The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 262

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Episode 262

262. Is this the human world?

Then a message occurred to me.

[The duration of the Grim Reaper’s transformation has ended.]

At the same time, a subquest message also appeared.

[There is a hidden sub-quest!]

<Sub Quest>

└Save the life of an ordinary person for the first time in round 16

└If successful ▶ Yin Yang Rune provided

[You have completed the sub-quest!]

[‘Yin-Yang Rune’ will be provided as a sub-quest reward!]

[The acquired runes are automatically imprinted on the player’s body!]

It seems that saving his younger brother from an angel met the criteria.

‘Originally, I planned to lure Little Drake into the city… … As a result, I got a sub-quest reward.’

Following the Chain Rune and the Knight Revival Rune, there are also Yin Yang Rune rewards.

I wanted to check everything here, but now was not the time.

You must return to the remote island as quickly as possible and stop the battle angels that will appear in an hour.

‘The bodies of the archangels should be hidden. ‘I don’t have time to get John Delgado.’

Ryumin moved the bodies of Gabriel and Raphael.

Even though they were full of holes, they were corpses that had their own circumstances in their own hands.

To resurrect as undead and receive one more reward.

If it weren’t for the circumstances, the Moonlight Island combo would have disappeared like dust without any form remaining.

Puff- Puff- Puff-

Ryumin dug out the ground with a sickle and buried the archangel’s body. After marking it so that only he could be recognized, he walked to his younger brother.


“brother… … .”

“I have a lot to say, but let’s do it later. “The people on the island are in danger right now.”


“I’ll talk about the details later. First, take this.”

What Ryu Min held out was a card.

“It’s dangerous, so don’t go home. Find a nearby motel and rest. “I also calculate everything I eat with that.”

“Ah Okay. But I didn’t bring my cell phone, so how can I tell you where I am?”

“You don’t need to tell me. There is tracking. “I’ll come find you when the situation is over.”

After saying that, Ryu Min changed into an assassin’s mask.

Rumbling, rumbling-

As it transforms into a bronze-colored roast yak, my younger brother looks at me with curiosity.

“I can’t believe it even though I’m seeing it right in front of my eyes. My brother is a black scythe… … .”

“I’m sorry for tricking you. I couldn’t tell you because I was afraid you would be in danger if you got involved with me. But now it turns out it has no meaning.”

The angels knew all about Ryumin’s family relationships.

He also cares about his younger brother.

Otherwise, would you have thought of using such a cunning tactic?

Ryumin smiled self-mockingly and spread his wings behind his back.

“First of all, the fact that I am a black scythe is a secret from others. “You can protect me, right?”

“of course. My mouth is itching, but… … .”

When Ryu Min glared, Ryu Won smiled awkwardly.

“No, I’m just kidding.”

“I’m busy so I have to go quickly. “Just get some sleep for now.”

With those words, he flew up into the night sky and ran towards the ground.


In the place where the roar passed, there was still Ryu Won looking up with curious eyes.

* * *

The universe was divided into five dimensions.

The divine world, the heavenly world, the demon world, the human world, and the underworld.

The weakest race among them was, of course, the humans of the human world.

The strongest were the gods.

[It’s like a degenerate race without wings.]

However, ironically, the race that hated humans were the Elyos, whom people looked up to as angels.

Despite their beautiful exterior, their insides were full of jealousy and selfishness.

[Humans who are worse than insects. We should take this opportunity to wipe them all out.]

[Why are you so angry? Baruel.]

[Why are you angry?]

In response to his colleague’s question, first-class angel Baruel grinned with a look on his face as if he was asking something obvious.

[We took on the work that was originally supposed to be done by 6th grade scumbags. Even though I can’t even open my eyes because I’m already training!]

[This is a special order from Gabriel. If I criticize you, what can I do?]

[If the human bastards hadn’t lasted until round 16, we wouldn’t have wasted so much time!]

At that time, Damiel, who was listening next to him, chuckled.

[Hey, Baruel. Be honest. Is it because you lost the bet you made with me?]

[what? My, what am I!]


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[bet? What bet did you two make?]

Looking at his colleague’s curious gaze, Damiel chuckled and talked about past events.

[I made a bet on how many humans would survive in the 15th round. I said there would be more than 100 people left, and Baruel said only less than that would survive. What is the result? You heard it, right? Tsk tsk.]

[More than 500 people survived. More than ever.]

[So Damiel, you won? What did you bet on?]

[I decided to stand by all the watchdogs I had to stand at for a month.]

[really? Puhaha!]

[Baruel deserves to be angry. Hehehe.]

[Ooh, don’t laugh, you bastards!]

Baruel’s face brightened.

I was so angry that I lost the bet, but I ended up being teased by my colleagues.

‘It’s all because of human bastards.’

He is suffering this humiliation because surprisingly many people survived.

[…] … I’m going to kill you. Insignificant human bastards.]

[Wow, look at Baruel’s eyes.]

[Are you really really pissed off?]

[Take this opportunity to go down and vent your anger properly.]

[Okay, if not now, when will I have the chance?]

When a being from the heavenly world passes to the human world, 90% of its power is exhausted.

Because of a special barrier erected to prevent invasion by other races.

It was a measure by the Creator God to protect humans who were inherently inferior.

Because of this, humans rarely had the opportunity to see otherworldly races.

Because no angel would risk a huge loss by visiting a planet infested with bugs.

However, there was a way to descend to the human world without having to endure the loss of power.

This was only if the system allowed it.

Due to the settings of the system, when a round is in progress, there is no need to pay a price when crossing over to the human world.

[If not now, when will you kill me? is not it?]

[I will give you my share, so try hard to kill me.]

[I’ll give it to you too.]

[My share too.]

[Try to have some show time by yourself. Tsk tsk.]

[Thank you so much, you bastards.]

Baruel gritted his teeth as his anger grew at the teasing of his colleagues.

Soon the door to the human world will open and you will be able to descend without any restrictions on your strength.

[Oh, by the way, you know that killing doesn’t work, right?]


I have no intention of killing him anyway.

‘You bastards are as disgusting as bugs. ‘I’ll tear your limbs off alive.’

Because Baruel was determined to kill every single one of them.

* * *

There were many dead bodies on the remote island.

It was none other than the corpse of a monster.

“Is everyone okay?”

“it’s okay!”

“Is anyone around here hurt? “I’ll treat you!”

“No one is dead, let alone injured!”

Fortunately, there were no humans among the pile of monster corpses.

Min Joo-ri approached Christine, who was breathing a sigh of relief.

“Chrissy. “Have you not seen Black Scythe?”

“Black Scythe?”

“You stopped seeing me at some point… … .”

Christine then looked around and found the black scythe.

There was no time to pay attention as I was busy healing.

He’s not a great person worth worrying about.

“I don’t know.”

“Didn’t you hear where I was going?”

“Not at all.”

Tilting her head, Minjoo-ri counted the number of people again.

There are 575 people including myself.

No matter how many times you count, there is still one person empty.

‘Where have you been?’

Minjoo-ri did not have much time to question things.

[Time remaining until round end: 01:10:27]

The 5th summoning will begin in just 10 minutes.

Realizing that time was running out, I buffed people.

Although she is now a familiar buff, people have not forgotten to say thank you to Min-ri Min.

“thank you.”

“yes. then… … .”

“hey. “You said your nickname was Democracy, right?”

At Grand Mage Alex’s call, Minjoo-ri turned around with wide eyes.

“Yes, why?”

“If you don’t mind, can I stay next to you?”

“yes? What does that mean… … .”

“From my perspective, the two most important players on the island are two.”

Alex pointed his wand at Christine.

“The priest over there… … .”

And he pointed straight to Minjoo-ri.

“You, the buffer.”

“… … .”

“It is my judgment that it is safe to say that if the two collapse, there is no chance of victory. So we have to protect it.”

“You’re going to protect me?”

“yes. “Isn’t protecting supporters a natural part of party play?”

Minjoo-ri was a little embarrassed.

Because it was the first time that someone stepped forward to protect me.

“Well, I’m fine, so please watch over Chrissy over there.”

“The seats over there are already full.”

Before she knew it, a female player holding a bow was next to Christine like a guard.

“Can I protect you?”

“Yeah, that’s right. “I would appreciate it if you could do so.”

As soon as the words were finished, Alex nodded and joined Minju-ri next to him.

Although it was a little uncomfortable to follow him around like a bodyguard, it was a proposal that Minjoo-ri would not lose.

He didn’t even seem like a bad person.

[5th ​​summons]

[576 players vs. 1,152 Little Drakes]

[The 6th summoning will begin in 30 minutes.]

[Time remaining until round end: 00:59:59]

When the 5th summoning began, countless baby dragons appeared from the sky.

Even though they were baby dragons, each one was as big as a car, so they couldn’t be ignored.

“It’s started!”

“Everyone, focus!”

“Just follow the strategy!”



The drakes that decorated the sky all barged their teeth into the ground.

“Fire out long-distance attacks first!”

“Kill anyone who comes close!”

People were not embarrassed by the appearance of an aerial monster.

It’s not because I already learned the strategy from Black Scythe.


It’s so scary!


Sigh- Sigh-!

All kinds of magic and arrows were rampant.

If you target the wings with a long-distance attack and knock them down, the melee dealers on the ground will stick to you and finish you off.

“It’s a fire attack!”


As flames began to glow from Drake’s mouth, the players quickly left the scene.

Thanks to Swift, the movement speed was sufficient, so there was no problem in dodging.

However, there was no damage at all.

“Ah, tsk tsk!”

“Come over here!”

Christine’s extensive heel treatment completely healed the burns on the skin.

The players gained strength and went out to hunt the dragon again.

Did he find that strange?


A drake rushed towards Christine.

But his assassination failed.

Sigh- Sigh-!


Dorothy’s arrows fired at the same time blinded Drake.

“There is no way.”

Dorothy laughed and hit Drake in the eyeball again with an arrow.

The magically treated arrowhead was strong enough to penetrate the brain.

It didn’t take long for over a thousand drakes to die due to people’s careful cooperation.

“Ha, I guess I can get some rest now.”

“It was a little tough this time.”

People who sit down and take a rest.

This time, fortunately, there were no casualties.

But no one could wipe the worry off their faces.

I heard from Black Scythe who will appear in the last summon.

“You said a battle angel would appear, right?”

“that’s right. “They said 10 people would show up.”

“Now I have to deal with angels… … .”

“Can we win with our skills?”

“It will be possible. “You said that Black Scythe can handle you well.”

But people didn’t know.

The person Ryumin said he could deal with was a 6th rank angel.

[Is this the human world?]

Just as the 6th summoning began, 1st rank angel Baruel appeared, gritting his teeth.

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