Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 305

“The Witch did this? What do you mean? You sound like a witch’s power, you can use your spirit even if you’re not a contractor for Soldier.’

Heluram, the old owner of Shuri, whose name crossed my mind.

But it was not a situation where I could ask about him right away.

The fire began to soar with a broken sword. Red flames spread from point to line and from line to face, quickly coloring the dim subspace.

Sarah’s body could no longer see any signs of injury she had gained over the past thousand years.

The open wound was caused by fire instead of spirit, and after a while the whole body was covered with fire. Even hair, eyes, and fingernails became a blazing fire itself.

The sword soon lost its shape as an iron rod and became the shape of a fire.

Salt, a name given in fear by those who have seen her like this.

[Hey, crazy!] Magum Beech, Uphwa? With that body?]

The Murakhan shouted.

Until just now, I felt dizzy at the sight of the wounded guardian, and my heart felt broken whenever I heard of him as a traitor.

But now it’s not just a feeling or heartache, it’s a reality.

Murakan thought that the guardian would not be able to spread the sword tie.

It is true that she had a martial art that was close to creation, but the injury was so serious.

[Are you really going to kill us!]

[You’re bragging, Murakan!] Or are you defying me for lack of betrayal? I know you can’t help yourself with this lukewarm fire.]

[Not that.]

[No] What do you mean no? A dirty traitor.]

I didn’t betray you. I’m weak.

The answer to Murakan was not delivered to the guardian, buried in the sound of the flames exploding. be well received Nothing would have changed, by the way back.

It was not only the flesh that was damaged by the terrible years of the thousand years and the battles that followed.

The mind was also fully enriched. She was in a situation where she could not make a normal judgment, and at this moment of fighting with her party she was constantly seeing and hearing things.

In an unwholesome spirit, she only blindly followed the mission imprinted on her. Kill the threat to Looncandel.

In addition, there was one more mission for the camp, but it was so many battles that the guardian forgot about it.

Boom boom! Boom boom! Boom boom!

If there was a fire that would burn the whole world, it would be this.

If it were Sarah in her prime, unharmed, it wouldn’t have been just an expression.

Her up-and-coming was less than 20 percent of what she did a thousand years ago when she burned and killed the wizards of Gipple.

Due to her injury, she is unable to operate her mana and her brother, Maniere, to the fullest extent, so-called “Maniere,” her old phoenix.

Nevertheless, the work of the guardian was expanding its scope, erasing the spirits of the freed Murakan.

Fire and spirit mingled, creating a grotesque and huge pattern in the sky of the open space. The subspace was shaking as if it were about to collapse, and the dragons could not even fly as they wanted because of the heat and spirit.


[I know, I’ll try to stop it as much as I can, you catch the fire!]

Quicantel descended and shone silver eyes.

Pai yi! With a sharp resonant sound, a wave was released from Quikantel’s forehead.

It was a wave of time.

Power used in dealing with Andrey Zipple and Pungryong Buretta in the past.

Reaching the netlike wave that is spreading at a rapid pace, anything was bound to lose time.

Buretta had become completely stiff just by touching the edge of the wing.

But the Guardian’s fires have only been eroded by the wave of time, but have slowed progress has been delayed. Still throwing up terrible heat, encroaching on space.

With Quikantel’s power, it was impossible to stop the guardian completely. It would be the same even if Olta, the god of time, descended directly.

Even the guardian goes beyond it.

There was a “bowing” wave that came to him by swinging a burning sword. The vane wave lost its strength and disappeared somewhere, as if in a broken string.

All the waves holding the fire cannot be so nullified, but that alone was shocking enough.

with great strides

Clearing the waves, the guardian was approaching the camp. Hana’s eyes were fixed on Murakan, not Jin.

The guardian kept caring about the strength of the Murakan. Except for him, he thinks there’s no one to threaten him.

It would have been. If she and Murakhan were both in their perfect prime.

[Bystander, no. Aren’t you a bystander now? Anyway, Quikantel, why don’t we get out of here? All you have to do is tarnish your god’s reputation.]

Yuck! Quikantel clenched his teeth.

It was not because the guardian’s words hurt his pride, but because he was desperately using his power.

Nevertheless, the guardian was so easily offsetting Quicantel’s powers.

Guardian, Sarah Looncandel. She was originally not the person Quicantel dared to question her pride.

The guardian described his work as lukewarm.

It was her standard to the utmost. The fire was still raging at a considerable distance, but the heat that was transmitted into the protective barrier was enough to make the fluffy.

When Quikantel’s power stopped, all his companions who could fight in that fire were Murakan, Quikantel, and Qin, who unfolded the Ming dynasty martial arts.

However, Jin is not fully recovered from his physical condition yet to open the Ming Dynasty. If pushed too hard, it could cause permanent damage to the photocardium.

Before Quikantel’s power was exhausted, he had to make a winning move.

“Mr. Quikantel, how long can you hold out?”

[Five minutes.]

Quikantel replied shivering. It was shorter than expected.

Fortunately, it was not impossible to think straight.

‘… …the shield is melting down. Murakan and Quikantel are missing once, but what a destructive power. When Quikantel’s powers are gone, this side can’t get over to a moderate injury.’

Jean and Gillie, Kashmir, Alisa and Enya. Six people, including Jet, were spreading the shield together.

They seemed to protect each other, but the shields of the fighters were not efficient to protect others.


“Yes, Confucius… …!”

“I have to rejoin the fray. When I’m out, you have to be in charge of the biggest axis of the shield.”

It was Jean who was in charge of the axis at present. Unlike other fighters, Jin is spreading a protective shield by mixing Ore and mana, and the achievement is the greatest, so it is natural.

The wizard Enya had to continue the role of Jin. Still, Enya is only a six-star entry, but the efficiency of the shield to protect others was no match for fellow fighters.

“Can you do it?”

“I’ll try.”

“Give me a clearer answer. If you can’t, you have to consider other ways.”

I wasn’t trying to reprimand or pressure you. I just don’t want to guarantee the lives of my colleagues in uncertain numbers.

If the fighters were all wizards of a similar level, these worries would not have been necessary.

After a while, Enya nodded with her eyes glaring.

“You can do it, Confucius. Instead, please keep your seat for about two minutes. Until I had a new ceremony.”

She was recalling an old memory.

It’s going to be hard right now, but I’m sure I’ll do one person’s share. I don’t want to be the only one protected by you like today. So please don’t tell me I can be at ease.


I’m Allta’s contractor, En. One day you’ll be the most trusted sorcerer.

A conversation they had when they went together to wipe out the remnants of the Dark Wizardry.

Jin also smiled, recalling the same memory.

Although she is not yet a wizard, she has also grown tremendously fast during Jin’s visit to Lafarosa. Enya’s talent was extraordinary enough to suggest a contract to the commoner.


Enya rose to the throne and released his shield.

Naturally, the burden on the rest of his colleagues increased, and Jin was forced to increase his emission horsepower by going back and forth between limits and counterflows.

Enya shook her eyes and began to drink.

Two minutes felt very long.

But Enya ruled the urgent mind well, and made the ceremony smooth without falling into the backstream.

The magic she prepared, which Jean got at the end of the reserve rider.

a polar system

Chukon Tolderer’s legacy, especially Chukon’s magic essence, named “Yonghwa Barrier.”

From Enya’s shoulder was a loon with the inscription of the Far East’s Book.

“Come on, Confucius Jean!”

When Enya raised her thumb while bleeding from her mouth, she suddenly formed a shriveled membrane everywhere.

The Yonghwa Barrier, as its name suggests, was a magic designed by Chukon to fight the dragon. It is a protective shield that prevents the breath of a dragon.

Though not yet to reach the limit, Enya was using the power of Olta to fill the lack of mana.

“Then I’ll look after you.”

Three minutes are left.

Jean moved her steps out of the shield. There was also a new magic in his hand.

simultaneous mortuary service

One of the reasons why Jin is also a genius as a wizard. While she was in charge of the shield to Enya’s share, Qin prepared a magic trick along with the first sword.

For those who use magic, it’s like rat poison.

Yeokcheon, the legacy of Kidad Hall.

“Sarah has only about eight horsepower.’

Unhwa tore Murakan’s spirit as if it were hanji, and even Quikantel’s power was reduced to a troublesome rope.

The actual mana was only about eight stars. It is possible to achieve this power due to the power unique to the nine-star Auror and the Runkandel Magistrate, in addition to the eight-star horsepower.

Sufficiently, it was the amount of horsepower the gin could throw into the backflow.

Of course I couldn’t be sure.

“As a great figure, he may be able to withstand the power of the weight lifting while maintaining his magic like that.’

So we prepared the sword together.

The other forms of the sword that were newly handed down by the Tuwangs in Laparosa.

Among them, Jin chose two and seven.

Scissors, and shadow lessons.

‘Even if you fall back in the current, there is only one chance. No matter how badly Sarah was injured, it would be suicidal to engage in close-range combat without the Ming and Wang military swords.’


The mana that left Jin’s palm was forming a sphere in the station stream.

When the station was fully opened, the shadow of Jin standing under his feet stood up, and he was laid with his master.

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