Standard of Reincarnation Chapter 20

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The Standard of Reincarnation Episode 20

Yajang Hansen.

He was one of Adenka’s craftsmen who handled weapons of relatively cheap and high quality.

Jeron visited his workshop.

“What if I sell a defective product?”

“What nonsense? “You mean it’s a defective product?”

“This means that the scabbard, which is only 15 days old, is about to be shattered like this.”

“Look where you are.”

Even though he was about 60 years old, he had massive muscles.

Because he was a dwarf, he was short, but his weight was over 100 kg.

Han Sen, who was examining the scabbard, frowned.

“what’s this?”


The scabbard was not cracked due to an external impact.

This one was broken from the inside.

“The traces are very strange. “Take out your sword.”

Han Sen took the sword and looked at it for a long time.

“Have you had any heated sparring recently?”


“Or that he collided with a famous sword several times.”

“I’ve never done anything like that.”

“Have you ever fought a monster with sharp teeth?”

“I don’t have this sword.”

“But why is this happening?”

It was invisible to the warrior’s eyes, but it was visible to the blacksmith’s eyes.


Han Sen walked into the blacksmith shop and took out a small hammer.

“Give it to me.”



Han Sen took Jeron’s sword and placed it on the workbench.

And then there’s the tok! I hit it.

“What are you doing?”

“I’ll know it when I see it.”

As time passed, cracks began to appear on the sword body.

Soon the entire sword shattered like a window.

“W-what are you doing!”

“Your sword may not be a famous sword, but it doesn’t do anything like this from this level of shock.”

Han Sen’s expression became serious.

“Your sword’s lifespan was already short-lived.”

“It’s been a while since you bought it?”

“So it’s strange.”

Han Sen, who was lost in thought for a moment, suggested.

“Give me the broken sword.”

“Eh? why?”

“I might need to research it.”

“Then what do I write? “You’re not acting like you don’t want to get a refund, right?”

“This guy?”

“It’s a joke, a joke.”

“I’ll mix black steel to make a better sword.”

“Is that true?”

“Instead, tell me in detail what you did while holding this sword.”

“I didn’t do anything… … .”

There were no special missions for 15 days.

All he did was sparring with his colleagues, which he always did.

But when I thought about it, there was one thing that had changed.

“Ah, we’ve been having some guidance sparring lately.”

“Map sparring?”

“yes. “I became acquainted with Prince Vincent.”

Dwarf Han Sen’s ears twitched.

“Tell me in detail.”

* * *

Han Sen was surprised.

“Vincenten’s sword was ‘crimson lotus’?”

“yes. “It seems that the head of the family gave it to me.”

“her. Are you saying Khan gave you the scarlet lotus? “It’s not a lie, is it?”

Hansen referred to Khan simply as ‘Khan’.

Jeron recalled that Hansen and Khan were field leaders who had been working together since childhood.


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Jeron’s attitude became a little more polite.

“Why would I lie?”

“That’s right. Hmm.”

Han Sen frowned slightly.

‘It’s a sword I saved quite a bit during my childhood. Are you saying you gave it to ugly Vincen?’

It’s also strange that Khan gave a sword.

It was even more strange that the sword was a red lotus.

Han Sen was a person who knew Hongryeon better than anyone else.

Because it was he who created Hongryeon.

‘And the condition of Xeron’s sword is the strangest.’

Everything is strange, but this was the strangest.

Hongryeon was a sword he made almost 40 years ago.

‘It doesn’t make sense to make Jeron’s sword out of red lotus like this.’

Over the past 40 years, manufacturing technology has advanced dramatically.

Today’s ordinary swords are sharper and sharper than the intermediate grade swords of 40 years ago.

‘Vincenten has no characteristics.’

Moreover, isn’t the opponent a 5-star warrior?

In common sense, this was impossible.

“I need to meet Vincent.”


“Guide me.”

“Right away without even making an appointment?”

“If you put your mind to it, you can just meet Khan, you bastard.”

“That’s the same, but… … .”

Jeron had a gloomy expression on his face.

Han Sen went somewhere inside the workshop and came out holding a sword.

“ruler. A sword smelted from black steel. “The purity is about 20%.”

“Let’s go.”

Han Sen headed straight to the annex.

“But why are you suddenly doing this? I also need a reason to tell Confucius. “What if I get scolded for just blindly looking for you?”

“That ugly guy scolds people?”

“You are completely in the dark about the news of the world. Prince Vincennes has become a completely different person, has he not heard anything at all? “He crushed the winner of the Jingeom meeting and even subdued the red demon.”

Han Sen was confined to the blacksmith shop and did not know much about what was going on in the world.

“Hmph, it’s so obvious to Adenka’s direct descendants that they say it’s everyday life.”

Still, he gave me an excuse.

“A lot of time has passed since Hongryeon was produced. “It’s because I want to take care of Hongryeon.”

“If it is that kind of justification, Confucius would also like it.”

I thought it was fortunate.

Khan’s old friend and leader Han Sen wants to take care of Hongryeon.

A justification like this would be a good enough reason to suddenly find Vincen.

* * *

The dwarves were a race that produced many outstanding craftsmen.

Among the field craftsmen, those who were particularly outstanding were called ‘yard craftsmen’, and most of the field craftsmen were dwarfs.

They were skilled in various smelting and manufacturing techniques and were natural blacksmiths who were born with such blessings and characteristics.

Among them, Hansen was quite special.

A high-ranking god competing for supremacy among fire gods. ‘Hera’, also known as ‘the faceless flame’.

A high-ranking god who competes for supremacy among the production gods. ‘Mager’, also known as ‘Anvil of Aeons’.

He was a dwarf who was born with both blessings.

He first met Khan when he was 13 years old.

Khan was 6 years old at the time.

Khan said that he needed a very good sword, so he wanted to have a great swordsman as his subordinate.

Han Sen naturally laughed at Khan.

“I will if you beat me, human kid.”

That’s how their meeting began.

“A little boy your size is not worth a fistful of weight, hahaha!”

Han Sen, a dwarf, defeated Khan, a human.

Khan’s arm was broken at the time.

“Try again, kid!”

And 6 months later.

Khan came to visit Han Sen again.

Han Sen was a little embarrassed.

‘I’m a human and I’m 6 years old? ‘Why do you get stronger so quickly?’

Humans are naturally weaker than other races.

So the initial growth was slow.

‘You’re much stronger than 6 months ago, right?’

It was a draw that day.

The two fell together.

Another six months passed.

From then on, Khan began to gain the upper hand.

Khan was 9 years old and Hansen was 16 years old.

“shit. “I’m no match for you anymore.”

Han Sen had a hunch.

Now you can never beat Khan.

Khan said.

“Is it time to keep your promise?”

Han Sen left the dwarf tribe and moved to Khan’s residence.

“what? Were you a direct descendant of Adenka?”

“Is that a problem?”

“Not really.”

Han Sen burst out laughing.

Who would have guessed that that little boy is a direct descendant of Adenka.

Anyway, Hansen settled in Adenka at the age of 16.

“What color stands out the most?”


“Then it would be nice if you made me a red sword.”

“You want me to make the sword red? “Are you out of your mind?”

“why? “Why not?”

“I like a plain black one. “If you pick up a sword full of special features, it’s perfect to become a famous hunter.”

Khan grinned at those words.

“If you pick up the red sword, they will all attack me.”

“then. Even if there is no one aiming for that sword, it will be in the thousands. And I will take that sword away. “It will be proof that you defeated Adenka’s direct lineage.”

“It’s even better.”

They said that if you can’t overcome even that, you can’t be considered a warrior.

“Oh, yes, I will make it for you.”

17-year-old Hansen fell far short of being an outstanding field manager.

However, I did my best to make a red sword.

Khan, who received the sword, said with joy.

“Engrave your name on the hilt (sword handle).”

A good warrior is always accompanied by excellent weaponry.

As the reputation of the martial artist increases, the reputation of the leader also increases.

So the field leaders wanted to engrave their names on the hilt.

On the contrary, warriors tended not to want to engrave the name of the Yajang.

This was because it was possible to hear the so-called ‘thanks to the weapons’.

“yet. “I’ll make you a better sword later.”

“I think this is a great sword too.”

This is also a great sword.

Those words were a great stimulus to Hansen.

“But if you don’t want to, I’ll engrave your name later. “Please name this sword instead.”

Han Sen thought for a moment and then opened his mouth.

“How about Hongryeon?”

“The name of this sword is Hongryeon.”

Hansen worked every day to create a ‘sword that could engrave one’s name.’

In this way, the later famous sword ‘Baekik (白翼)’ was born.

In addition, Khan has never lost the ‘Red Lotus’ even once.

And as more time passed, Hansen spoke.

“Cannes. “I wish you would give me freedom now.”

“Do you not want to make weapons anymore?”

“no. Quite the opposite. “The problem is that we want to make too much.”

Han Sen no longer made ‘famous swords’.

They began to focus on mass producing moderately good mid-grade swords.

Khan asked.

“Is it for money?”

But I know very well that that is not the case.

Han Sen was not a person who was greedy for money.

“I saw a boy killed by a two-headed orc the other day. “He was a pretty talented guy.”

“If my skills were good, I wouldn’t have been killed by the two-headed orc.”

“If that boy had had a quality sword, he would have lived.”

“That was the lack of skill.”

“I don’t mean to make you understand. “I just wish money wasn’t equal to skill.”

So Han Sen devoted himself to research to mass-produce swords of relatively good quality at lower prices, and was heavily criticized by the field leaders.

-A traitor who abandoned his craftsmanship.

-A blacksmith whose name is shameful.

However, Han Sen quietly went his own way.

Although he lost his honor, he thought it was okay.

‘Someone must have lived today with the sword I made.’

Thanks to Hansen, the overall level of workshops was raised, and the prices of weapons were adjusted downward.

Then he found Vincen.

* * *

A time close to midnight.

Jeron brought someone.

The door opened and the person who appeared was a man with a stocky physique.

Vincen knew as soon as he saw him.

‘He is a great blacksmith.’

This was an instinctive feeling that I developed from meeting many people.

A person’s years and experiences are imprinted on his or her body.

A trained warrior can feel it intuitively.

It was the realm of the ‘sixth sense’ that Julian disparaged as being so barbaric.

He said right away.

“Show me some red lotuses, kid.”

The blacksmith’s unique scent and physique caught my eye.

Jeron said as if he were embarrassed.

“I’m sorry, Confucius. Because he was so reckless that he insisted on coming. I said I would take care of Confucius’s red lotus, so I had no choice but to bring it. “The author is a highly skilled fieldmaster, so he will be able to take care of Hongryeon.”

“Seeing how embarrassed you are, it seems like you know it’s against etiquette.”

Vincen’s eyes turned to Jeron’s waist.

He immediately realized that Jeron had obtained a new sword.

“I’ll give you one chance, Jeron.”

I decided to give him one chance to correct his mistake.

Jeron’s face turned bright red.

Actually, he knows.

‘Taking care of Hongryeon’ was just a justification.

‘I guess something was written on it for a moment.’

Jeron stood at attention.

I decided not to make excuses.


Knowing full well that mere apologies were meaningless, he placed the entire sword sheath in front of Vincennes.

“Please take it away. “For a moment, greed blinded my eyes and I did foolish things.”

Vincen looked at Jeron blankly and said.

“Jeron. “I would have just done your request.”

At those words, Jeron lowered his head.

I was so embarrassed that I wanted to hide somewhere.

But then, Vincen said something unexpected.


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