Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 472

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Episode 472 You are in big trouble.

Episode 472 You are in big trouble.

A border where destruction and the power of the Tower are in balance.

“The power of destruction was clearly shaken…”

“Is it temporary?”

“The Black Moon grew briefly, but the dragon saw something coming out of it. “We’ll have to keep an eye on it for now.”

“okay. “You can’t let down your guard.”

The leaders of the nine dragon clans and all the dragon clans were gathered together and preparing for battle.

Not long ago, Destruction forcibly opened the Black Moon, and the power of Destruction became stronger, and the dragons who sensed it quickly gathered.


“No! Why now?!”

“therefore. “Sejun will eat a lot of delicious food without knowing that we are going through such a hard time, right?”

“of course. The harvest festival must be in full swing right now…”

“I’m so angry! “Kaaaa!”

The members of the Saryu Association, who were disappointed that they could not participate in the harvest festival, released their angry breaths towards the red fog.


“The leaders came forward! “Let’s fire our breath too!”

Other dragons also began shooting their breath.


Thanks to this, a huge amount of Topcoins were created.

“Collection! “I wish Sejun would leave us something too…”

“Collection! “Our Sejun would definitely have left something behind.”

“Collection! of course. “How loyal our Sejun is!”

“Collection! But I did it!”

“no it’s not!”

The Saryonghoe members hurriedly picked up the top coins and hoped that Sejun would leave food for them.


“Could it be that the grape-eating contest rewards are the same? “Let’s sleep, guys.”

Sejun prepared well, hoping that the reward for the next competition would be different.



But where did Kamangi go?

Only then did Sejun realize that the sling bag was empty.


When Sejun was about to rush out to find Kkamangi,



Predators of destruction carrying a sleeping blackbird.


Oh my gosh.





“Who is this again?”

In Sejun’s eyes, he saw a small crow sleeping next to Black Mangi.

Because it’s a black bird, is it a black bird?

When I saw the newcomer, my brain automatically started naming things. Sejun’s name is about to start a business without realizing it.


“Haam. It won’t work. “Let’s sleep first.”

I was so sleepy…

Due to the president’s accumulated fatigue, the naming center closed early, which gave Halfas some time.

Without knowing that my current name was a good choice.

“Goodnight Theo Iona.”

“Fuhuhuhu. Chairman Park, grow up well too!”

“Pfft. Good night to you too, Sejun!”


As soon as Sejun lay down, he fell asleep



Soon Theo and Iona fell asleep as well.

Dawn when everyone is asleep.

[Hehe… Now that I am weak, I can appear in front of my master…]

Flame’s alter ego walking unsteadily towards Sejun’s house.

Your strength will gradually recover, but your attack power will decrease due to the blessing of peace, so you can remain by Sejun’s side until the festival ends.

When Fireworks arrived with difficulty in the yard in front of Sejun’s house,

[Mr. Fireworks…]

Podo-ri carefully called out to Fireworks.


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The fireworks raise your voice without realizing it because you want to get to Sejun quickly.

[That is… Uncle, the god of grapevines…]

Hearing Fireworks’ harsh voice, Podori even more cautiously reported Uncle’s evil deeds(?) that had happened today.


[What?! You gave Sejun tasteless grapes as a reward?!]

Flame gets angry like fire after receiving Podori’s report.

[yes. What should we do with Uncle?]

Podori asked in a loyal voice as if he would do everything Flame told him to do.

Here, the answer was unconditionally ‘yes’. The moment I said ‘No’, I didn’t know that some of my roots would turn to ashes.

[First, close Uncle Road for 3 days and deliver it to Uncle. If the next competition reward disappoints Sejun, he will permanently close Uncle Road and convene a World Tree meeting.]

[Huh?! World Tree Conference?!]


Podori asked a question without realizing it.

The World Tree Conference is a meeting where the roots of trees around the world gather to decide agenda items by majority vote.

The more world trees that attend a meeting and the more worlds that agree with an agenda, the stronger the enforcement power for that agenda.

In the past, at the World Tree Conference, 100 world trees gathered together to take away the deity of a god who committed evil deeds.

Although the World Tree Conference was capable of producing such a powerful force, there was one condition to hold the conference.

A meeting can only be held if the number of world trees attending the meeting exceeds at least 10.

However, the only world tree Podori knew of was the fire bud on the 79th floor of the tower.

[Don’t worry about that. Sausage will soon become a world tree and there are children I have worked hard to raise.]

The spark that answers Podri’s questions.

Flame has been visiting many worlds, finding trees with the talent to grow into world trees, and giving them nutritional supplements to grow them into world trees.

There are only 9 trees left to grow into world trees, and about 30 trees are currently growing diligently under the care of Flame.

Should I say that the flame is Kid?

If the World Tree Conference were held, there was a 100% chance that Fireworks’ agenda, which grew the World Tree, would be adopted unanimously.

[yes! Then I will pass it on to Uncle!]

As expected, Fireworks is thorough.

Podori followed Flame’s instructions and quickly closed Uncle Road.

I gave Podori instructions like that and

jumped. Jump. Jump.

A flame climbs the stairs one by one by jumping.

After a while.

[Hehe. Arrived.]

Arrived on Sejun’s bed.

[Hehe. I missed you, master.]

Fireworks wrapped Sejun’s fingers preciously with two leaves and closed his eyes.


Seed Store Headquarters.

“Then shall we now prepare for the grape-eating contest? Hah!”

When Uncle, the god of grape vines, turns his right arm around and adds air pressure

– Uncle, Uncle Road will be closed for the next three days.

Podo-ri delivers news like lightning.

“what?! why?!”

-Sejun is very disappointed after receiving the competition reward.

“uh?! “Park Se-jun received compensation?”

That couldn’t be possible… Our Believer was definitely not in the top 100?!

I was sure that Sejun was in the rankings because I checked it 5 times.

-yes. The winners of the competition gave up their rewards to Sejun.


I see. The guys there know it too. What’s left is to invest in Park Se-jun. As expected, it’s unbelievable!

Uncle understood as soon as he heard Podori’s words.

-And if the rewards for the next competition are not good, I will permanently close Uncle Road and tell you that Fireworks will convene a World Tree meeting.

“okay! Tell them not to worry! “In the next competition, we will definitely prepare a reward that will make Park Se-jun happy!”

no. It had already been prepared. I just couldn’t give it to Sejun because he wasn’t on the list.

“good! “I also receive achievement fees from Park Se-jun!”

Uncle clenched his fists and began preparing for the competition again.


The next morning.


[The seal on the Earth Jewel has been broken.]




[Weed God Weed gives you the skill – Weed Pulling Lv. I return the favor by teaching 1.

The message that Sejun sees when he opens his eyes in the morning.

“Pull weeds?”

[Weed Pulling Lv. 1]

– Even if you roughly pull the weeds, there is a slightly higher chance that the roots will not be cut off.


Weed is 1 pyeong.

There were no weeds on Sejun’s farm, so there was no need to pull weeds.

When the size of the Weed Rod was determined, Sejun

unlocked the seal of the five gods.]

[Quest conditions were fulfilled.]

[5 drops of growth elixir were obtained as a reward for completing the quest conditions.]

The quest was completed and Sejun’s A glass bottle appeared in my hand.

“no. “It’s the last one, so I have to give you 10 pyeong.”

Finally, the seals of all the gods on the 31 Earth Jewels that Theo brought with him were released.

Sejun decided to make the Weed Road bigger to harvest Yujong’s beauty.

At that time,

“Huh?! “It’s a firework?!”

Sejun found Fireworks holding his finger tightly.

[Hehe. Sejun, did you sleep well?]

“Yes. “Did you sleep well too?”


“Where have you been these days? “You were worried.”

When Sejun strokes Flame and asks

[Farmer’s Warm Touch Lv. 8 is activated.]

[Slightly heals the weakened #@$ %& Apple Tree Flame.]

Sejun’s skill is activated and heals the Flame.

“huh?! Where does the flame hurt?! “Vice President Te, let our flame heal us!”

Looking at the unreadable writing in the middle, it was clear that he had a serious illness.

“Fuhuhuhu. Chairman Park, don’t worry! But can I use the wealth in the warehouse?”

“of course!”

“Fuhuhuhu. “Just trust me!”

When Theo raised his front paw and tried to treat Flame,


Flame hurriedly shouted.

Treating yourself costs a lot of money, but Sejun gets hurt.

So I quickly stopped it.

“huh? What do you mean it can’t be done?

[ah. no. It’s okay! Master’s treatment is enough for me!]


As expected, our fireworks are good at saying strange things.

“okay! Believe me! Instead, tell me right away if it hurts. Understand?”

[Hehe. Yes!]

Stroke, stroke.

Flame takes over Sejun’s hand and whines while being stroked


[Butler! Good morning!]

“Good night.”



“Good morning!”

Kamangi and his men also stood up.

And what is


? Why are you saying hello to such a weak guy first?

Halfas watches them in silence.


[I can’t say hello to my butler quickly enough!]


Of course, as I stretched out, I got hit in the back of the head by Kamangi.


When Halfas nods his head and forces himself to say hello to Sejun,

he whimpers!

[Butler! This guy is also a new person that I exorcised! Give me a name quickly!]

Kamangi asked Sejun for a new name for Halfas.

My heart is pounding.

Kamangi and his subordinates look at Sejun with eyes full of anticipation.

A name that makes others laugh when they hear it!

A shameful name to say for yourself!

Of course, everyone expected a name stranger than their own to come out of Sejun’s mouth.

“good! Then, shall we show off our skills?!”

That’s how Sejun Nammyeongso opened.

Because it’s a black crow, it’s a black crow.


Today, let’s use a slightly more advanced word.

Since it is a black crow, we will use crow o (烏).

It’s a black bird, so it’s called black bird.

Unlike last night, Sejun is in good condition, so he upgrades the level of his name by using Chinese characters in his name.


“cao cajo…”

Even when I pronounced it with my mouth, it didn’t make much sense.

At that time

, Pyo!

[Good morning, Sejun!]

“Hello, Sejun!”

Piyo and Yuren came up to Sejun and said good morning.

‘Now that I think about it, Piyot’s original name was Piyo Yacht, right? Then karrr?!’



Sejun quietly tried to pronounce it with his mouth.

oh! This is it!!!

It had a feel and a taste that melted in your mouth.

“You’re a bitch now.”

When Sejun gives Halfas a new name, Karr

, the butler is a genius!

Sejun’s naming skills are truly unrivaled.

Phew. I’m glad it wasn’t me.

I’m not ashamed of my name anymore.

It’s a good thing I came early.

Kamangi and his subordinates tremble with joy.

Who would have thought that they would create a name that exactly satisfies the name that others would laugh at when they hear it and a name that would be embarrassing to say to oneself.

Karr got a new name like that.


(How dare you name me Karrr?!)

Of course, I rebelled and started a riot. Kueng



[Good morning, Dad!]

Kueng comes in at the right time.

Knock! Kak!

Kueng! Kueng!

[Be quiet! Kueng is angry because he’s hungry!]

Kueng, who is in a bad mood because he’s hungry, catches Karle and tries to make him quiet, and

he exclaims! Are you ignoring me because I look weak?! The body is not everything!


Karr headbutted Kuengi to scold him, and both lost consciousness.

Hee hee hee hee.

[Hehe. You’re in big trouble.]

The black man watches and laughs sinisterly.

1 second later.


Karr woke up screaming.

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