Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 346

Episode 346: Balak (4)

<The River of Running Water>

This is a truly unique space.

For fast-moving creatures, time passes so quickly, and for slow-moving creatures, time passes so slowly.

This law is a law that is common in the general world, but the phenomenon was prominently appearing in this tower.

Bikir moves at a nimble speed, and whenever he does, his stats rise due to the effect of the item.


[The ‘Agility’ stat rises by ‘1’… … ]

[The ‘stamina’ stat rises by ‘1’… … ]

[The ‘Physical Resistance’ stat has risen by ‘1’… … ]

[The ‘magic resistance’ stat has risen by ‘1’… … ]

[‘Reflexes’ stat increased by ‘1’… … ]



The more violently he moved, the more destructive he moved, the more Bikir’s stats rose at a tremendous rate.


Bikir dodged the arrows by simply tilting his head back.

Extremely sparing moves, no wasted evasion.

It’s not enough that the reflexes stats have bloomed, and they’re still growing, so this kind of thing is possible.


An extremely rare talent that only a few people have been born with throughout human history.

Bikir, who was a genius, was naturally not born with it, but everything has changed since entering this tower.

I was able to get my hands on all the innate and innate things that I had to give up by simply saying that I was unlucky.

Joo Woo-wook-

The field of view stretches, then contracts, then stretches again.

The flow of time was strangely distorted.

It feels like you and others are living in a different time axis.

The feeling of moving slowly on purpose.

‘… … Even though time is passing many times faster, it seems as if it has stopped. Is this the realm of talent?’

Moving forward to avoid the arrows that almost stopped right in front of my eyes was as easy as walking around a standing stone or tree.

And as time passed, it was getting easier.

It was because his reflexes stat kept rising.

‘Originally, it was an item prepared to raise the 3 special stats by one more after flowering the 6 major stats, but I never thought a jackpot would explode in a place like this… … .’

The layers in Naraksu are random and have different locations and characteristics, so I never thought I could find a place where time distorted so quickly.

There was no such thing as a windfall.

Once a stat is raised, it never goes down.

A number that stays the same whether inside or outside the tower.

Of course, if you went out of the tower, you wouldn’t be able to open the status window and browse it.

‘If you go out of the tower… … I really don’t know if I can get to the 8th meal. Even without the help of a saintess!’

A bunch of Baskerville 8’s. It is a level that is stronger than any officially known swordsman.

Even Hugo, the head of Baskerville, an iron-blooded swordsman, ended up only having 7 meals after training all his life.

‘… … But that would be when I left.’

In order to escape the tower, you must first focus on reality.

… Tuuk! round-

Vikir grabbed the arm of the charging warrior with his dagger and bent it back.


With the sound of bones snapping, Balak’s warrior rolled into the mud.

… Fondant!

Warriors stuck in the mud often dropped golden candies.

“It seems that the level is high because they are ship owners, right? The dropped items are also of a high level.”

Bikir said as she picked up golden candies that had fallen into the mud.

The mighty force and Balak’s eloquent language made the warriors hesitate and hesitate.

Meanwhile, Vikir checked the golden candies in her hands.

‘… … Shouldn’t you have stopped collecting golden candies and just exchanged them for regular candies? If so, the maximum increase would have been much higher than 798.’

But that is too shortsighted a judgment.

Golden candies raise levels, which increase stats by %.

So, it had to be used at the ‘decisive moment’ to maximize its effect.

Considering achievement rewards and other circumstances, it was better to save golden candies as much as possible from now on.

Wooddeuk- Woodeuk- Pudeuk!

Bikir bent his neck left and right.

Bikir’s eyesight was such that he could see his reflection in the dewdrops on the tip of a pine needle in the distance.

It seemed that he had grown a few centimeters taller.

Arms and legs were also elongated.

As a result of moving faster than anyone else, the body has eaten a few years more in the meantime.

‘If I do this, I might go back to my age before returning.’

which is not bad It’s because I’m more familiar with that side than the image of a young boy.

I think the surroundings might be a little less noisy.

Peruk – Oops! Quageek!

Bikir continued swinging his sword.

The aura that wriggles like a snake cuts the flying arrows vertically and targets the archers behind them.

Balak’s warriors panicked and fled, but Vikir’s slash tore through all obstacles such as rocks and logs and pursued them.

“Is that guy a shipowner too? It can’t be!?”

“How can a beginner develop such power!? We can’t even compete!”

“shit! This is out of standard! What are you fairies doing!”

“Sah, the hunting grounds have to come! Otherwise… … !”

Even the brave and warlike warriors of Balak eventually lost their fighting spirit.

… bang!

The moment Bikir grabbed one of the fleeing warriors by the scruff of the neck and pinned him to the ground.


He twisted his body just before hitting the floor to minimize the impact.

Even so, it was such a shock that I couldn’t move my body for a while, but it was like avoiding fainting.

Moment. Bikir was a little surprised.

It wasn’t because the warrior he had defeated looked like the eldest of the group, a man with gray hair.

‘This guy uses the Baskerville family’s martial arts, doesn’t he?’

Basic taijutsu to learn the Baskerville style, Bikir had taught them basic taijutsu when he lived with Balak’s warriors in the past.

However, at the time, Balak’s martial arts were much more advanced than the Baskervilles’ martial arts, so skilled warriors did not bother to learn Vikir’s martial arts.

‘… … What happened?’

Bikir tilted his head.

However, even in the midst of doubt, Bikir’s hands were slowly grabbing the enemy’s wrists and elbows and twisting them.

Awesome! Poududeuk!

said Vikir, breaking the arm of the oldest warrior he had just captured.

“If you attack, everyone will end up like this.”

The oldest and strongest warrior became like this, and there was no way other warriors could resist.

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

Balak’s warriors were silent.

helpless (束手無策). Non-standard beings that had never existed on the floor suddenly appeared and wielded overwhelming force, so even those who were normally aggressive and courageous had no choice.

at that time. There were voices that intervened.

“It’s nice, you savage bastards!”

“I understand. It’s never been like this before I can feel the thrill when I see it, but I wonder if you guys are shocked.”

“But how did you become so strong? Or was it originally strong?”

“Ah, too! You were the one who smelled of rum on the rooftop on the day of the entrance ceremony! I just recognized it!”

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy and Bianca. These four appeared behind Bikir.

“Hey, look at these bastards’ food pockets full! Bikir! don’t dry it! I just… … !”

“I got everything back. The things we farmed and hunted to death.”

“Huong- My tomato, radish, and cabbage! How hard it was to raise them!”

“oh! I also found salted pork! Ugh, I risked my life to get salt and went to the daylily colony… … .”

But Bikir reached out and blocked the way of Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca.

Bikir’s gaze was directed to a place other than the food he had recovered.

… sparkle!

The glow from the ear of the warrior you just captured alive.

It was definitely an earring.

A glass bead earring with traces of civilization to some extent.

And Bikir’s eyesight, which had improved to the extreme, was able to read the writing on the surface of the glass marble, so worn and worn by the winds of the years that it now looked like a light scratch.

‘Made in CindyWendy studio’

Handicrafts made at ‘Xindi Wendy Workshop’.

It was obviously one of the first trade items Sindi Wendy chose to trade with Balak, and it was an accessory for Balak’s infants.

‘Why are you paying interest on this?’

The moment Bikir tilts his head.


An arrow flew from the front.

It was a sniper that flew with such power and speed that even Vikir couldn’t dare ignore it.

“… … !”

Bikir deflected the arrow with the back of his sword.

A heavy pain echoes through my wrist.

As soon as Vikir put down the captured warrior and stepped back, a warrior appeared in the center of the battlefield.

A woman with long hair.

On the outside, it looks like it’s in its early thirties, but the energy it exudes is fiercer and more experienced than that.

It was a female warrior who seemed so powerful that Bikir instantly reminded him of Aquila, the chieftain of Balak.

‘… … This woman must be a bit difficult.’

I was sweating for the first time.

The female warrior in front of her was such a powerful opponent that even Vikir, who had all six stats in bloom, could not guarantee a match.

It wasn’t to the level of the dragon horse I met in the previous floor, but it was certainly a more difficult opponent than Cerberus, Daylily of the Blood Beast, and King Muyeong of the Black Sea.

When Bikir is holding the tip of his sword in a tense state.

… Tuuk!

An amazing thing happened.

The female warrior, who seemed to be the highest in rank among the group, approached Vikir and knelt down on one knee.

“Meet Balak’s Hunting Grounds.”

Not only Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca, but all of Balak’s warriors, even Vikir, came as a surprise.

Vikir stared at the face of the female warrior kneeling in front of him.

Appearance of middle age, powerful weapon reminiscent of Aquila.

If I had a relationship with a warrior of this level, I couldn’t have forgotten it.

“… … ?”

Bikir pondered hard, wondering if there was something he didn’t remember.

and soon.

“… … !”

Someone’s face flickers in front of Bikir’s eyes.

It is something that can only be seen after removing the dignity of a seasoned veteran and the dignity of many experiences and passing years.

It is the face of a young child.

‘… … Can I get a glass marble?’

It was an old memory of a girl who wanted to turn caterpillars into glass beads.

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