Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 154

Chapter 154: Union at the Black Sea


Heuk! Hoo!

While blood splattered everywhere, the guardian knights of Runcandel could only feel hopelessness.

There were twenty 7- to 8-star guardian knights—the ones who kept an eye on Jin under Joshua’s orders.

As soon as they escaped Samil, they had been targeted as Samil’s prey. They couldn’t resist.

Nine Executioners, the top ten excluding Yona, gathered. The guardian knights couldn’t handle them. They weren’t as notorious as the black knights, but still they definitely lived up to their notoriety.

“Check their attack positions! They must be the best of the best!”

“Shit! Don’t split up! We’ll die if they surround each one of us!”

Although they were Mind’s Eye users, they couldn’t read the executioners’ footsteps.


Every time something suddenly flashed in the corner of their eye, guardian knights fell to the floor.

The leader of the guardian knights raised his voice.

“Is Nameless not scared of Runcandel?! I don’t know for what reason you’re attacking us, but we are the Runcandel Clan’s prospective successor’s—”


A dagger pierced through his back.

The other guardian knights could only grit their teeth.

“Complete. Disperse. I will report to the leader.”

The second best executioner, Vizen, spoke these words only three minutes into the fight. And their pure-white uniforms remained as white as snow.

I wish you would erase all records of my visit to Samil. Meaning that, excluding the people of the Kon Kingdom and the cadets and executioners of Nameless, I wish they forgot the existence of Jin Grey or Jin Runcandel.

That was what Jin requested the Leader of Nameless.

Erasing the fact that Jin Grey, or Jin Runcandel, ever visited Samil. Which was why the best executioners slaughtered Joshua’s knights.

Since no one other than the people of Kon and the associates of Nameless should know of him…

Owal repeated Jin’s request with his own mouth, then spat cigarette ash.

‘Jin… He said it like his thoughtless throw of the net caught a big fish. But he probably knew this would happen. What a scary kid.’

Owal concluded his thoughts, and Vizen arrived.

“Mission complete. Total guardian knights killed, 24. The corpses will be dealt with within the hour.”

“Well done.

“I am worried about the Runcandels’ reaction to this issue. Although we have a valid reason, killing that many guardian knights will stir up some tension.”

“Don’t worry, Vizen. I will speak with Lord Cyron myself. I will leave for the Black Sea within two days, so take care of the Manor for the time being.”


* * *

* * *

Cold sweat poured down Kashimir’s head. The man who bought the misunderstood image of a miraculous being with a royal status, handsome profile, and ghost-like swordsmanship.

When he went near the Black Sea, he thought Khan would escort him.

However, Cyron didn’t send Khan. As such, Kashimir wore the blood of monsters for the past week without any road to follow.

He couldn’t even remember how many monsters he slaughtered before arriving at his destination.

After excessive effort, he arrived at the center of the Black Sea, where Cyron was. However…

‘Why are they here…?’

He was sure Cyron only summoned him, but Kashimir saw a total of four people.

“Ah, you have arrived, Ghostblade.”

Firstly, Guardian Knight Khan.

He was speaking out of respect, but Khan honestly thought Kashimir deserved it.

Kashimir got to experience the labor of delivering a letter firsthand. A speechless glare pressured him to write more satisfactory letters.

“What’s this? Cyron, why’d you call that married man? I wanted to have a nice chat, but there are too many unwanted visitors.”

The Master of the Hidden Palace, Talaris.

She examined Kashimir before clicking her tongue, showing scorn for the man who struggled through the monsters of the Black Sea.

“Ghostblade Kashimir? Lord Cyron, it seems the Runcandels have formed a good rapport with the Free City of Tikan.”

The Leader of Nameless, Owal.

He had arrived thirty minutes before Kashimir.

Lastly, a man who sat in the air with his legs crossed as he stared at Kashimir. The strongest knight of the generation, Cyron Runcandel.

As soon as their eyes met, Kashimir quickly lowered his head.

“I apologize for my tardiness, Lord Cyron.”

“Sit. And Talaris, the unwanted visitor isn’t the Ghostblade, but you and Owal.”


“Ah, it seems you had planned a meeting prior with the Ghostblade.”

Surprisingly, Talaris and Owal stepped away after Cyron’s words, giving Kashimir enough room to stand in front of Cyron.

The Master of the Hidden Palace and the Leader of Nameless.

The only person who could move them with words was Cyron Runcandel. All the while staring down at the Ghostblade.

Kashimir could only feel gratitude.

‘Lord Cyron really cares about me!’

The pain of fighting the monsters for the past week all melted away. Kashimir stepped forward and glanced around.

‘Madame Talaris probably came for some marriage proposal, but why the Leader of Nameless? Did Young Master Jin misbehave in Samil?’

It was nice that Cyron made room for him. However, it felt like he was sitting on thorns. Talaris and Owal were glaring at him for taking their spot.

‘Since Kashimir and Owal are here, I can’t even talk about marriage!’

‘…The Master of the Hidden Palace and the Ghostblade. It’ll be hard to bring up stuff about Jin and Yona.’

On the other hand, Cyron was a little proud.

Kashimir was definitely far below the other two. Nonetheless, three very famous and hard-to-meet people came to him regarding his youngest son.

“I originally summoned you for a drink, but there seems to be two extra guests. Please understand. We will have a drink after these two leave.”

At Cyron’s words, Kashimir felt equal to the Master of the Hidden Palace and the Leader of Nameless for an instant. And the two grand beings were shocked.

It was the respect of the absolute power. He didn’t want Kashimir to hold back on his words because bystanders were listening.

“No worries, Lord Cyron.”

“So, how’s the youngest doing?”

“Just as I departed for the Black Sea, Young Master Jin left for the Leader of Nameless’s city in order to train for any assassination attempts or poison.”

Except Kashimir, everyone’s eyes rattled.

‘Why does that damned kid constantly visit dangerous places? How will he marry my daughter if he dies?’

‘I know Jin is an incredible kid, but Lord Cyron is showing this much interest in him…?’

Cyron’s eyes flicked to Owal, ordering an explanation.

“Ahem. The Ghostblade is correct. I came to discuss the young master’s visit to Samil. However, it is not something I can speak of with the presence of the Master of the Hidden Palace and the Ghostblade.”

“Just speak. As you know, the Hidden Palace and Runcandel Clan are basically one. Besides that, the Master of the Hidden Palace is one of my few close friends. And the Ghostblade is close-mouthed.”

Owal thought for a bit before speaking. He now considered the Hidden Palace and Tikan City as allies of the Runcandel Clan.

He proceeded to summarize Jin’s visit in detail. Everyone concentrated on every word he spoke. Of course, he left out the part about Dante and Beradin being present.

Hearing that the youngest son messed around, survived, and opened his Mind’s Eye, Cyron smiled.

Right after Owal mentioned that he had 24 guardian knights killed by Jin’s request, Cyron burst into laughter.

From his bellows, small earthquakes occurred throughout the Black Sea.

“I see why you came. Were you scared of taking responsibility for that?”

“Although it is embarrassing, yes. It wasn’t one or two, but 24.”

“He has already started to open his eyes to clarity. That annoying runt…”

Cyron’s joy was erased from his voice, but he still looked satisfied. Almost so that ‘annoying’ meant ‘successful’.

Only Kashimir was nervous, thinking that Jin may have done something wrong.

“Don’t worry about that. It would remain the same even if you killed two hundred.”

“Milord, you lighten my chest. However, Lord Cyron, I have one more thing to say.”

“What is it?”

“…I wish you’d read this paper. This isn’t something that I can reveal to the others.”

“Hand it over.”

Cyron’s eyes narrowed.

(I have received the Thousand-Poison Antidote from Sister Yona. So, in exchange for this, please compromise with the Leader of Nameless to delay Elder Sister Yona’s return to the clan.

For the antidote, up to five years shouldn’t be hard.

Oh, and on top of that, I didn’t use any tricks or anything. It should be appropriate to return it, but the Leader of Nameless told me to ‘relieve myself from the assassinations from Nameless for ten years.’ So greed for the antidote outgrows my fear for Nameless…

It was in a petty manner, but I kept my promise. I trust that you will keep my promise with the Leader of Nameless as well.

Thank you.)

A letter that Jin left when leaving Samil.

“Why? Is there something wrong, Cyron? Did my daughter’s fiancé misbehave?”

Talaris opened her mouth out of curiosity.

“…Owal, is this true?”

“Yes. In fact, he played with me more times than mentioned in that letter.”

“A man like you to a kid like him? I know he’s smart, but that can’t be true. And there’s no way he collaborated with Yona.”

Owal sighed and shook his head.

“I wish it were like that.”

“It seems that you weren’t the only one who has been played.”

“Still, Milord, he is your child. Unlike me who has been wiped clean, you have something to be proud of.”

“Hoho… We will discuss this matter later. I will send you an official invitation, so I’ll see you at the Garden of Swords soon.“

“I will inform you of the specifics at a later date.”

“Cyron, you’re leaving the Black Sea again? I don’t know what’s happening, but you aren’t going to punish my son-in-law.”

“Who the hell is your son-in-law, Talaris?”

“Hmph, I’m sure you can answer that yourself. What did Jin do to receive a big punishment?”

Cyron lightly shook his head.

“He didn’t do anything.”

“Thank goodness.”

A silence ensued. Cyron fell deep into thought, and Talaris was relieved. Owal was concerned about how long he wanted to delay Yona’s return.


“Yes, Lord Cyron?”

“I am also curious about what news you brought. I couldn’t listen to you because of Owal.”

“I was about to tell you as well. Regarding the death of Kidard Hall that shook the world not so long ago. I came to tell you that it was at the hands of Young Master Jin.”



Talaris and Owal shouted simultaneously, and Cyron nodded with an emotionless expression.

“I see. Now then, unwanted guests should clear out. I must have a drink with this man.”

“I know what you’re going to talk about, so I don’t count. Let me join in. Don’t make me disappointed.”

Talaris knew that Jin was a magic swordsman, so it wouldn’t be a problem if she found out how Jin killed Kidard.

The only one who didn’t know of Jin’s secret, Owal, had to leave.

‘Alright, so the Master of the Hidden Palace is friends with Lord Cyron, but the Ghostblade is closer to him than I am…? I mean, I’m kinda curious about how Jin killed Kidard too.’

Owal was a little disappointed, but it was fine since he achieved his goal.

He decided to just be satisfied.

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