Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 500

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Episode 500. Chairman Park, Leah gave you a defective product!

Episode 500. Chairman Park Leah gave me a defective product!

[Lava Bloodstone of the Earth Giant Landrox] This

is the blood drawn from the body of the Earth Giant Landrox.

It is made of lava, so when it cools, the outside becomes hard.

Because it is hot, it requires strong fire resistance to consume.

When consumed, the potential for strength and stamina increases by 50%.

When consumed, you can receive .

Once you drink the blood of an Earth Giant, drinking the blood of other Earth Giants will no longer have any effect.

Restriction on use: Strength 5000 or more

Expiration date: None

Grade: ★

When consumed, grants +50% to the potential of strength and stamina .

“It’s all good, but I can’t eat it.”

When Sejun complains after checking the options for lava bloodstone

[Patrick, the god of the earth, honestly cheers that he can eat that much with his eyes closed.]

Patrick cheers for Sejun.

What do you eat with your eyes closed? If you eat it, you have to close your eyes for the rest of your life…

[Bev, the god of bravery, asks if you are showing your bravery by eating this time and prepares to give you a feat of bravery.]

Even Bev…

‘You must not eat it either.’

Thanks to Bev, Sejun is convinced that if he eats this, he will be in big trouble.

“block.” Should

I block them both and then

call Xelga to cool him down? Or to Mr. Ramter…


I fell asleep while thinking about how to eat the lava bloodstone.

As Sejun falls asleep while soaking in the hot springs,

Gororong wakes up.






Following Sejun, the rest of the group fell asleep in the hot springs.

After a while.

(Batbat. Good night everyone!)

Batbat woke up, said good night to everyone, and filled his stomach with fruit in the kitchen.


(Batbat…Batbat is melting…)

Batbat enjoying a hot spring bath with his companions.


(Babat?! The water is hot?)

As time passed, the water became too hot due to the heat of the lava bloodstone.

(Batbat! If it’s this hot, Sejun will die!)

Flap, flap.

So, I took cold water from the cave pond and poured it into the hot spring.


(Batbat?! It’s too cold this time! If this continues, Sejun will catch a cold!)

This time, I poured a lot of cold water, so the temperature of the water dropped too much.

(Batbat! We need to raise the temperature! Batbat!)

When Batbat created a small crack in the lava bloodstone, the heat from the lava escaped and the water quickly became hot.

If the water is hot, Sejun will die!

If the water is cold, Sejun will catch a cold!

Batbat diligently adjusted the temperature of the water all night so that Sejun could sleep comfortably.


Sejun slept well and slept well, not knowing that Batbat was working hard to control the water temperature for himself, a sunfish


Meanwhile, the red energy of the lava bloodstone dissolved in the water and was absorbed into Sejun’s body.


The next morning.


Did I sleep here?

Cheap. Cheap. Cheap.

As Sejun watched the water move every time he moved, he realized that he had fallen asleep in the hot spring yesterday.


[The lava blood of the Earth Giant Landrox, dissolved and diluted in water, was absorbed through the skin.]

[Absorbed through the skin, the absorption efficiency was greatly reduced.]


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[Strength and stamina potential increases by 3%.]


One power was divided into 11 pieces and its power was greatly reduced.

For a brief period of time, the power increases to its potential (up to 1000).

When beings with the 11 pieces of power come together and touch each other, their power increases by 1300% for 13 seconds, creating . Can be used.

“It was divided into 11 pieces…”

Then what about these guys too?

When Sejun sees the Black Family in the slingbacks,

he says, “Kkei.”

Blackbird had just woken up and was stretching.

I, Teo Kueng, have four Batbats.

Black, Eomdol, Kkomi, Kabhi, Jaki, Karre, Shari are seven.

A total of 11 were correct.

“But what was divided into 11 pieces, why is it 13 handfuls?”

Is it 11+2?

When Sejun is puzzled,


[Hehe. That’s because the great Black Mangi is three handfuls!]

Black Mangi barked proudly.

I am thirsty…

A black man who was thirsty at dawn.

Lick, lick.

I quenched my thirst with hot spring water and thanks to that, I absorbed more energy from the lava blood than others.

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. This body is three handfuls! The great black man is leaving! Get out of the way!]

A black man who is proud and proud that his power is the highest.


“Puh-hu-huh.” What a fool you are! “I got a different name by myself!”

Kueng! Kueng!

[It’s better to be like your dad!]

This wasn’t a neighborhood where tall people were given preferential treatment.

Still, I’m glad.

Sejun learned that only 3% of the energy of the lava bloodstone was absorbed and the rest was not thrown away.

“Guys, let’s eat.”

In a good mood, I took my companions to the kitchen.

On the way to the kitchen like that.

“huh? “The line is still long.”

There were still many poisonous bees lining up to congratulate Sweet.

“It must be hard to be sweet.”

The kings said it was an extreme job, different from what it seemed, and Dalkom seemed to think so too.

“I need to give you something to eat.”

Sejun went to Dalkom’s beehive and handed him plump, seedless green grapes made by Posse, the world tree of the silver tower, and said,

“Eat, kids.”

To help Dalkom eat comfortably, fruit was also distributed to the poisonous bees in line.

After a while.

When Sejun arrived at the kitchen, the food prepared by Sejun No. 1 was being placed on the table.

The menu was prepared to suit everyone’s tastes, from grilled fish to dried roasted sweet potatoes.

“Nyan! “This is not the grilled fish that Chairman Park put his sincerity into!”

He and I have the same cooking skills. What’s the difference?

Sejun grilled the fish again because of Theo.

After finishing breakfast like that,

I slurped.

While Sejun was leisurely drinking the morning coffee made by Kkueng,

“Fuhuhuhu. “I’m going to visit Chairman Park’s Green Tower!”


[Dad, Kueng is coming to dig up herbs!]

Theo and Kueng went to work.

“I have to start working soon too.”

Sejun finished drinking his coffee.


Open the subspace warehouse

[You are a field Lv. 8 is activated.]

[Apostle of Destruction 9th place, the Devourer of Destruction seed was planted in the body of Alice, the deceptive spider.]




planted the seeds

For reference, of the two Fenrir core pieces I obtained yesterday, I planted 0.5% of them in the field and left 15% of them to Eileen.

The leaders are probably working hard to purify the 15% core pieces right now.

Sejun, who worked so hard to plant the seeds of the Devourer of Destruction.

“ah. “There it was!”

After completing the quest, I took out the glass bottle containing 3 drops of the elixir of strengthening.



I added one drop at a time to each of the Doom Devourer Seeds and Doom Pioneer Seeds.



An elixir of strengthening that can be absorbed into seeds.

“oh. success.”

The reinforcement was successful.

The amount of destruction energy consumed by the Doom Devourer seed at one time has increased, and the number of seeds spit out by the Doom Pioneer seed has increased from 1 to 2.

When Sejun checks the options for the enhanced seed, the message

[Evolve the existing Doom Devourers and Doom Pioneers into +1 enhanced Doom Devourers and Doom Pioneers with the energy of creation spread around.] will

appear and the surrounding blue energy will disappear. Evolution occurred as a group by being absorbed into the bodies of predators and destruction pioneers.

Hehehe. My performance is dazzling today as well.

Sejun smiled happily.


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