MEMORIZE Chapter 550

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00550 Traces from 3 years ago. ————————————————– ———————-=

Are the users who entered the Steel Mountains three years ago still alive?

At first I thought it was nonsense. I didn’t even consider the slightest possibility. I experienced it first-hand in the first game and even tried to conquer it, so I know very well what kind of area the Steel Mountains are.

no. That’s what I was thinking.

But solid evidence emerged. Then the story is different.

The contract that Cho Seong-ho brought out completely turned everything I took for granted. And the moment I admitted it, I felt slightly embarrassed. Although I vigorously shouted at people to change their thinking, I actually had a completely blocked way of thinking. Just relying on the humble experience of the first round.

okay. The future has changed. But it didn’t change. How many times do I have to repeat this?

“I’m sorry. Koryo Road. I think this is truly ridiculous, so I think I may have been a bit harsh. “I apologize for my earlier remarks.”

“no. it’s okay. Anyone would have thought that. “I thought the same as Mercenary Lord until I saw the contract.”

Cho Seong-ho slowly shook his head as if to tell him not to worry at all.

I calmly gathered my thoughts while my heart was still pounding.

First, assuming there are survivors.

“Anyway, it’s good. Koryo Road. And user name. After listening to the two people’s story just now, three or four questions arose. So, from now on, I would like to ask you a question, and I hope to hear your answer as honestly as possible.”

“of course. I swear on the honor of the Goryeo Clan. “If you have it, you can take out the Crystal of Truth.”

Cho Seong-ho responded indirectly. Actually, I don’t believe in verbal oaths, but anyway, I decided to start asking questions right away.

“First of all, the first question. User Jooho is the one who proposed the plan to attack the world of fire. And Goryeo Lord also continued to use Hwagye after entering the Steel Mountains.”

“yes. That’s right.”

“But didn’t you two know for months that there were survivors? However, the fact that they continued to push forward with the Hwagye plan is actually a bit unconvincing. “Have you ever thought that a survivor might get caught up in it?”

“I’ll tell you that part.”

Cho Seong-ho immediately raised his hand.

“We certainly took that risk into consideration. but. Nevertheless, the reason we proposed and continued to use the fire plan was because we considered the current situation in the northern continent and the position of survivors.”

“The situation in the northern continent and the position of survivors.”

“Think about it. Three years have passed. If a person is still alive even though a very long time has passed, there is a high possibility that he or she is hiding somewhere deep down or is being captured by monsters. From that perspective, the flower plan has many advantages.”

“What are the benefits? “Specifically.”

“First of all, from the perspective of attacking the Steel Mountains, the Hwagye is definitely an attractive plan. Considering the opposing relationship between fire and wood among the five elements, safety can be secured most reliably and quickly. It’s not just this. “I thought that this fierce fire could be a signal to the survivors.”

“It’s a signal.”

“yes. however… .”

“… … .”

Jo Seong-ho, who had been talking for a while, suddenly closed his mouth. Then he looked back at the place covered by the curtain with a confused look on his face.

Over there, there is a burned body. We proceeded with the fire plan considering various advantages, but the worst case scenario came out. Of course, from Cho Seong-ho’s perspective.

I still can’t shake the thought that that corpse could be a monster. To be exact, it could really be a corpse, or it could be a monster. Because it’s better to keep possibilities open to the maximum extent possible.

“But how did you find that body?”

“… “It was found near the monster village.”

I asked the question again. And as soon as Jo Seong-ho replied, he let out a deep sigh and bit his mouth. If it is near the monster village, it would be referring to the part where the eastern part, which was moving in a straight line, suddenly changed direction.

“Merchantry Lord. The method of marching east is simple. Implement a large-scale fire suppression system around the area and secure a safe area. And march. It’s a repetition of this simple process. … Then one day it happened.”

“… … .”

“Three days ago. So, as always, when I was in the middle of executing the fire plan, I… . “No, we could suddenly hear a scream.”


“yes. scream. It was clearly a human scream. It was a really, really horrible scream. “It was a cry that could only be made when the whole body was on fire.”


Jo Seong-ho continued to emphasize the screams as if he wanted to make sure that the corpse was the user.

I quietly closed my eyes and nodded my head to show that I understood.

“All right. Then Goryeo Road. “Let me summarize the situation for a moment.”

“I will listen.”

“There are survivors in the Steel Mountains. Lord Goryeo and user Jooho want to rescue survivors. However, during the process, one user, presumed to be a survivor, was caught up in a firestorm and died.”


Jo Seong-ho and Joo-ho agreed at the same time.

I opened my mouth once more.

“After that, the current eastern expeditionary force stopped its advance. Accordingly, the search for survivors was also halted. However, I would like to request a continued search from the Southern Expeditionary Force, which will attempt a second expedition. Is that correct?”

“That is also accurate. but… . that… . We are asking the Mercenary Lord, not the Southern Expedition. Even if it were known, nothing good would happen.”

I stared at Cho Seong-ho blankly. The fact that he said this meant that Cho Seong-ho also knew the composition of the southern expeditionary force. And what his intentions are. no. Would it be correct to say it was a worry rather than an intention?

Anyway, there is still one more question left. However, rather than throwing a fastball directly, I think it would be better to say it in a euphemistic way. If you listen to Jo Seong-ho’s words, you can roughly guess the situation in the eastern part of the country.

“Are the users of Eastern Expedition aware of this?”

“You won’t know this accurately. But then that scream was heard by almost all users. As a result, this fact has never been spread, but it is now almost an open secret. “He’s just hissing.”

“and… . No, that’s why you stopped your advance.”

“… yes. I won’t deny it. From then on, I wanted to keep marching, but each time I encountered strong opposition. If I had known this would happen, it would have been better to just announce it before departure. “You don’t know how many times I’ve regretted it.”

What Cho Seong-ho was saying was that users’ selfishness exploded.

The way the East advances is based on the Hwagye plan.

In the meantime, a good reason suddenly arose to put the brakes on the fire plan. Because it was up to you to create a cause. Also, by marching for two weeks, we almost met the specified minimum time. The eastern expeditionary force thought they had done enough and refused to advance further.

Of course, it is natural for all users to value their personal lives, but in some ways, it was a bitter experience.

If these circumstances are known, expeditions from other regions will never look kindly on the East.

In the end, Jo Seong-ho found himself in a dilemma, unable to do either this or that.

I clicked my tongue inwardly. In the eastern part, unlike the southern part, all authority is concentrated in Cho Seong-ho. Nevertheless, if Cho Seong-ho gave up his intention, just how severe was the backlash?

“… I have nothing to say. “It’s a clear lack of ability.”

Jo Seong-ho seemed to feel the same way as me and smiled bitterly.


This is how I heard most of the story. Jo Seong-ho and Joo-ho are also staring at me with their mouths closed, as if they have nothing more to say. I just feel sorry eyes. Now all that remained was my decision.

And before long, I was able to make a decision.


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next day. The morning dawned.

Nothing much happened in the morning. We simply held a commander’s meeting that had been postponed the day before and had time to exchange information (although there was actually very little information to exchange).

After the fruitless meeting, Soyoung Han gave instructions to finish preparations for departure before then, as she was planning to leave the fortress around noon. The true attack on the South begins today.

But before I finished my preparations, I took advantage of the moment to visit Go Yeon-ju. After the survivor story last night, a few questions arose, and there was also a part where I wanted to borrow Go Yeon-ju’s abilities. Because Go Yeonju is currently the clan member I can trust the most.

“User Go Eun-sol?”

After hearing the whole story, Go Yeon-ju opened her eyes and asked a question. Judging by the reaction, it seems like he doesn’t know.

When I asked her to tell me in detail, Go Yeon-ju started saying nonsense, such as saying that she had a kind face, that she had pretty tear spots, that she was kind, that she had big breasts, and that she had a nice body. Her eyes suddenly narrowed. When I glared at him gently to tell him not to play around, Go Yeon-ju immediately cleared his throat and looked the other way.

“Hmm. all right. But it’s Go Eun-sol. “It’s a name I haven’t heard in a really long time.”

“Do you know?”

“sure. All I know. “It was the same 10th lecture, so there’s no way I didn’t know.”

“What kind of user was Go Eunsol?”

“I was a no-touch user. At least none of her users who knew her late Eunsol acknowledged and respected her. … By the way, her nightingale is still alive. “This is really fun.”

“… … .”

Is it because he is definitely older, or because he has a different way of thinking than me? Even though it was quite a shocking story, Ko Yeonju accepted the situation very quickly. Or is it just a good thing?

“Su-hyun. So, did you ultimately accept Lord Goryeo’s request?”

Soon, Go Yeon-ju, who was gently crossing his arms, glanced at me and asked. After looking around and making sure there were no users, I quietly shook my head.

“no. “The request was declined.”

“huh? Then why did you ask? “Weren’t you planning on rescuing me?”

“Not at all. Even though I’m a survivor, I don’t know much about them. Also, I don’t like the actions of the Eastern Expedition, but I have no intention of taking on the burden.”

“… Isn’t that right? “While listening to the story earlier, I was really appalled by the Eastern Expedition’s actions.”

I find it annoying too. But on the outside, there is no fault, and I don’t want to cause any unnecessary trouble, so I just stay quiet. After answering in my mind, I quietly got lost in thought.

It was like that. I declined Goryeo Road’s request last night. This is because the final goals of the attack and the search for survivors were clearly separate.


Aside from that, the story that there were survivors was quite interesting. Such interest arose from speculation that the distribution of the Iron Mountains may now be considerably disturbed.

Isn’t that right? At the moment, I had no idea how things I knew had changed. If we can find traces of survivors who survived there for three years, it may be helpful in some way for future attacks.

… However, let’s attack it for now. Attacking always comes first.

So, I declined Jo Seong-ho’s request and accepted it by changing it to a request. If a request is something that must be done responsibly, then there is no need to carry such a burden when making a request. In other words, while strategy is the top priority, search is only a secondary purpose.

In short, it’s good if you can find it, or not.

In fact, it may seem harsh from a desperate standpoint, but this alone could be considered a big concession. On the contrary, since they were not in a position to shout loudly, Cho Seong-ho and Joo-ho also responded with satisfaction to that extent.

It was then.

– Southern Expedition. 1 hour before departure.

– I’ll say it again. Southern Expedition. 1 hour before departure. We need to count people, so please gather at the south gate of the fortress within 30 minutes.

An amplified voice rang through the air twice. Still, they call it a fortress instead of a camp.

“Anyway, we’ll talk about the details as we go.”

Thinking that departure was imminent, I grabbed Go Yeon-ju’s arm and dragged him. First of all, I was in a position where I had to prioritize strategy, so I was planning to leave the search to Go Yeon-ju, although I’m sorry.

Just as I was about to take a step like that.

“Sniff! Sniff! Sniff sniff! Sniff sniff!”

“oh. You really look like a pervert. There you pervert. “Do you like my smell that much?”

When I turned my gaze, a strange sight suddenly caught my eye. The scene was slowly getting closer to me and Go Yeon-ju.

A woman responds with a calm expression on her face, but runs away at a fast pace. And a man chases after her woman, his nose wide open. No vampire?

The two men and women were none other than Pyo Hye-mi and Sasha. … To be exact, Jegal Hae-sol transformed into Pyo Hye-mi.

“Sniff~. Suspicious! It smells fishy! “Isn’t this Pyo Hye-mi’s scent?!”

“huh? wait a minute. That’s all well and good, but don’t stick your nose up the ass. “Because I feel sexual shame.”

“oh. Now that I think about it, I thought it smelled like copper. hey. “Did you poop this morning?”

“Well, what? No hey. “Is that what you want to say in front of a lady now?”

Jegal Haesol crossed his arms and raised his eyebrows, as if he was really angry now. But Sasha just tilted her head with a blank expression on her face. She’s having a great time.

Anyway, I thought no one would know since Helena cared so much, but it seems like Sasha, the dog, sensed something strange. It looks like she will have to ask Shaolim Cha to keep Sasha’s mouth shut.

It was the moment I whetted my appetite while looking at Sasha.


Suddenly, a thought passed through my head.

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hmm. I read yesterday’s comments carefully. Several people left comments of concern. I still believe in your resistance. Numerous experiences prove it. No matter how crazy I was and how much I sang the blues, “It’s not that big of a deal?” You might be asking, “What’s so strong about this?”

but. Still, for the sake of those who are sensitive, I will include a warning comment in the previous episode if such content(?) comes up. So, I think you can skip the content that includes those parts.

And the name. Eunsol Go. yes. Eunsol Go.

Oh why. Eunsol Go. It’s a pretty name. How pretty. Eunsol Go. The name that came up last time is correct. Originally, I was going to name Im Hanna as Go Eun-sol. But I was sorry at the time, so I saved it until now, and now I’m using it. Because it’s a name that best fits the image I have in mind. Please look at it kindly. ㅜ.ㅠ


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