MEMORIZE Chapter 533

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00533 New Queen. ————————————————– ———————-=

These days, I feel a little sorry for the fairies.

The fairies, who were reduced to s*x slaves during the post-war process, had to suffer for a while from the craze that started with ‘Angel’s Tears’. However, when it became known that ‘fairy tears’ had no efficacy, a craze for physical experiments began.

On the one hand, it’s not that I don’t understand. The fairies are certainly beautiful and their abilities are amazing. In particular, I am very interested in the ability to summon spirits, which has been so difficult for us, and I also agree with the claim that if we can discover it, our power will increase tremendously.

However, no matter how good the justification is, if you think about it differently, the recent behavior of users on the Northern Continent toward fairies seems to have gone too far. To be honest, it’s scary to look at.

At least drug experiments fall into the yangban axis. It is said that some extreme users tear off the limbs of fairies, show interest in cross-species pregnancies, and even tear off the wings of fairies and transplant them to each other.

Among these, the experiment that surprised me the most was the experiment involving fairy wing transplantation.

I once had a deep interest in the species called fairies, so I know in detail what wings mean to fairies.

To put it bluntly, wings can be seen as another fairy. It can be said that a fairy is attached to a fairy’s back from birth and is a lifelong companion. As such, a fairy’s wings contain the fairy’s life, including power and knowledge.

(As an aside.) What can prove this point is the different number of wings each fairy has. In general, you probably know that the longer a fairy has lived, the more wings it has.

It’s not wrong. But let’s think differently.

As proven in previous battles, the more wings a fairy has, the more powerful it is… .

– A book by Yang Ki-deok (7-year user), a famous explorer of the North Continent. Excerpted from ‘Holl Plain’s Second Craze: An Accusation of Fairy Experiments.’


In the lobby on the first floor, many clan members were gathered wearing their own gear. Seon Yu-un checking the arrows, Won Hye-su handing over the baby with a cold face, and Ahn Hyeon standing with an awkward look. And Jin Soo-hyun, who is extremely excited and excited.

A request was received to find a missing caravan. The location is a riverside where the red moon rises in the east. This area once became famous for the Ivanochi Research Library, a ruin I excavated.

In fact, if you go missing by the river where the red moon is rising, it’s better not to accept the request at all. This is because in many cases, the bodies of missing users cannot be found, let alone rescued. It was probably attacked by a monster that crawled out of the river, but how could they find the users who had already entered the boat? However, it is not possible to dive into the river.

Nevertheless, the reason he accepted the request was because of Jin Soo-hyun. He wanted to cool down his body, which had been heated by a new start, and more than anything, he wanted to show the difference in class. … What is the difference between the activities so far and the activities at Mercanary?

After exchanging glances with Seon Yu-un, who stood up with a tap of his bow, I calmly opened my mouth.

“Referrals are important, but don’t go too deep. “It could be dangerous.”

“Are you worried about the vagabonds?”

“yes. Although it is small, it is an area that has been reported to appear three or four times… .”

“Don’t worry, brother! When I was young, I actually cut some tramps with a knife! Uhhhh!”

Then Jin Soo-hyeon suddenly intervened, pounding his chest. After quickly checking his tendencies with my third eye, I smiled brightly and lightly tapped his shoulder.

“men and horses. Be careful though. Because there are only 7 of us. And listen carefully to what the leader says. “You know what I mean, right?”

“Hey brother. sure. I’m also a guy who served in the military. “Would you at least disobey orders?”

Although it may be a sensitive issue in some ways, Jin Soo-hyun responded with confidence and a bright voice. From what I can see, it seems like I can put my mind at ease for now.

“Then Clan Lord. “Let’s go.”

“I’ll be back!”

Seon Yu-woon announces the departure report and Jin Su-hyeon shouts out loud. And after seeing off all the clan members participating in this quest to the main gate, I turned around and headed to the 7th floor of the main building.

Since the end of the User Academy, not much has changed as expected.

First of all, Hayeon and Ahn Hyeon succeeded in officially returning. Actually, even though I didn’t know Hayeon, I thought Ahn Hyun would object, but I was surprised to see that everyone was welcoming. In fact, it was originally receiving good reviews, and I think the contribution it made in the user academy probably worked in a good direction.

Jegal Hae-sol and Cha Hee-young are currently on standby. The mercenary academy has been completed, but the details have not yet been decided. For example, instructors, various items needed for teaching, etc.

However, there is no need to worry about those physical things because they can be filled quickly. Rather than sending them right away, wouldn’t it be better to give them some time to adjust to the clan? Of course, the period should not be too long.


I was able to hear some good news at a meeting a few days ago. Actually, it was something I hadn’t thought about until now, and I felt a little sorry. Although I’ve been very busy recently, it was something I should have paid attention to a long time ago as a clan lord. I guess he probably felt a little disappointed.

Arrived at 7th floor. Anyway, I was glad I had heard it now, so I knocked a couple of times and carefully opened the door.

“huh? who… . Su, Suhyun hyung?”

“Hangyeol. long time no see.”

There was one feeling in the room. She was lying down with her upper body tilted, probably because she was reading a book, and when she saw me, her eyes opened as wide as a flower lantern and she closed the book in a hurry. what. Have you been reading a dirty book?

“sorry. I should have come here a long time ago. “You were sad, right?”

As I sat down on the empty part of the bed and spoke, Hangyeol shook his head and both hands at the same time.

“Oh, no. Ah~ni. Absolutely not. You’ve entered the User Academy. “It’s natural that you can’t see it.”

“Thank you for understanding.”

“I understand. Rather, I am truly sorry. Everyone else is working hard, but I’m the only one like this… .”

“Because he is sick. Anyone will understand. Anyway, you said you’ll be back soon? “I heard she’s almost recovered.”

Hangyeol smiled brightly and nodded as if that was correct. Seeing Hangyeol like that, I also smiled. What can I say? When I talk to Hangyeol like this, I feel like my mind is being purified without me even realizing it. You speak really nicely, and your face is… . no. This is not it.

I shook my head vigorously. Then suddenly a thought passed through my head and I immediately asked:

“ah. Come to think of it, I heard that Park Hwan-hee came to visit often?”

“yes? Ah yes. “Hwanhee often came to visit me.”

“It’s my brother. So, are we now going to become friends again?”

“yes. I definitely received an apology… . It’s a hole plane anyway, right? “Rather than putting my feelings first, wouldn’t it be better to be close to each other if possible?”

Hangyeol said that and smiled brightly. I laughed along with him, but at the same time, I felt a strange energy. Wouldn’t it be better to stay close if possible? Considering Park Hwan-hee’s current position and her relationship with Mercenary, these are quite meaningful words.

I stared at Hangyeol for a while. But soon, feeling reassured in my heart, I calmly stood up.

“okay. “It’s a good mindset.”

“ah. “Are you going?”

“I’m very busy. I think a lot of things are going to change soon. “I think I’ll need your help then.”

“yes? ah. yes. “I’m not sure, but I’ll do my best to return as soon as possible.”

Eventually, leaving behind a smiling Hangyeol, I went out to visit. Then, I slowly walked down the stairs and quietly thought about it.

Steel Mountains.

Clan members still don’t know about this. Actually, I thought about saying it at the last meeting, but I kept it in my mind for now. When everything is clear, what you say at that time will be more persuasive and will touch your body.

One way or another, when that time comes, as I just said, many things will change. And at the center of that change will be the Steel Mountains.


It is better to change direction little by little from now on. Rather than this unchanged operation focused on increasing power, how can we attack the Steel Mountains as quickly as possible? Let’s focus on this and create a clan… .


It was then. Just as I was thinking about this and that and was about to go down the next flight of stairs, I suddenly felt a huge wave of light in the hallway. Waves of magic flow from the hallway.

I quickly looked around and realized that I was now standing on the third floor. Then, this sacred yet majestic wave of magical power… .



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At that time, a baby’s cry suddenly bursts out. I reflexively looked away.

Waves of light and cries were leaking from the warehouse.


An hour ago.

Jump up!

The office door was wide open. Lee Yu-jeong poked her head through the gap in the door and took a closer look inside the office.

“hmm. “As expected, there is no one.”

Finally, after seeing that no one was there, Lee Yu-jeong strides inside and rummages through the desk drawers.

This is something I would never do or tolerate under normal circumstances.

However, if Kim Soo-hyun’s permission was obtained, the story would be different.

Lee Yu-jeong was given the task of organizing the warehouse and settling the accounts today. And what I was looking for now was the key to access the warehouse.

In fact, the standard practice is to submit an official document to those who can enter and ask them to open the door, but unfortunately, all of the people who can enter are currently out. So, I explained the situation to Kim Soo-hyun and came to get the key.

“he. “I feel like I’m stealing.”

Lee Yu-jeong muttered to herself and immediately picked up a triangle-shaped object. “found.” Seeing what you say, I think that might be the key.

Lee Yu-jeong nodded once, closed the drawer neatly, and then stood up. And she was just about to leave.


I stopped walking.

That’s because he felt eyes staring at him from under the sofa, with only his face peeking out. Lee Yu-jeong’s eyes soon looked down at the floor, and half-pity and half-joy filled them.

The person who was hiding under the sofa and watching Lee Yu-jeong was none other than Mar, the legitimate heir of the Fairy Queen.

“Marya~. Our Mar~. “Have you been hiding here?”


“I never knew you were here? Our Mar~. “What were you doing alone?”

“Ugh… .”

“oh my… . Dad, were you waiting? Doesn’t daddy play with you?”

“… … .”

Mar lowers his head sullenly. Then, unable to overcome her pitiful feelings, Yu-jeong quickly approached Mar and hugged her.

“Dad, this is really too much. right?”

In fact, it wasn’t that she didn’t feel a little disappointed, but she still shook her head.

“no? Our mar is really nice~. “Then, since I don’t know when dad will come, shall we go look around the warehouse with her mom?”


“huh? no? “Then do you want to stay here?”


“Then are you going to go to the warehouse with mom?”


Mar keeps shaking his head as if he doesn’t like something.

Lee Yu-jeong was quietly lost in thought. Then, as if she had a thought, she cautiously opened her mouth.

“… “Would you like to go to the warehouse with me?”


I simply changed one word. But now, as if she finally liked her, Mar nodded her head quickly with her bright face. Lee Yu-jeong smiled bitterly as she looked at Mar like that.

“really. “If you say ‘mom’ once, it lasts forever.”

Eventually, Lee Yu-jeong, who hugged Mar once, patted her on the back and left the office.

And after a while.

“Marya. “My sister has some work to do for a bit, so she’s just sitting here quietly watching.”


After arriving at the warehouse, Lee Yu-jeong said as she placed Mar on the shelf. And she immediately turned around and started looking around as if she was looking for something. Although she is usually well-organized, finding and recording things was a task because she had so many accomplishments.

But that’s Yu-jeong’s situation.

Marr, who was looking around in the same way, soon had her eyes sparkling. She has no choice but to be like that. She had been so bored just a moment ago, but suddenly something strange-looking caught her eye. Compared to Kim Soo-hyun’s extremely bleak office, this place is probably no different from Shincheonji.

In the end, it’s just a moment to watch quietly.


Soon, Mar started crawling to one side with his mouth wide open.

Of course, Yujeong was unaware of Mar’s movement.

“see… . What I came across last time was the decision of light and darkness. Where are the other two crystals?”

I am completely absorbed in organizing the warehouse, imagining that if I complete this mission well, Kim Soo-hyun might kiss me on the forehead again.

But does Lee Yu-jeong know?

What will happen if you bring Mar to this warehouse today?

Because of that incident, something that Lee Yoo-jeong doesn’t know about has been shaken.


Kim Soo-hyun’s irreversible decision to punish Yoo Hyun-ah even though he had the opportunity to embrace her twice in the past was reversed.

We’ll probably never know.

—————————= Review of the work ——————– ——-=

It’s cold. A dagger flies at the keyboard and sticks in it. But don’t worry. Because only I know what comes next. Achievements of the ancient magical city of Magia. I’m going to do it. And then something appears… .

Reader: Stop moving. Are you removing the hem?

Ro Yu-jin: What, what is it?

Reader: You brought up Jegal Hae-sol and brought up the word queen? Do you look like I’m wearing hot pants, you bird!

Ro Yu-jin: Zu, do you have any evidence?

Reader: Evidence? Yes. You should have written New Queen in the subheading. And now she’s about to appear, isn’t this the queen? Now, everyone, look. Coincidentally, she must have hung out with Yoohyeon in the past. I will replace Jegal Hae-sol with a new holy queen, isn’t this right?

Ro Yu-jin: I’m writing a scenario. Dear readers. (Timid.)

Reader: Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe.

Reader2: Eugene! Give me the next episode. Is that really true?

Reader: Don’t mess with me next episode! My hands and arms are flying away. Go and get a whip.

Ro Yu-jin: … Do we really have to do this? Do you really have to make me do it like that?

Reader: Didn’t you learn to take revenge when you’re predicted while writing a novel?

Ro Yujin: Good. She says that Jegal Hae-sol is not a holy queen, but she bets 2 years in a row for the next month. If you’re scared, just read it.

Reader: Where does this f*cking guy sell his drugs?

Ro Yu-jin: Dear Noblesse reader Jo Ara of the World, why is your keyboard so long? Are you running late? (Timid 2.)

Reader: Are you running late? Hehehehehehehehe. Oh, I’ll be commenting on all of my recommendations for the next month. Tie them both up!

After a while.

Reader: Are you ready? Should I open it? Now, let’s check it out. I will follow you, I will follow you, I will follow you, I will follow you.

Reader2: … Marne?

Reader3: Isn’t that Jegal Haesol?

Reader: Yes, I saw it. I clearly saw this bastard taking off his hem!

Ro Yu-jin: (Laughing.) Didn’t you learn that if you’re not sure, don’t bet? What are you doing, not taking a picture of your brother’s hand?

Reader: Hey, take a picture of this bastard!

Reader2, 3: ㅇㅇ.


Ro Yu-jin: Quack!

– Fin.


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