Return of Mount Hua Sect Chapter 996

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Episode 995. What kind of wealth and fame am I going to enjoy? (5)

“Well, first of all… … .”

Hyeonjong caught everyone’s attention. Now it was time to deal with the real issues.


“Yes, Jang Mun-in.”

“How do you think Shaolin will move in the future?”

“… … .”

Baekcheon, who was momentarily speechless, looked at Hyeonjong. This is because Hyeonjong has never asked this question directly. Especially in a place like this where everyone is gathered.

But Baekcheon quickly regained his composure.

“As Qingming said before, it seems that Shaolin will not move from this Yangtze River for a while. In order to move, the aqueduct must first take its foot out, but the aqueduct still maintains its tip.”

“Uhm, right.”

Hyeonjong nodded as if he was satisfied. At that time, Jo Geol quickly intervened and added,

“Of course! “The Great King of Shaolin places great importance on face!”

“… … “That is also true.”

Now, even though Jo Geol called the court the Great King Bald, no one pointed out that fact.

“Then the key is when will that ditch move?”

Hyeonjong thought carefully before opening his mouth.

“Isn’t the Black Dragon King injured? “I don’t think I can stay there forever, even for treatment.”

“yes. “I think so too.”

“So do i.”

“So this means that this standoff won’t last very long.”

The moment everyone’s thoughts gathered, Cheongmyeong opened his mouth.

“Probably not?”


Hyeonjong looked at Cheongmyeong with a puzzled look.

“Did you think differently?”

“Yes, Jang Mun-in. At first glance, it seems correct to say that Surochae should step down because the Black Dragon King is injured, but my thoughts are a little different.”

Baekcheon asked as if he didn’t understand.

“Why is that so? From Surochae’s perspective, the Black Dragon King needs to recover as soon as possible. “In a Sapa with strong self-respect, the leader’s inaction would be more important than anything else.”

“Upside down.”


“If the Black Dragon King is still firmly in control of Surochae, it would have been as Sasuk said. But he’s got another guy here.”

Baekcheon, who immediately realized who the ‘other guy’ was, let out a groan.

“Jang Il-so… … .”

“The Black Dragon King has lost control of the ditch. Anyway, Surochae is a munpa under the command of the Sapaeryeon, and the Sapaeryeon’s headquarters is located here. “The Black Dragon King is injured, so there won’t be a problem even if Jang Il-so temporarily takes over the command.”

“… … “That is correct.”

“and… … .”

Cheongmyeong smiled mockingly.

“There’s no way that bastard will just leave this situation alone. They probably would have made any excuse to force the Black Dragon King to withdraw from the front line. “To steadily eat the surochae.”

Everyone had no choice but to agree with Cheongmyeong’s words. How could Jang Il-so, who is nothing short of greed incarnate, miss such an opportunity?

“Will the Black Dragon King stay still?”

“Black Dragon King?”

“okay. Given the Black Dragon King’s personality, I don’t think he would ever sit still, right? Jang Il-so is eating up all of his power.”

“… … .”

At that moment, Cheongmyeong looked at Baekcheon, feeling sorry for the world. Baekcheon flinched and protested.

“what? why!”

“ha… … . I call this kind of thing private. Oh my, Dongryong.”

“Ha, don’t do that, you bastard!”

Cheongmyeong shook his head.

“Well, you’ll find out when you see it.”

Cheongmyeong looked at everyone and continued speaking.

“Anyway, the standoff will probably continue for some time. “Maybe longer than we think.”

“… … “Why?”

“It’s a long explanation.”

While choosing his words, Cheongmyeong smiled and said.

“The thoughts of dark-hearted people are usually similar.”

Ogham’s eyes were still full of incomprehension. Cheongmyeong just smiled softly.

* * *

From cloudy eyes to a face that has become noticeably gaunt.

Even if you wash your eyes, you will not be able to see the energetic appearance that seemed to command the world. The darkened face only brought about sadness.

The Black Dragon King looked ahead blankly. To be precise, I mean Jang Il-so, who was sitting cross-legged on a large chair.

“where… … .”

Jang Il-so’s lips, which were smiling as if they had been drawn, slowly opened.

“Are you feeling okay?”

This man has always been a threat. Like a poisonous snake.

So, the reason why the Black Dragon King now feels that this man is especially dangerous is not only because he lost one of his arms.

“Thanks for your concern… … .”

The Black Dragon King paused for a moment and lowered his head.


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Because I didn’t want to be seen. A face that must have been a mixture of anger, hatred, and fear.

“… … “It’s improving quickly.”

“Thank goodness.”

Jang Il-so, who was leaning heavily on the chair, looked down at the Black Dragon King with a relaxed expression.

Just a few days ago, he was standing on equal footing with Jang Il-so. Although there was a difference in the positions of the leader and assistant leader of the Sapaeryeon, at least the relationship was not one where the Black Dragon King unilaterally bowed down to Jang Il-so.

This is because the position occupied by Jang Il-so was not obtained by pressing down with force.

It is true that he was gradually losing the initiative to Jang Il-so, but the Black Dragon King clearly had room for a counterattack.

Before things got like this.

“It’s getting better…” … .”

Jang Il-so muttered as if he was repeating the Black Dragon King’s words.

“Yes, that’s right. I need to recover quickly. “Wouldn’t that be the only way to get revenge and regain your old reputation?”

“… … .”

“For now, I’ll have to focus on recovery. “It will take some time to get used to using the Tao with your left hand.”

I thought I heard laughter.

Although there was clearly no trace of laughter in Jang Il-so’s voice, the Black Dragon King kept hearing hallucinations of Jang Il-so laughing in his ears.

No, he would actually be smiling.

Although it is not evident in his voice or face, Jang Il-so is probably going crazy inside right now.

“No need to worry. I’ll take care of the little things. “I’ll take a step back for a while and just focus on regaining my inaction.”


The Black Dragon King gritted his teeth.

Step back?

He hasn’t even been able to face the ditch since he was released from the volcano. Even stepping down from the front line requires at least discussion and instructions. But now the Black Dragon King was completely isolated from Surochae.

As the situation was like this, one thought did not disappear from the Black Dragon King’s mind.

Is all of this really a coincidence?

Jang Il-so’s timely support, neglecting that Hwasan and Namgung’s advance to Maehwa Island, and not intervening until the Black Dragon King’s life was at risk… … .

Is it really a coincidence?

At first, I dismissed it as an excessive thought. No matter how much Jang Il-so was, he couldn’t have predicted that the Black Dragon King would be defeated by the Hwasan Sword Association. Luckily, everything went in Jang Il-so’s favor, and he simply did not miss the opportunity given to him.

Yes, I believed so.

That is, until I looked into Jang Il-so’s eyes.

The moment he saw those eyes looking in this direction like a poisonous snake waiting for its prey, the Black Dragon King had no choice but to realize everything.

“Is there a problem?”

Jang Il-so’s voice was calm. The Black Dragon King managed to swallow his anger. Anger that cannot be let out is not anger. It’s just the sorrow of the weak.

“… … “No, Ryeonju.”


Jang Il-so let out a small snort.

“Ryeonju…” … .”

After muttering for a moment, he slowly got up.

At the same time, the accessories worn on his body continued to jingle and emit sharp sounds.

Anyone who knows Jang Il-so is bound to be familiar with this sound. However, that unremarkable sound seemed to the current Black Dragon King to be more frightening than the cries of a ghost coming from his wife.

Jerk. Jerk. Jerk.

Jang Ilso slowly approached the Black Dragon King.

The Black Dragon King’s shoulders began to tremble slightly.

He is not the one to fear death. If it were a matter that would simply end in death, he would have accepted death with dignity.

But Jang Il-so was not one to be satisfied with that. Even his death will be thoroughly used to take away everything. Surochae, his reputation, and everything he has built up will be covered in the red flames of Jang Il-so, leaving not even ashes behind.

Jerk. Jerk.

Finally, Jang Il-so came one step in front of the Black Dragon King and stopped. He smiled at the Black Dragon King. It was an extremely gentle smile.

“Why are you shaking?”

“… … .”

“I want you… … .”

A drowsy voice leaked from red lips.

“Do you think I’m going to kill you?”

The Black Dragon King closed his eyes.

He finally understood. Why are others so afraid of Jang Il-so?

Naturally, tigers are not afraid of snakes. The poison is unpleasant and there is no particular benefit, so we just avoid it. That is why snakes and tigers can coexist.

but… … .

What if the snake is big enough to swallow a tiger whole? What if it wasn’t a snake, but a huge poisonous net opening its huge maw wide before your eyes?

It would be even stranger for tigers not to be afraid of snakes.

“No need to worry. “Because I won’t do that.”

Jang Il-so smiled softly and continued.

“I think I am a softer person than everyone thinks… … People were afraid of me. Do you know what the reason is?”

Before you know it, your tone of voice has completely changed. It seemed like he treated his subordinates perfectly. However, the Black Dragon King could not even utter a word of protest against him.

“In that heart… … .”

Jang Il-so’s eyes shine bright blue.

“Because there is hostility.”

“… … .”

“A dog is not afraid of its owner. I feel reassured and happy. I fear the rod for discipline, but I only show reverence to my master. What a dog fears is its own enemy. Do you understand?”

“… … “Ryeonju.”

“Then I will ask.”

A sharp smile appeared on Jang Il-so’s lips.

“In your heart… … .”


The rings hidden in the sleeves made a harsh sound.

It was not a loud sound, but to the Black Dragon King, it sounded bigger than thunder.

“What’s in it now?”

The Black Dragon King opened his eyes and looked at Jang Il-so.

The moment he saw those two eyes, which, contrary to their bright appearance, were infinitely gloomy, something broke inside the Black Dragon King.

“I am… … .”

“okay. “Answer me.”

“Well, I…” … .”

The Black Dragon King’s body slowly bent down.


Soon my knees touched the floor.

With a face filled with fear and fear, the Black Dragon King trembled and lowered his head with difficulty.

“What I have is… … “I just love you.”

Jang Il-so’s gaze was cold as he looked down at the kneeling Black Dragon King. Jang Il-so, who had been silent for a while, slowly stretched out his hand.

The white hand adorned with five-colored rings quietly touched the Black Dragon King’s head. At that moment, the Black Dragon King’s whole body flinched and convulsed briefly.


Jang Il-so made a short snort and a smile appeared on his lips.


A white hand slowly stroked the Black Dragon King’s head.

“You’re a good kid.”

The moon in the sky slowly disappeared behind the clouds. An extremely thick darkness quietly fell over the Yangtze River.

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