Regressing with the King’s Power Chapter 45

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Episode 45

“The president of the association talks a lot today, right?”

As we were leaving Association President Ji Jin-hee’s room and going out of the building, Ko Tae-wook asked vaguely.

Taehyun agreed to that without hesitation.

This is because it was an image that was clearly the complete opposite of what was known in my previous life.

“I heard you are like a tiger. Even fellow S-rank players find it difficult.”

Ko Tae-wook burst into laughter at Tae-hyeon’s evaluation.

Because there was nothing wrong with what he said.

“It’s like a tiger and it’s true that S-rank players find it difficult. “And that I especially cherish you like a grandson.”

Taehyun tilted his head at Go Tae-wook’s words.

I knew he cared for me especially, but this was the first time I had ever cared for him like a grandson.

“You know that the president of the association is not married, right?”

“yes. He spent most of his youth in the Abyss… .”

Ji Jin-hee, New Korea’s first S-rank player.

Even when he was active, the world was at war with monsters.

This was due to the gate opening every day.

It was a time when the level of players was lower than it is now and the equipment was not as good.

News and newspapers were filled with news of numerous casualties every day.

Because it was that kind of time.

Ji Jin-hee was the first and only S-rank player to hunt monsters with a sense of responsibility.

Every day, I blocked gate breaks and traveled all over New Korea to attack places that had already been dungeonized.

Is it because they united around him?

New Korea achieved the feat of driving out most of the monsters and advancing into the Abyss while they were being driven out.

Even now, it is an event that is often mentioned in my parents’ generation and in modern and contemporary history classes.

A living legend that no one in New Korea can possibly know without knowing.

That person thinks of himself as his grandson.

“I guess you see a reflection of yourself when you were younger in your actions.”


“Well, attacking dungeons and dealing with demons without any hesitation seems similar to me.”


Go Tae-wook grinned and slapped Tae-hyeon on the back.

“So, don’t feel burdened even if the president of the association is too lazy. “That’s why you recommended this friendly match for Asian players.”

“Well, if I had known there were such circumstances, I would have accepted it quickly.”

“Are you really confident that you can get to 5th place in the remaining time? If you’re overdoing it for no reason… .”

Taehyun grinned at Go Tae-wook’s concern.

“Deputy Director Ko doesn’t think of me as like his ‘younger brother’, does he?”

“Huh, this guy… .”

“haha. I’ll go first. “I also have an appointment with Alchemist.”

Taehyun slightly bowed his head and left the association building.

Deputy Director Go, who was watching this, scratched his head.

Considering the age difference, it was natural that Taehyun felt like a younger brother.

This is because every time we exchanged words, it felt like we were dealing with someone of a similar age to us.

“Well, I guess you’ll take care of it.”

Go Tae-wook tried to deny that feeling and turned away.

* * *

After parting ways with Go Tae-wook, Tae-hyun immediately got into another waiting car.

This is because Seo Sang-ik, the leader of the Alchemist guild, expressed his desire to meet in person for the auction.

“I heard you got promoted, what are you doing here?”

Taehyun asked, looking at Manager Choi Changsik sitting in the passenger seat.

Manager Choi Chang-sik.

He was recognized for his contribution in scouting New Korea’s twelfth S-rank player and was currently promoted to manager.

Taehyun knew that the title of manager of the 4th guild did not leave him free enough to wait for someone in the passenger seat.

“This is my first time since I was promoted. “I’m glad you look healthy.”

Manager Choi Chang-sik greeted Tae-hyeon with a friendly smile.

“It means that the guild leader is also paying a lot of attention. “Seeing as you asked me to come pick you up in person.”

“This is true. “I’m sorry for bothering you.”

“Haha, no. We’ll arrive at the guild building in 20 minutes. Until then, rest in peace.”

Taehyun nodded at Choi Changsik’s consideration.

As I settled into the soft cushions of the limousine, a sense of comfort came over me.

And out of habit, I opened the status window.

Name: Taehyun Kim

Age: 19

Grade: B

Strength: 101 Stamina: 120 Speed: 100 Horsepower: 180 Charisma: 30

Fatigue: 15%

Remaining horsepower: 180/180


Predation (B) – You can prey on the desired target. Horsepower: 40


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Stone Skin (B) – Can strengthen the body. Horsepower: 30

Stealth (B) – You can hide your body. Horsepower: 25

Paralysis (B) – Restrains the subject’s body. Horsepower: 20

Lord’s Heart (B) – Increases party members’ abilities. Horsepower: 30

Knight King’s Awesomeness (B) – Designate an opponent and overwhelm them with your agility. Horsepower: 35

Chain of Binding (B) – Designates an opponent and binds them. Skill tracking and cancellation are possible. Horsepower: 27

Contract with the Devil (B) – Can open the gate to the Abyss. Magic Power: 200 (1/1)

This is the status window that I checked dozens of times at the hospital.

Strength, stamina, and speed stats were significantly off.

‘Is the decline caused by regenerating the right arm?’

A considerable amount fell, but it was not enough to exchange for one right arm.

On the contrary, I feel fortunate that this is enough.

Another difference was the ‘contract with the devil’, which is believed to be Narendra Nehru’s skill.

‘I don’t remember preying on him.’

The unique skill ‘Predation’ was on full display and the right arm was perfectly regenerated. The skill ‘Contract with the Devil’ signifies the predation of Narendra Nehru.

Obviously, all of this wasn’t unrelated.

Taehyun tried activating the skill again.

[There is not enough magic power. The skill cannot be activated.]

A message I had seen dozens of times at the hospital appeared before my eyes.

‘200 horsepower is no joke.’

Taehyun’s magical power increased after taking the Phoenix potion to 180.

It was a skill that could not be activated even though it had a magic level equivalent to the upper level among magic-type S-class players.

Suddenly, a paper appeared in Taehyun’s mind.

In a previous life, a paper that studied the physical abilities of S-class players made an uproar in the world.

The four basic abilities that awakened people have.

Strength, stamina, speed, horsepower.

The author of the paper informally measured these four abilities on a number of S-rank players.

I found that they all had something in common: their stat points in one of the four major abilities exceeded 100.

If you become strong enough to obtain an S-class player license, at least one of the four major stats will be over 100, regardless of class.

There was nothing special about Taehyun, who was ranked B and had all four major abilities over 100.

‘With a magic stat of 200, you should be an SS-rank player… There is no way that Narendra Nehru has already reached that area… .’

The national power level, said to be the best among players, was also an SS level that could not be reached.

It was natural for Taehyun to tilt his head.

‘As expected, the nature of the skill changed during the process of predation… .’

No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t remember when I collapsed.

It was a concern for which there was no answer.

‘Well, you’ll find out when you try it.’

There is no problem with using buffs or amplification stones to activate the skill.

However, what Taehyun wanted was not simply the use of skills.

If it requires 200 horsepower, it would be difficult to handle even with my current skills.

‘You have to match your magical power with pure skill.’

It also meant that it would soon surpass the national power level.

‘Predation may run rampant again.’

It was not a meaningless runaway as it was confirmed that Predation, which is currently B grade, can grow to SS grade.

Grade A, Grade S, Grade SS.

The burden that Predation had to endure as it grew was still vivid.

It was an experience I never want to go through again.

Therefore, it was necessary to check as soon as possible whether ‘Contract with the Devil’ was a useful skill, even if it had to advance the plan.

‘I can’t ask Narendra Nehru, though.’

Unlike the auction house event I accidentally participated in.

If the plan made at the hospital went according to plan, it seemed like I could easily surpass 200 horsepower soon.

* * *

As Ji Jin-hee of the Players Association did.

When Taehyun entered the Alchemist Guild building, Seo Sangik welcomed him warmly.

“I can’t tell you how surprised I was when I found out that Taehyun went to the auction house.”

“I’m sorry for causing you worry.”

Taehyun politely bowed his head and expressed his gratitude.

If it weren’t for him, Ji Jin-hee wouldn’t have moved actively and Park Seong-jin wouldn’t have arrived at the auction house on time.

“Are you feeling okay? “Our Alchemist medical team is always on standby, so please visit us at any time.”

“yes. thank you.”

Taehyun’s rank in Alchemist is SVIP.

However, the treatment was more than VVIP.

I know that the reason is that it is an exclusive deal for the magic gem that Taehyun gets when he advances into the Abyss.

Taehyun did not bow his head too much.

Anyway, this is also part of the business that goes back and forth in the relationship between A and B.

About an hour has passed.

After a friendly conversation, Taehyun stood up.

“Well then, please continue to take good care of me. “Player Kim Tae-hyun.”

“Please take care of me.”

Taehyun, holding Seo Sangik’s hand, left the guild building with a friendly smile.

Who would have thought that the act of trying to prevent a terrorist attack in order to build public value would end up like this?

There was not much time left until representative selection.

There was a mountain of work to do, so now I really wanted to go home and rest.

* * *


[Unique skill Predation has been activated. User ‘Taehyun Kim’ is designated as the target.]

As soon as the message window opened, dark red magical energy enveloped Taehyun.

Crack. Quad deuk.

Like many monsters and demons, Taehyun screamed from the pain of his bones breaking.

“Ugh… stop!!”

The idea of ​​‘Stone Skin’ wrapping the body tightly over an S-class body seems ridiculous.

The magical power of predation infiltrated without stopping.


The skill no longer worked according to Taehyun’s will.

[Use skill Paralysis (B). User ‘Taehyun Kim’ is designated as the target.]

[Use the skill Knight King’s Tempest (B). User ‘Taehyun Kim’ is designated as the target.]

[Use the skill Binding Chain (B). User ‘Taehyun Kim’ is designated as the target.]

Three skills activated in succession strangled Taehyun.

I feel like my body will break at any moment.

Pain took over my mind, and a moan escaped between my clenched teeth.

at that time.

Someone spoke.

[This is the power you wanted, right?]

[If you eat it, you have to spit it out.]

“What bullshit… .”

It was before I even finished speaking.

The magic of predation.

Before I knew it, dark red magical power began to engulf my face.

Wow. Clutter. Crash.


Without even a moment to scream.

My vision darkened.

* * *

“ha… ha… what… Such a dog dream… .”

Taehyun gasped and checked his watch.

It was not even 10 p.m. yet.


It was an obvious cliché that every player experiences at least once, where the skill goes out of control and engulfs the body.

“It’s pathetic.”

Taehyun got out of bed and opened the refrigerator.

I took out a bottle of water and took a gulp.

I’ve heard about skill overload a few times.

‘I’ve never heard of a skill swallowing up a user with an ego.’

Taehyun sighed.

at that time.

Jing- Jing-

[A guest has arrived. A guest has arrived.]

The neat voice of the installed AI resonated throughout the house.

‘this time?’

When I manipulated the screen, the visitor’s face appeared.

“… … .”

Taehyun’s expression changed strangely as he saw the midnight visitor.

Outside the door.

Lim A-young was standing there.

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