Standard of Reincarnation Chapter 171

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The Rule of Reincarnation Episode 171

The moment he crossed the gate, Vincen recognized that the world had changed.

‘It’s territory.’

Someone has spread out a territory here.

It was a huge area.

‘A person who can expand such a huge area… … .’

There are few in the world.

There must have been about three people, excluding myself.

Samion’s matriarch Valkia Samion.

The late Khan Adenka, the head of Adenka.

Ponciano Bartican, patriarch of the Vatican.

Now there were two.

And Vincen could feel a familiar energy and power.

‘This is Samion’s domain.’

Because Vincen worked so hard to surpass Samion’s direct lineage, he was able to feel this energy more accurately.

A new world created by Samion’s direct descendants with all their heart.

Vincen walked slowly.

This space was completely separate from the previous Samionga.

It was correct to see it as a completely new place.

In that area, Vincennes could feel many things.

‘The creator of this realm is suffering.’

What is so painful?

The entire area became dizzying.

A gloom of unknown depth surrounded Vincennes.

Jump and jump.

Vincen walked through this dark space.

I walked for a long time.

From far away, I could feel the presence of people.

Vincen continued heading towards that place.

‘It seems like it’s reaching, it seems like it’s reaching, it’s not reaching.’

It was impossible to reach it just by walking.

Vincennes also expanded his territory.

‘Battle of territory and territory.’

This has already been experienced and learned.

Vincen resisted the world by creating his own world.

And walked.

Jump and jump.

Only the quiet sound of footsteps filled the space.

After some time, a voice was heard.

“Have you arrived?”

“It is you as expected, Lord Valkia.”

Far ahead.

Valkia, the head of the Samion family, was seen.

She was sitting cross-legged with her hair tied up in a tight ponytail.

“I smell blood.”


When I looked closely, I saw that Balkia’s cheeks were full of tear marks.

“Did you cry?”

“I cried.”

“Why were you crying? Is it because you lost your son?”

Valkia shook her head.

“If it were because of that, I wouldn’t have cried.”

“… … .”

“I would have gone to cut your head off instead.”

“I guess so. Because that’s the Samion way.”

The price of death is paid with death.

That was Samion’s way.

“Do you know why I waited for you here?”

“Wasn’t it to commemorate my father’s death?”

“That’s not wrong either.”

Valkia closed her eyes and recalled Khan.

“Khan could not be said to be my friend, but he was an excellent competitor. In a way, he was my companion too. Therefore, it would be a lie to say that he did not mourn the Khan’s death.”

“… … .”

“How was Khan’s last days?”

“You taught me what the end of an honorable warrior is.”

“Was he a father worthy of imitation?”


Valkia sighed softly.


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“Once upon a time, that was my dream.”

Vincen noticed something strange.

It was once a dream.

“Is that dream gone now?”

“I destroyed that dream.”

Valkia raised her right hand.

Blood was flowing down her right hand.

In her world, blood continued to flow without drying.

“no way… … .”

“Yes, that’s right. “I killed them all.”

Vincen could understand why there was no sign of popularity within Samion.

It’s not that I didn’t feel like I was popular, it was that I actually didn’t feel like I was popular.

Because everyone is dead.

“Including children.”

“I assure you. “The only living people in Samion are you and me.”

“… … .”

Vincenne couldn’t speak for a while.

“… … Why did you make such an extreme choice?”

“Kagon came to visit me. “For looking unsightly.”

“Was it Kagon or a nightmare?”

Kagon’s body itself was shattered.

He calls himself Kazin, the King of Heroes.

That Kagon came to Valkia.

“I couldn’t tell them apart either.”

I couldn’t tell them apart.

Is it a nightmare?

Is it my son?

So I cut my son.

“Vincent. Do you know about [the mission engraved in blood]?”

“yes. “I know people who were born with that mission.”

“I finally realized what you knew all along.”

Valkia continued to look at the blood flowing from her right hand.

“When Samion cut down Samion, who was tainted by nightmares, and when he took her life, things that had been invisible began to become visible.”

“… … .”

“We were vessels for nightmares.”

It shook Valkia’s identity, which had lived with pride as Samion, to its core.

Samion, the greatest warrior on the continent, actually existed as a vessel of nightmares.

“It’s also like a disposable item to be used until [real dishes] are found. That was the reason for Samion’s existence.”

“… … .”

“The real Samion was destroyed 500 years ago. “We were just a fake, a shell.”

It was a shock even from Vincen’s perspective.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“Samion surrendered to the Archdemon Daven, and my ancestors entered into a humiliating pact with him. Through him, my mission was engraved in my blood.”

Valkia sighed loudly.

Kazin, the King of Heroes, was not actually the King of Heroes.

He was simply a servant who surrendered to the great evil Daven.

Soon, Valkia started laughing as if she had lost her mind.

Valkia, who had been laughing like that for a while, stood up.

“Raise your sword.”

“… … .”

“We are building a territory and barely holding on. “Even at this very moment, the nightmare is targeting me.”

Those who succeeded Samion are vessels of nightmares.

The nightmare’s will continued to try to take Valkia’s body.

Valkia was actively resisting him.

“My existence was denied, but the martial arts I learned were not lies.”

Valkia’s body disappeared.

Vincen took out ‘Khan’.

Sword and sword clashed.

A white light shone in that place.

A crack has appeared in the dark world.

“I need to get it confirmed.”

The clash between Vincennes and Valkia could no longer be considered human.

Areas and territories pushed each other away.

It was a clash between universes.


Sword and sword clashed.

A clear black voice arose.


A shock wave exploded.

Balkia instinctively sensed that her territory was being pushed out.

‘perhaps… … You may be the true vessel that nightmares are looking for.’

In the realm of pure swordsmanship, he was superior to Vincennes.

I realized it the moment the swords clashed.

Although Vincen’s swordsmanship was deeper than she thought, it was not at a level that could surpass Valkia.

‘Nevertheless, I will be defeated.’

Swordsmanship was combat and territory was war.

It was clear that they would win the battle, but lose the war.

‘It’s not a bad idea to head towards a clearly defined defeat.’

She decided to focus on this moment.

There was never a moment when Samion was embarrassed.

At some point, she began to forget defeat.

She wasn’t happy about that.

Rather, I felt isolated and lonely.

The person who soothed his heart was the Khan of Adenka.

“You are better than your father.”

“My father passed down many things to me.”

Valkia grinned.

Guilt for killing all of the family members.

I forgot all about the emptiness of being denied existence.

At this moment, I was only focused on the sword fight with Vincen.

‘Your stature overwhelms me.’

This was not the realm of training.

It was a difference in the level of existence itself.

What kind of status were you born with?

What kind of experience did you have?

Is it possible to have this kind of status?

He withstood the inferiority of his class with the superiority of his swordsmanship, and split thousands of sums in an instant.

Valkia’s red-yellow power attacked Vincen.

Vincen intercepted the red-hwangmi power with his heavy sword and then counterattacked with the Dragon King’s duel.

Valkia forgot time and forgot herself.

I fell into a trance and swung my sword.

I didn’t know how much time had passed.

When she realized her presence, what she saw was pure white light.

‘The whole world has been dyed white.’

This white world was Vincennes’ world.

Before you know it,

Vincen’s territory had pushed out all of Valkia’s territory.

“How much time has passed?”

“It seems like seven days have passed.”


Valkia wiped the sweat from her forehead and smiled.

I thought it was pretty cool for a fake ending.

‘Children. Now I have to follow you too.’

Fake things must return to dust.

After enjoying our last play, it was time to head back.

She held the sword backwards and stabbed herself in the heart.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t leave you like that.”

There was blood from my chest.

But it couldn’t pierce the heart.

This was Vincennes influence.

Vincennes’ world bound Valkia.

Valkia laughed as if she were empty.

“Have you been looking after me all this time?”

“… … .”

Valkia laughed for a long time again.

I thought we both did our best.

But that was a mistake.

“You are definitely the first person in the world to be so relaxed against Valkia Samion.”

“I didn’t look at it.”

I didn’t watch it for the sake of watching it.

Vincen thought about a lot of things for seven days.

‘Samion cuts Samion. Then you will awaken to the mission engraved in your blood.’

Did Nightmare not know that?

‘He must have deliberately approached Valkia in the guise of Kagon.’

‘That bastard’ that Kagon said earlier.

It was as if ‘The Reality of the Nightmare’ had deliberately taught me everything.

Perhaps this situation was what ‘Nightmare’ intended.

“I just couldn’t cut it because it felt like a nightmare was waiting for this situation.”

“In the end, it’s not wrong to say that you looked after it.”

“Nightmare may have known more about Lord Valkia than Lord Valkia himself.”

“… … .”

“The moment Lord Valkia’s existence was denied, you would have known how to act. That he would destroy his bloodline and all those related to him. “He will commit suicide at the last moment.”

Valkia relaxed the arm that was holding the sword.

I dropped my sword without realizing it.

It was the first time since I picked up a sword at the age of three.

“Still, I wanted to have a good ending. I ended up being played by a nightmare until the very end. so? “What are your thoughts?”

I asked just in case.

“If I save your life, will you live?”

“You probably know my answer anyway.”

Then there was only one answer.

“Suicide will not be permitted.”

“… … .”

That meant that Vincennes would kill him himself.

Vincen concentrated his mind.

A dark red energy began to bloom from Vincen’s whole body.

Balkia was surprised.

“you… … no way.”

“yes. “It’s red-yellow rice power.”

The foundation that forms the current Vincennes.

The essence of that soul was One-Armed Daven.

And the energy most familiar to Daven was Samion’s red and yellow power.

“How are you learning the power of Samion?”

“It is said that if Samion cuts Samion, the mission engraved in his blood will be awakened.”

Maybe Nightmare wanted to prevent that in advance.

The first head of the family, Aslan, may have predicted this day.

-Go beyond the Samion family.

-Then face the truth.

Order was important.

It was not about going beyond Samion by facing the truth.

It meant that only by overcoming Samion can one face the truth.

I was finally able to understand the mission Aslan left behind.

‘When I cut down Samion.’

The truth is revealed only when that life is taken directly.

So, Vincen took out the red yellow rice power.

“So I also have to face the truth.”


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