Regressing with the King’s Power Chapter 48

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Episode 48

‘It’s a duel where the player’s honor is at stake. ‘I came up with something quite interesting?’

This happened less than an hour after Taehyun entered the Night Walker Guild building.

It’s too contrived to be dismissed as a coincidence, and it’s too much to say it’s someone’s plan.

Putting a player’s honor on the line means putting a license on the line.

The loser’s license cannot make any excuses and is canceled according to international conventions.

“You will regret it.”

Taehyun looked at Jeon Pan-ho and chuckled.

Although it is, at first glance, ridiculous for an A-rank player to challenge an S-rank player.

‘It was around this time that I acquired enhanced skills.’

Because Tae-hyun knew what Jeon Pan-ho believed in, it was a duel that Tae-hyun had nothing to regret.

“Guild leader. What would you like to do? “If we have a duel, I don’t plan on doing it half-heartedly.”

Taehyun said, glancing at Yoo Ah-young.

Jeon Pan-ho, it doesn’t matter what happens.

However, since he was an executive of Night Walker, he confirmed his intention to her first.

The intention to dispose of him like this.

After reading Taehyun’s thoughts, she nodded with a smile.

“Yes, former leader. I know you’re excited, but I, the guild leader, cannot allow that. “I don’t know if it’s a light sparring.”

Light sparring.

Taehyun burst into laughter at those words.

In the end, she has no intention of stopping the fight.

I slowly got a sense of what all of this was planned for.

Yoo Ah-young slowly approached and whispered into Taehyeon’s ear much more naturally.

“If you’re at the level of a general manager, there’s nothing strange about having a unique item, right?”

As she said.

Taehyun burst into laughter after checking the sparkling ring on Jeon Pan-ho’s hand.

In order to obtain the information they want, they are willing to do anything that may result in some loss of combat power.

‘I’m not leading the four major guilds for nothing.’

Leadership that appropriately uses carrots and sticks.

It was a different side of Yoo Ah-young, who is known in the public as a ‘sly fox’.


Taehyun had no intention of playing along as she thought.

“Well, that’s good. But I don’t think I can satisfy the former leader with something like that.”


“I’ll put an S-class license on the line. “I don’t think I will feel at peace if I don’t do that.”

“oh. Player Kim Tae-hyun, there is no need to do that… .”

“of course. If you don’t bet anything, the weight of the duel will drop. The ring worn on the leader’s hand. It looks pretty expensive. How are you feeling?”

Jeon Pan-ho’s expression twitched at Tae-hyeon’s suggestion.

“I think I know what this is.”

“yes. “I didn’t know that the former leader had such a valuable item.”

“joy. This is like you… .”

“I was looking for a ring that suited my hand.”

Taehyun raised one hand, interrupting Jeon Pan-ho.


In that hand, the ring that had been hidden using the stealth skill was revealed.

A unique item obtained from the corpse of a magician.

It was a wise man’s ring.

“No way… !!”

Jeon Pan-ho’s face crumpled.

A unique item that is known to have been produced along with the ‘Warrior’s Ring’ in his hand, and is said to have disappeared with the death of his close friend and comrade in arms, Magohak.

An item that is no different from a keepsake is stuck in the hands of a child who wouldn’t mind being beaten to death.

Jeon Pan-ho’s body began to tremble.

Taehyun didn’t mind and presented the remaining conditions.

“I will wear this ring. If you wish, you can also use just one skill. Oh, would you like me to seal both your hands as well?”

“Kim Tae-hyun player, that’s… .”

“A handicap of this magnitude would be necessary against ‘lower-tier’ players. How is it. “I think it’s worth a try.”

Taehyun confirmed the prey’s intention.

“dog sound!!”

The condition was accepted with Jeon Pan-ho swearing.

* * *

“Guild leader. “Is this situation going strangely?”

Ki-Hyeon Ki, the 2nd strategy team leader, looked at A-Young’s eyes and asked quietly.

Even though there was no word, I knew that she had created this situation on purpose.

It was Jeon Pan-ho, who had been looking at Ayoung with a sinister gaze from before.

Because his skills were outstanding, he was even given the position of leader of the second strategy team, but discipline is important in a guild.

Jeon Pan-ho’s rude attitude, which had recently become worse, was becoming more and more talkative when Tae-hyun visited the guild.

And coincidentally, I came to the only space in the guild where duels were possible, just at the right time for Jeon Pan-ho to stay there.

He took Taehyeon with him, who was watching the death of Magohak in amazement.


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‘Is this called road murder?’

Seong Ki-hyeon swallowed dry saliva without realizing it at A-young’s manners, which could never be said to be a coincidence.

“How long has it been since the former leader strengthened his skills?”

She asked back, fixing her gaze on Taehyun, who was sealing his arms.

“It’s been a little over half a year. “It is said that its power is already sufficient even though it is S grade.”

“There are two skills that provide S-grade power… .”

There are countless walls between A-level players and S-level players.

Therefore, even if the skill was strengthened and its power reached S rank, there was a limit to narrowing the innate gap.


I looked at the number of cases for Ayoung.

What if Taehyun, with both arms sealed like that, had to use only one skill?

Even then, will he be able to easily beat Jeon Pan-ho?

If someone asked her that question, Ayoung wasn’t sure she could give a clear answer.

“Kim Tae-hyun has four skills that can be identified. “Three of them, excluding ‘Knight’s Awesomeness,’ are melee skills.”

in other words.

Since Taehyun decides to use only one skill, Taehyun’s choice will most likely be ‘Knight’s Awesomeness’.

Seong Ki-hyun came up with a reasonable analysis, and A-young also agreed with the idea.

‘or not. Are they hiding other skills that we don’t know about?’

Night Walker is an information guild.

As he is the head of such a guild.

Ayoung wanted to know a lot about Taehyeon.

If Tae-hyun’s hidden power could be confirmed using Jeon Pan-ho as bait, it would never have been a loss-making business.

“I hope the former director will give me strength.”

Ayoung, smiling, watched the duel begin.

* * *

A spacious hall equipped with shock-absorbing devices and emergency barrier systems.

Two men stood facing each other in the middle of the hall.

The guild member who was in charge of judging the duel came in between them.

“Duel rules basically follow international rules. Director Jeon Pan-ho has requested a death match. Player Taehyun Kim, do you agree?”

Death Match.

It was an indiscriminate rule in which the referee could not intervene until the dueling parties abstained.

Jeon Pan-ho requested rules that are mainly used in fight club.

“I agree.”

The attitude was light, as if deciding on a meal menu.

Jeon Pan-ho took a deep breath.

“Taehyun Kim. I was ‘lucky’ to be issued an S-class license, and my life seems ridiculous. So much so that I forgot who I was.”

It seems like there is no need for respect anymore.

Jeon Pan-ho revealed his true nature.

“Night Walker’s 2nd strategy leader and A-grade player Jeon Pan-ho. The only characteristic is that it brightens the woman’s color. Is there anything else I need to know?”

Taehyun’s provocations continued without stopping.


Jeon Pan-ho’s face, which was no longer crumpled, was distorted grimly.

“Does it seem like 20th place in the public achievement ranking was just accumulated?”

“I certainly have no choice but to admit that part.”

Currently, Taehyun is ranked 30th even though the public scores accumulated at the West Point auction house are added together.

So the ranking of 20th place was not something to be taken lightly.


“If you have that kind of confidence, you should have seen the hidden side of my ranking.”

“It’s obvious that this is the level of a guy who builds public value with the help of the president of the association and plays with the media.”

Just like witchcraft did.

Jeon Pan-ho, who was his best friend, also did not recognize Tae-hyeon’s true worth.

Achievements accumulated as a player so far.

All of that was simply dismissed as exaggerated luck.

“It’s pathetic that you can’t even properly understand your opponent’s capabilities, which doesn’t match your ranking. “I guess I really just lived my mouth.”

That was the last provocation.

The referee, who had been watching the two players all along, announced the start of the duel.


[Skill use has been detected. The Reinforced Heart of the Beast (S) has influence. It resists with mysterious power. Resistance was successful.]

[Skill use has been detected. Enhanced Deadly Release (S) penetrates. It resists with mysterious power. Resistance was successful.]

There were as many as two skills that were reclassified as S by strengthening the A-grade skills.

‘If you play it well, it’s at the low end of S grade.’

Taehyun grew into an S-class advanced player due to the auction house incident.

At this level, it could no longer be considered a threat.



[Skill Knight King’s Awe (B) has been activated. Specify the target. Limits output.]


Jeon Pan-ho fell to his knees in vain at Tae-hyeon’s words.

“Make a modification!!”

Jeon Pan-ho tried to get up in this absurd situation.


“Ugh… .”

I could not straighten my knees due to the force pressing down on my entire body.

‘What is this… .’

What a ridiculous gap.

Even his head gradually lowered to the floor as the force pressing down on his body strengthened.

“ah… eww… Ahhh!!!”

Jeon Pan-ho exerted all his strength and activated the skill once again.

[Skill use has been detected. The Reinforced Heart of the Beast (S) has influence. It resists with mysterious power. Resistance was successful.]

[Skill use has been detected. Enhanced Deadly Release (S) penetrates. It resists with mysterious power. Resistance was successful.]

In contrast to the shouting Jeon Pan-ho.

“I’m sorry.”

Taehyun ignored the message that appeared in front of him and only increased the intensity of his skills little by little.

Crack. Quad deuk.

Jeon Pan-ho’s screams echoed through the hall along with an eerie sound.

[Output 50%… 55%… 60%… .]

Damn it.

As the power gradually increased, the barrier that was said to be able to withstand up to the level of an S-class advanced player began to crack.

“Kim Taehyun stop!!”

Ayoung screamed at the power that exceeded her expectations, but Taehyun didn’t even move.

Rather, the power of the skill increased further, as if ridiculing her words.

[Output 75%… 80%… 85%… .]

‘crazy… I never thought it would be like this.’

The Night Walker building began to shake as if there had been an earthquake due to the ever-increasing magic power.

If this continues, the guild building will be shattered.

Ayoung had no choice but to shout urgently.

“Unique item!! “I’ll give you one too, so stop using your skills, Taehyun Kim!!”

It was when Ayoung was about to activate her skill in case Taehyun didn’t stop.

Suddenly. Hehehehe.

The shaking building suddenly stopped shaking.


“Promises are important.”

Seeing Taehyun speaking indifferently.

“… … .”

Ayoung was speechless.

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