Regressing with the King’s Power Chapter 42

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Episode 42

My vision became blurred due to excessive use of magical power.

‘Hauditory hallucinations?’

Taehyun thought that for a moment.


[The level of the unique skill Predation is temporarily readjusted.]


It was an unexpected message.

You want to figure out what’s happening to you.

There was no time to pay attention to the breath that seemed to attack at any moment.

During that brief moment, messages came to mind non-stop.


[The ability of the unique skill Predation increases. Predation (B) – Predation (A)]

Taehyun’s face, which had been struggling to maintain his diet, became distorted.

It was different from blocking the acid breath because of the sudden pain that weighed down my body.

‘Tsk, this is… what.’

Taehyun’s grade shown to the public was B.

Even with B-grade power, it is a predator that exerts power equivalent to that of an S-grade advanced player.

As that predation turned into grade A, my body began to tremble.

He was forced to reach the level of national power that he had not yet attained.


‘Tsk… Could it be that there was a runaway… ?’

As if punishing him for presumptuously seeking power.

Taehyun’s body, which was maintaining its predation, screamed.

It was different from growing by directly raising your physical abilities.

The skill level of predation only increased due to a body that could not support it.

If it were a normal skill, it would just not be activated and would have no effect on the skill holder.

Predation was not such an ordinary skill.

Kwasik. Kwazijic.

My bones, muscles, and internal organs began to scream.

‘Tsk… This is it… thing… !!’

Taehyun clenched his teeth.

It was to withstand the load placed on the body.

Even if he had an S-level physical ability, his balance would have already been lost if he had not prepared his body in advance through training.

In other words, it was about this much because of Taehyun’s thoroughness in making the dishes in advance.

‘It’s not unbearable.’

I can endure just this much pain.

That’s what I thought.

The readjustment of ratings did not end there.

A message that would make Taehyun himself doubt his eyes.

Such messages came to mind one after another.

[The ability of the unique skill Predation increases. Predation (A) – Predation (S)]

At the same time, the tremors of the body become more severe.

Crack. Quad deuk. Quad deuk.

A load that was incomparable to before put pressure on my whole body again.

My bones, which could no longer bear it, began to twist.

“eww… ah… .”

Tdu-duk-duk. Pop. Ttuduk.

I moaned from the pain as if my muscles were being torn.

It looked uncharacteristic of Taehyun, who had endured harsh training.

“Wow… stop… .”

The breath in front of me was no longer important.

If I couldn’t control this power right now, it was clear that my body would explode in less than a minute.

‘There is no choice.’

That’s why Taehyun tried to release the magic of predation… .

[The skill cannot be unlocked.]

Contrary to my desperate thoughts, the predation did not stop.

Rather, a message came to mind once again.

A message announced that the level of predation had risen again.

[The ability of the unique skill Predation increases. Predation (S) – Predation (SS)]


The body of an S-class player said to be blessed like never before in human history.

The body exploded, revealing its limits.

Bleeding began in earnest through the burst right arm.

“Ugh… Cough.”

I’m crying.

Taehyun coughed up a handful of blood.

It wasn’t because of the red eyes.


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The sight before my eyes turned bright red, as if a vein had burst.

It was hard to tell whether the world looked red because of the flowing blood, or whether the world was red and everything looked like blood.

I could see internal organs mixed in with the blood I had spit out.

Taehyun’s body is being destroyed from the inside by the load that has already exceeded its limit.

‘shit… Why all of a sudden… .’

Taehyun knelt down.

Predation cannot be controlled or stopped.

There was nothing I could do.

In this state, either the predator will devour the body or the acid breath will melt the entire body.

In the end, the only thing that will come is death.

It was certain that there would be no bones left either way.


I was devastated.

This is because he had no idea that Posik, who had always been his turning point, would turn his back on him like this.

They simply believed in the power of predation and thought not only about their own safety but also the lives of others.

For that matter.

It was such a big price.

‘What a ridiculous ending.’

Because he has lived a life of success since returning.

I thought something would work out this time too.

It was only later that I felt pathetic about myself.

‘I thought I was awakened and my life was blooming.’

moment of death.

I awakened late, met the king through skill, returned, and acquired a skill called Predation.

Using predation, he devoured numerous skills and acquired an S-class player license in less than a year.

All were overwhelming battles, and each time they were rewarded appropriately.

I thought it was truly a power worthy of a king.

‘Damn you king. If you were going to give me strength, it would have been better if you had informed me of these risks.’

Predation is a double-edged sword that can devour even the user.

But it was already too late.

This was going to happen someday, and it has already happened.


[All magical energy has been used up. The use of skills is limited.]

[Unique skill Predation is canceled.]

The uncontrolled predation that had been moving around at will has finally stopped.

‘Pray… Eat… Predation.’


The moment when Taehyun could not bear the load and collapsed.

The skill has reached its final evolution.

[The ability level of the unique skill Predation increases. Predation (SS) – Predation (SSS)]

[Physical abilities are lacking. The increase in unique skills is limited due to lack of ability.]

[Power is temporarily released.]

[The body cannot withstand the force of predation. A time limit is given. 30, 29, 28… .]

Messages that appear simultaneously.

If Taehyun had seen it, he would have cursed.

However, because I had already lost consciousness.

Taehyun couldn’t notice the changes in his body.

* * *

This dragon is a being that surpasses even the highest level S-class players.

Maintaining the summoning required not only magical power but also a significant amount of mental energy.

Nevertheless, Narendra Nehru was smiling.

Your choice was right.

It was worth the risk.

‘As expected, the dragon is the strongest.’

Although it was not a complete dragon, it was a bone dragon raised from a corpse by someone in the Abyss.

A heretic who denied the existence of God. Apostate. Dirty animals.

Kim Tae-hyun, a player from New Korea who cannot be expressed in any words.

It seemed to be more than enough to subdue the guy.

‘It’s a shame I can’t have his body.’

Narendra Nehru chuckled with an evil look on his face.

The Abyss is an unknown land that has not yet been explored.

From the players’ perspective, there were quite a few monsters that they would not dare to dream of hunting.

In that respect, Narendra Nehru was confident that he would become one of the world’s leading players in the near future.

This is because he himself is one of the very few growth-type awakeners in the world.

‘This is what it means to be chosen by God.’

Until now, there was no limit to the level of monsters that could be made with the skill ‘Contract with the Devil’.

Kraken is also an SS-rank monster that luxury enthusiasts consider impossible to hunt.

If it were me, I would be able to sign a contract in the near future.

SS grade.

A realm that no one has yet reached except ‘Him’.

This is because it is an area that even the prestigious national power level has not been able to enter.

Narendra Nehru had no doubt that he would become an SS-level awakened person.

‘If only I could use that guy Taehyun Kim’s body as a sacrifice…’ .’

Narendra Nehru showed his rotten teeth and his eyes filled with greed.

To sign a contract with the Bone Dragon, the corpse of a low-ranking S-rank player was sacrificed.

If I had a body that could block the Bone Dragon’s breath like that, wouldn’t I be able to contract with Kraken?

‘no. That’s a big risk.’

If you try to capture him alive for no reason, your plan may go awry.

For now, it’s best to destroy it right here.

It was Narendra Nehru gathering his thoughts once again.

‘I’ve endured quite a bit, but now it’s time to end it.’


Narendra Nehru raised the magic power that was heading towards the bottom.

The Bone Dragon’s breath became stronger.

Acidic Acid Breath.

The surrounding warp gates had already melted a long time ago.

‘Those things aren’t important anymore.’

To him, the warp gate and the auction items, as well as the safety of the hostages, were no longer important.

This is because I plan to loosen my control over the Bone Dragon if I only deal with Taehyun.

The Bone Dragon, which is out of control, will follow its instincts and wreak havoc on its surroundings.

The association’s support forces will be overwhelmed to deal with the suddenly appearing top-level monsters.

It was an easy task for Narendra Nehru to take advantage of the chaos and escape the terror zone.

‘Hehe… Death to heresy.’

There was a clear crack in the curtain that had been spread due to predation.

Narendra Nehru burst into laughter.

Due to the summoning of the Bone Dragon, my internal organs are also being shaken.

However, it would not be as good as the heretic Kim Tae-hyun, who was directly blocking the acid breath.

at that time.

Something changed in Taehyun’s body.

The magical power, which had been gradually weakening, suddenly increased.


The magic power that seemed like it would melt at any moment began to push away the acid breath little by little.

‘Do you still have more strength left?’

Narendra Nehru’s body was shaking.

It was an early symptom of magical power reflux.

But reflux wasn’t important to him either.

Because there is nothing more enjoyable than trampling on those who resist.

“Kim Taehyun!! “Kneel before the representative of God!!”

Narendra Nehru poured out all his remaining magic power.

Acid Breath became even more intense, and at the same time, Taehyun’s skill was unlocked.

‘It’s over.’


Like Taehyun’s body.

It melted instantly and disappeared without a trace.

No, it should have been.

‘… … !!’

It was Narendra Nehru who was bursting into laughter just a little while ago.

He couldn’t help but be embarrassed by what was happening right before his eyes.

This is because the heretic, who should have melted and left no trace, was ‘absorbing’ the acid breath head-on.

Even that presence was the only one that made him submit.

I felt the same power as ‘him’.

“That can’t be possible!!!”

There is no other power like this in the world.

SS grade beyond S grade.

Because he believed that it was a level that only he, who was chosen by God, and himself, who was chosen by God, could ascend to.

The sense of betrayal of Narendra Nehru, who had become a minefield with his faith alone, was indescribable.

Abhorrent murder.

Narendra Nehru, with a distorted expression, shouted harshly.

at that time.

Taehyun, whose red eyes were darker than ever, opened his mouth.

[The bugs are noisy.]

‘… … !!’

Narendra Nehru’s eyes opened wide.

What you hear through your head.

It was clearly the language of monsters.

[Hoo? Do you understand what I’m saying? This is interesting in a different way.]

“Hehe… Am I crazy? “I can’t believe I can hear the monster’s language from Ethan.”

[The God you are looking for is not here. It’s a bug.]

A magical power of a different order of magnitude burst from Taehyun’s body.

That moment.

“no way… .”

Because it was Narendra Nehru who dealt with monsters, he was able to understand the current situation.

The being in front of you is no longer a ‘human’.

That he would die here.


The magic power, which resembled the maw of something, slowly grew in size.



In the blink of an eye, the Bone Dragon and Narendra Nehru were swallowed up by magic.

‘iced coffee… This is death… .’

that day.

Narendra Nehru, the man who shook the world.

In front of his death that no one could witness.

Taehyun’s red eyes flashed.

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