Standard of Reincarnation Chapter 47

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The Standard of Reincarnation Episode 47

Vincennes did not agree with Kagon.


I couldn’t do it.

‘That’s disgusting.’

Vincen almost swore at Kagon’s expression as if he was asking for consent.

But now Vincen was no longer Daven.

Daven, who dreamed of justice, died.

A long time ago, in Samion’s dungeon.

“I know what you mean, but. If a magic ritual was performed using an offering, in my common sense, this would be a curse. “As a warrior, I cannot condone the curse.”

“It’s Samion’s traditional technique. “I could call Elder Holliman and vouch for him.”

Vincen remained silent for a moment.

Kagon understood the silence as consent.

“You probably accidentally ruined my work this time, but I hope you’ll be more careful next time.”

Vincen was silent a little longer and then asked.

“Is Samion’s method the right path?”

“… … what?”

“Your ways do not mean justice, Kagon.”

Through conversations with Kagon, Vincen was able to be sure.

If the matter is reported to the higher-ups and processed officially, it will be advantageous for Khagon.

Even though the essence is the same as black magic, this is Samion’s way.

The warlock’s curse deserves to be condemned, but Samion’s way is the right one.

Because they have power.

Unfortunately, the world was like that.

“I don’t know if your way is right for you.”

It was right for them.

It was like that 500 years ago too.

Daven, who died unjustly, was recorded as a great evil and his honor was tarnished.

Kazin, who was petty and cowardly, is recorded as a hero king and praised.

Even that was right from Samion’s perspective.

“I don’t think it’s right.”

“… … .”

Vincen and Kagon’s eyes collided in midair.

Kagon shrugged his shoulders and said.

“Nice eyes.”

Kagon viewed Vincen’s attitude favorably.

A warrior must do what he believes is right.

Vincen did just that.

Kagon continued.

“You have such nice eyes, it would be difficult for us to be friends.”

“You and I were never meant to be friends.”

One is Samion’s direct descendant.

Another person is Adenka’s direct descendant.

These two can never be friends.

Because Adenca’s mission goes beyond Samion.

“Well, that’s a shame. “I thought we could be good friends.”

Kagon turned first.

“I hope you don’t ignore my warning though. “If you mess up my work next time, it won’t go away like it did today.”

“… … .”

“Because I’m going to kill you.”

Vincen looked at Kagon’s back.

-Brother, what’s wrong?

Julian felt that Vincennes was very good at controlling his emotions.

But now, the Vincennes that Julian felt were on the verge of exploding.

The mana in Vincennes heart began to wriggle.

-You endured it well. I handled it well, but why is this happening all of a sudden? older brother!

In an instant, Vincen came to his senses.

I almost let out a deadly attack.

‘I saw something strange on Kagon’s back.’

Vincennes was instinctively convinced.

Something that should not have been seen was being seen.

-Something weird? What is that?

* * *


Daven was sent as Kazin’s ‘help friend’ and suffered a lot of bullying from Kazin.

At that time, Daven felt a strange energy from Kazin.

‘Feels like a knife.’

of course,


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When the sword and body become one, there are times when the warrior’s appearance feels like a sword.

However, Kazin at the time was not a military officer of that level.

Daven, who was young, felt that the energy was somehow artificial.

‘And the dark red energy swaying above it.’

That energy was the energy that leaked out when Kazin let his guard down.

As a child, Kazin never showed that energy in front of adults, and as an adult, he never showed it to the outside world.

‘It’s the same as Kazin’s energy.’

It felt like there was a big shadow behind his back.

It seemed like that was the reason for the unexplainable discomfort I felt every time I saw Kagon.


‘It’s Kazin’s energy.’

-I can’t hear what you’re saying. Please be more specific.

‘Sword-like force. It is red yellow rice, but it has a dark red energy that is subtly different from red yellow rice. A strange commotion surrounding Kagon. ‘All those things belong to Kazin!’

-I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Julian didn’t understand Vincen’s words at all.

Vincen did not take his eyes off Kagon’s back as he walked away.

Before I knew it, that energy had disappeared.

‘I didn’t see it wrong.’

It is often said that memories imprinted in childhood cannot be forgotten.

For Vincennes, Kazin’s energy was like that.

-Did you see something wrong?

‘Kagon contained the energy of Kazin that I saw as a child.’

At that point, Julian noticed something strange.

-My brother’s voice can’t be heard. As if someone was intervening and blocking our conversation.

‘You’re blocking our conversation?’

-yes. Even though my brother is speaking directly, I can’t hear it. This can’t happen like this by chance.

Vincen thought for a moment.

Meanwhile, Kagon had completely moved away and Vincenne muttered softly.

He said it deliberately in a voice.

“My identity is the great evil… … .”

At that time, a scream was heard.

-Ahh! stop! Stop!

The pain was so great that some of that mental pain was conveyed to Vincennes.

It felt like a rubber band pulled taut in my head was about to snap.

Julian suffered for a long time and then screamed.

-Young Master, you bastard! Are you planning to kill me?

‘… … .’

-yo. this!

Vincen frowned slightly.

I had no idea that Julian would be in this much pain.

‘I told you my true identity, so why are you so distressed?’

Julian felt something was unusual.

At first, it was a mistake in Julian’s own calculations.

Or because of bad luck.

I thought that a strange being, not a spirit god, had come in.

But that didn’t seem to be the case.

-I think there was some external force at work. It was carefully planned so that my brother and I could meet.


– Well, I don’t know either. If there is such a thing, I think it would be a god… … .


-But it would be difficult for God to directly intervene in humans like this… … .

Last time, Julian had to risk extinction by just shaking Vincen’s bell once.

But to directly intervene like this?

-So, I don’t think it’s God. I really don’t know. whoever? why? how? How can they interfere with us like this? What’s really important is that I didn’t know anything until I got here.

Julian’s feelings were clearly conveyed to Vincennes.

Julian was in a very confused state.

Vincen thought for a moment and then conveyed his will.

‘You don’t have to think too hard.’

Julian knows too much.

Trying to consider and think about too many things.

‘He who is overly cautious cannot move forward.’

It didn’t matter that someone had intervened and planned this meeting.

What is important is that Vincennes and Julian met with the same goal.

‘But don’t worry.’

One thing was important.

What Vincent dreams of and what Julian dreams of are the same.

If the dream is the same, the path to walk is also the same.

That was enough.

I offered comfort to Julian.

‘Even in the era in which I lived, I broke the sword of the sword emperor of the time.’

There were things to say.

‘And I am sure of it. ‘I am much stronger now than I was back then.’

The force may be weaker than it was then.

It is not strange if the body is damaged at any time, and it may be possible to obtain ‘heavenly fruit’.

It is unclear whether the sacrum can be completely restored.

Even Samion’s swordsmanship, which is said to be the strongest swordsmanship, cannot be used.

But Vincen felt it with his own skin.

I’m stronger now than I was then.

‘Because I was alone then, but I am not alone now.’

Now Julian is with us.

Julian had something that Vincent didn’t have.

I was confident that I would be able to rise to much higher heights with Julian.

It’s funny, because this little bastard is always seeing things that Vincenne can’t see.

‘So there’s no need to be confused.’

This was comfort, sincerity, and a promise.

‘You and I will be able to achieve everything we wish for. So you don’t have to be too shaken.’

Vincen stared into space.

We had to overcome not only Adenka but also Samion.

At first, he simply thought it was the Samion family that had betrayed him.

I just thought they were descendants of the King of Heroes.

But I kept feeling like that wasn’t the case.

500 years ago is not simply the past.

It was clear that the past was deeply connected to the present.

‘The smell of Kazin is thick in the air.’

Even if 500 years have passed.

The smell and energy were unforgettable.

‘There are a lot of things I don’t know.’

In other words, it meant that there were many things to learn in the future.

‘Sounds like fun.’

A new life.

I decided not to waste it.

* * *

Although Julian was confused, he soon regained his composure.

Vincen returned to the dormitory after finding Se-ri, who was probably worried, and letting her know that she was okay.

He visited dormitory 3, where Selvira was living, within the 9th grade dormitory.


Selvira, who was resting on the bed, suddenly stood up.


Her face became brightly colored.

It was the first time that Vincen came to Selvira’s living room.

“What happened, suddenly?”

“Give me your hands.”

“Cow, hand?”

Selvira looked around.

The attention of the cadets living in the third-class dormitory was focused.

Among them was Harmon, who won the first gate along with Vincennes.

Selvira’s face turned a little red.


“Because there’s something I need to check.”

“What should I check?”

Your curse.

It was a bit ambiguous to say that.

“Can’t you just give me some?”

“… … .”

Selvira held out her hand while looking at the cadets’ thoughts.

Harmon looked at the figure out of the corner of his eye.

‘Why are you holding my hand so long?’

Vincen held Selvira’s hand for a long time and did not let go.

‘It’s gone.’

Still, I checked a little more.

He closed his eyes and gently rubbed Selvira’s palm with his thumb.

Selvira asked with a slightly embarrassed face.

“How long are you going to hold on?”

“It’s done.”

“What is the meaning of this action?”

“Action for you.”

The ‘first chain’ has completely disappeared.

Fortunately, there seemed to be no significant aftereffects.

“thank god.”


Vincennes could not explain in detail.

“You have a lot of calluses.”

With those words, Vincen turned around.

For Vincennes, it was a great compliment.

Because calluses were nothing more than a measure of a disciplined warrior.

After Vincen went out, Selvira looked down at her hands.

“Is it because you trained hard?”

Selvira approached Harmon a little nervously.

Harmon, who was looking at Selvira from the corner of his eye, flinched in surprise.

“Why why?”

“Lend me that.”

“That’s it?”


“So, what is it?”

Selvira’s face turned slightly red.

“The regenerating cream you use! “The one made at the Magic Tower.”

“This, this?”

Thanks to the regenerative cream made by Magic Tower, Harmon has always maintained soft and smooth skin.

There were no calluses on his hands.

It was a must-have cream in social circles, and was quite popular among some of the warriors.

“I heard it’s really effective?”


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