Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 426

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Episode 426. Bat Bat! I need to get a gift!

Episode 426. Bat Bat! I need to get a gift!

Seed Store Headquarters.

“World Award. “Can you deliver this to Park Se-jun?”

At first, Uncle, the god of grape vines, thought it would be easy to send God to him.

The World Tree came from a vine and had strong energy.


– what are you?!

The world tree is immediately spoken informally. It wasn’t very cheap.

Just let it go!

I wanted to shout like this, but the World Tree is a being with the equivalent of a demigod. In his current state of powerlessness, he couldn’t treat himself carelessly.

Huh. I guess it’s because you don’t know who I am.

“World Award. “I am Uncle, the god of grapevines.”

So he revealed his identity, but

-Oh! Uncle, nice to meet you! God is everything?! When I become a seedless grape and pray for seeds to grow, he doesn’t show up, but he shows up because he feels sorry for me?! How can God be so shameless!? uh?!”

In fact, it had the opposite effect.


I have to ask Leah, the god of abundance. That’s what the believers of Leah, the god of abundance, are like.

“World Award. There’s some misunderstanding. At that time, I was recovering my strength and could not hear your voice. And what made you a eunuch…”

In order to survive, Uncle told Podori that the person behind the farming king was Leah, the god of abundance.

In that way, the fact that Sejun did not speak out for the sake of everyone’s peace reached Podori’s ears

– and a follower of Leah, the god of abundance, made me a eunuch?!

Podri took revenge on Leah, the god of abundance, in the best way he could.

That’s a roadblock.


[I’m sorry, guys. Please do not use this road for the time being.]


Podri blocked the mushroom ants from passing through Lea Road with his branches.


– please. I’ll pass it on to Sejun.

With a grunt, he received the sacred energy sent by his uncle and handed it to Sejun.


[The Seal Grape Vine Bracelet has been harvested.]

[Job experience increases slightly.]

[Harvest Lv. The skill level of 8 increases slightly.]

[Harvest Lv. 8 proficiency is filled and the level increases.]

[100,000 experience points were obtained.]

“Oh. “I’ve finally risen to the level.”

The Harvest skill, which had not leveled up for a long time, has finally reached level 9.

[The achievement of harvesting sacred energy has been achieved.]

[As an achievement reward, the shelf life of sacred energy is doubled.]

The achievement message that appears next.

“This also has an expiration date.”

Sejun checked the achievement message and looked at the bracelet in his hand.

[Sealing Grape Vine Bracelet]

This is a divine device sent by Uncle, the god of grape vines, who presides over grape vines.

This bracelet is made from multiple layers of grape vines. When you set a target, the grape vines grow and are worn by the target.

Uncle used this bracelet to seal the enemy’s power and engage in battle.

The bracelet seals up to 99% of the wearer’s power. (Can seal up to a total stat of 15,000.)

Expiration date: 200 days

Usage limit: All stats over 500

Creator: Grape Vine God Uncle

Grade: S+

“Good. .”

With this, you don’t have to move around too loudly.

Sejun looked satisfied after checking the options for the Seal Grape Vine Bracelet.

Even so, Sejun had one thing to worry about.

If I use the land document to go down to the first floor of the Black Tower, what will happen to the other hunters?

When Sejun goes down, hunters who cannot withstand Sejun’s energy become dangerous.

It’s okay because the outside of the tower is a safe zone, but the first floor of the tower is not a safe zone.

So I wondered if I should have my subordinates vacate the first floor of the tower for a moment, but with this bracelet, there is no need to make such a fuss.

All you have to do is put the other kids in the subspace warehouse and go down to the first floor of the tower with Sejun’s powers sealed.


hehehe. It can be a hit.

“We should pretend to be weak, then unseal it and teach it true education.”

Ugh. Just thinking about it makes my heart pound.

When Sejun was holding the bracelet, smiling and imagining all sorts of things to himself, he said,

“Fuhuhu. “It’s sold out!”


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Theo, who went to work on the first floor of Green Tower, sold out the items he brought.

Instead of the sturdy bladed green onions that had become unpopular, Theo sold fragrant grapes full of life and pineapples that screamed once.

Once we demonstrated the power of the pineapple bomb, we were able to increase sales ten times as planned.

“Fuhuhuhu. “As expected, I am Theo Park, the second-greatest person after Chairman Park!”

When Theo was eating the grilled fish lunch that Sejun had packed for him on the roof of the store with a proud expression on his face,


Suddenly, a huge energy was felt in the sky.


This is Ophelia’s energy!

Theo hurriedly used Energy Suction to absorb Ofelia’s energy to prevent other guests from being harmed.


hair stones.

“Theo, I want to eat that too.”

Ophelia, who was able to move freely on the first floor of the tower thanks to this, sat next to Theo and asked for the grilled fish that Theo had not yet touched.


“No!” “This is grilled fish that Chairman Park carefully grilled just for me to eat!”

Theo refuses. Even though the opponent was a great green dragon, there was no worries at all.


Ophelia’s face stiffened at Theo’s rejection.

How dare you refuse the demands of I, Ophelia Iolg, the great green dragon?!

“Then not even one bite?”

“No way!”


Just before Ophelia explodes.

“Eat this instead!”


Theo handed over the grilled sausage skewers that were next to the grilled fish.

Sausage skewers are made by putting several sausages on skewers and then grilling them.

What was supposed to be in Kueng’s lunch box happened to end up in Theo’s lunch box.

“What is this?”

Ophelia asked, receiving the skewer with a pouty expression.

“It’s grilled sausage! And it was baked with great care by Chairman Park! Fuhehehe. “Of course, it’s not as good as my grilled fish!”

Theo says something angrily.


what is this salty and delicious smell?!

Ophelia couldn’t hear Theo because she was concentrating on the grilled sausage skewer in her hand.

Fuhehehe. I won’t bother you anymore!

Theo began to eat the grilled fish in earnest as he watched Ophelia focus on the sausage.



Ophelia also put one of the sausages on the very end of the sausage skewer into her mouth and chewed it.


The salty, savory, meat-flavored oil mixed with the springy texture of the sausage blended well in my mouth.


Ophelia ate the whole skewer in an instant, amazed by the taste of sausage she had never tasted in 800 years of life.

“Give me another sausage skewer, Teona!”

Ophelia extends her hand to Theo again.

“No! “That was it!”

It was a grilled sausage skewer that happened to come in Theo’s lunch box, so that was all he just ate.

“Teo, bring a lot of sausage skewers tomorrow. Understand?”

“Fuhuhuhu. Got it! Instead, Ophelia, you have to work hard too! “Chairman Park said that slaves who didn’t work hard didn’t even get to eat!”

“huh! okay! Because I will work hard. Be sure to bring lots of sausages tomorrow! Understand?”

“I understand!”

Ophelia decided to receive sausages from Theo.

“Grow up! Grow up!”

As soon as I arrived at the 99th floor of the tower, I diligently sowed mugwort seeds and used my skills diligently.


West of the 99th floor of the Black Tower.


Kueng walked around the herb field with his nose on the ground.

At that time

, Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. I found it!]


Kueng put his front paws deep into the ground and dug up a red arrowroot.


[This is Kuengi’s grandmother’s!]

Kuengyi carefully put the canned arrowroot root into his snack bag. Kueng was digging up herbs to give as a gift to Sejun’s mother, Kim Mi-ran.


Kueng is digging up kudzu roots like that.

After a while,


[Daddy Kueng is here!]

Kueng came home with a can of medicinal herbs.

“Is Kueng here?”

“Kueng came?”

Theo, who had come home from work with Sejun early and was hanging on Sejun’s lap, greeted Kueng.

At that time

, Kueng! Kueng!

[Dad, look at this! This is a gift for Kueng’s grandmother!]

Kueng arrived in front of Sejun and opened his snack bag, showing off the herbs he had canned.

[Kudzu root for warmth]

[Kudzu root for blood circulation]

[Kudzu root for strength]

All were rated as low as E or D due to their effects of slightly raising body temperature, improving blood circulation, or strengthening the body.

However, this was just right for regular people, not hunters, to eat.

“Oh my. Oh my. Our Kueng is kind. “Did you dig it up to give to your grandmother?”


[That’s right!]

When Sejun pats and praises Kkueng’s amazing butt, he says,

‘Nyan?! It’s a big deal! “I couldn’t prepare a gift for Chairman Park!”

After seeing Kuengi’s gift, Theo suddenly became anxious.

“Chairman Park, I’ll come looking for a gift too!”

Theo quickly used Nyanbo to go down the tower.


Black Tower Administrator Area.

“Please take care of your mother!”

Eileen decided to learn cooking from Kim Mi-ran starting today.

“okay. “Let’s work hard.”

“yes! mother! “Oh, mother, Sejun will leave the tower the day after tomorrow.”

“really?! “So are you coming home?!”


“Then I guess I’ll have to make Sejun’s favorite food tomorrow!”

“Mom, I also want to learn Sejun’s favorite food!”

“okay. Then tomorrow, I will teach you Sejun’s favorite foods.

“yes! thank you!”

The atmosphere between the two was very good. Until you start cooking.

“Do you think Eileen’s fire is too strong? I need to reduce it a bit. “Simmer just until it feels slightly hot.”

Kim Mi-ran said while looking at the powerful fire that could almost melt iron reflected in the mirror.

“yes! “It’s a little hot, isn’t it?”

Eileen’s words make the fire stronger. It was still a long way to feel a little hot for Eileen.

“no. Eileen I told you to turn down the lights. “You all fell asleep in the liver.”

“Yes… I’m sorry.”

“no. “I’m not sorry, let’s try again.”


Eileen practiced fire control for the three hours allowed by the silver mirror of longing, and then the cooking class ended.


It’s urgent!

Theo hurries down the tower to get a gift.

At that time

, Pyo!


“Theo, where are you going?”

I ran into Piyo and Yuren returning to the 99th floor of the tower.

“Fuhuhuhu. Yuren, take the lead!”

“yes? “Where?”

“I don’t know! “Go wherever Yuren wants to go!”

“Do I want to go?”

At Theo’s words, Yuren turned to where he wanted to go and shouted,


The robber appeared within 10 minutes. Yuren’s truly great misfortune.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Take a picture!”

Theo overpowered the robbers in an instant

and held on.

Piyo followed and received the robbers’ seal on the slave contract.

I walked around the tower until late at night with Yuren at the forefront, but

“I failed!” “When I think about Chairman Park, I can’t help but feel like I can’t move my front foot!”

The golden paw, which only activates for Sejun, did not work.

“Let’s just go home…”

Theo returned to the 99th floor of the tower with a disappointed expression.

But Theo didn’t know that he had already given Sejun’s family a huge gift.

Theo’s stake in the Earth not being consumed by destruction and Sejun being able to leave the tower was significant.




Theo enters the bedroom where Sejun and Kamangi are sleeping and yells


After settling down on Sejun’s lap and falling into a deep sleep

(Batbat! We have to get a present! Batbo!),

this time, Batbat hurriedly moved to get Sejun’s family gift.

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