The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 264

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Episode 264

264. End of round 16

Damiel couldn’t believe the situation before his eyes.

‘Wow, Baruel is so vain… … ?’

Although his personality is atrocious, Baruel is renowned for being skilled even among first-class combat angels.

He is not a great man to be beaten so helplessly.

[Oh, everyone… … .]

Damiel suddenly realized that his voice was not coming out.

Something passed in front of me and my vision reversed.


[The first-class angel ‘Demiel’ has been defeated!]

[Stat points+10,876]


[Number of angels killed: 4/100]

Damiel wasn’t the only one whose neck was broken.


The angels’ heads turned in an instant, without anyone having time to react.

Some were struck by a dagger of darkness in the chest and died instantly.

Ten corpses lay on the floor like that.

It was a vain death for first-class combat angels.

‘Damn you angels.’

Underneath the mask, Ryumin was filled with anger.

If he had come a little earlier, Min Joo-ri would not have died.

‘No, it’s not too late.’

Ryumin took out the Potion of Life from his inventory.

A legendary potion that can resurrect a dead player.

Fortunately, there was one at hand.

If you have been dead for more than 10 minutes or if your body is damaged by more than 30%, you cannot be revived… … .

‘Fortunately, Minjoo-ri meets the conditions.’

When the possibility of resurrection appeared, he placed Min-ri Min’s body on his lap and memorized the starting words.


The effect appeared immediately.

The pierced heart and armor were repaired as if it were a lie, and warmth returned.

Ryu Min breathed a sigh of relief after seeing Min Joo-ri’s eyebrows twitch.

She had barely come back from the brink of death.

“Ugh… … .”

“Are you awake?”

When Min-ri Min opens her eyes, she sees a welcome mask.

“Black scythe… … sir?”

“Luckily, you look fine.”

“Uh, when did you come?”

“In a few hours ago.”

Min Joo-ri, who was in a daze, was only able to understand the situation after looking around.

“Ah, angels… … !”

“Don’t worry. “I took care of it.”

I turn my head and, sure enough, I see the corpses of angels.

“Whew, I’m so glad. “Black Scythe showed up at the right time.”

“… … .”

Min Joo-ri smiled with relief, but Ryu Min couldn’t laugh along with her.

Because of you, a 6th rank angel changed to a 1st rank angel.

Originally, the damage was not supposed to be this big.

‘If I had been on the island in the first place, there wouldn’t have been a single death… … .’

I felt sorry for the countless followers of the Four Gods Church who died.

To Min Joo-ri, who is held in front of me.


Min Joo-ri, who realized that she was in the arms of the black scythe, stood up in embarrassment.

“Well, what happened to me? I definitely remember being stabbed by an angel… … .”

Looking at the spot where the sword had penetrated, there were no wounds and the armor was as good as new.

“I resurrected it.”


“I brought you back to life with a resurrection potion.”

“ah… … .”

At those words, Minjoo-ri could not keep her mouth shut for a while.

He didn’t even know he was dead.

“Okay, thank you. Black Scythe. “You saved my life.”

“Why have this much?”

Ryumin said indifferently.

The person who saved my life was more than a truckload.


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However, from the Democratic Party’s perspective, it was not that simple.

I literally died and came back to life.

“Ah, Black Scythe! “Do you have another resurrection potion?”

“Why are you doing that?”

“There is someone I want to save.”

While saying that, Minjoo-ri looks somewhere.

I followed my gaze and found Alex’s body.

“He was protecting me and was killed… … .”

‘Alex’s democracy?’

Alex, who survived until the 18th round without anyone’s help, died while trying to save Min-ri Min.

The battle angel changed the planned future.

“It’s a shameless request, but… … “Can you save me?”

Ryumin also had no intention of watching his death.

“There are no more potions of life.”

“ah… … .”

“But you can save it.”

Because the great mage was a talent that would be a waste to lose like this.


When Christine approached her call, she pointed at Alex.

“Can you save this person?”

“sorry. The resurrection spell has already been used… … .”

Ryumin read her thoughts and found out that it was true.

‘It was used to save Dorothy.’

The cooldown for resurrection is 60 minutes.

Considering that it can only be used on corpses that have been dead for less than 10 minutes, this is your only chance.

‘What should I do? ah!’

Ryumin’s eyes quickly scanned the people.

The person he found was an alchemist.

“Victor. Do you have a potion of life? “There are people I need to save.”

“I just happened to make one thing.”

“Could you please write for this person?”

“As much as you want.”

Victor willingly accepted Ryumin’s request.

When used on Alex’s chest, his wound is healed and he comes to his senses.

“Ugh, uh, what happened? Angels… … .”

“Black Scythe organized it. “I saved you with a potion.”

“iced coffee… … .”

Alex looked blankly and thanked Victor and Ryumin.

“Thank you, thank you very much.”

Ryumin smiled behind his mask as he looked at Alex who was relieved.

This saved everyone who needed it.

‘But there are more dead people.’

Nearly 50 people were killed by the battle angel.

This four months happened just a few minutes late.

Even if half of it was destroyed anyway, there was no way I would feel happy about being killed by an angel.

[Time remaining until round end: 00:00:00]

[The round has ended!]

When the time was over, the voice of the guide angel I had been listening to came into my head.

[It’s time. This concludes the round. how is it? Did you successfully stop the monsters? A lot of people were surprised when a surprise guest appeared during the last 6th summons, right? Giggling.]

“Did you know that a battle angel would appear?”

“As expected, the receptionist was also part of the group.”

“Fucking, Angel Beach!”

People who thought the angel couldn’t hear muttered curses.

It was worth it.

There were many deaths due to the sudden appearance of a battle angel.

[There is nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s not like you’ve been fooled by the system once or twice. Tsk tsk. Let’s see how many people have died? hmm? 528 people… … Did you survive more than you expected against a 6th rank angel?]

It is a 1st class, not a 6th class, but the information sent to the angel does not seem to be that.

[Anyway, since the majority survived, we should take the time to disappear. This round, like last time, the first place will decide the remaining rankings.]

“First place?”

People were buzzing and looking at Ryumin.

With a look of curiosity on whether he would take first place this time too.

[Then what is the standard for determining first place? The person who inflicted the most damage to the angels will be first.]

“It’s Black Scythe, then.”

“also… … .”

People resigned themselves to it, as if there was nothing to be surprised about anymore.

Sure enough, a message appears in front of everyone.

[The player who inflicted the most damage to the battle angel in round 16 was ‘Black Scythe.’]

[Player ‘Black Scythe’ is given the authority to adjust rankings for round 16.]

[1st place cannot be replaced by Black Scythe himself.]

[Please rank from 2nd to 288th.]

[Second and third place will receive special rewards, and the rest will receive the same rewards regardless of ranking.]

[First, please call the nickname of the player you wish to designate as 2nd place.]

Ryu Min, who once again took on a huge responsibility, called out his nickname.


[2nd place is ‘democracy’.]

[Please specify 3rd place.]


Second and third place were, as always, two people.

Since these two are important positions, they needed to be trained more intensively than other classes.

If you consider the contribution to the party, the two people are overwhelmingly large.

After that, I sang from 4th to 15th place without any worries.

Focus on your own forces that you need to lead until round 20.

Among them were Alex and Dorothy.

They looked surprised, as if they didn’t know they would be called this early.

‘The rest will have to be filled with Cho Yong-ho’s mercenaries.’

Starting from 16th place, mercenaries were called, and after that, they were called by any name that came to mind.

Then this time too, the people cried out.

“Black Scythe! Please call me by my nickname! please… … .”

“My nickname is ‘Kobold Blue’! Please call me just once… … !”

As we got closer to the end, the number of people asking for it increased.

There were believers who even got down on their knees and begged.

However, Ryu Min steadfastly called out the nickname without wavering.

‘I’m not happy about it. ‘They are all members of the Four Gods Church that I joined.’

When someone sticks, someone else has to fall.

The number of tickets was limited.

[Please specify number 288.]

“Kobold blue.”

“omg! thank you! thank you!”



“Say, please save me! “I don’t want to die!”

People were shouting, but the bus was already full.

[It has been decided. Then, the remaining 240 people who did not rank 288 will be eliminated.]


“help me!”


After the bitter time of extinction passed, the time of compensation arrived without fail.

★ 16th round results tally ★

[Integrated Area CA-EA001]

└1st place. Black Scythe (Lv97 Reaper)

└2nd place. Democracy (Lv69 Buffer)

└3rd place. Chrissy (Lv69 Priest)

[Experience points and gold are awarded to everyone as a reward for clearing round 16.]

[Experience +113.4%]


[Your level has risen!]

Ryumin’s level has risen to 98.

‘Now I just need to level up one more time and I’m at full level.’

If you spend the points, you will immediately reach full level, but that is not what Ryumin wants.

Because I wanted to somehow utilize the invincibility effect that occurs at max level.

‘I don’t know if there will be an opportunity to take advantage of it.’

[congratulations! You have completed the quest as first place in the area!]

[Currently, ‘Black Scythe’ is ranked 1st in the area.]

[An ‘Infinite Material Pouch’ will be given as a reward for ranking first in the area!]

[A ‘Special Reward Selection Box’ will be given as a reward for ranking first in the area!]

This time, like last time, a bag of ingredients came out.

It’s not really necessary, but it’s a waste to throw it away.

More than anything, I’m concerned about the fact that the first material I’ve ever seen came out through a lottery.

‘This time too, there might be ingredients I’ve never seen before.’

I decided to try it out later when I got home and used the special reward selection box.

[You can choose one of the following special rewards.]

[Please touch the reward you want.]

└ 1. Temporary skill – Commander (limited to round 17)

└ 2. 5,000,000 Gold

└ 3. Information about round 17

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