Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 183

Volume 8 Chapter 183 – Inheriting Shadow Blade (6)

The Illustrious Legend Tribe didn’t just possess the strength to challenge the gods.

Five thousand years ago, their magical foundations were impressive, even when compared to that of modern civilization.

“We never had a class of people called magicians, heh. However, anyone who could wield magic worked as a blacksmith—just like me.”

Boras puffed his chest, and Jin held in his surprise.

‘Memory Transfer magic…!’

He knew that the Histers passed down that magic, and to his knowledge, that magic was exclusive to their clan. Not many others could cast it or knew about it.

Even researchers had never dealt with magic that manipulated memory.

“Huuuh? What? Fifth Brethren, did you put some magic in the tooth?”

“‘Tis a secret!”

“I don’t know what’s up, Jin, but you got a real present right there. Fifth Brethren is the most talented blacksmith in our history. We even used to stand in line just to get our equipment touched.”

“Of course, these are all stories from our prime, hehe.”

Not only was he an exceptional blacksmith, Boras was also an incredible warrior.

“Thank you. I will use it wisely.”

“I guess there needs to be some reciprocation? Since I gave you my tooth, you must offer me your second achievement.”

‘Why are they so addicted to achievements?’

Jin wanted to ask, but he just nodded instead. Though he didn’t really know what his next task was.

* * *

January 20th, 1797. A month passed since Jin arrived in Lafrarosa.

During that time, he received training from Garmund and Boras. He practiced Soul Slash and learnt how to use his body more efficiently from Boras.

Making his body lighter, controlling his power, exerting 120% of his power… The techniques taught by Boras were wild and beastly, yet marvelous.

“I thought you’d stick with your own beliefs and remain egotistical and stubborn, but you’re doing very well.”

“You’re just teaching well, Boras.”

“Hehe, no way. For us Illustrious Legends, aura comes from the heart. We channel this aura to different parts of the body to strengthen and lighten them. Imitating me this well is your skill.”

These beastmen had a special gem which fueled their power, but Jin did not have such a source.

However, from Jin’s chest, a triangular aura shone, just like a gemstone heart. He had concentrated and formed his own aura heart to imitate the skillful warriors.

It wasn’t an easy feat.

Any talented warrior could create a ‘room-like’ gemstone heart.

However, turning that newly formed source into a real gemstone heart was a different issue. No matter how trained a warrior was, learning such a skill was impossible in 10 years, let alone a month.

‘If it weren’t for that new molar, it would’ve been even harder.’

Jin could master the aura techniques thanks to Boras’s implant. He could advance his skills ahead of time thanks to those memories.

Boras knew of this fact, but he was still impressed.

“You’re more fun to teach than Temar, hehe. The fourth Legend Brethren will come this afternoon. She will teach you the second technique of Shadow Blade.”

“Hm? The fourth legend is coming this afternoon? Why was I not told?”

“It’s because we decided this morning, eighth brethren. I specifically requested it. We previously planned this for when he overcame the Shadow Vacuum, but seeing this kid’s progress, now won’t be a bad time.”

At those words, Garmund grinned.

“Do you think I don’t know how you feel? You just want to eat this kid’s achievement as soon as you can!”

Boras looked away and opened his little bundle. For lunch, the three of them sat and ate traditional cookies together.

‘Kakto’ had no taste. However, just like the water that Valeria gave him in the Great Desert, it helped him recover quickly.

“May I pack some of these when I return”

“If the battle goddess allows.”

Nom, nom, nom.

Finishing off the last of the cookies, he trained Soul Slash for two hours, and the fourth legend entered the training grounds.

A woman with a massive, colossal sword on her back.

‘The one who never reveals emotions.’

Garmund was easy to deal with, and Boras was already in favor of Jin. He could easily get close to them, but not all of the legends would be like that.

“Hello, I’m Jin Runcandel.”

Jin approached and greeted her. She did not speak and just nodded.

‘Does she not like me? I can’t read her expression at all.’

Jin thought of greeting her once more, but Boras clapped his hands as if he just remembered something.

“Oh, Yeah! The fourth legend can’t speak.”

A speaking disability.

Jin interpreted it like that, but Garmund added on.

“She’s doing silence training. It’s been a while. Ever since Lafrarosa’s time stopped…”

She nodded.

‘Silence training? Why do such a thing?’

He had heard of Vankella’s saints doing such training, but he had never heard of warriors doing it.

‘Besides, if she doesn’t talk, how will she communicate?’

While the number of questions were growing, the fourth legend drew her sword.

And with ludicrous speed, she wrote words on the ground.


That was her name.

“Rinpa, nice to meet you.”

“Uh, fourth brethren, this is the language of the mainland.”

Rinpa hadn’t written in her own language. Garmund and Boras looked very surprised.

“Hahaha! I knew something was up when you stayed in your room all day. You learned a new language for our new- Urk!”

The colossal sword cut off his words. Rinpa poked him to make him shut his mouth

The warning poke was a hefty stab. Garmund barely parried the sword and flew towards the sky. As she prepared for another attack, Boras stopped her.

“Are you really thinking of splitting brother Garmund in half?”

Nod, nod.

“C’mon, don’t do such things in front of the kid. Garmund’s mouth blabbers every day.”

Nod, nod.

Rinpa lowered her sword and Garmund sighed in relief. An easy way to see the hierarchy amongst their strengths. It also served to demonstrate Boras’s authority.

Jin found it awkward.

‘Like, is there anything to be embarrassed about? Damn, I might’ve tried to kill him too.’

Thankfully, Jin dealt with these kinds of people all the time.

To Jin, Rinpa was similar to Yona.

‘I should treat her like I treat Yona. That might be the most effective method.’

* * *

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* * *

And as expected, Rinpa’s personality was very similar to Yona’s.

That wasn’t particularly good though. Their personalities were just similar, not the same.

Subsequently, no particular interaction occurred between Jin and Rinpa. She treated Jin like a glorified plaything.

Just like when Jin arrived in Sail.

Rinpa constantly toyed with Jin.

Going into complete silence after showing the second technique or hitting Jin with her sword when he’s practicing Soul Slash, as if trying to convey that something was wrong.


If it weren’t for Mind’s Eye, the sword would’ve landed on his head five times.

Everytime he parried the attack, he felt his entire body fall apart. Looking at him, Rinpa beamed with satisfaction.

He had no idea if she was proud of her strike or the manner he blocked it in.

Jin, however, did not retaliate. ‘Why are you doing this, what do you want, why do you attack…’

‘For people like Sister Yona, I have to play the waiting game. Wait for them to approach me first.’

Garmund and Boras found Jin’s behavior rather strange. They remembered when Temar first met Rinpa, which led to absolute chaos.

Jin finally received the fruits of his labor after ten days.

Kachzk! Kachzk! Shk!

After the first day, Rinpa wrote on the ground again.

(Why do you not ask the name of the second technique? I’ve shown it to you many times.)

Jin grinned.

‘Of course!’

Jin immediately wiped his grin and met Rinpa’s eyes.

“I wasn’t too curious.”


“Besides that, can you even consider this as silence training?”

Rinpa’s eyes widened.

“In my opinion, silence is not only the lack of speech. It also implies completely severing communication with others.”

“Oh, I think Jin got it spot on?”

“That sounds about right.”

Garmund and Boras turned and looked at Rinpa.

Rinpa stood there, listless, repeating Jin’s statement in her head.

And finally, the icing on the cake.

“You ask me why I don’t want to know the second technique’s name? I do not want to learn from someone who flaunts the name. So I didn’t bother asking. If you want to teach me, please show me something amazing, like Garmund and Boras did.”



Garmund and Boras sighed.

They didn’t think Jin would push Rinpa to a corner like this. Even the battle goddess wouldn’t dare question her like this.

When Jin turned to practice once more.

“It’s not… that.”

For the first time in five thousand years, Rinpa spoke. Well… for her and the tribe, she had opened her mouth for the first time in twenty years.

Garmund and Boras lost their marbles.

“B-Brethren, your silence…!”

“Brethren Rinpa! Are you already—?!”

The two stuck right next to Rinpa, but she just ignored them. Rinpa looked into Jin’s eyes and spoke,

“I show you… something incredible.”

They were stupid.

Jin swallowed his laughter. He knew that he could complete Rinpa’s training in a cinch.

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