Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 287

It’s absurdly ignorant.

Other than that, I couldn’t think of words to express.

It was almost impossible to find out how huge the Great Sword was and where the end was even when he looked up.

A sword tens of times greater than the one who wields it, and the guardian was holding it with both hands, without any concern.

‘What the hell is this…… Can you call this a sword?’

I was confident that I wouldn’t surprise you at all.

Even Qin could not help but be shocked this time.

The Guardian’s Great Sword was not only scary in length, but also wide enough to give the impression that it was fierce in width.

This expansive expansion, which is indescribably extensive, is all made up of oracles.

The three awls had already pierced the shield, but were unable to stab the guardian because they could not overcome the force of the sword.

Soon the guardian smiled triumphantly.

It was because the later artist’s expression was very attractive when he faced the season he had dedicated his life to.

[Begis, what we call the king of the Great Sword. No matter how great he is, he used to look as dazed as you when he first saw this.]

Qin could not answer and looked alternately at the guardian and the great sword.

The battle seemed to have reached a lull for a while.

But only seemingly, the energy of the two was actually in the midst of a fierce tangle to push each other away.

It could also be seen as a form of balance.

With the two energies boiling, the first to lose concentration was never going to get a pleasant result.

Whoo, whoo…….

Jean picked her breath carefully. When he reigned over the insanity that had become unstable in the open-mindedness, blood flowed from every hole in his face.

[… …King of the Sword?]

The name was immediately convincing. Anyone will have no choice but to nod. By all means, there will be no greater sword in the world.

As Qin knows, ten duelers and seven beagies present in Looncandel, three of the five.

Nothing took this form.

As Jipple erased all the history of Shilderay Looncandel, the “King of the Great Sword,” who had raised his prestige in the past, was also out of shape.

[How many days I’ve been pondering with Temar to name this. Isn’t that a really nice name?]

[I don’t know.]]

[Sorry, then.]


Another round of visits near the guardian was made.

Soon after, the Orser began to spring up, turning into dozens of rope-like forms, and twisting the great sword.

This immense-sized sword, rather a lump of oreau, was a preparation for swinging and supporting what should be called a lump of oreau.


a roaring guardian

Just as the camp with the Ming and Wang reigned sword was covered with the brain, the guardian was also turning white all over.

The only difference was that he looked as if he had become one with the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office.

Many of the world’s greatest fighters said.

It would be called the end of a warrior to be united with his weapons.

It was, of course, a figurative expression. It had nothing to do with this bizarre sword that the guardian now shows.

Nevertheless, Jin swallowed dry saliva with a cooling sensation in his spine.

He felt a sense of crisis not because of his insight as a warrior or because of his intuition that has developed beyond several trials.



No matter how… …visual pressure comes from an unlikely, unspeakable scale that humans can wield.


I could be sure.

The “King of the Sword” was a sword that would have been remembered for more than a thousand years by oral tradition alone, even if historians did not leave a line of records.

On the other hand, I was horrified by the ability of Jipple to clean up the shocking sword from history.

[Hold on!]


The king of the Great Sword began to fall to the ground.

It was a slow pace as the noon sun sank.

The day Jin returned to the Sword Garden after completing his preliminary horsemanship, it was slower than the first sword Siron showed.

It was only huge in scale, and even ordinary people seemed to be able to escape the king of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office if they beat the moon hard.

But the king of the Great Sword was inevitable despite such a slow pace.

It wasn’t because, like the first sword that Zion showed, it was far out of the way of nature.

a repulsive force that binds an awning of guilt

The force that began to turn to the ground is pressing the gin like the pressure of Tess. Thousands of invisible hands seemed to hold all over the body.

It’s a lot of pressure, even when the Ming Dynasty Sword was activated.…!’

He was able to breathe and move because of the invocation of the Ming Dynasty Military Sword.

Jin’s pure anoros could not withstand the pressure of the king of the sword.

The same logic as having at least the martial arts worthy of recognition by the Ming Dynasty in order to survive in the brain of the Ming Dynasty.

When I stepped on the prosthesis, my feet were as heavy as a sheet.

It would not be easy to get out of that vast area before the king of the Great Sword reached the ground. No, it was impossible.

I had to take it back.

‘Even though it’s falling so slow, there’s no choice but to attack, that’s a terrible tie. How long does it take for the Great Sword to reach the ground? 30 seconds, or 20 seconds?’

I chose breathing again.

As the king of the Great Sword neared, I could feel the joints of the bones of his body.

In addition, the price of the unfulfilled Mingwanggunnimgum was accelerating.

‘My body’s reaching its limit.’

Jean’s eyes and hair dyed her brain became noticeably pale. With the Ming Dynasty’s sword likely to be lifted soon, the Guardian’s Orser gave off an increasingly strong light.

When Silderay was alive, the fighters praised him by calling him this way.

Mysterious power. Mystery of Mighty strength. a knight with literally grotesque powers

Even he was not a pure-blooded Looncandel, so he was not the owner of the blessed body as expected by Jean.

Nevertheless, they are realizing this language with only pure achievements.

The glaring gin re-positioned.

‘With only one life, people on the brink of extremes. Yes, just because you got the lead of Laparosa, you can’t go over them already. I almost got over my head.’

Father, starting with Siron Looncandel.

Big sister Luna, Tallaris, Vanessa, Themeer…… transcendental fighters have always been mysterious to Qin.

It was a big mountain. Or it was like a milestone that suggested a direction for life.

And now Jean has another milestone, Shilderay Looncandel. Regression, foreplay. In the end, you have to go beyond all that.

“Got it.”


The Ming dynasty sword’s brain has died down.

The light-lost photocard seemed hollow, and as soon as Qin lost his awakening strength, he vomited out a pool of red blood.

A number of fractures, long-term concussion, including backflows from Russia.

That was the right result of dealing with the guardian, excluding “delusion.”

The 12-time Looncandelian, who failed to reach the terms and conditions, cannot face the first Looncandel’s teenage knight, the strongest ever the strongest in history.

One, Qin was not only strengthened by regression and foreplay.

They are only auxiliary means, and this was always the most valuable and shining thing Jean had.


An intangible force that keeps the sword from being let go under any circumstances.

If the Beige of the Guardian, which illuminates the whole of the subspace, was the legacy of the Luncandel ancestors, the will shown by Jin was the light that connected the enemy lines of the Luncandel.

Soon after, the king of the Great Sword struck the ground.

The guardian could not help but praise the light of Qin’s will.

The sword came into contact with it.

Beyond time and space, two wills symbolizing the beginning and the end of Looncandel met.

It was time for something mysterious to happen.

[The victory… …has been completed.]

The guardian, who finished the move, spoke in a low voice.

A tidal wave-like surge was spreading to the guardian’s front. The king of the Great Sword jumped violently, and in the middle of it, Jin was seen.

Jean was as hard as a stone statue as she wielded her sword.

It’s a failure. Although there was no shortage of will, Jin’s strength was still weak to break through the king of the Great Sword.

But this is not a one-on-one confrontation at the risk of life. It wasn’t even a brutality to determine the obvious superiority.

It was just a ritual for the transmission of will.

Ps. . . . .

The ore sweeping through the subspace was turning into black particles. The power that could have torn and killed the camp more than a thousand times is being scattered like a dandelion blown by the wind.

As I reached out my hand, I could feel the black particles between my fingers and the spirit smoothly escaping.

The guardian who stood far away also turned into a light shadow and disappeared somewhere.


Jean calling his name out of bewilderment.

There was a lot I wanted to ask him after the battle, what was it like in the past, why you were erased from history.

I didn’t expect it to disappear like this.

The particles of spirit fluttering like pollen were unanswered.

Instead, the particles gathered together as if they intended to draw a swirl around the gin.


From somewhere, I could hear a little noise as if it were a very distant murmur.

It was a sound from the whirlpool of Young-gi, which Jean had never heard of before using Young-gi.

……, ……da.

……, Gi……, ……no… …no…

Focusing his mind, Chin could realize that it was the sound of a man’s words.

‘Is that Lord Sutherray’s voice?’

That infinitely feeble voice was saying,

Jean, I’m sorry.

I don’t think I can leave many records.

Jean’s eyes grew bigger.


It’s the god of Jin, who has never heard his voice before his return.

It was the voice of solderlet.

As soon as Jean heard the voice, she cried out Solderet’s name almost like a madman.

But even though he had been running and raising his voice among black particles for a long time, no answer could be heard.

Jean, I’m sorry. I don’t think I can leave many records.

Only the same voice was repeated.

Soon Jean could realize that the voice was from a very distant past.

It was because another person’s voice was heard in spirit.

Who are you talking to? Solderlet. Jean? If it’s Jean… …was she the contractor after that thousand years, as I said last time?

Oh, Themeer.

Murakan and Misha are saying that they are dying because of your frequent Hyun-hyun. There’s not much time left until the war with the Jipple. Please also think about my position where those two are in trouble if they get sick.

Don’t tell the children Jean’s name.

By the way, you said yes last time. It’s because I don’t have this much trust.

The conversation seemed evident to the solderlet and the Temer a thousand years ago.

By the way, if you have a contractor in a thousand years.

In your opinion, we must win the war against the Zipple, right? Seeing that you’re already paying attention to the contractor a thousand years later.

If we lose, will Looncandel, who will sign you in a thousand years, remain in the world?

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