MEMORIZE Chapter 594

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Mine train.

It’s definitely not a bad choice in the current situation. No, maybe this is the last remaining lifeline.


For a moment, countless thoughts passed by, but there was no time to ponder them. Ahn Hyeon immediately responded to Shin Jae-ryong’s shout.


The overturned basket, or rather the mine train, was lifted up and placed on the railroad with great force.


Then, strangely enough, the wheel sticks close to the rail as if it were a magnet.

Anhyeon swallowed his saliva. And he tried to remain as calm as possible. From now on, we have to start rolling this rusty and dilapidated mine train.

Then how?

Is there a device somewhere?

Is there something pulling it?


At that time, Shin Jae-ryong’s shout was heard again. Ahn Hyeon, who reflexively turned his head, was able to see Shin Jae-ryong carrying the fainted Helena around him. It wouldn’t be strange if I collapsed right now, but where on earth does that strength come from?

“Take a close look inside the train or around it! “There must be something!”

However, before the question could be finished, an extremely urgent cry followed. Ahn Hyeon came to his senses.

There must be something.

okay. This was hole plain.

Thinking like that, Ahn Hyeon quickly scans the inside of the train. And fortunately, it didn’t take long before I found a gem of an appropriate size clinging to the inner wall. I don’t know the exact identity of that thing, but now I was in a situation where I had to grasp at straws.

“There is a gem inside… !”

“jewel? “If it’s a gem, it’s likely to be related to magic!”

It wasn’t Ahn Hyun who couldn’t understand what he was saying. He jumped straight into the train and injected magical power into the jewel attached to the inner wall.

Oooh, ooh, ooh!

At that moment, a violent vibration suddenly began to be heard from under the train. To be exact, it was a noise coming from the wheels attached to each apex.

But that was all. Only a vibration sound is heard and no further changes are visible. The mine train was still standing attached to the rails.

For a moment, Ahn Hyun felt embarrassed and turned his head from side to side.


“I can’t help it. There’s no time to waste. Looks like someone needs to push it.”

At that moment, Shin Jae-ryong put Helena into the train and said in a quiet voice. Ahn Hyeon, who had been groping for the train intently, must have heard those words and turned her head with her eyes wide.

“yes? Mi, push it?”

“okay. “I think it has to be that way.”

“Well, then I… .”

“no. no.”

Shin Jae-ryong quickly put Ahn Hyun back in form, who was about to come out. And then he opened his mouth.

“I do the pushing.”


Naturally, Ahn Hyeon strongly protested. And just as she was trying to force herself out, ignoring Shin Jae-ryong, who tried to stop her, she suddenly felt his entire body stiffen.

Ahn Hyeon stared blankly at Shin Jae-ryong.

Before I knew it, Shin Jae-ryong was glaring at Ahn Hyeon with a hardened face. It was Shin Jae-ryong’s face that Ahn Hyun had never seen before.

“Don’t be foolish! … User Ahn Hyeon.”

It was like that. Shin Jae-ryong was angry now.

For a very moment, there was silence. Shin Jae-ryong soon relaxed his strength and gradually reduced the distance between their faces.

“Hyuna. The situation is very urgent now. I don’t have time to complain about this. “We have to think rationally.”

“Tongue, bro… .”

“Seeing the road ahead, falling from the ceiling, etc… . You must protect not only the train itself but also your colleagues against all possible variables. Do you think this is easy? “As of now, I simply cannot fulfill that role.”

“… … .”

Suddenly, Ahn Hyeon felt like she and Shin Jae-ryong were alone in this space. Each and every word of Shin Jae-ryong contained such tremendous energy. As if you absolutely have to do it.

“I said let’s do as much as we can. All I can do now is focus on pushing this train. Do you understand?”

“… then.”

“Hyuna. please!”

“Because I understand! … Just one thing, please promise me just one thing.”

In that situation, Ahn Hyeon eventually spoke in a voice that seemed to be squeezed.

“Never die. “If you push the train to a certain extent, I promise to ride it, no matter what.”

“… good night. “I promise.”

After a short pause, Shin Jae-ryong nodded his head.

“Really? “You’re not lying just to save me and Helena for no reason, right?”

“When have you ever seen me lie?”

does not exist. At least, as far as Ahn Hyeon can remember, there has never been one.

In the end, only after one more earthen rock fell, Ahn Hyeon decided to believe Shin Jae-ryong’s promise. Then there was only one thing left.

It was then.

“Okay… .”

Just as Shin Jae-ryong was helping Go Oh-hwan to his feet, a faint sigh escaped from his dark mouth.

While Shin Jae-ryong hesitated for a moment in surprise, Go Oh-hwan’s eyes, which had been closed until now, slowly opened. And he slowly rolls his eyes and straightens his body as he stumbles.

“Musa Lord… ?”

“iced coffee. That’s it.”

“Have you come to your senses?”

“Well, I was just hearing the story at first glance… . Because I felt something while being carried. Anyway, I roughly know the situation.”


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Go Oh-hwan, still feeling dizzy, pressed his forehead. Yet her mouth did not stop.

“Aww~. What kind of dizziness… . Anyway, that’s okay, so let’s get on there quickly. “I will do the pushing.”

Soon, Go Oh-hwan, who had trudged along, lightly warmed up and rolled up his arms. He really did act like he knew everything. So does that mean his mind was slightly awake?

Ahn Hyeon stared blankly at Go Oh-hwan while standing on the train.

Are you pushing me instead?

Anhyun didn’t know what to say. Not only did Go Oh-hwan behave like this, but he had no idea that he would wake up in the first place.

Suddenly, Go Oh-hwan and An Hyeon’s eyes met.

“What you looking at. men and horses.”

The chest that was hit by Baek Hyung-sik was still bleeding profusely. However, Go Oh-hwan didn’t care at all and grabbed the back of the mine train.

“I… . thanks… .”

“Thank you so much. If you have time to look here, look straight ahead. Child… . Cough, Cough!”

Go Oh-hwan, who was coughing while grumbling a lot, put in a lot of effort and slowly got into shape as if he was trying to push a train. Then he turned his head to the side with a frown.

“What are you doing, priest? “Hurry up and don’t get on it.”

“Mu, Musa Lord.”

“Can’t you see what’s going on around you? “Let’s go quickly!”

“It’s just that I…” .”

“Oh, I’m really upset! Brother, I know my body. Even if I were to ride this anyway, it was obvious that I would get left behind… . “I don’t want to die like that.”

“… … .”

Only then did Shin Jae-ryong calmly move forward.

Go Oh-hwan turned his head forward again and opened his mouth softly.

“And you little brat. Don’t say thank you. … Because I actually knew. “At least you hate me.”

“Well, that is.”

Ahn Hyun stuttered.

“But it doesn’t matter! Because I hated you too!”

Go Oh-hwan, who suddenly burst into laughter, shouted in an excited voice for some reason.

“… Baby. Still.”

Then, suddenly, at the end of the sentence, his voice suddenly lowered.

“That guy said that earlier. He said he has never abandoned a comrade he fought with.”

“… … .”

“Then me too now. At least for now, I’m your colleague, right? huh?”

“… yes. Yes.”

Ahn Hyun replied.


Go Oh-hwan raised the corners of his mouth.

“I’m not bragging, but… . I have never abandoned a colleague before… .”

And then, he takes a deep breath with a truly satisfied expression on his face.

“Not even once!”

As soon as he uttered those words, he began to moan violently with a face full of strength. She pushed so hard that blood spurted out from her chest.

… But the mine train still doesn’t move.

Is it because of severe rust, or is there something else causing it?

Even though Go Oh-hwan was pushing with all his might with a frown on his face, he didn’t make a single movement, as if he was stuck on the rail.

Go Oh-hwan looked irritated with a struggling face.

“Shit! Why is this happening?! “I’m already dying because it’s so hard!”

“now. “Let’s push it together.”

At that moment, Shin Jae-ryong walked next to me and quickly rolled up his sleeves. Then Go Oh-hwan, who glanced at him, cleared his throat and moved slightly away.

“… shit. “It’s just embarrassing.”

That too for a while. Soon, the two giant users began pushing the mine train at the same time.



Even though the mine train was still not moving, the two men did not give up.

I really, really pulled out all my strength and pushed the train with all my might.


Grr rrr!


At the same time as the sound of something being dragged, the noise that had gradually subsided began to grow again.

And after a while, Anhyeon could feel his body slowly moving, albeit slowly.

Finally, the mine train started moving.

Grumble, rumble!

“Anhyeon! From now on, don’t pay attention to us and just focus on the front!”

Suddenly, Shin Jae-ryong’s shouting continued. An Hyun injected magical power into the jewel again and held the black spear with one hand. And he looked down the long passage.

From now on, we have to pass through here.

The mine train begins to move slowly, very slowly.

The wheel, which barely moved once, spun even faster the second and third times it was turned. The initial feeling of being forced and pulled disappears, and as time goes by, a feeling of smooth sliding comes over you.

Rattling… . Rattling… . Rattling… . Rattling… .

The passage was still open. The collapse continues to occur, but so far it only stops at the dividing line. There is no sight of the road completely collapsing and blocking the road.

Ahn Hyun stared at the ceiling with wide-open eyes. While they were delayed due to train problems, the cracks of collapse were already far ahead of them.

But that time was not pointlessly wasted. Now we have to chase this train again and outrun it. Two men who have already prepared themselves for death are pushing the mine train. What Ahn Hyun must do here is to protect the train and Helena as much as possible.

Rattling… ! Rattling… ! Rattling… ! Rattling… !

Suddenly, Ahn Hyun’s eyes narrowed. As the speed gradually increases, the surrounding scenery begins to pass by at a similar speed.

However, the more you accelerate, the more the noise gets worse. Ahn Hyun suddenly felt the train he was stuck in shaking left and right.

thud! thud! thud! thud! thud! thud! thud! thud!

To make matters worse, dirt and rocks started pouring from the ceiling. Ahn Hyeon swung his spear and knocked away some of them, but the rest were either stuck in the ground or hit the railroad tracks.

Each time it hit the ground, a considerable shock wave shook the mine train mercilessly. The feeling of vibration coming from the ground is undoubtedly ringing Anhyun’s alarm.

Anhyeon gritted his teeth. He can no longer expect help from Shin Jae-ryong and Go Oh-hwan. They trusted Ahn Hyeon and entrusted him with the protection of the mine train, and they were pushing too hard just by pushing. So the thought crossed his mind that he had to do something.


At this split-second, a thought passed through Anhyeon’s mind.

Rattling! Rattling rattling! Rattling! Rattling rattling!

The shaking got worse. Ahn Hyeon touched the jewel and immediately created magical power. Now it wasn’t a question of whether it would work or not. The thought that he had to do something was dominating Anhyeon’s mind. And the method Ahn Hyeon chose was none other than Shinchang Hapil, an ability that had recently blossomed.

When one reaches a certain level of spear skill, a person becomes a spear and the spear becomes a person. Ahn Hyeon applied that ability right away. By connecting the hand on the jewel with his own magic power, he uses the spear to attack the mine train. In a way, it is a method that is close to gambling, in which you may receive all the damage you incur.

Rattling, rattling!

And that method was remarkably successful. The sense of unity with the spear that I felt during the battle with Joo Hyeon-ho earlier began to be felt with the mine train. The magical power poured into the jewel tightly enveloped not only the car body but also the entire train according to Anhyun’s wishes.

The effect appeared immediately.

Rattling, rattling!

Rattling, rattling!

The mine train, which seemed ready to run wild and fall over, stabilized in an instant. As the irregular noise changes regularly, the repulsive force is minimized, and the train with less resistance begins to accelerate even more.

“… do. “Hyuna.”


The wheel spins furiously. The noise that was heard for the first time is now a loud magical sound and passes quickly through the passage in a more stable state.

As Ahn Hyun glanced up, the cracks of collapse that had been passing by in the distance gradually began to come into view. The distance was steadily narrowing. At this speed, you will be able to catch up and overtake soon.


That’s it, that’s done!

Anhyeon cheered internally. I don’t know how it works, but using a mine train was the right answer.

Only then did he think of Shin Jae-ryong, and Ahn Hyeon felt a sense of regret in the midst of his great joy. If the acceleration was this much, it would be okay at least until the train stopped. I thought it was time for Shin Jae-ryong to ride.

“brother! Jaeryong hyung! now… !”

The moment I thought like that and quickly looked back.

“… brother?”

Ahn Hyeon was left speechless.

The mine train was still moving fast.

“… … .”

However, Shin Jae-ryong and Go Oh-hwan are nowhere to be seen.

The back of the train was completely empty.

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