MEMORIZE Chapter 543

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00543 Personnel announcement. ————————————————– ———————-=

– A month ago.

“You refused?”

Jegal Haesol said in a visibly disappointed voice.

I nodded my head calmly and then gave a detailed explanation as to why the central management body had rejected it. Of course, as Lee Hyo-eul said, it mainly focuses on the reactions and perspectives of other users.

After a while, when all the explanations were finished, Jegal Haesol let out a soft sigh.

“Hmm. “After hearing it, it certainly seems like that.”

Jegal Haesol still doesn’t know much about this world called Hol Plain. That’s probably why he made a bunch of people like that last time (even though he claims it wasn’t him). Still, perhaps because he is of a reasonable nature, he seemed to understand right away when I explained it to him one by one.


However, it seems that he still feels sad as he soon lowers his eyes and lets out a long sigh.

While staring at Jegal Haesol, I quietly opened my mouth.

“Actually, there isn’t really a way.”


Jegal Haesol opened his eyes and asked a question.

“But you said no, right? “If it’s a central management organization, isn’t it the best federation organization that manages the Northern Continent?”

“If the central governing body is the best union organization, then the Mercenary is the best clan.”

“… “By clan rank?”

“But that’s not an empty statement. Anyway, as mentioned earlier, no matter how much user Jegal Haesol proves his abilities, there will inevitably be conflict and criticism. “This is something that can’t be helped.”

“yes. “I guess so.”

“But if you are willing to endure all that, I will go out of your way to let you participate. “Today’s mercenary has that much power.”

After speaking, I looked at Jegal Haesol closely. This is because I was curious about how they would react and what choices they would make.

Jegal Haesol seemed lost in thought for a moment, then slowly shook his head.

“no. “Thank you for your words, but you don’t have to.”


“like? What number is it? Yes. It’s not like I’m looking at anyone obediently. Oh, that’s right. There’s no way I can ruin such a big event. I’m also sorry that even my clan members are being criticized. … There are a lot of good people, but I don’t want to make things difficult because of my greed. I give up completely. joy.”

“ha ha ha. is that so?”

Zhuge Haesol spoke very quickly, and I laughed lightly. Because I liked the saying that there are many good people. It seems that Jegal Haesol also doesn’t have a bad opinion of Mercenary.

Anyway, I heard the reply. Jegal Haesol made a reasonable choice. Since I was asking for understanding, I should have ended the story here, but I kept my mouth shut and slowly knocked on the desk. Perhaps Jegal Hae-sol had the same feelings as me, but instead of getting up and heading out right away like before, he was hesitating.

“You said that, but deep down, it looks like you want to go.”

“That’s natural. “If this was going to happen, I should have come two years earlier.”

“… Really? “Do you really think that way?”

“Who are you kidding?”

Jegal Haesol narrowed his eyes and glanced at me, but I smiled.

Some time passes like that.


After a brief pause, I quietly opened my mouth.

“What if there was another way?”

“huh? Is there one more way? But earlier… .”

“You don’t have to worry about that. “If this method can be realized, public criticism can be avoided.”

“… yes?”

Jegal Haesoli Ami wriggled softly. A face that looks half suspicious and half curious.


I immediately opened the drawer. He continued speaking while looking at the call seats neatly placed in the large space.

“Of course, I can’t be 100% sure about this either. Still, I think it has a high feasibility.”

“W-what is it? “What method is it?”

I soon found a call seat with the name Helena on it, so I slowly raised my gaze. Jegal Haesol’s eyes were shining with great anticipation. Now that I think about it, this woman is also full of emotional changes.

“But even if this method is successful, user Zhuge Haesol may be severely restricted in his actions. Does it still matter?”

“sure. “If I could participate, wouldn’t I be able to stand it?”

He spoke in a serious voice, thinking it was a final warning, but Jegal Haesol agreed immediately without even thinking about it. Only then did I feel a little confident. Perhaps, Zhuge Haesol wants 1 ability point as a reward for a successful attack.

… good night. I decided to push it anyway.

“If so, fine.”

Without any hesitation, I pressed the call button.


The process of burning the Steel Mountains lasted for three days.

In fact, the first plan could be seen as being approached cautiously(?). Because you never know what kind of monsters might come out from inside, it was necessary to prepare for any unexpected situation.

However, the plan to attack the world of fire was more effective than expected, and there were no signs of a monster coming out.

In the end, after burning the forest non-stop for three days, I was only able to return home after seeing the entrance almost reduced to ruins.

A lot of thoughts came to my mind as I saw the plan that went well for the first start without any problems.

Once the Fire Plan was implemented, it was safe to say that the attack on the Steel Mountains had already begun. Currently, at the beginning, the central management organization was building an outpost, while the western and northern regions remained to prepare for any unexpected situation.

The eastern part had completed its formation very quickly under the command of the Goryeo clan, and was in the process of counting down to departure. That’s because he had to go in first as he was judged to have 1 power.

Most likely, the moment they receive a call from the outpost, they will switch to the 3rd force, the North, and begin the advance to attack the Steel Mountains.

If you think about it that way, the South didn’t have much time either.

The time it takes from Monica to the beginning of the Steel Mountains is 3 weeks, even if you go as fast as you can. Considering that the eastern side would stop its advance approximately one to two weeks after the first attack attempt, the southern side also had to finish preparations for departure in that time.

As such, there was no time to rest even after returning to Monica.

To see if there were users who had similar thoughts as me, Nambu held a convocation ceremony as soon as they returned. It was a convocation order for the South, where only the clans participating in the Southern Expedition gathered.

Monica, a small southern town. Istantel Low Clan House.

“Then before we get into the actual story. “There is one thing I need to ask for your understanding first.”

While everyone was sitting, the user stood up alone at the head of the table and opened his mouth in a kind voice.


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I guess he’s in his mid 40s now. The man with the appearance of a nice middle-aged man with a handsome beard was none other than the Clan Lord of the Blue Wolf, the representative clan of Khan (a large southern city). Did he say his name was Ahn Hyo-seop?

“It may be a sudden remark at a time when there is not much time left until the attack, but… .”

Ahn Hyo-seop paused for a moment, looked around the audience slowly, and then cautiously opened his mouth.

“The Blue Wolf Clan plans to transfer command of this southern expedition to the Istantel Low Clan. “Right here, right now.”


The moment those words ended, a slight sense of clutter arose in the conference room. But it wasn’t a big commotion. There are three or four clan lords nodding their heads as if they had anticipated this situation.

It was the same for me too. This was something I had expected since I heard that the convocation would be held in Monica, not Cannes.

“Once again, we ask for your deep understanding for delivering this message so suddenly. However, as it is a huge mission with thousands of lives at stake, I believe that the appropriate clan should take command.”

That’s a good cause.

“… And in the South, I thought there was no clan more worthy of that title than Istantel Row. Either way, the Blue Wolf will faithfully carry out its duties under the command of Istantel Low.”

After saying that, Ahn Hyo-seop bowed politely and then came down from the head of the table. There were quite a few people who looked at him with a puzzled expression, but they seemed to know Ahn Hyo-seop’s intentions deep down.

In one word, it is a matter of responsibility.

Since the war that took place two years ago, the Blue Wolf has not achieved much. Rather than achieving results, I understand that they worked towards safety as much as possible to maintain their position as the representative clan.

In light of this.

The central management organization’s role in this attack on the Steel Mountains is only to provide direction. No further interference. In other words, detailed attack authority is granted at the discretion of each expedition team, and this is why Ahn Hyo-seop voluntarily stepped down.

Because in case of failure, the clan in charge of overall command must bear the greatest responsibility.

The Blue Wolf probably would have preferred to simply participate rather than shoulder such a burden.

“Istantel Low Road. “This is Han So-young.”

Han So-young’s voice rang in my ears. When she woke up from her thoughts and turned her gaze, she could see Han So-young moving to her head’s table.

“I think there are some people who are confused by the sudden change, but the story itself has been around for quite some time. As such, Istantel Row has made adequate preparations and plans to guide you as safely and rationally as possible. So, stop worrying about the change of command.”

In some ways, it was such a confident statement that it felt arrogant.

However, after a while, applause from more than a hundred users filled the conference room. From what I can see, there are some users who are a little confused, but there doesn’t seem to be any major complaints. If you are a user who is even slightly interested in what has been going on for the past two years, wouldn’t it be natural to trust Istantel Row over Blue Wolf?

“thank you. Since we don’t have much time, let’s get to the point quickly. Four days ago, I received participation status data from each city, and was able to complete the first round of programming.”

Mercantilery had also previously sent out the programming status. Of course, the status has not yet been announced to clan members. This time, it can be said that it is an expression of the will not to change personnel appointments under any circumstances.

Of course, you will have to change it if it is absolutely necessary or unavoidable, but since the schedule can be modified as much as you want before departure, it was not a big mistake.

“Of course, the formation may change at any time depending on the circumstances of each clan. However, even if we take that into account, it is expected that the error will not be large, so first, let me briefly explain the current situation.”

“Cannes. Participate in 12 clans including Blue Wolf and God Skykeeper. “A total of about 1,200 people.”

“Koran. 10 clans participated, including the New Koran Alliance and Jeokshim. “A total of about 1,000 people.”

“Monica. Participating in 14 clans including Istantel Row and Mercanary. A total of about 1,400 people. As mentioned above, approximately 3,600 people from a total of 36 clans are expected to participate. At the same time, including the residents who will be constructing the fortress and the non-combat users, the expeditionary force is likely to be comprised of around 4,000 people.”

Han So-young’s words continued without stopping.

“Hmm… !”

Then, at some point, I suddenly heard an uncomfortable coughing sound next to me.

I glanced over and saw a man with a slightly wrinkled complexion. Looking at the pattern, it seems to be a warrior clan… . Are you really saying that your clan’s name wasn’t mentioned?

Still, this is the clan that won a seat in the expedition. Thinking that she wasn’t that stupid, I focused my attention on Han So-young.

“Then, I will tell you what you are most curious about: how the internal organization was organized.”

As soon as Han So-young finished speaking, the Istantel Low Clan members waiting in all directions quickly moved. Some people pasted a large piece of paper behind Han So-young, and some others walked among the users to hand out records.

As soon as I looked at the records that Da-yeon Park had left behind, I could see three large circles drawn in a line in the center. Inside each circle, dozens of smaller circles were drawn, and clan names were written densely next to them.

“As everyone knows, the central management organization focused on increasing command authority in this attack. So do I. “I plan to divide our southern expeditionary force into three units: vanguard, leader, and rear.”

The name of the mercenary was not very difficult to find. According to Han So-young, even in the vanguard unit, they were deployed at the very front.

“The basis for dividing units is their roles. … But suddenly this thought occurred to me. Able to perform assigned roles holistically. So, I thought that each unit needed appropriate control to be able to respond to unexpected situations more efficiently. “Then, everyone please focus here.”

As I looked away from the records, I saw Han So-young touching the back part of the records posted on the wall.

Han So-young took a moment to catch her breath and quietly opened her mouth.

“First of all, it is the rear unit. The role of the aft unit is rear guard and protection of occupants and non-combat users. As written in the records, the New Coran Alliance will be in charge of the rear troops.”

Next, Soyoung Han’s hand touched the large intestine, or the middle circle.

“This is the captain’s unit. The role of the commander’s unit is to cover the overall perimeter and support battles encompassing the vanguard and rear. “The captain’s unit is in charge of our Istantel Low Clan.”

It was a natural story.

Finally, Han So-young’s hand pointed to the vanguard.

“And the most important vanguard unit. The role of the vanguard unit is to guard the front lines, respond to early battles, and act as guides. If you think about it, it can be seen as the unit that holds the fate of our southern expedition. … And in my opinion, the Mercenary Clan is the most suitable clan to oversee this position.”

“Uhm… !”

It was then.

The moment Han So-young finished speaking.

“I have an objection.”

As if he had been waiting, a man stood up and spoke in a rough voice.

The man with a very dissatisfied face was Lord Musa, who had been showing signs of discomfort earlier.

—————————= Review of the work ——————– ——-=

I saw an interesting comment yesterday. It was a comment asking if Memorize was turning into a comedy. ha ha ha.

Actually, I don’t know how you feel. However, I have been working hard lately to make progress as quickly as possible. Only the necessary steps to enter the Steel Mountains are taken, and everything else is omitted. (In other words, you can think of the events in the current content as being connected to the Steel Mountains in some way in the future.) So, I will give you a little fun. It is true that the number of daily parts that can be done is decreasing.

Let me just say here that it is true that these days, whenever possible, we try to include elements that will make people laugh as much as possible.

That’s because of the Iron Mountains. The Southern Expeditionary Force will enter the Iron Mountains in two to three minutes at the earliest. And after entering the Steel Mountains, there is little sweet or trivial content and development. Rather, it mainly contains heavy, dark, and gloomy content. Of course, I believe in your anti-horsepower(?). Depending on the content, there may be content that may be unpleasant to a small number of readers.

Also, the Steel Mountains part is quite long. So for readers who may be exhausted during that period, I am currently recharging to some extent. I would appreciate it if you could just think of it this way. _(__)_


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