Standard of Reincarnation Chapter 37

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The Rule of Reincarnation Episode 37

For a warrior, honor was one of the noble values.

And ‘Gakmyeong’ is a very honorable task.

“I heard that the head of the Adenka family did the engraving work?”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Even when I was Princess Deia, the matriarch did not do it herself.”

Even before Khan ascended to the stage of the grand banquet hall, there was debate as to whether it was true or not.

But then Khan really appeared.

“oh my god. “It’s real.”

Khan climbed onto the platform of the Great Hall and looked down.

Herka, the general manager of the Red Fortress, has reported.

“All cadets and instructors gathered, except for the minimum security forces and dispatched personnel.”

From level 1 to level 9.

All cadets lined up in the main training hall of the Red Fortress.

They all wore formal and formal uniforms and wore ceremonial swords at their waists.

Representative cadets held up flags to prove their level.

“A total of five first-class cadets. Representative cadet Hena Adenka and 4 others. “Everyone has lined up.”

1st class representative cadet Hena Adenka.

She was a first-class representative cadet and also the third princess of Adenka.

Henna represented the first-class cadets and held up the black flag that certifies first-class cadets.

The black flag had a ‘sun’ symbolizing Adenka embroidered on it.

After that, five first-class cadets stood upright with solemn expressions.

“A total of 8 second-class cadets. Representative cadet Johan Adenka and 6 others. “They are lined up.”

2nd class representative cadet Johan Adenka.

Although he was a subordinate of Adenka, he rose to the position of second-class representative cadet due to his outstanding skills in both civil and martial arts.

“A total of 11 third-class cadets. Representative cadet Sirka Beraol and 8 others. “They are lined up.”

“A total of 13 fourth-class cadets. 4th class representative cadet Benjamin Adenka and 9 others. “They are lined up.”

“A total of 15 5th class cadets. Representative cadet Abel Adenka and 11 others. “They are lined up.”

Abel Adenka was the fourth prince of Adenka.

“A total of 17 6th grade cadets. Representative cadet Sion Pelatu and 12 others. “They are lined up.”

“A total of 19 7th grade cadets. Representative cadet Terrain Mavine and 18 others. “Everyone has lined up.”

“A total of 20 8th grade cadets. Representative cadet Damien Adenka and 19 others. “Everyone has lined up.”

“A total of 21 9th grade representative cadets. Selvira and 19 others. “They are lined up.”

1st grade. Level 7. Level 8.

All the cadets gathered together,

Level 2. Level 3. Level 4. Level 5. Level 6. Level 9.

Most of the cadets gathered.

The only cadets who could not gather here were either outside due to their own missions or seriously injured, like 9th grade cadet Shizen.

In fact, everyone who could gather had gathered.

Khan called Vincen.

“Vincent. “Come up.”

Representative cadets raised the flag high.

A black flag symbolizing first class.

Red flag symbolizing level 2.

A brown flag symbolizing level 3.

A purple flag symbolizing level 4.

Blue flag symbolizing level 5.

A yellow flag symbolizing level 6.

A white flag symbolizing level 7.

Seven flags were flying.

The two 8th and 9th grade representative cadets who were not given flags raised their ceremonial swords.

Vincen walked past them.

Selvira, the 9th grade representative cadet, lowered his sword.

“With full honor and humble respect.”

Damien, the 8th grade representative cadet, also lowered his sword.

“With full honor and humble respect.”

When Vincennes passes by.


Hellin, the 7th grade representative cadet, waved the flag twice and then lowered it to the ground to show respect.

“With full honor and humble respect.”

Level 6.

Level 5.

It was all the same.

1st class representative cadet.

Henna also waved the black flag loudly twice and then lowered the flagpole to the ground.

“With full honor and humble respect.”

Vincen calmly received the gazes of all the cadets and walked without wavering.

Vincen climbed onto the stage and stood in front of Khan.

I stood facing Khan.


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“Give me your sword.”

Vincen took out a red lotus and handed it to Khan.

Khan accepted the sword.

Hongryeon, who was with Kahn at the start, was once again in Kahn’s hands.

“I will engrave Vincen’s name on the red tombstone with Vincen’s sword.”

His voice was not loud, but it was heard clearly by all the cadets.

Khan swung his sword as if drawing letters, stroke by stroke.

There was enormous pressure.

But no one was hurt.

Vincen’s name began to be engraved on a red monument far below the podium.

Letter by letter, the name was slowly completed.

Representative cadets with flags waved them with all their might.

[9th grade cadet. Vincen Adenka.]

As soon as the name was engraved, all the cadets raised their swords high.

It seemed like silver waves were engraved on the grand performance armor.

they all said

“With full honor and humble respect.”

After sheathing her sword, she raised her right fist to her chest and showed respect for each person.

Each name is over.

Khan returned the red lotus to Vincennes.

“Act so as not to be ashamed of your name.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

I could see it in Vincennes eyes too.

The name ‘Vincen Adenca’ is engraved on the red tombstone.

“Don’t forget. “Your name is Vincen Adenkaim.”

“I won’t forget. “My name is Vincen Adenkaim.”

Khan turned around.

* * *

Selvira and the 9th grade cadets chatted happily as they returned to the dormitory.

Selvira’s face was slightly red.

“I felt like my heart was growing bigger.”

What 9th grade cadet would receive such courtesy and respect from senior cadets?

Selvira and the cadets returned to the dormitory and rushed to applaud with all their might.


After such a big event, it was common to receive congratulations from fellow cadets and enjoy time together.


Vincenne was not in the dormitory.

“Where did it go?”

“well. “Did you at least go to the bathroom?”

But it didn’t seem like he had gone to the bathroom.

“Did you really go to a private training center again?”

“Oh, no way. “I just came back after finishing my name?”

But that assumption was correct.

The cadets laughed as if they were dumbfounded.

Meanwhile, Vincen sat in his personal training room and opened his mouth.

“Did you all cry?”

The level of agreement with Julian has increased significantly.

When Julian felt active emotions, they felt even more explicit.

When he heard these words from Khan, Julian’s emotions grew as if they were about to explode.

[Don’t forget. Your name is Vincen Adenkaim.]

Those were Khan’s own words admitting that Vincennes was Adenca.

Julian cried loudly.

Although it was not visible, it was clearly felt.

-I’ve never cried!

Julian continued while whimpering.

-Who do you think is a crybaby?

Vincen chuckled.

Sometimes it’s scary when I see it, but other times it feels like I’m a child.

Julian seemed embarrassed and changed the topic.

– A great name for level 9. If you do this, won’t you really get ‘heavenly fruit’?

‘I have to get it.’

You will become stronger.

I will exalt the name of Adenka, and I will surpass Samion.

For that to happen, ‘Cheongwa’ was absolutely necessary.

Because it was almost the only means for now that could restore this body.

‘There’s still a long way to go, so don’t get too excited.’

-I wasn’t excited. But why are you so calm? How can I do that when I received a special name from my father?

‘Because I didn’t do anything that great.’

Each name was clearly an honorable task.

It was also an honor that the head of the family personally came forward and engraved the name.

However, it did not completely satisfy Vincennes.

‘Even if I get a thousand fruits, I may be able to achieve everything. So there’s no need to make too much of a fuss.’

Even Julian stuck his tongue out.

As my attunement rate increased, I also felt that there was not an iota of lies in what Vincen said.

-It’s scarier because it’s sincere.

Vincen recalled the senior cadets he saw today.

In fact, Vincennes was quite shocked.

In particular, my heart ached when I passed 1st class representative cadet Hena Adenka.

‘I’m just a cadet. The momentum was very sharp.’

Hena Adenka is the third princess of Adenka.

Of course, she had excellent qualities, but it was still far short of the reputation of the second princess.

‘I never thought the third princess would be like that.’

2 What about the princess?

And what about Confucius 1?

Vincen, who met the senior cadets in person, felt that there was a new world.

Although the path may have been very different from the past, there were always those who reached the extreme.

Vincen felt that some people seemed to have found the right path to the extreme.

Vincenne took a deep breath.

My heart was pounding.

“But you said that even the third princess couldn’t surpass Samion.”

-that’s right.

Among the direct descendants of the current generation, the second princess Deia was the only direct descendant who surpassed Samion at the ‘Friendship Exchange Meeting’.

And the ‘Friendly Exchange Meeting’ was also the future that would soon come to Vincennes.

A friendly sparring with Samion’s 6th Prince Kagon was just around the corner.

Of course, Vincen did not want to be defeated by Samion’s Khagon.

“I will not be defeated by Samion.”

Vincen closed his eyes and began to meditate.

It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t happy, but I tried my best to control this excitement and practice.

One magical rotation has ended.

Sweat was beading on my forehead.

‘Once more.’

I tried to meditate one more time before I lost my concentration.

-Brother, wait a minute!

Yulian rarely interferes with training.

Vincen frowned slightly.


-Weird. When my brother rotates his magical power, the red lotus reacts.

‘To Hongryeon?’

-Something is blinking. It appears and then disappears.

Vincen tilted his head.

I did a magic rotation and something was created from the red lotus.

‘Let’s focus on the red lotus side.’

I started meditating once again.

I couldn’t figure everything out in two meditations.

On several occasions, Vincennes meditated until his mental strength was completely exhausted.

‘i get it.’

I felt like I knew now.

Hongryeon reacted with Vincen’s mana and created something.

‘God bless you.’

It was a blessing.

‘What symbol is this?’

Three crooked strokes.

It was invisible now, but it appeared briefly during meditation.

-It’s like the protection of a brain giant.

‘Brain giant?’

A high-ranking god of the Thunder series.

It was Malone’s blessing.

‘Why did this reside in Hongryeon?’

The reason was unknown.

It was not something that created divine protection by stimulating its characteristics.

Divine protection was engraved on the red lotus.

-Isn’t it because your brother cut down Malon with a special sword attack?

The exact reason was unknown.

Julian thought for a moment and continued.

-Brother, what do you want to do with this power?

“I have to get it in full.”

-The brain giant’s power is excessively destructive.

In fact, if you look at the level of ‘God’s protection’ alone, it was truly the highest level.

The only problem is that there are not many people who can properly handle it.

Therefore, there were few studies conducted comparing it to other characteristics.

The power that Malone could control was only a small part of it.

-Brother, you will try to take on that dangerous and destructive power, right?

‘What can I achieve if I can’t even achieve what I see before my eyes?’

Julian sighed softly.

In the past, I might have said, ‘It’s too dangerous, let’s find another way.’

But Julian did not say that.

-Anyway, you have no aversion to barbaric power.

‘Do you want to stop me?’

-Not at all.

Julian did not stop Vincen.

Today, Julian was recognized as ‘Adenka’ in front of all the cadets.

What Julian could not have achieved with his method, Vincen achieved it.

-I will prepare and help in my own way.

Vincen decided to accept the power of the ‘brain giant’.

A power too destructive for humans to accept.


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