming a faction by manipulating believers?’

Heo Tae-seok racked his brains as he thought about what to do with this ungrateful rat.

‘Goofy. ‘You’re already thinking of punishing me based on information that isn’t even clear yet.’

I was blinded by the thought that I had to achieve results as a religious leader.

Right now, the urgent priority is to check whether the information is true.

‘The guy named Kobold Blue may have misheard.’

To properly confirm, Heo Tae-seok first tracked Alex’s location.

If you follow him, won’t something come out?

With such expectations, I used ‘Demonization’, a skill I learned at level 60.

The skin turns red, the body size increases by 30%, and horns grow on the forehead.

It also has bat-like wings on its back.

It looks like this, but it is an advanced skill that increases the damage of the skill by 20% and allows you to use invisibility and fly.


Heo Tae-seok flew into the sky and followed carefully.

I followed the tracking arrow and before I knew it, I had reached the Netherlands.

‘Why is Alex here?’

I couldn’t understand, but that was for a moment.

The question was answered as soon as I saw Alex.

‘You’re with Dorothy, right?’

Dorothy and Alex are seen just coming out of the mansion.

The two exchanged friendly greetings and then parted ways.

I track down Alex again, and this time he heads to Nigeria.

He moved to a residential area in Lagos and met an alchemist named Victor.

We talked for more than 10 minutes inside, and as expected, we came out with smiles on our faces.

‘No matter how you look at it, it’s suspicious.’

What reason is there to travel around the world and meet believers?

‘Do you really want to form your own faction?’

It occurred to me that the rumor might be true.

We need to catch Alex and interrogate him right away.

I also reported to Black Scythe.

‘no. It’s still too early.’

Evidence is lacking.

It is not too late to make a move after becoming more certain.


Heo Tae-seok immediately turned around.

I decided not to tell anyone what I just saw.

Because hunting down traitors should be entirely your responsibility.

* * *

“It’s here.”

The place that Ryumin visited with John Delgado was none other than the place where the archangels were buried.

John, who had revived the first-class battle angels before leaving the island, skillfully memorized the spell.

“Get up.”

When Gabriel and Raphael turned into actual undead and woke up, Ryumin cut off their heads as if he had been waiting for them.


[Seven archangels ‘Gabriel’ have been defeated!]

[Stat points+101,963]


[Number of angels killed: 23/100]

[Seven archangels ‘Raphael’ have been defeated!]

[Stat points+101,963]


[Number of angels killed: 24/100]

Even though it was only half the reward, I still received significant stats and gold.

‘I’ve seen everything I can benefit from this. Even the first-class combat angels were resurrected and killed before leaving the island.’

Now, just by applying the balance rune, the basic stats approach 500,000.

If you receive various buffs, each stat may exceed 10 million.

“Good job, John.”

“Thank you, master.”

“You can return home now. “Don’t forget to follow me in the 17th round.”

“All right. “I will follow you at a sufficient distance.”

As has been the case so far, the last remaining Archangel may appear in the 17th round.

The current order is an order to prepare for that time.

“Okay then… … .”

After John left, Ryumin drove down the road with the Lamborghini parked nearby.

‘Let’s go home quickly. Something might happen to her brother.’

Now, the Archangel is also targeting his younger brother.

In the meantime, I couldn’t help but feel anxious because there was no hero protection buff.

Rumbling- Rumbling-

Ryu Min arrived with an angry exhaust sound at Langde World Tower, said to be the tallest in Korea.

While the broken house is being repaired, we plan to stay at the Rende Signiel Hotel here.

There is no place like this place with strict security and great views.

‘It cost more than 100 million won for a month’s lodging, but that’s not even a small amount compared to my wealth.’

After parking the car, I took the elevator up to the 89th floor where my room was located.


Although it is expensive, it has a great view.

“Is your brother here?”

When I entered the room, my younger brother, who was eating hotel food, smiled and said.

“The food here is amazing, bro. “Come and try it quickly.”

“okay. “Wash up a bit.”

After taking a quick shower, Ryumin went into his room and opened the quest window while drying his hair.

<Soul Binding Quest>

└Defeat the 7 Archangels

└Number of Archangels currently defeated (6/7)

└When successful ▶ ????

‘Now if I catch just one more person, I get a reward.’

I didn’t know what the reward would be, but I was looking forward to it.

It was a hard quest that required catching as many as 7 archangels.

‘Well, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought.’

Perhaps because the Devil’s Blessing reward was fraudulent, Ryumin’s growth had long exceeded his expectations.

It has the potential to pierce the sky and even the universe.

‘I didn’t know I would become this strong.’

Now, I was confident that I would not be as intimidated as before even if I met the strongest archangel.

Because the current Ryumin is different from before.

‘Anyway, why didn’t the guy who showed up at the end of round 16 show up this time?’

To be honest, I thought that the strongest guy other than Gabriel and Raphael would also show up.

However, he did not appear this time, perhaps in anticipation of the next round.

‘Come and see sometime. ‘I don’t plan on freezing like I did in the 68th episode.’

After drying his hair, Ryu Min suddenly remembered something and opened the system window to check the rewards he had earned.

[Yin-Yang Rune]

-Effect: When using a combination of physical and magical attacks, the damage is doubled.

[Chain Rune]

-Effect: You can summon a chain of light and use it like a weapon. The chain has infinite durability and can use additional effects.

└ Binding ▶ Summons additional chains to completely bind the enemy’s limbs.

└ Cutting ▶ Cuts the opponent by heating the chain with divine power. However, be careful because the caster can also take damage.

[Rune of Knight Revival]

-Effect: If you receive an attack that could lead to death, you can reflect the attack only once. When reflecting an attack, there is a cooldown of 720 hours.

‘These are not bad effects.’

I already knew the effect of the Yin-Yang rune, but I didn’t know the rest of the runes because they came from catching an archangel.

‘And then I came across something called refined ether.’

Ryumin opened the item’s information window to check what it was.

Soon, my eyes, which I had thought indifferently, widened.

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