Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 185

Volume 8 Chapter 185 – Transfusion, Brethren (1)


Aura poured out of Bradamante. The triangular heart on Jin’s chest gleamed like the eyes of a beast in the dead of the night. Shaku looked very startled.

He never expected Jin to use Illustrious bladeworks. He was expecting Shadow Blade or just a normal sword skill.

‘Which brethren told him this..!? No, rather than that, it isn’t something that he can learn even when taught!’

Illustrious Bladeworks was a skill that was made for the Illustrious Legends. It required the aura from the ‘Heart of Light.’ Skills for swords, spears, bows and martial arts—everything was included.

The heart of light was vital to execute such techniques.

For thousands of years, many humans and beastmen tried to mimic the heart of light. However, they could only mimic the form, not its unique capability to utilise aura.

Although the sword swinging towards Shaku’s head was that of a human, it was no different from a beastman’s.


Lightning flowed from Shaku’s sword as well. He copied what Jin did. The two lightning bolts met, causing an explosion.

Gasps could be heard from the crowd.


Shaku didn’t feel great about blocking Jin’s attack with the same attack.

Although he was the apprentice, he was a runt who hadn’t been accepted yet. It didn’t make sense for him to use Illustrious Bladeworks.

“Who taught you this?”


“Feels weird. I have never thought of a human using it…”

Even Temar, who was accepted as a brethren, couldn’t master the Illustrious Bladeworks. No one really shared or elaborated the exact properties and memories regarding it.

‘I feel weird as well. Not gonna lie, I like this better than Shadow Blade.’

Shadow Blade was a very meticulous and quiet skill.

On the other hand, Illustrious Bladworks had flashy explosive and destructive attacks. Of the conquerors, for the conquerors, by the conquerors—Runcandel-style.

“Fifth brethren!”

Shaku used his immense strength to deflect and fling Jin across the field. Then he sought for Boras.

“What is it, Shaku?”

Boras tried to look surprised as well. He tried to hide every other emotion possible.

“The fifth brethren’s Special Attachment Magic probably still works!”

The crowd murmured at those words.

“Well… obviously.”

“Then that means that it won’t matter if I rip all of his limbs off.”

Boras couldn’t answer, and the first battle legend ‘Valtirok’ glared at him.

“Why can’t you answer, fifth brethren? Does that mean you taught him Illustrious Blade?”


Boras panicked on the spot. As if he were saying, ‘it wasn’t me, it was the tooth.’

“Then answer Shaku. He’s requesting permission.”

Boras paused, and Jin nodded.

“Let him, Boras. Even if he cuts off my limbs, you can just stick it back on with your special attachments or whatever. It seems like it’s some healing skill to help with severed limbs.”

“But… Special Attachments magic is not complete recovery. If I make the smallest mistake, you might never feel that limb again.”

“It’s alright. It was my idea for him to push me to the brink of death, so I’ll face the consequences.”

Jin didn’t say those words just to provoke Shaku.

He was constantly treading the border between life and death, even while training. This place, Lafrarosa, was not an exception.

‘During the compass interception mission, who knows what kinds of monsters from Kinzelo and Zipfel I will face? I have to learn as much as possible in Lafrarosa before leaving. I won’t spare my body a single bit.’

Shaku made a murderous smile.

“I’ll take that as a yes, Boras!”

At first glance, it seemed like the decision depended on the consensus between Shaku, Boras, and Valtirok.

But in reality, Vhan held all authority. Even with the conversation proceeding as follows, seeing Vhan make no retaliation meant that anything could happen.

While Garmund, Rinpa, and Boras felt their insides burning and churning, Vhan looked down onto Jin with a strange look in her eyes.

“Let us restart, apprentice. I’ll make you pay for using our sacred arts…!”

Shaku then let out a shout.

Even though it was a simple roar, Jin felt like a hammer was pounding his head. If he didn’t protect his body with aura, he would’ve received fatal damage from the shockwave.

‘The white wolf tribe is just a bark compared to this. This is almost like a dragon’s roar.’

Now, the battle felt something more than just a spar. Jin felt his mouth dry.


Lightning wrapped around Shaku. The air suddenly became heavy, and it felt like the gravity got stronger. Jin gathered some mana.

‘It’s great that I can go all out without having to hold back.’

Compared to his depleted aura, Jin had sufficient mana. He decided to summon Tess.

‘The blue flame… can’t ignite!’

He realized that he wasn’t in the normal world.

Phoenixes of the fire dimension could not come to Lafrarosa. It was already a ‘dead universe.’

‘What are you preparing, apprentice?”

Five streaks of lightning bolts headed for Jin. It was similar to the Runcandel’s third Decisive Killing Move, Meteor Shower. This was actually one of the basic skills.

Containing the aura from the heart of light, lightning smited after every swing. Jin couldn’t gather aura properly, so receiving the impact was not very enjoyable.


He swiftly dodged each attack and prepared a new spell.

‘I need an opportunity to use Shadow Blade’s first technique.’

Without Tess, the only way was close combat. Shaku excelled in speed, strength, stamina, and every other physical aspect.

Jin’s blessed body hadn’t awoken fully yet while Shaku was a fully developed Illustrious Legend.

‘And there were thousands of them before they went extinct.’

He had to finish it in one strike. The only way for David to defeat Goliath was one critical strike.

However, penetrating the 7-star crackling lightning aura was impossible. Even if he saw a gap and swung at it, the gap wouldn’t be exposed the next moment.

His sword would bounce off due to the repulsion from the lightning, just like the Hairan’s secret technique, Dragon Blade Armor.

Unlike Dragon Blade Armor, there was no counterattack, but Shaku’s deft hands kept Jin busy.

The form of the aura changed. Seeing that Jin had been running around the battlefield, he changed strategies.


A new aura was produced by the heart of light and seeped into the sword. Now, every time Jin’s sword met Shaku’s, he felt a pulling sensation.

It was similar to dozens of hands trying to resist his motion. Due to this, he had to use three times as much aura to move around.

Which meant that his stamina would decrease thrice as fast, so dodging was no longer an option.

‘Is it the suppression technique…?!’

A skill he remembered from the molar.

Illustrious Bladeworks, suppression.

Which basically turned the sword into a big magnet.

There was a reason why their entire tribe was remembered as a legendary tribe.


Shaku caught Jin’s collar. The two swords stuck together as if they were magnets. Jin flung his fists towards Shaku’s fists.

Many punches were exchanged and Jin felt like his hands were breaking instead of his target’s. Shaku laughed, continuing to receive Jin’s blows.

“So, is it my turn yet?”

A fist bigger than his head flew towards him. Lightning flowed throughout the fists as well.

He quickly activated Myulta’s rune. If not for it, his face would’ve been completely disfigured. Shaku looked surprised.

“The hell is this?”

“It’s a secret helm, dumbass.”

“Alright, but you’re going to regret it.”

Next, Shaku went for Jin’s chest.

And instead of guarding with his arm, he took the opportunity to target Shaku’s eyes.

Jin charged towards Shaku’s right eye with his index finger coated with shadow energy.

‘Got it!’

He didn’t know if Shaku’s injury could be cured by Special Attachments.

But if he didn’t go for it, then he would lose. Thankfully, he felt like the finger was going to hit.

And it did.

At the same time, Shaku’s fist met Jin’s chest. Boom! He felt like his entire body was broken, shattered into pieces. If he didn’t have the Black Light Cuirass, then he would’ve bitten the dust. It was all thanks to Cyron that he could make this attack without worrying about any other consequences.


But the armor didn’t absorb all of the impact.

Facing the ground, Jin vomited blood. He regretted making this decision.

‘Shit, what kind of guy has… eyes this strong!’

His finger broke.

And it wasn’t due to the aura around his body. Jin was certain that he hit Shaku’s eye ball.

But Shaku’s eyes looked fine, while Jin’s index finger was flaccid.

“Ah, our eyes are as hard as our hearts. It seems that you didn’t know. We weren’t the best for nothing.”


Shaku threw another massive punch on Jin’s chest. Crack. His ribs cracked one by one from the impact.

He quickly lost consciousness.

“I’ll cut your limbs as promised. I hope to see a less cocky battle, apprentice!”

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