Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 424

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Episode 424 Hehehe. Is it time for our reaction master, Kamangi, to step forward?

Episode 424 Hehehe. Is it time for our reaction master, Kamangi, to step forward?

Sweet, sweet.

The automatic cart traveling through the black and golden towers slowly came out of the black hole and slowly approached Sejun.


To be exact, in front of Theo, who is licking his front paw on Sejun’s lap, removing the fishy smell of the fish he ate a moment ago.

“huh? “Have you sold everything already?”

When Sejun puts his hand on the cart,

he starts shaking.

“oh! “It stings!”

The cart made an electric shock and refused Sejun’s touch. A highly loyal golden cart that only allows the owner’s touch.


“Sigh! You attacked Chairman Park! “It’s a bad cart!” It was sad

to see Theo get angry at such a cart


The golden cart read Theo’s will and immediately turned towards Sejun.

And then

it rattled.

I opened the entrance and showed Sejun the inside of the cart.

Instead of the original items inside, it was filled with burnt wood and stone-yellow mushrooms with golden streaks like lightning.

Aren’t you just buying so many useless things?

When Sejun is disappointed,

[the settlement begins.]

Letters began to be engraved on the door of the cart.

[I sold all the items and earned 11 million Top Coins.]

[I was unable to purchase the ‘Golden Tower 35th Floor Land Document’ that I instructed to purchase.]

[75 trees struck by lightning were purchased for 750 Top Coins.]

[Thunderstone 1500 I purchased the dog for 300 Top Coins.]

[3000 Sting Mushrooms were purchased for 1500 Top Coins.]

[I purchased Bana Village’s order form for 0 Top Coins.]

Looking at the purchase price, it seemed like it was a really useless item. .

“But what is the order form?”

Sejun was puzzled by the unexpected content.

Is that it?

A white envelope caught among the items caught my eye.


Picking up the envelope and taking out the paper inside, there was

[Bana Village’s Order Form]

Orderer: Bana Village Chief Bana

Ordered Item: 20,000 Magical Cherry Tomatoes

Order Price: 5 Top Coins


“It looks like magic cherry tomatoes are popular in the Golden Tower.”

I sold it for 2Top Coin, but the price automatically increased by 2.5 times.

So when Sejun was reading the order form,

he thought,

[Sejun, are those a tree struck by lightning and a lightning stone?]

Ppyum, who was watching from behind, asked in a slightly excited voice.

“huh. how did you know?”

Pwup! Ppyum!

[That one is very expensive! This is something that magicians who use the brain attribute are crazy about!]

Me too!

I answered while suppressing my inner thoughts.

“Hehehe. okay?”

Sejun, who heard Jjjum’s words, hurriedly checked the options for the tree struck by lightning and the lightning stone.

[Tree struck by lightning]

This tree was struck by lightning and the flow of brain energy became smoother.

When making thunder attribute equipment with this wood, magic power flows smoothly and consumes 10% less magic power.

Grade: A+

[Lightning Stone]

A stone that has been struck by lightning several times and contains the energy of the lightning attribute.

If you use a lightning stone to make a weapon, you can make a lightning attribute weapon and a staff that amplifies thunder attribute attacks by 1.3 times.

Grade: S-

It is said that it is an item that lightning magicians are crazy about…

If you make a staff dedicated to lightning magic with these two, it seems like you can make a pretty good piece of equipment that reduces magic consumption and increases attack power.

“Pjjjjjm So how long does this cost?”

Sejun asked, looking at Pjyum with an expectant expression.

Pwup! Ppyum!


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[At least the tree struck by lightning is worth 10 billion Top Coins and the lightning stone is worth about 300 million Top Coins! Since there is not enough stock, it will sell even if I sell it at a higher price!]




I bought the tree struck by lightning for 10 top coins and the lightning stone for 0.2 top coins…

What is the personality of the Golden Tower kids?

Sejun praised the humanity of the Golden Tower elves and held up a stinging mushroom.

[Exciting Mushroom] This

is a mushroom that grows naturally on the ceiling of the dark cave of the Golden Tower. It is a mushroom that grows by withstanding the lightning energy flowing through the ground when struck by lightning.

When ingested, a slight tingling sensation is felt on the tongue due to the brain properties.

When consumed, resistance to brain properties increases.

Talent: Electric resistance can be increased when wearing long clothes.

Shelf life: 60 days

Grade: C

“Oh! “This is good too.”

If you eat it, you will gain resistance to the brain attribute, so you have to take it without fail.

Munching, munching.

Sejun cut a small piece of mushroom to taste and ate it


Suddenly my tongue felt tingly, as if electricity had passed through it.

“ah. “To speak.”

My tongue is so stiff that I can’t pronounce it well.

Sejun sighs as the tingling in his tongue disappears

. I can’t be the only one to have this great experience, right?

Suddenly a sense of fun arose.

“Kids, try this.”

So, I gave the stinging mushrooms to Kuengi and the black rabbit, Pjumppum.

I tried recommending it to Theo, but he

said, “I don’t like it!” “I, Vice President Te, don’t eat that kind of food!”

Of course I refused.


The three of them, excluding Theo, ate the stinging mushrooms Sejun gave them.

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. It tastes amazing!]




[It’s my first time eating it!]

Contrary to Sejun’s expectations, the three ate it very comfortably. This is because the resistance to the brain attribute is already quite high.

Sheesh. Not funny.

He was upset

when he didn’t get the response he expected .

Hehehe. Is it time for our reaction master, Kamangi, to step forward?

Sejun slightly stuck out his tongue and placed the stinging mushroom on the sleeping black man’s tongue.



[New Kyu~! Have you been able to withstand the great Kyamangi?!]

The excited Black Man made strange noises and looked around.

As expected, our black mang does not disappoint me.

“Did you have a bad dream? “Can you eat this now?”

Sejun, who was satisfied with Kamangi’s reaction, hurriedly put dried roasted sweet potatoes in Kamangi’s mouth.



[Was it a dream?]

Black Mang tilts his head and says,

salt, salt, salt.

I started eating dried sweet potatoes.

So I calmed down the black man and asked,

“Then how much is this?”

Sejun counting money.

There are 75 trees struck by lightning and 1,500 lightning stones…

“So the money earned this time is over 1 trillion won?”

What he said was the minimum price, so if you’re lucky, 2 trillion top coins will be possible.

Golden Tower is the best!

When Sejun admires the greatness of the Golden Tower, he says,

“Fuhuhu. “This is all thanks to Vice President Te!”

Theo said smugly.

“Hehehe. okay. Our Te vice president is also the best!”

Sejun patted Theo’s head and praised him.


[Isn’t Kueng the best?!]

Kueng looked at Sejun with a slightly grumpy expression and

said, wow?!

[Are you leaving out the greatest Kkamangi…?! Quickly tell me that Kamangi is the best!]

Kamangi also barked hard, asking how they could get rid of him.

“okay. okay. “All our kids are the best!”

After Sejun hugged and comforted both Teo Kueng and the black rabbit Pjukpyum, he said,

“Put cherry tomatoes and other crops on Vice President Te’s cart, and this time, register the trees struck by lightning and the lightning stone among the purchased items.”

“Fuhuhu, I understand!”

Theo, who received Sejun’s instructions, hurriedly loaded the crops onto the cart.

Since only Kamang and myself would eat the stinging mushrooms, we thought we wouldn’t need them for the time being.

After a while,

“Make a lot of money!”

Sweet, sweet.

After loading the cart with everything, Theo sent the golden cart back to the Golden Tower.

Since I returned after two days, there were 28 days left out of 30, so I had to pay 280 billion Top Coins to go to the Golden Tower right away.


it’s not a loss at all since you can leave a lot more.

It was a more profitable business to spend some money and go to the Golden Tower and quickly retrieve the lightning-struck tree and lightning stone.

As the golden cart left for the golden tower,

“Take this.”

Sejun gave 10 each to the tree that had been struck by lightning and to Jjjum, who couldn’t take his eyes off the lightning stone.


“Then we’ll go.”

When I was trying to return to the 99th floor of the tower,


[Go to sleep, Uncle!]

A black rabbit holding on to Sejun’s clothes.

“Really? “Do you want to sleep with the black rabbit for the first time in a while?”

Sejun, who made eye contact with the black rabbit, could not bear to refuse and decided to save the black rabbit.



At Sejun’s words, the black rabbit nodded eagerly and said, ‘Thank you, uncle!’ He expressed his gratitude with his eyes.


12th floor of the Golden Tower.


When the golden chariot running on the flat land struck by lightning arrived near Bana Village,

“Oh! “The golden chariot has arrived!”

“Quickly inform Elder Bana!”


An elf standing on the border of Bana Village hurriedly reported to Bana.

After a while,


As soon as a shield was created to block the lightning, the elves rushed outside.


“Hurry and pick up the lightning-struck tree and lightning stone!”

I started working according to Bana’s instructions.

In order to trade, you need something worth money, but most of the elves of the Golden Tower lived self-sufficiently in caves, so there was no Top Coin.

So, trying to make money by selling items on the golden cart.

In the Black Tower, it was a very precious material, but in the Golden Tower, what you could pick up was wood that had been struck by lightning and lightning stone.

In this way, the elves raised money by selling trees and stones that fell on the ground and

[purchased 20,000 magic cherry tomatoes.]

They were able to purchase the magic cherry tomatoes that had been ordered.

“and! “The golden cart is the best because it gives you money even if you sell only what falls on the ground!”

Sweet, sweet.

The elves cheered as they saw the golden cart leaving.


The next morning.


[Goodbye uncle! Then I’ll go up in two days!]

The black rabbit, whose complexion had improved noticeably since yesterday, saw Sejun off.

On my way out of White Castle to return home.

“Nyan?! “Chairman Park, my front foot is dragging!”

Theo suddenly stretched out his front paw towards the front and shouted in an excited voice.

“oh. okay?”

Sejun also looked straight ahead with an excited voice.



A young golden sheep approaches White Castle, humming without knowing anything.

“uh?! “Aren’t you Mimir?”

“Fuhuhuhu. “That’s right!”

oh. This kind of luck…

I don’t know what attracted Theo, but there was a 100% chance that Theo would get that item from Mimir.

Mimir was walking along without knowing that Sejun and Theo were watching him with a smile.

“yeap?! Sejun and Theo?!”

The target, the golden sheep Mimir, belatedly felt the hot gaze and spotted Sejun and Theo in front.

We have to run away!

When Mimir senses something ominous and turns away,


Theo, who rarely leaves Sejun’s lap, suddenly appears in front of Mimir and shouts,

“Give me Mimir!”

He proudly put out his front paw.

“What… for what?”

Mimir is greatly embarrassed by Theo’s words.

“Fuhuhuhu. I know everything! “Give it to me quickly!”

When Theo confidently shouted once again,

“Whew. “Yes.”

I got it after years of hard work…

Mimir sighed, took out the box hidden in the golden fur, and handed it to Theo.


“Nyan? What is this? I’ll be grateful! But this isn’t it!”

Theo puts his front paw out again while shaking the box he received.


Wasn’t this?! Or give it to me!

Thanks to this, Mimir was taken aback and looked at Theo with a pitiful expression, but said,

“Fuhuhu. “Please hurry up!”

It seemed like he had no intention of giving it away.

“Then…is this by any chance?”

“No! But I’ll take it well!”

“Then… this?”

“No! But I’ll use it well!”

Mimir shakes off the items he had kept in his fur.

“Then…huh?! What is this?”

I rummaged through the fur and pulled out an old scroll document that I had forgotten to put away.

“Fuhuhuhu. That’s it! Mimir, thank you!”

Theo snatched the scroll document from Mimir’s hand and disappeared in an instant,

“Chairman Park, take this! It’s my gift!”

Theo placed the scroll document and other items he received from Mimir in Sejun’s arms.

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